Person NamePaxman; Jeremy
PC2016"And if Paxman gives you any trouble, Mr Blair, that button will send 200 volts through him"Charles Griffin09 Jun 1997PC2016.jpg 
PC4902[no caption]Paul Thomas09 Nov 1998PC4902.jpg 
61414[no caption]Paul Thomas17 May 200261414.jpg 
63343"Whose great idea was it for top-up fees?"Patrick Blower05 Dec 200263343.jpg 
PC1485[no caption]Bill Caldwell25 Apr 1997PC1485.jpg 
59366Coalition strikes back in propaganda warPaul Thomas16 Oct 200159366.jpg 
62748[no caption]Mark Reeve27 Oct 200262748.jpg 
62532"The exam board downgraded his A-levels"Patrick Blower19 Sep 200262532.jpg 
SCD0217They're Off...Peter Schrank29 Mar 2015SCD0217.jpg 
SC0027Auntie BeebPeter Schrank21 Sep 1997SC0027.jpg 
65037"They say it's the wettest autumn since records began!" / "Prescott!?" / "Blimey! when did you set out?"Tom Johnston29 Nov 200065037.jpg 
PC1665[no caption]Gary Smith04 May 1997PC1665.jpg 
100763"Just answer my question! Do you miss me on Newsnight? Well, do you? It's a simple question. Do you miss me on Newsnight? Just answer my question..."Michael Heath04 May 2014100763.jpg 
97499Come on, Mr Paxman! Surely you knew about the Newsnight report on Jimmy Savile being dumped?Paul Thomas23 Oct 201297499.jpg 
102443[Cameron and Miliband Boxers]Peter Brookes28 Mar 2015102443.jpg 
CLD0389"No I don't need to run my answers past you first!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]29 Mar 2015CLD0389.jpg 
PC5909[no caption]Paul Thomas26 Mar 1999PC5909.jpg 
PC5984[no caption]Dave Gaskill14 Apr 1999PC5984.jpg 
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