Person NameLivingstone; Ken (1945-)
61912[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 Jul 200261912.jpg 
37746[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Jul 198737746.jpg 
64012Chuffed...Tim Sanders18 Feb 200364012.jpg 
64807Underground MovementGerald Scarfe27 Feb 2000 
64852[no caption]Richard Willson16 Apr 200064852.jpg 
WF0056[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]07 May 2000WF0056.jpg 
65150Cull delayedGerald Scarfe18 Mar 2001 
64801Performance enhancing drug scandalGerald Scarfe20 Feb 2000 
64049[no caption]Patrick Blower21 Feb 200364049.jpg 
64752[no caption]Chris Riddell19 Dec 199964752.jpg 
64865Bunch of weirdos try to take over LondonGerald Scarfe30 Apr 2000 
WF0220[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]20 Feb 2000WF0220.jpg 
NG2516The Red CarpetNicholas Garland07 Dec 1982NG2516.jpg 
37753"The Boy stood on the Burning Deck ..."Nicholas Garland17 Nov 198737753.jpg 
NG4951Dream TicketNicholas Garland17 Apr 1992NG4951.jpg 
SC0107[no caption]Peter Schrank27 Feb 2000SC0107.jpg 
42009[no caption]Nicholas Garland30 Sep 198742009.jpg 
63129[no caption]Richard Willson18 Nov 200263129.jpg 
PC3671[no caption]Chris Riddell10 May 1998PC3671.jpg 
38015"Someone is taking someone for a walk."Nicholas Garland19 Jun 198738015.jpg 
62133[no caption]John Kent01 Jul 200262133.jpg 
37774"Mr. Livingstone, I presume!"Nicholas Garland07 Jun 198537774.jpg 
NG2364[no caption]Nicholas Garland1981NG2364.jpg 
53419[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]20 Feb 200053419.jpg 
64002[no caption]Patrick Blower17 Feb 200364002.jpg 
64740[no caption]Chris Riddell21 Nov 199964740.jpg 
60569[no caption]Dave Gaskill13 Feb 200260569.jpg 
64871Will Ken help London's deprived?Gerald Scarfe07 May 2000 
62894[no caption]Patrick Blower11 Oct 200262894.jpg 
62969'I had that Ken Livinstone in the back of my cab'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]03 Oct 200262969.jpg 
60855[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Mar 200260855.jpg 
36746[no caption]Michael Cummings05 Jan 198636746.jpg 
54110[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]07 May 200054110.jpg 
64823"I don't think its got anything to do with postmen!" / "It's not you, Ken!"Tom Johnston16 Mar 200064823.jpg 
WF0502[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Jul 1987WF0502.jpg 
63998[no caption]Dave Brown17 Feb 200363998.jpg 
PC4555[no caption]Steve Bell08 May 1998PC4555.jpg 
PC4960[no caption]Richard Willson16 Nov 1998PC4960.jpg 
60040Happy families...Peter Brookes28 Dec 199960040.jpg 
63674New Olympic sport - tossing the miserPatrick Blower16 Jan 200363674.jpg 
65430London's new lopsided city hall on rocky foundationsGerald Scarfe28 Jul 2002 
64735[no caption]Gerald Scarfe14 Nov 1999 
65335"Terrible news! ... she wants custody of the newts!" / "They're drowning their sorrows!" / "Good to see the peace process back on track!" / "Iain Ducking Smith!"Tom Johnston06 Nov 200165335.jpg 
NG4704[no caption]Nicholas Garland04 Dec 1981NG4704.jpg 
NG3456"Er ... do you mind if we play through?"Nicholas Garland29 Sep 1987NG3456.jpg 
NG4968Flower ShowNicholas Garland19 May 1992NG4968.jpg 
53004[no caption]Dave Brown16 Dec 199953004.jpg 
PC3564London marathonGerald Scarfe26 Apr 1998 
NG3177" .. So he set off across the river to seek his fortune."Nicholas Garland01 Apr 1986NG3177.jpg 
NG2560" ... and another tremendous left to the body ..."Nicholas Garland23 Feb 1983NG2560.jpg 
NG2352The One That Got AwayNicholas Garland12 Dec 1982NG2352.jpg 
NG3407"Someone is taking someone for a walk."Nicholas Garland19 Jun 1987NG3407.jpg 
53876Falsifying history ...Peter Brookes12 Apr 200053876.jpg 
PC3592"Mr. Livingstone, I presume?"Peter Brookes07 May 1998PC3592.jpg 
CA0469[no caption]Mel Calman10 Dec 1982CA0469.jpg 
61987[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Jul 200261987.jpg 
PC5562[no caption]Dave Brown16 Feb 1999PC5562.jpg 
62836[no caption]Nicholas Garland17 Oct 200262836.jpg 
53195[no caption]Peter Brookes22 Jan 200053195.jpg 
NG3490"The Boy stood on the Burning Deck ..."Nicholas Garland17 Nov 1987NG3490.jpg 
NG3493"...Rose like a rocket... / ... fell like the stick."Nicholas Garland20 Nov 1987NG3493.jpg 
DB0213[no caption]Dave Brown19 Jan 2000DB0213.jpg 
NG3457[no caption]Nicholas Garland30 Sep 1987NG3457.jpg 
37781" .. So he set off across the river to seek his fortune."Nicholas Garland01 Apr 198637781.jpg 
41989"There we were waiting at the church ..."Nicholas Garland17 Jun 198741989.jpg 
NG3010"Mr. Livingstone, I presume!"Nicholas Garland07 Jun 1985NG3010.jpg 
NG2563"Mr. Livingstone, I presume!"Nicholas Garland01 Mar 1983NG2563.jpg 
DB0153[no caption]Dave Brown16 Feb 1999DB0153.jpg 
37750"...Rose like a rocket... / ... fell like the stick."Nicholas Garland20 Nov 198737750.jpg 
37756" ... and another tremendous left to the body ..."Nicholas Garland23 Feb 198337756.jpg 
38070[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Jun 198738070.jpg 
37740Dream TicketNicholas Garland17 Apr 199237740.jpg 
WF0189No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes][20 Feb 2000]WF0189.jpg 
37759"Mr. Livingstone, I presume!"Nicholas Garland01 Mar 198337759.jpg 
37787The Red CarpetNicholas Garland07 Dec 198237787.jpg 
49058The One That Got AwayNicholas Garland12 Dec 198249058.jpg 
64812"And I'm not sure about our new nanny... Mrs Doubstone!" / "And every one of them with a double garage!" / "I'm still trying to persuade Howard to get us a telephone!" / "The old patches didn't work then!"Tom Johnston09 Mar 200064812.jpg 
36745[no caption]John Kent03 Jan 198636745.jpg 
DB0201[no caption]Dave Brown24 Dec 1999DB0201.jpg 
64813"I warned you not to wear the rasta hat!" / "I'm not on the train!" / "I must admit I was surprised when you asked me for a nice informal chat in the park!"Tom Johnston02 Mar 200064813.jpg 
64817"Wake me up when new Labour has destroyed itself!" / "Sorry, Ken... there's a block of flats going up over your newt pond!" / "Now get me Frank Dobson and Ken Livingstone!"Tom Johnston08 Mar 200064817.jpg 
64809"I wish you'd just get over your meeting the Prince of Wales!" / "But Fergie.... hasn't she said that she's just good friends with Andrew?" / "More asylum seekers!" / "Oh no! ... Ken's been eating GM food!"Tom Johnston29 Feb 200064809.jpg 
CLD0660"See! We're not dead and buried yet!!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]08 May 2016CLD0660.jpg 
SC0114No captionPeter Schrank07 May 2000SC0114.jpg 
NG3405"There we were waiting at the church ..."Nicholas Garland17 Jun 1987NG3405.jpg 
SBD0724[no caption]Steve Bell19 Nov 1999SBD0724.jpg 
64825"There' nothing like a good old British beggar!" / "Here are the keys, sir.... just don't go parking anywhere near Longbridge!"Tom Johnston20 Mar 200064825.jpg 
96667Cries of LondonPeter Brookes13 Apr 201296667.jpg 
SC0092The Blair Witch ProjectPeter Schrank17 Oct 1999SC0092.jpg 
96662Pointless distractionAndy Bunday09 Apr 201296662.jpg 
96395No captionGary Smith30 Apr 201296395.jpg 
96106News Reddus KennaeBrighty [Steve Bright]12 Mar 201296106.jpg 
ADD0142No captionAndy Davey04 Apr 2012ADD0142.jpg 
DB0013[no caption]Dave Brown22 Nov 1996DB0013.jpg 
96782Cripes and Crikey!Gerald Scarfe06 May 2012 
SBD0392[no caption]Steve Bell30 Sep 1997SBD0392.jpg 
61597[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Jun 200261597.jpg 
52451[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Oct 199952451.jpg 
62427[no caption]Peter Brookes01 Aug 200262427.jpg 
103469Red Ken's Traditional Puppet ShowBob Moran10 Jan 2015  
PC4923"Turn again Livingstone!"Nicholas Garland12 Nov 1998PC4923.jpg 
39779"If you had the misfortune to 'rule' the British, you'd want to meet some foreigners for a blessed change."Michael Cummings21 Dec 198439779.jpg 
NG4954"Go! Get set! On your marks!"Nicholas Garland29 Apr 1992NG4954.jpg 
PC4107An unexploded bomb has been found in the East End...frantic attempts are being made to defuse it.Richard Willson05 Aug 1998PC4107.jpg 
PC2598"All I said was 'the crab's off.'"Charles Griffin01 Oct 1997PC2598.jpg 
PC5210[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Nov 1998PC5210.jpg 
NG3410[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Jun 1987NG3410.jpg 
103646Do PanicPeter Brookes27 Jan 2016103646.jpg 
WF0215[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Nov 1999WF0215.jpg 
103312It'll All Be Over By Christmas...Christian Adams19 Nov 2015103312.jpg 
103655Old Geezers Celebrate Audacious Heist in Islington Pub...Peter Brookes16 Jan 2016103655.jpg 
SBD1582"Makes perfect sense to me!"Steve Bell19 Nov 2015SBD1582.jpg 
103633Bombs Away!Peter Brookes04 Dec 2015103633.jpg 
42001"Er ... do you mind if we play through?"Nicholas Garland29 Sep 198742001.jpg 
DB0364[no caption]Dave Brown16 Dec 1999DB0364.jpg 
65529[no caption]Steve Fricker26 Apr 200365529.jpg 
62648[no caption]Charles Griffin06 Sep 200262648.jpg 
PC3817Exciting new proposals for rubbish disposal (News item)Peter Brookes10 Jun 1998PC3817.jpg 
DB0089Musical ChairsDave Brown19 Aug 1997DB0089.jpg 
64875"You see, not all men get £600,000 when they pat a woman's bum!" / "Racists in the restaurant!" / "I know where you live!"Tom Johnston11 May 200064875.jpg 
54037[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Apr 200054037.jpg 
PC1462Dozens of hostages held for months in fight-to-the-death...Peter Brookes24 Apr 1997PC1462.jpg 
PC2943[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Dec 1997PC2943.jpg 
64858"I hope our consignment of rottweilers is safe!" / "Mum! what you think our descendants will be doing in 40,000 years' time?" / "Yes, well... I suppose there's very little chance of Ken going on trial for something!"Tom Johnston21 Apr 200064858.jpg 
PC5563[no caption]Martin Rowson16 Feb 1999PC5563.jpg 
SBD1631"Suspend him!!"Steve Bell29 Apr 2016SBD1631.jpg 
DB0217[no caption]Dave Brown27 Jan 2000DB0217.jpg 
CLD0626"Come on in...the water's lovely!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]01 May 2016CLD0626.jpg 
CLD0625"Mr Livingstone, I presume?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]01 May 2016CLD0625.jpg 
67185And here's a few old pals you haven't seen for some time...Tom Johnston05 Apr 199267185.jpg 
64868"Any spare chains?" / "Now Ken Livingstone's big head is ruining my view?" / "I knew I shouldn't have voted for Livingstone!" / "A year exploring the jungle but now we must return home to vote for Jeffrey Archer!"Tom Johnston04 May 200064868.jpg 
54106[no caption]Peter Brookes06 May 200054106.jpg 
64738[no caption]Peter Schrank21 Nov 199964738.jpg 
63871"Ken, it's all yours...!!"Patrick Blower05 Feb 200363871.jpg 
64624The benefits of Sars ...Peter Brookes26 Apr 200364624.jpg 
PC2997[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Dec 1997PC2997.jpg 
66868[no caption]Martin Rowson20 Sep 200366868.jpg 
PC3152"Give it a rest, Dennis, we've sung 'The Red Flag' 53 times."Charles Griffin30 Jan 1998PC3152.jpg 
64857"That's nothing!... Take a look at Kathy Burke's Dobson bloomers!" / "A score for every 12 minutes!" / "It's the first time I've ever wanted to turn a clock forward!" / "Not tonight, dear... I've got an email!"Tom Johnston20 Apr 200064857.jpg 
64830"I'm smoking with worry and drinking to forget about how much booze and ciggies cost!" /"No, sir! .... That's just for a tank of petrol!" / "Oh, and better keep my donation quiet, Ken!"Tom Johnston23 Mar 200064830.jpg 
64802"We was Dobbed!" / "Isn't that the chap you sent to investigate Sellafield?" / "It's a fine Kettley of fish!" / "I know I can't see them ... I can hear Fergie!"Tom Johnston21 Feb 200064802.jpg 
65517[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200165517.jpg 
64725[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Nov 199964725.jpg 
64869"Will you stop putting up a system of look-outs for Fergie!" / "Shall I tell them it was you who decided to dump Charlie Lawson?" / "Was it such a good idea to use Harry Enfield as a character witness?" / "I told you we'd regret voting for Ken!"Tom Johnston05 May 200064869.jpg 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
104267"Are the still banging on about that?!"Christian Adams16 May 2016104267.jpg 
104281"I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it!"Christian Adams15 Jun 2016104281.jpg 
104144Labour Party SuspendedGerald Scarfe2016 
104069Mein KempfPeter Brookes29 Apr 2016104069.jpg 
104712Labour hasn't got an antisemitism problem!Morten Morland18 Oct 2016104712.jpg 
63144[no caption]Martin Rowson16 Nov 200263144.jpg 
SBD1790The Eternal KenSteve Bell06 Apr 2017SBD1790.jpg 
105265April the First, 2017Peter Brookes01 October 2003105265.jpg 
105261"You're a hard left disgrace who's brought Labour into disrepute again!"Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]06 Apr 2017105261.jpg 
105278"We're trying to do great things but all everybody talks about is antisemitism!"Morten Morland06 Apr 2017105278.jpg 
105334Not Antisemitic...Morten Morland30 Apr 2017105334.jpg 
106606"I admit we have pockets of anti-semitism"Patrick Blower27 Mar 2018106606.jpg 
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