Person NamePrince; William (1982-); Duke of Cambridge
TitleDuke of Cambridge
65973[no caption]Paul Thomas17 Jun 200365973.jpg 
59474[no caption]Dave Gaskill04 Oct 200159474.jpg 
40417"Well, if it helps to pay the 200 pound school fees..."Bill Caldwell26 Sep 198540417.jpg 
40405"What did I tell you!"Zoke [Michael Attwell]27 Jun 198240405.jpg 
40411"I wonder what William's got me for christmas?"Stanley Franklin22 Dec 198340411.jpg 
40424"Well, I'm sorry Your Highness, but I'm keeping him and all his detectives behind until the chewing gum culprit owns up"Dave Gaskill11 Sep 198740424.jpg 
40413Think of your career, kid - just saunter up to Prince William and say "Hello gorgeous"Mac [Stan McMurtry]23 Feb 198440413.jpg 
66042[no caption]Martin Rowson23 Jun 200366042.jpg 
61335William and Harry to miss England v. Sweden because of a church servicePaul Thomas28 May 200261335.jpg 
64940"I'd like one of those lightbulbs that last 50 years!" / "We found it slows them down a lot faster than sheep!" / "He was born with a greasy spoon in his mouth!"Tom Johnston21 Jul 200064940.jpg 
65976[no caption]Bill Caldwell17 Jun 200365976.jpg 
66040[no caption]Bill Caldwell23 Jun 200366040.jpg 
PC5388[no caption]Dave Gaskill19 Jan 1999PC5388.jpg 
58959'Could you do the angry bit again, Wills, we didn't quite get film and sound to mix.'Michael Heath30 Sep 200158959.jpg 
40414"Marvellous, William! You're growing stronger every day."Stanley Franklin13 Jun 198440414.jpg 
PTD0262William and Kate on Kiss Cam at Basketball Match...Paul Thomas10 Dec 2014PTD0262.jpg 
40418"Such a delightful child, but we did have to move Nigel from the Cygnets to the vultures."Jak [Raymond Jackson]26 Sep 198540418.jpg 
60088"Your pals from school are here, William!"Tom Johnston05 Jan 200060088.jpg 
40422"OK, Your Highness, I won't call you Roger but let me at least look after your robes."Charles Griffin30 Jul 198740422.jpg 
40409"They don't call him the world's No. 1 Royal photographer for nothing, dear"Bill Caldwell15 Dec 198340409.jpg 
SF0032"One big pinch and you've earned yourself a fiver!"Stanley FranklinUnknownSF0032.jpg 
58962'Sophie. I've told you not to ring me when I'm working!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]28 Sep 200158962.jpg 
40419[no caption]Stanley Franklin26 Sep 198540419.jpg 
40406"Quick! Find Willie something else to play with!"Stanley Franklin22 Mar 198340406.jpg 
40423"You too, SIR!"Bernard Cookson03 Sep 198740423.jpg 
58977"Just carry on William, we're doing a long shot"Charles Griffin27 Sep 200158977.jpg 
40425'Dammit, sergeant Wilkins! We're suposed to be inconspicuous. Put out that ruddy pipe!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]11 Sep 199040425.jpg 
60972"Dad, I'm bored! Can you give Edward fifty grand to come up here and film me again?"Patrick Blower04 Mar 200260972.jpg 
40084"He's arrived!"Stanley Franklin22 Jun 198240084.jpg 
46958"Tell the Ministry we've found a way to cut repainting costs already!"Stanley Franklin22 Aug 198346958.jpg 
40102Published caption: "But, Charles - you were laughing when that girl threw a custard pie at you!"Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)22 Dec 198340102.jpg 
40410"The next step is learning to wipe your boots, William!"Stanley Franklin15 Dec 198340410.jpg 
40415"This is matron... she's been here since the old days!"Bernard Cookson07 Sep 198540415.jpg 
40407'Do you think ought to mention these regular midnight jaunts to the pantry?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]26 Apr 198340407.jpg 
SF0033"This one has a portrait of Willie Hamilton in it!"Stanley FranklinUnknownSF0033.jpg 
40416[no caption]Zoke [Michael Attwell]08 Sep 198540416.jpg 
59022[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Sep 200159022.jpg 
54547Bred for the HuntTrog [Wally Fawkes]18 Jun 200054547.jpg 
PC6107"We didn't see anything."Tom Johnston29 Apr 1999PC6107.jpg 
WF0055The nation decidesTrog [Wally Fawkes][1992]WF0055.jpg 
40420"Dad, I've hammered out the dent in your car!"Zoke [Michael Attwell]21 Sep 198740420.jpg 
40412"No William, don't do as daddy does, do as he says"Bill Caldwell22 Dec 198340412.jpg 
64910"Water cannon!... Water cannon!" / "And it hasn't even been privatised yet!" / "Rubbish!... We toffs have always been very keen on the Caine!" / "Who said Princess Leia?!"Tom Johnston19 Jun 200064910.jpg 
65080"I can't believe it! ... an invite to Madonna's wedding!" / "Besides being able to build Tracey island out of sticky-back plastic what other qualifications do you have for bringing up a child?" / "He was all for it... until he discovered it wasn't a hangover cure!"Tom Johnston11 Dec 200065080.jpg 
PC4496"He's here because of Margaret Thatcher ... we're here because of John Major!"Tom Johnston17 Sep 1998PC4496.jpg 
WF0025Bred for the HuntTrog [Wally Fawkes]18 Jun 2000WF0025.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/42/124Published caption: "He asked the Prince if he had ever personally experienced any of Her Royal Highness's backhand."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)09 Jun 1988GAA425258.jpg 
PC2917[no caption]Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Nov 1997PC2917.jpg 
40408Published caption: "Permission to remove tomahawk from birthday present, Ma'am? HRH has already scalped the butler, the first footman, the second cook..."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)21 Jun 198340408.jpg 
CLD0230Royal Tour Australia LatestScott [Clissold; Scott]20 Apr 2014CLD0230.jpg 
98895Sounds like Philip is on the mend!Scott [Clissold; Scott]09 Jun 201398895.jpg 
CLD0001"I forgot to arrange a babysitter!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Aug 2013CLD0001.jpg 
CLD0023Oh very funny, Harry!Scott [Clissold; Scott]14 Jul 2013CLD0023.jpg 
98158Author attacks Kate ...Paul Thomas20 Feb 201398158.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/40/40"That wasn't from Bergerac - I think Wills got that one from Alf Garnett."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)13 Oct 1985GAA404924.jpg 
60043"I'm not so sure I'm glad prince William is out of his sick bed"Tom Johnston28 Dec 199960043.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/38/63Published caption: "But, Charles - you were laughing when that girl threw a custard pie
at you!"
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)22 Dec 1983GAA384698.jpg 
45896Published caption: "You'll get YOUR ticket when your father learns what you've sprayed on my sergeant's back, Your Royal Highness"Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)25 Feb 198845896.jpg 
43658"That wasn't from Bergerac - I think Wills got that one from Alf Garnett."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)13 Oct 198543658.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/3246Published caption: "But, Charles - you were laughing when that girl threw a custard pie
at you!"
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)22 Dec 1983GA4612.jpg 
PTD0146Eduke of Edinburgh Returns...Paul Thomas13 Aug 2013PTD0146.jpg 
CG/2/5/1268Published caption: "Permission to remove tomahawk from birthday present, Ma'am? HRH has
already scalped the butler, the first footman, the second cook..."
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)21 Jun 1983GAP1993.jpg 
CLD0680"I think our taxi's here, Kate!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]17 Apr 2016CLD0680.jpg 
40227"Okay! Who left a tube of glue in daddy's bathroom?"Tom Johnston01 Jan 1988 - 31 Dec 199240227.jpg 
64969"Is this your A level results or just one of the easy exam questions?" / "I too blame Neil Morrissey for everything!" / "Of course, these days everyone who is anyone has one!"Tom Johnston18 Aug 200064969.jpg 
65297"There's a big blonde hair in my soup!" / "Protection squad all present and ready for rag day!" / "I should warn you that the film has nothing to do with body piercing!"Tom Johnston25 Sep 200165297.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/3649Published caption: "He asked the Prince if he had ever personally experienced any of Her
Royal Highness's backhand."
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)09 Jun 1988GA5198.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/3621Published caption: "You'll get YOUR ticket when your father learns what you've sprayed on
my sergeant's back, Your Royal Highness"
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)25 Feb 1988GA5160.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/3174[no caption]Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)12 Mar 1983GA4510.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/3197Published caption: "Permission to remove tomahawk from birthday present, Ma'am? HRH has
already scalped the butler, the first footman, the second cook..."
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)21 Jun 1983GA4546.jpg 
CLD0697"He's got my father's ears!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 Apr 2016CLD0697.jpg 
PC0769'I can only hope that opinion poll on the Royals hasn't made Wills big-headed.'Charles Griffin07 Jan 1997PC0769.jpg 
95885The stars of 2011...Ben Jennings30 Dec 201195885.jpg 
96021No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]26 Feb 201296021.jpg 
99170Waiting RoomChristian Adams24 Jul 201399170.jpg 
94796[no caption]Paul Thomas03 Aug 201194796.jpg 
95144Now showing The Inbetweeners the sauciest movie of the year!Gary Barker25 Aug 201195144.jpg 
100999The Royals in New Zealand...Peter Brookes08 Apr 2014100999.jpg 
97610"The locals call it the irony dance"David Haldane18 Sep 201297610.jpg 
97886'Surprise, surprise, Kate, darling. A welcome home breakfast - champagne, porridge, bacon and eggs, kippers ..'Mac [Stan McMurtry]07 Dec 201297886.jpg 
67757'Mr Burrell will see you now, your 'ighness.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]28 Oct 200367757.jpg 
ADD0054No captionAndy Davey19 Oct 2011ADD0054.jpg 
ADD0247No captionAndy Davey20 Sep 2012ADD0247.jpg 
ADD0399Cambridge, Duchess ofAndy Davey11 Jul 2013ADD0399.jpg 
CLD0179"It's not a tantrum he's doing the Haka!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]13 Apr 2014CLD0179.jpg 
ADD0404Oh no! Don't tell me - she's got father's ears and grandpa's nose!Andy Davey23 Jul 2013ADD0404.jpg 
98006How do I look?Scott [Clissold; Scott]30 Dec 201298006.jpg 
100765Prince George's First WordsMichael Heath13 Apr 2014100765.jpg 
98798"Will you ask Harry to stop requesting pizzas!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 May 201398798.jpg 
96392Kate & William's first wedding anniversaryPaul Thomas27 Apr 201296392.jpg 
PTD0011It's the EU - they want a say in naming the baby ...Paul Thomas23 Jul 2013PTD0011.jpg 
ADD0243No captionAndy Davey13 Sep 2012ADD0243.jpg 
98725We'll have to call it a draw, boys - it's time to go home!Scott [Clissold; Scott]28 Apr 201398725.jpg 
ADD0246No captionAndy Davey19 Sep 2012ADD0246.jpg 
ADD0401Prince David? I don't think so, williamAndy Davey16 Jul 2013ADD0401.jpg 
PTD0033"Don't put the crown on him, William - there is a queue..."Paul Thomas25 Oct 2013PTD0033.jpg 
BRD0031Arise, Sir Golden Balls!Brighty [Steve Bright]10 Nov 2013BRD0031.jpg 
99227'We three kings in waiting are ...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Jul 201399227.jpg 
ADD0285This hospital overcrowding is worse than ever isn't it ma'am?Andy Davey04 Dec 2012ADD0285.jpg 
40421"And I'm a bit worried about William lately!"Stanley Franklin17 Sep 198440421.jpg 
98897Do your coat up, Kate - the bump's upstaging Grandma ....Paul Thomas05 Jun 201398897.jpg 
99032Murray wins as Laura Robson exits ...Paul Thomas02 Jul 201399032.jpg 
CLD0036Back in a minute - I'm just going to wind the media up!Scott [Clissold; Scott]21 Jul 2013CLD0036.jpg 
99231'It's so exciting. There's going to be photographic sessions, foreign dignitaries for the baby to meet, concerts, Morris dancers ...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]23 Jul 201399231.jpg 
CLD0050Rock-a-bye, baby ....Scott [Clissold; Scott]28 Jul 2013CLD0050.jpg 
99331George IPeter Brookes26 Jul 201399331.jpg 
PTD0032"We couldn't afford to heat the water in the font..."Paul Thomas24 Oct 2013PTD0032.jpg 
99289[Will and Kate and baby]Michael Heath28 Jul 201399289.jpg 
99725"Heir we go! Heir we go! Heir we go!Michael Heath27 Oct 201399725.jpg 
CLD0220"It's got the same ears as my father!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]18 May 2014CLD0220.jpg 
CLD0117Harry!Scott [Clissold; Scott]04 May 2014CLD0117.jpg 
CLD0480"They're cooling off!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 Jul 2015CLD0480.jpg 
SBD1511Magna Carta: Soft, Strong and Surprisingly LongSteve Bell16 Jun 2015SBD1511.jpg 
PC4131"Whatever next?"Tom Johnston10 Aug 1998PC4131.jpg 
PC3965' I didn't tell Camilla you were coming, Wills, I wanted it to be a suprise'Michael Heath12 Jul 1998PC3965.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/42/85Published caption: "You'll get YOUR ticket when your father learns what you've sprayed on
my sergeant's back, Your Royal Highness"
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)25 Feb 1988GAA425219.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/38/5Published caption: "Permission to remove tomahawk from birthday present, Ma'am? HRH has
already scalped the butler, the first footman, the second cook..."
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)21 Jun 1983GAA384639.jpg 
CLD0234"Say cheese, everyone!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]21 Dec 2014CLD0234.jpg 
CLD0152Break-In at Buckingham PalaceScott [Clissold; Scott]08 Sep 2013CLD0152.jpg 
CLD0488"My grandfather popped over earlier!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]12 Jul 2015CLD0488.jpg 
CLD0331"Happy Birthday to yooouuuuuuuu!..."Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 Jul 2014CLD0331.jpg 
CLD0485"These giant rats are getting everywhere!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]10 Jul 2015CLD0485.jpg 
CLD0496"Just be thankful it's not a Nazi salute!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]22 Jul 2015CLD0496.jpg 
CLD0420"I don't care if this tops meeting Russell Brand - get out!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]30 Apr 2015CLD0420.jpg 
BAD0105Losing his Grip...?Brian Adcock01 Jun 2015BAD0105.jpg 
CLD0425"Harry says can we called her Princess Leia?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 May 2015CLD0425.jpg 
102493" grief you're right It is Morse code - 'I'!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]30 Apr 2015102493.jpg 
103572"Not pulling my weight? They should try taking a holiday with two screaming kids and having to dodge the paprazzi!"Michael Heath13 Mar 2016  
CLD0615"They're still arguing over the result!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]27 Sep 2015CLD0615.jpg 
66059[no caption]Bill Caldwell25 Jun 200366059.jpg 
100740"Mustn't grumble. I could be at home having to shake hands with Martin McGuinness"Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Apr 2014100740.jpg 
PTD0012Third in line to the throne - let's hope he isn't a queue-jumper ...Paul Thomas24 Jul 2013PTD0012.jpg 
ADD0405I'm not really sure about this, WilliamAndy Davey24 Jul 2013ADD0405.jpg 
96388No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]29 Apr 201296388.jpg 
ADD0288Yah - er, this is like .... Dr. who calling from Gallifrey ... er how's the Duchess Kate doing?Andy Davey07 Dec 2012ADD0288.jpg 
100767"The nerve of some people! Some ghastly agent chap wants to know if you'll do two weeks at the London Palladium with George!"Michael Heath27 Apr 2014100767.jpg 
CG/4/1/51Table mat with Giles cartoon with caption: "He won't mind - he laughed his head off at the pictures of Prince William doing it"Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)c1989GAX00013.jpg 
CLD0430"Harry!! Get in here now!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]05 May 2015CLD0430.jpg 
PC3541"You're a sport, Camilla. After yesterday's tea with the Spice Girls, I didn't want things to go flat."Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Apr 1998PC3541.jpg 
36557"Just remind her whose balcony this is, Andrew"Bernard Cookson23 Apr 198636557.jpg 
PC0689"Diana seems to like me now. She sent me this super hat."Charles Griffin03 Dec 1996PC0689.jpg 
45846[no caption]Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)12 Mar 198345846.jpg 
65296"Sorry but we can't do the Bob the Builder single at the moment ... we can do it Thursday but I can't promise which time on Thursday!" / "Your tackle has the same effect as his wife's singing!" / "Aw, go on .... make the Dean bow and scrape again!"Tom Johnston24 Sep 200165296.jpg 
PC3521"Don't worry, boys. I had screaming girls trying to grab locks of my hair once - some of it grows again."Mac [Stan McMurtry]26 Mar 1998PC3521.jpg 
99976A Happy New Year from Michael HeathMichael Heath29 Dec 201399976.jpg 
SBD1055[Naked royalty]Steve Bell19 Sep 2012SBD1055.jpg 
65264"I didn't even know that Big G was in jail!" / "The vultures are back!"Tom Johnston30 Aug 200165264.jpg 
45780"Right! You see that, you 'orrible lot? Miss Fergie's got the right idea."Charles Griffin16 Jul 198645780.jpg 
58800[no caption]Nicola Jennings17 Aug 200158800.jpg 
64849"I'm inviting all my pals from school.... how about you, gran?" / "Yes, Lord Archer... your new suit is ready!" / "It's the village idiot!" / "You're now on the waiting list for a bed of nails!"Tom Johnston10 Apr 200064849.jpg 
PC4323[no caption]Tom Johnston31 Aug 1998PC4323.jpg 
65321"The post will never get through .. so at least we can stop worrying about anthrax!" / "He's working out how to dump Jo Moore!" / "Always the thorough perfectionist!" / "In that case, we must inform you that anyone harbouring him will automatically become our enemy too!"Tom Johnston22 Oct 200165321.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/37/94[no caption]Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)12 Mar 1983GAA374603.jpg 
PC4454"The Guardian of the Royal Pot"Bill McArthur17 Sep 1998PC4454.jpg 
ADD0203No captionAndy Davey13 Jun 2012ADD0203.jpg 
NG4982Endangered species?Nicholas Garland06 Jun 1992NG4982.jpg 
63224[no caption]Weef [David A. Smith]08 Nov 200263224.jpg 
CLD0823"They've built a Buckingham Palace sandcastle!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Oct 2016CLD0823.jpg 
CLD0861"Come on! Put one's back into it!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 Nov 2016CLD0861.jpg 
104061On Osborne's Scary Brexit Forecast...Peter Brookes20 Apr 2016104061.jpg 
98016Happy New Year 2013Michael Heath30 Dec 201298016.jpg 
CLD0903Prince Philip Retires From Royal DutiesScott [Clissold; Scott]05 May 2017CLD0903.jpg 
105186April in ParisMichael Heath19 Mar 2017105186.jpg 
CLD1090Break-in at Prince George's SchoolScott [Clissold; Scott]14 Sep 2017CLD1090.jpg 
CLD1180"Just promise me you won't pick any of Harry's suggestions!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]26 Apr 2018CLD1180.jpg 
CLD1182William is Harry's Best ManScott [Clissold; Scott]27 Apr 2018CLD1182.jpg 
CLD1238Royal Wedding LatestScott [Clissold; Scott]17 May 2018CLD1238.jpg 
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