Person NameSalmond; Alex (1954-)
100532Scottish Currency: Plan BBob Moran14 Feb 2014100532.jpg 
50852"New target of opportunity."Bill McArthur31 Mar 199950852.jpg 
PC1516[no caption]Nicola Jennings28 Apr 1997PC1516.jpg 
PC5127[no caption]Bill McArthur27 Nov 1998PC5127.jpg 
PC4633"Hurricane 'Prudence' closes on Scotnatland'.Bill McArthur29 Sep 1998PC4633.jpg 
PC5290[no caption]Richard Willson04 Jan 1999PC5290.jpg 
PC2502[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Sep 1997PC2502.jpg 
99343[Murray politicians]Peter Brookes09 Jul 201399343.jpg 
PC4052"Then when we stuff Brazil that'll be another nine points."Bill McArthur09 Jun 1998PC4052.jpg 
PC6087[no caption]Bill McArthur26 Apr 1999PC6087.jpg 
50892Thistle (Dewarus dourus)Peter Brookes08 May 199950892.jpg 
PC1929I wish I'd kept my mouth shutDonald MacDonald30 Apr 1997PC1929.jpg 
PC6091Sean Connery addresses the Scotish National PartyPaul Thomas27 Apr 1999PC6091.jpg 
100134Spot the DifferenceChristian Adams27 Nov 2013100134.jpg 
96198No captionPeter Brookes12 Jan 201296198.jpg 
101600Yesterday's News...Dave Brown17 Sep 2014101600.jpg 
103944Nature NotesPeter Brookes17 Oct 2015103944.jpg 
101620Nature NotesPeter Brookes13 Sep 2014101620.jpg 
101009Scientists have found that flies have miniscule brains but are brilliant at cunning, evasive actionGerald Scarfe13 Apr 2014 
96257No captionChristian Adams25 Jan 201296257.jpg 
DB0057Monarch of the Glens?Dave Brown24 Apr 1997DB0057.jpg 
BAD0033Scenes From an Independent Scotland.....Brian Adcock31 Mar 2014BAD0033.jpg 
MRD0032The Shamelessness of St. VinceMartin Rowson14 Nov 2011MRD0032.jpg 
95949No captionDave Brown10 Jan 201295949.jpg 
101944Look Out Behind You!!!Gerald Scarfe30 Dec 2014 
96939No captionSteve Bell14 Jun 201296939.jpg 
103932Special Souvenir SupplementDave Brown26 Mar 2016103932.jpg 
100557Nature NotesPeter Brookes01 Feb 2014100557.jpg 
MRD0551Trick or Retreat ...Martin Rowson01 Nov 2014MRD0551.jpg 
MRD0528A nation ... um ... reborn?Martin Rowson20 Sep 2014MRD0528.jpg 
96273Bigger. Fatter. Scottisher.Bob Moran17 Feb 201296273.jpg 
96050A match made in heaven:Steve Bell10 Jan 201296050.jpg 
SBD0973A match made in heaven:Steve Bell10 Jan 2012SBD0973.jpg 
96192Slippery fishPeter Brookes14 Jan 201296192.jpg 
SBD1254The Common Sense RevolutionSteve Bell27 Nov 2013SBD1254.jpg 
100551(In)dependenceGerald Scarfe02 Feb 2014 
101151No-Mark of the GlenDave Brown07 Jun 2014101151.jpg 
SBD1390"You you you one trick pony you!!!"Steve Bell27 Aug 2014SBD1390.jpg 
95735No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]15 Jan 201295735.jpg 
101093Butting InGerald Scarfe08 Jun 2014 
CLD0155Team GBScott [Clissold; Scott]09 Feb 2014CLD0155.jpg 
96125No captionDave Brown12 Jan 201296125.jpg 
98595Fifty SalmondsChristian Adams24 Apr 201398595.jpg 
100332[Salmond and Carney as moose]Christian Adams30 Jan 2014100332.jpg 
SCD0052No captionPeter Schrank15 Jan 2012SCD0052.jpg 
97709FiddlingDave Brown20 Oct 201297709.jpg 
102214It is a distinct...possibility that...electoal mathematics...will produce..another coaliton.Peter Brookes23 Jan 2015102214.jpg 
101599The 300-Year Itch...Dave Brown16 Sep 2014101599.jpg 
101107EnglandPeter Brookes21 Jun 2014101107.jpg 
ADD0100No captionAndy Davey12 Jan 2012ADD0100.jpg 
SBD1485[Cameron, Salmond and Sturgeon with the head of Miliband]Steve Bell30 Apr 2015SBD1485.jpg 
MRD0412Birth of a nationMartin Rowson17 Feb 2014MRD0412.jpg 
100528"Och! Don't look at me resources!"Christian Adams24 Feb 2014100528.jpg 
96191SerenadeGerald Scarfe19 Feb 2012 
96193Salmond dancing at the crossroadsGerald Scarfe15 Jan 2012 
96153No captionSteve Bell12 Jan 201296153.jpg 
100182Does it exist?Gerald Scarfe01 Dec 2013 
98920Alex Salmond launches economic case for independence ...Peter Brookes22 May 201398920.jpg 
101605NO Campaign Takes a Battering...Dave Brown09 Sep 2014101605.jpg 
SBD1100[Euro Salmond]Steve Bell07 Dec 2012SBD1100.jpg 
100032Govan Ship [Builders crossed out] BreakersDave Brown07 Nov 2013100032.jpg 
97692[Salmond whale]Christian Adams16 Oct 201297692.jpg 
97980Brassed off monkey ....Peter Brookes07 Dec 201297980.jpg 
100530Worst Supporting ActorChristian Adams17 Feb 2014100530.jpg 
101538McGhandi Cert PGDave Brown26 Aug 2014101538.jpg 
99996HOLYROODPeter Brookes27 Nov 201399996.jpg 
101246YesChristian Adams25 Jul 2014101246.jpg 
101488One PoundChristian Adams22 Aug 2014101488.jpg 
99446Phantom pregnancy?Gerald Scarfe11 Aug 2013 
100571Cameron cabinet meets in ScotlandPeter Brookes25 Feb 2014100571.jpg 
100603Not the Brits...Dave Brown21 Feb 2014100603.jpg 
100605Oil...& GasDave Brown25 Feb 2014100605.jpg 
SBD1198[Andy Murray]Steve Bell09 Jul 2013SBD1198.jpg 
98614Bannockburn 2014Bob Moran05 Apr 201398614.jpg 
97925The Skating Minister or Thin IceDave Brown08 Dec 201297925.jpg 
101062Synchronised Self-Denial...Dave Brown24 Jul 2014101062.jpg 
98657Bank of AuchenshoogleDave Brown24 Apr 201398657.jpg 
101176Harry Potter and the Deathly NatsChristian Adams12 Jun 2014101176.jpg 
100988[Politicians Race]Morten Morland14 Apr 2014100988.jpg 
MRD0437[Osborne Cameron Scotland]Martin Rowson01 Apr 2014MRD0437.jpg 
101533"Here's ma plan B!"Peter Brookes08 Aug 2014101533.jpg 
SBD1368Bugger me! That was a quick generation!Steve Bell15 Oct 2014SBD1368.jpg 
102349More DevolutionBrian Adcock15 Oct 2014102349.jpg 
102404So that's what Scotsmen have under their kilt!Gerald Scarfe29 Mar 2015 
MRD0414Pound!Martin Rowson19 Feb 2014MRD0414.jpg 
101320"Ah'm gunnae make them an offer they cannae refuse"Bob14 Sep 2014101320.jpg 
101480"Independence? YES!"Chris Riddell24 Aug 2014101480.jpg 
SBD1290Hey! Jock! Get off o' my pound!!Steve Bell14 Feb 2014SBD1290.jpg 
100307[Deflating Salmond]Dave Brown30 Jan 2014100307.jpg 
CLD0116300 Years of Press FreedomScott [Clissold; Scott]03 Nov 2013CLD0116.jpg 
100850BrigadoomChris Riddell01 Jun 2014100850.jpg 
101573"Och - I just knoooo it's gunnae be a yes!"Christian Adams09 Sep 2014101573.jpg 
SBD1347"I'm all heart, Ma'am!"Steve Bell09 Sep 2014SBD1347.jpg 
100587Resurfacing...Dave Brown11 Mar 2014100587.jpg 
100566St. Valentine's Day Massacre...Peter Brookes14 Feb 2014100566.jpg 
100596The MacNipDave Brown22 Mar 2014100596.jpg 
SBD1092[Edinburgh treaty]Steve Bell16 Oct 2012SBD1092.jpg 
SBD1294Scotland's choice: Two farts in a hurricaneSteve Bell25 Feb 2014SBD1294.jpg 
CLD0238Scottish Independence YesScott [Clissold; Scott]21 Sep 2014CLD0238.jpg 
100548Pleaze Spare a Poond!Dave Brown13 Feb 2014100548.jpg 
101613Swept Under the..?Morten Morland15 Sep 2014101613.jpg 
101593The Infamous GrouseDave Brown13 Sep 2014101593.jpg 
101617'From a Mouse' (Not Quite Burns...)Peter Brookes10 Sep 2014101617.jpg 
BJD0142(Some of) The Stars of 2013Ben Jennings28 Dec 2013BJD0142.jpg 
101250Fourth of July Independence DayChristian Adams04 Jul 2014101250.jpg 
SBD1281[Salmond Carney]Steve Bell30 Jan 2014SBD1281.jpg 
SBD1245HMS Upyours'eckSteve Bell07 Nov 2013SBD1245.jpg 
SBD1351"Her Majesty is absolutely impartial"Steve Bell16 Sep 2014SBD1351.jpg 
100257"The Queen, the poond, INDEPENDENCE!"Peter Brookes30 Jan 2014100257.jpg 
SBD1299[Salmond Brown]Steve Bell11 Mar 2014SBD1299.jpg 
101498Edinburgh Fringe - Improv!Christian Adams05 Aug 2014101498.jpg 
MRD0525Want a Fairer Tory Free Britain? Tough You're on Your Own!Martin Rowson15 Sep 2014MRD0525.jpg 
SBD1291The McKraken WakesSteve Bell19 Feb 2014SBD1291.jpg 
100946Mony a Mickle Maks a MockeryDave Brown29 May 2014100946.jpg 
100570The UnBrits...Peter Brookes21 Feb 2014100570.jpg 
SBD1318Scotland's Future in Scotland's Hands ... Steve Bell29 Apr 2014SBD1318.jpg 
101608The Great North Run...Morten Morland08 Sep 2014101608.jpg 
100525[Salmond curling]Christian Adams13 Feb 2014100525.jpg 
100531Still Life With a Grouse?Dave Brown01 Feb 2014100531.jpg 
100602The Revolting Haggis or The Scots' Puddin' in AngerDave Brown18 Feb 2014100602.jpg 
100024The Fighting Portsmouth Tugged to it's last berth to be turned into bagpipesDave Brown09 Nov 2013100024.jpg 
101601Bravestomach...Dave Brown18 Sep 2014101601.jpg 
101016"Och! We dinnae need the Royal Navy... we've got oor ain deterrent!"Dave Brown16 Apr 2014101016.jpg 
101606"A bit mair lift..."Morten Morland02 Sep 2014101606.jpg 
101851Smoked Salmond...Peter Brookes15 Nov 2014101851.jpg 
SCD0197"No, I cannae let you see ma plan b"Peter Schrank10 Aug 2014SCD0197.jpg 
102178The VowChristian Adams23 Jan 2015102178.jpg 
101570[Salmond and Cameron]Christian Adams17 Sep 2014101570.jpg 
101933If ye canaae beat' em...Bob Moran04 Jan 2015101933.jpg 
101618Desperate Tactic...Peter Brookes09 Sep 2014101618.jpg 
101783The Krankies' CoronationDave Brown16 Oct 2014101783.jpg 
SBD1353"Vote yes..."Steve Bell18 Sep 2014SBD1353.jpg 
BAD0021The Final Push......Brian Adcock15 Sep 2014BAD0021.jpg 
MRD0570Rat joins sinking shipMartin Rowson15 Dec 2014MRD0570.jpg 
SCD0147"Don't go! You can have whatever you want"Peter Schrank14 Sep 2014SCD0147.jpg 
BAD0036200 Celebs Endorse No Campaign......Brian Adcock08 Aug 2014BAD0036.jpg 
SBD1405Betrayed Again!Steve Bell28 Nov 2014SBD1405.jpg 
MRD0644[In Ed's pocket]Martin Rowson04 May 2015MRD0644.jpg 
102406[Salmond with the Queen]Christian Adams30 Mar 2015102406.jpg 
BJD0195Indy RefBen Jennings13 Sep 2014BJD0195.jpg 
102407Top Gear...Christian Adams26 Mar 2015102407.jpg 
BJD0229"Nae more shifts to the right from you my friend..."Ben Jennings23 Mar 2015BJD0229.jpg 
102356"Feast your eyes!"Brian Adcock08 Dec 2014102356.jpg 
102415Intruder at the House of CommonsChristian Adams09 Mar 2015102415.jpg 
SBD1399[Salmond farewell]Steve Bell14 Nov 2014SBD1399.jpg 
SBD1463[Tattooed Thugs]Steve Bell24 Mar 2015SBD1463.jpg 
BAD0099Balance of Power...Brian Adcock23 Mar 2015BAD0099.jpg 
1022563-Parent Risks...Dave Brown04 Feb 2015102256.jpg 
96309No captionPeter Brookes17 Feb 201296309.jpg 
102560SupervoidChristian Adams22 Apr 2015102560.jpg 
SCD0173Braveheart Mk IIPeter Schrank23 Feb 2014SCD0173.jpg 
CLD0190Scottish Independence-Vote Going to the WireScott [Clissold; Scott]14 Sep 2014CLD0190.jpg 
BAD0010Constitutional ReformsBrian Adcock22 Sep 2014BAD0010.jpg 
DB0055[no caption]Dave Brown18 Apr 1997DB0055.jpg 
CLD0066"So far, so good!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]04 Jan 2015CLD0066.jpg 
MRD0053No captionMartin Rowson14 Jan 2012MRD0053.jpg 
102235Five One-Way Tickets to MarsChristian Adams18 Feb 2015102235.jpg 
BAD0016[Dave's Year Ahead]Brian Adcock30 Dec 2013BAD0016.jpg 
DB0182[no caption]Dave Brown08 Apr 1999DB0182.jpg 
ADD0121No captionAndy Davey17 Feb 2012ADD0121.jpg 
BAD0083Merry Christmas.....!Brian Adcock24 Dec 2014BAD0083.jpg 
95085No captionChristian Adams31 Aug 201195085.jpg 
CLD0389"No I don't need to run my answers past you first!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]29 Mar 2015CLD0389.jpg 
MRD0618Let it rot...Martin Rowson30 Mar 2015MRD0618.jpg 
MRD0080No captionMartin Rowson17 Feb 2012MRD0080.jpg 
MRD0645Babes, Mouths, etc...Martin Rowson02 May 2015MRD0645.jpg 
BJD0180Goodbye, 2014!Ben Jennings27 Dec 2014BJD0180.jpg 
102563April the First, 2015Peter Brookes01Apr 2015102563.jpg 
GBD0099[Childish Politicians]Gary Barker02 May 2015GBD0099.jpg 
BJD0183Happy New YearBen JenningsJan 2015BJD0183.jpg 
MRD0083Ta-daaaaa!!Martin Rowson27 Feb 2012MRD0083.jpg 
102461The House of Commons mingles with the crowd celebrating VE DayMichael Heath10 May 2015102461.jpg 
SBD1505Magna DaveSteve Bell04 Jun 2015SBD1505.jpg 
102972[Salmond, Sturgeon and Cecil the lion]Peter Brookes30 Jul 2015102972.jpg 
PC3606"Proving difficult to shake off."Bill McArthur10 Mar 1998PC3606.jpg 
PC4446"Some interference on vision."Bill McArthur11 Sep 1998PC4446.jpg 
MRD0054No captionMartin Rowson14 Jan 2012MRD0054.jpg 
MRD0522Phut phut phut phutMartin Rowson08 Sep 2014MRD0522.jpg 
SBD1156Mexican StandoffSteve Bell24 Apr 2013SBD1156.jpg 
95738The Monarch of the Then ... And FaintheartChris Riddell15 Jan 201295738.jpg 
100296"Auld aquaintance should be forgot..."Morten Morland01 Jan 2014100296.jpg 
98542Best before 18 09 14Bob Moran22 Mar 201398542.jpg 
100215"Ugh! the pudding's starting to disagree with me!"Dave Brown27 Dec 2013100215.jpg 
100759The MarathonChristian Adams13 Apr 2014100759.jpg 
MRD0596Playing God ....Martin Rowson04 Feb 2015MRD0596.jpg 
100017Declaration of IndependenceDave Brown27 Nov 2013100017.jpg 
101231Declaring a McCaliphate...Peter Brookes01 Jul 2014101231.jpg 
101332Threadneedle St.Chris Riddell14 Sep 2014101332.jpg 
101517"Look at the facts..."Morten Morland26 Aug 2014101517.jpg 
SBD1350RBSSteve Bell12 Sep 2014SBD1350.jpg 
BAD0062IndependenceBrian Adcock07 Sep 2014BAD0062.jpg 
BAD0034Independence Referendum TV DebateBrian Adcock15 Aug 2014BAD0034.jpg 
MRD0630[Sturgeon, Salmond and Cameron kilt]Martin Rowson30 Mar 2015MRD0630.jpg 
MRD0698"Ha Haa!"Martin Rowson24 Aug 2015MRD0698.jpg 
102555Election Outcomes Clarified:Christian Adams20 Apr 2015102555.jpg 
SBD1116O the Roast Horse of Old England after WM HogarthSteve Bell17 Jan 2013SBD1116.jpg 
PC5716[no caption]Richard Willson08 Mar 1999PC5716.jpg 
95077Human shield...Dave Brown30 Aug 201195077.jpg 
97743Everybody's jumping out!Peter Brookes16 Oct 201297743.jpg 
MRD0417Pick yer Cabinet Meeting!Martin Rowson24 Feb 2014MRD0417.jpg 
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