Person NameRhys-Jones; Sophie
Other forms of nameJones, Sophie Rhys
Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Wessex, Sophie,, Countess of
PC5712[no caption]Dave Gaskill08 Mar 1999PC5712.jpg 
PC5271"Thank heavens! When I heard the words 'Will you marry me?' for an awful moment I thought it was Charles!"Tom Johnston07 Jan 1999PC5271.jpg 
58962'Sophie. I've told you not to ring me when I'm working!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]28 Sep 200158962.jpg 
65584"Fantastic news, darling! I've got the subject of my next documentary."Patrick Blower07 May 200365584.jpg 
65165"And he never even got to have tea with Mrs Thatcher!" / "Oh, come on... who's going to say that I'm only after you for your money?" / "I've welcomed Sophie back, but on one condition!"Tom Johnston03 Apr 200165165.jpg 
65014"Actually, you're just supposed to shout order!" / "Are you ready for our meeting with the Sultan of Brunei, Edward?" / "I'm finished with trains!" / "It's someone called Tom Browne!"Tom Johnston25 Oct 200065014.jpg 
SC0148[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Apr 2001SC0148.jpg 
65168"Not very diplomatic ... using another spy plane!" / "You can ask Sophie what makes her think I'm still angry with her?" / "Let's hope they don't start a cull!"Tom Johnston06 Apr 200165168.jpg 
65304"... their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Wessex!..." / "I'd like to get my hands on the little cad ... he swore that I was his only true love!" / "And would sir prefer Britney's new video in a plain brown bag?" / "Don't worry, Chelsea ... if there's somebody snooping around the shrubbery ... it's probably just a a member of the royal family!"Tom Johnston02 Oct 200165304.jpg 
65169H.R.H.-P.R. - It's a Knockout MkIIRichard Willson08 Apr 200165169.jpg 
PC5307"Apparently she offered space to her PR clients."Patrick Blower07 Jan 1999PC5307.jpg 
64785"Another line installed by British Telecom!" / "He's a genetically modified farmer!" / "She's a very unusual woman... it's rumoured that she's never slept with Mick Jagger!" / "I warned you not to wear fox fur around here Sophie!"Tom Johnston04 Feb 200064785.jpg 
PC0698"No need to worry, Sophie, it's just a formality: You know what lawyers are like."Charles Griffin10 Dec 1996PC0698.jpg 
64713[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 Sep 199964713.jpg 
PC5268[no caption]Dave Gaskill08 Jan 1999PC5268.jpg 
65173"Let's try again... S...o... double r...y!" / "Blimey what next?" / "You were right. You do make love like a super-fit sports champion!" / "What no Pride of Britain Awards!"Tom Johnston12 Apr 200165173.jpg 
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