Person NameKing; Tom
39585[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 Feb 198839585.jpg 
NG4750[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Feb 1991NG4750.jpg 
67076Mr Tom King: The cycle of violence, retaliation and further violence must be brokenRichard Willson18 Mar 198867076.jpg 
NG3566[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 Feb 1988NG3566.jpg 
NG3097[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Dec 1985NG3097.jpg 
NG4232Peace DividendNicholas Garland04 Oct 1990NG4232.jpg 
NG3222[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Jun 1986NG3222.jpg 
38592[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Jun 198638592.jpg 
38595[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Feb 198638595.jpg 
49041[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Nov 198549041.jpg 
67077"A few errors of judgement Prime Minister - but we can tell them it's only a little dent."George Gale25 Feb 198867077.jpg 
67073[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Dec 198567073.jpg 
43907Civil Service UnionNicholas Garland31 Jan 198443907.jpg 
NG3090[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Nov 1985NG3090.jpg 
NG4647[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Mar 1966 - 31 Dec 1993NG4647.jpg 
NG3729[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Oct 1988NG3729.jpg 
NG3245[no caption]Nicholas Garland07 Oct 1986NG3245.jpg 
NG2748Civil Service UnionNicholas Garland31 Jan 1984NG2748.jpg 
NG3151[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Feb 1986NG3151.jpg 
NG3994[no caption]Nicholas Garland18 Jul 1989NG3994.jpg 
42281[no caption]Nicholas Garland07 Oct 198642281.jpg 
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