Person NameBrown; Gordon (1951-)
65755Mandeltrix ReloadedChris Riddell25 May 200365755.jpg 
66650[no caption]David Simonds25 Aug 200366650.jpg 
65864"I could hardly breathe. Gulping for air, I started crying and yelling at him, 'what do you mean? What are you saying?' ... "Nicholas Garland06 Jun 200365864.jpg 
65492[no caption]Charles Griffin22 Mar 200065492.jpg 
61134[no caption]Dave Brown18 Apr 200261134.jpg 
65757[no caption]David Simonds26 May 200365757.jpg 
65913[no caption]Steve Bell11 Jun 200365913.jpg 
58595Storms forecastNicholas Garland06 Jul 200158595.jpg 
61122[no caption]Dave Brown19 Apr 200261122.jpg 
DB0387[no caption]Dave Brown01 Jan 1999 - 31 Dec 1999DB0387.jpg 
65756[no caption]Oscar Grillo25 May 200365756.jpg 
65862Blair and Brown agree way forward on EuroPatrick Blower06 Jun 200365862.jpg 
SC0237[no caption]Peter Schrank10 Jun 2003SC0237.jpg 
65545Bagdad BounceNicholas Garland02 May 200365545.jpg 
66785Brown falls flatSteve Bell10 Sep 200366785.jpg 
65705[no caption]Paul Thomas20 May 200365705.jpg 
60474[no caption]Peter Brookes22 Jan 200260474.jpg 
65662[no caption]Patrick Blower15 May 200365662.jpg 
59355"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..."Nicholas Garland17 Oct 200159355.jpg 
65904[no caption]Patrick Blower10 Jun 200365904.jpg 
SC0236[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Jun 2003SC0236.jpg 
62345[no caption]John Kent09 Aug 200262345.jpg 
65516[no caption]Nicola Jennings04 Jan 200165516.jpg 
65921[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Jun 200365921.jpg 
60987[no caption]Mark Reeve03 Mar 200260987.jpg 
65699[no caption]Patrick Blower19 May 200365699.jpg 
65743[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 May 200365743.jpg 
63084Inflation-busting carve-up...Peter Brookes22 Nov 200263084.jpg 
65759Nul pointsDave Brown26 May 200365759.jpg 
65679[no caption]Dave Brown16 May 200365679.jpg 
65878[no caption]Chris Riddell08 Jun 200365878.jpg 
65714[no caption]Peter Brookes21 May 200365714.jpg 
65697[no caption]Dave Brown20 May 200365697.jpg 
65890[no caption]Bill Caldwell09 Jun 200365890.jpg 
63022[no caption]Dave Gaskill28 Nov 200263022.jpg 
65765[no caption]Bill Caldwell27 May 200365765.jpg 
65883[no caption]Robert Thompson08 Jun 200365883.jpg 
62801[no caption]Peter Schrank21 Oct 200262801.jpg 
65414Slowest ever marathonGerald Scarfe21 Apr 2002 
65163[no caption]David Simonds02 Apr 200165163.jpg 
65900[no caption]Dave Gaskill10 Jun 200365900.jpg 
65869Obedience courseMorten Morland06 Jun 200365869.jpg 
61799[no caption]Dave Gaskill07 Jun 200261799.jpg 
60095Boys... boys!Martin Rowson03 Dec 200160095.jpg 
64753Gordon Brown's Merry christmasGerald Scarfe19 Dec 1999 
65886[no caption]Peter Schrank09 Jun 200365886.jpg 
65903"Nearly there ... wait for it ... wait for it."Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Jun 200365903.jpg 
65760[no caption]Martin Rowson26 May 200365760.jpg 
64929A Cabinet Law and Order ProblemRichard Willson09 Jul 200064929.jpg 
65733[no caption]Paul Thomas22 May 200365733.jpg 
65897[no caption]Paul Thomas10 Jun 200365897.jpg 
65931" ... And you'll look neat, upon the seat, Of a bicycle built for two."Nicholas Garland12 Jun 200365931.jpg 
62224[no caption]CD [Chris Duggan]22 Aug 200262224.jpg 
64935Not a penny to be wastedGerald Scarfe16 Jul 2000 
59527[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Nov 200159527.jpg 
65727[no caption]Dave Brown22 May 200365727.jpg 
65916[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Jun 200365916.jpg 
65490[no caption]Dave Brown19 Mar 200065490.jpg 
59832[no caption]Dave Brown26 Dec 200159832.jpg 
65351Spooning under the moonGerald Scarfe25 Nov 2001 
65702[no caption]Steve Bell20 May 200365702.jpg 
65971[no caption]David Simonds16 Jun 200365971.jpg 
65970[no caption]David Simonds16 Jun 200365970.jpg 
65901[no caption]Bill Caldwell10 Jun 200365901.jpg 
65655[no caption]Paul Thomas14 May 200365655.jpg 
65910[no caption]Peter Brookes10 Jun 200365910.jpg 
66308[no caption]Chris Riddell20 Jul 200366308.jpg 
59558[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]25 Nov 200159558.jpg 
59555[no caption]John Jensen25 Nov 200159555.jpg 
59525[no caption]Steve Bell28 Nov 200159525.jpg 
PC2721[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]26 Oct 1997PC2721.jpg 
65880The coy mistress ....Mark Reeve08 Jun 200365880.jpg 
64652[no caption]Dave Brown29 Apr 200364652.jpg 
60616"Relax, there's absolutely no risk!"Patrick Blower08 Feb 200260616.jpg 
60729[no caption]Steve Bell28 Mar 200260729.jpg 
PC2186[no caption]Chris Priestley03 Jul 1997PC2186.jpg 
PC1116[no caption]Nicola Jennings02 Apr 1997PC1116.jpg 
PC2782"The U-turn."Bill McArthur20 Oct 1997PC2782.jpg 
WF0023Poll YmpicsTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Sep 2000WF0023.jpg 
PC0016It's good to talk ... BTPeter Brookes17 May 1996PC0016.jpg 
PC4715"Hidden agenda"Bill McArthur16 Oct 1998PC4715.jpg 
59688[no caption]Chris Riddell12 Nov 200159688.jpg 
60093[no caption]Paul Thomas04 Dec 200160093.jpg 
PC0814[no caption]Dave Brown17 Jan 1997PC0814.jpg 
PC3900"There was a situation between us a few months ago but everything has been sorted out now..." (Tim Henman on Greg Rusedski)Nicholas Garland23 Jun 1998PC3900.jpg 
PC1625[no caption]David Simonds05 May 1997PC1625.jpg 
PC2723Little sir echo.Nicholas Garland28 Oct 1997PC2723.jpg 
63025At last, the inspectors go in.Nicholas Garland28 Nov 200263025.jpg 
67646[no caption]Morten Morland03 Oct 200367646.jpg 
PC2294Old Labour / New LabourNicholas Garland23 Jul 1997PC2294.jpg 
62089[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Jul 200262089.jpg 
NG3742[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Nov 1988NG3742.jpg 
61114[no caption]Steve Bell19 Apr 200261114.jpg 
PC3112[no caption]Nicholas Garland17 Jan 1998PC3112.jpg 
SC0234[no caption]Peter Schrank18 May 2003SC0234.jpg 
66027United at lastTrog [Wally Fawkes]22 Jun 200366027.jpg 
PC2183"Romance on the menu for Chancellor..." (headline)Nicholas Garland02 Jul 1997PC2183.jpg 
PC4846[no caption]David Simonds02 Nov 1998PC4846.jpg 
61100[no caption]Crickett21 Apr 200261100.jpg 
PC2249[no caption]David Simonds14 Jul 1997PC2249.jpg 
65698[no caption]Morten Morland19 May 200365698.jpg 
60471[no caption]Nicholas Garland22 Jan 200260471.jpg 
61299[no caption]Peter Schrank01 Apr 200261299.jpg 
PC2390[no caption]Bill McArthur03 Jul 1997PC2390.jpg 
PC2716"Funny how after one stock market crisis you immediatley seem to need another..."Peter Brookes24 Oct 1997PC2716.jpg 
PC5515[no caption]Dave Gaskill08 Jan 1999PC5515.jpg 
PC1886"How about a Windfall tax on the Spice Girls."Colin Whittock15 May 1997PC1886.jpg 
65866[no caption]Dave Brown06 Jun 200365866.jpg 
PC4633"Hurricane 'Prudence' closes on Scotnatland'.Bill McArthur29 Sep 1998PC4633.jpg 
PC1995[no caption]David Simonds07 Jun 1997PC1995.jpg 
PC1096[no caption]David Simonds31 Mar 1997PC1096.jpg 
PC2364[no caption]Ian Pollock13 Aug 1997PC2364.jpg 
59523[no caption]Paul Thomas28 Nov 200159523.jpg 
64438[no caption]David Simonds07 Apr 200364438.jpg 
60797[no caption]Dave Brown21 Mar 200260797.jpg 
62391[no caption]David Simonds05 Aug 200262391.jpg 
PC0125[no caption]Richard Willson05 Jul 1996PC0125.jpg 
PC2424[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Jul 1997PC2424.jpg 
PC2064[no caption]David Austin09 Jun 1997PC2064.jpg 
63306Gordon Brown is BondDavid Simonds02 Dec 200263306.jpg 
PC1937[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 May 1997PC1937.jpg 
59353[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Oct 200159353.jpg 
PC0114The Road to the ManifestoRichard Cole01 Jul 1996PC0114.jpg 
PC0577"Before anyone asks, yes, I'm wearing my wife's wig.'Charles Griffin08 Nov 1996PC0577.jpg 
PC6040[no caption]Richard Willson04 May 1998PC6040.jpg 
PC1525[no caption]Richard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1525.jpg 
PC0585[no caption]Martin Rowson12 Nov 1996PC0585.jpg 
59568[no caption]Charles Griffin23 Nov 200159568.jpg 
PC4224"Thus proving conclusively that the first casualty of war and recession is the truth."Bill McArthur08 Aug 1998PC4224.jpg 
59815[no caption]Charles Griffin28 Dec 200159815.jpg 
PC4333[no caption]David Simonds16 Mar 1998PC4333.jpg 
PC3405[no caption]Dave Gaskill18 Mar 1998PC3405.jpg 
PC3449"Nonsense! Surely there must be a job for you somewhere."Charles Griffin19 Mar 1998PC3449.jpg 
59798Kootchy-Koo...Martin Rowson31 Dec 200159798.jpg 
DB0334[no caption]Dave Brown01 Jan 1997 - 31 Dec 1997DB0334.jpg 
PC5065"The sour not."Bill McArthur02 Dec 1998PC5065.jpg 
PC3447[no caption]Martyn Turner15 Mar 1998PC3447.jpg 
PC4031"Hoist on his own petard."Bill McArthur05 Jun 1998PC4031.jpg 
62077Private tuitionTrog [Wally Fawkes]07 Jul 200262077.jpg 
PC2549[no caption]Chris Priestley30 Sep 1997PC2549.jpg 
PC5070[no caption]Tom Johnston03 Dec 1998PC5070.jpg 
PC5074[no caption]Nicholas Garland03 Dec 1998PC5074.jpg 
PC4848"The foregone conclusion."Bill McArthur03 Nov 1998PC4848.jpg 
PC5293[no caption]Paul Thomas05 Jan 1999PC5293.jpg 
PC5284[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]03 Jan 1999PC5284.jpg 
PC5733All smokes & MirasPeter Brookes10 Mar 1999PC5733.jpg 
PC5724[no caption]Charles Griffin10 Mar 1999PC5724.jpg 
PC5727[no caption]Dave Gaskill10 Mar 1999PC5727.jpg 
61101[no caption]Mark Reeve21 Apr 200261101.jpg 
65579"And there's his half century!"Nicholas Garland06 May 200365579.jpg 
SC0197[no caption]Peter Schrank05 May 2002SC0197.jpg 
63064[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]24 Nov 200263064.jpg 
59597[no caption]Gary Smith21 Nov 200159597.jpg 
SC0251[no caption]Peter Schrank09 Nov 2003SC0251.jpg 
65876[no caption]Satoshi Kambayashi07 Jun 200365876.jpg 
PC2223[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Jul 1997PC2223.jpg 
59516[no caption]Dave Gaskill29 Nov 200159516.jpg 
59614In Roman times a man was delegated to walk behind the emperor murmuring, "Memento homo quod cinis es." (Remember, man, that you are dust.)Nicholas Garland20 Nov 200159614.jpg 
63088[no caption]Steve Bell22 Nov 200263088.jpg 
08009Adventures of TarzanStanley Franklin30 Nov 196508009.jpg 
63433[no caption]Chris Riddell15 Dec 200263433.jpg 
59566[no caption]Peter Schrank23 Nov 200159566.jpg 
61147[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Apr 200261147.jpg 
62790Printed under cartoon: The reality of life for most officers in today's Customs & Excise is not working undercover in an Albanian people-smuggling racket and pulling a bird who looks like a young Rula Lenska, but nicking an old lady in a wheelchair trying to bring a few cartons of Silk Cut back from a day trip to Calais.Dave Gaskill22 Oct 200262790.jpg 
63054Pouring Oil on Trouble Waters ...Martin Rowson25 Nov 200263054.jpg 
65357Nurse BrownGerald Scarfe02 Dec 2001 
65676[no caption]Peter Brookes16 May 200365676.jpg 
DB0069[no caption]Dave Brown17 Jun 1997DB0069.jpg 
59618[no caption]John Kent20 Nov 200159618.jpg 
06633"My next trick is impossible..."Vicky [Victor Weisz]06 Jan 196506633.jpg 
63329[no caption]Dave Gaskill04 Dec 200263329.jpg 
PC2707[no caption]Nicholas Garland21 Oct 1997PC2707.jpg 
SBD0445[no caption]Steve Bell15 Mar 1998SBD0445.jpg 
PC3973[no caption]Paul Thomas15 Jul 1998PC3973.jpg 
PC4246[no caption]Paul Thomas13 Aug 1998PC4246.jpg 
PC2941[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Dec 1997PC2941.jpg 
PC4169[no caption]Peter Schrank27 Jul 1998PC4169.jpg 
61736[no caption]Michael Daley14 Jun 200261736.jpg 
65874[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Jun 200365874.jpg 
59915[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Dec 200159915.jpg 
65575"It was Mr. Brown's idea to give him the birthday bumps."Patrick Blower06 May 200365575.jpg 
66278"The marble is said to be in poor condition due to the inferior quality of the stone and long exposure to the elements." (News Item)Nicholas Garland17 Jul 200366278.jpg 
53728Another Oscar robberyTrog [Wally Fawkes]26 Mar 200053728.jpg 
Peter Schrank07 Jul 2002SC0210.jpg 
62704[no caption]Mark Reeve01 Sep 200262704.jpg 
59565[no caption]John Kent24 Nov 200159565.jpg 
61125[no caption]Steve Bell18 Apr 200261125.jpg 
PC5741"Ooh!... It justs gets better and better!"Tom Johnston11 Mar 1999PC5741.jpg 
62485" ... Upon this charge cry 'God for Tony! England and Saint George W."Nicholas Garland24 Sep 200262485.jpg 
59441[no caption]Chris Riddell07 Oct 200159441.jpg 
SC0089[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Sep 1999SC0089.jpg 
64095All behind you, TonyMartin Rowson26 Feb 200364095.jpg 
62261[no caption]David Simonds18 Aug 200262261.jpg 
61028Flash Gordon - the unmasked crusaderRichard Willson29 Apr 200261028.jpg 
63317[no caption]Dave Gaskill03 Dec 200263317.jpg 
64472[no caption]Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Apr 200364472.jpg 
65507[no caption]Mac [Stan McMurtry]18 Apr 200265507.jpg 
65659[no caption]Dave Brown14 May 200365659.jpg 
62350[no caption]Richard Willson08 Aug 200262350.jpg 
65748[no caption]Peter Brookes24 May 200365748.jpg 
64467[no caption]Steve Bell10 Apr 200364467.jpg 
63439[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]15 Dec 200263439.jpg 
59461[no caption]Dave Gaskill05 Oct 200159461.jpg 
63674New Olympic sport - tossing the miserPatrick Blower16 Jan 200363674.jpg 
PC3402[no caption]Chris Priestley18 Mar 1998PC3402.jpg 
59509NHS transplant surgery...Peter Brookes30 Nov 200159509.jpg 
59244[no caption]David Simonds29 Oct 200159244.jpg 
62002[no caption]Dave Brown15 Jul 200262002.jpg 
61934[no caption]Chris Riddell22 Jul 200261934.jpg 
61986[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Jul 200261986.jpg 
63011[no caption]Dave Gaskill29 Nov 200263011.jpg 
63028[no caption]Nicola Jennings28 Nov 200263028.jpg 
66518On the roadCD [Chris Duggan]11 Aug 200366518.jpg 
63068[no caption]Chris Riddell24 Nov 200263068.jpg 
64192[no caption]Peter Schrank09 Mar 200364192.jpg 
PC0034The War of the RosesNicholas Garland20 May 1996PC0034.jpg 
SC0230The cost of warPeter Schrank06 Apr 2003SC0230.jpg 
64890Gordon Brown falls off his bandwagonGerald Scarfe28 May 2000 
66717"You and your premonitions!"Nicholas Garland03 Sep 200366717.jpg 
65512Foot in Mouth BudgetRalph Steadman08 Mar 200165512.jpg 
65406[no caption]David Simonds18 Feb 200265406.jpg 
64110[no caption]Hector Breeze28 Feb 200364110.jpg 
62006[no caption]Bernard Cookson15 Jul 200262006.jpg 
57910[no caption]Steve Fricker14 May 200157910.jpg 
61988[no caption]Dave Brown16 Jul 200261988.jpg 
58304PrivatisationPatrick Blower06 Jun 200158304.jpg 
PC5758[no caption]David Simonds08 Mar 1999PC5758.jpg 
59486[no caption]Dave Brown02 Oct 200159486.jpg 
NG3743[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Nov 1988NG3743.jpg 
61104'I used to be rich enough to have private tretment. But thanks to Gordon Brown's taxes I have to use the NHS'Michael Heath21 Apr 200261104.jpg 
62185[no caption]Peter Schrank23 Aug 200262185.jpg 
59851[no caption]Charles Griffin21 Dec 200159851.jpg 
PC1842A gust of wind - and the ChancellorGerald Scarfe18 May 1997 
59489[no caption]Steve Bell02 Oct 200159489.jpg 
PC5540[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Feb 1999PC5540.jpg 
61092Carrying the Can (latest pictures)Martin Rowson22 Apr 200261092.jpg 
PC1677Keeping his feet on the ground.Bill McArthur07 May 1997PC1677.jpg 
61346[no caption]John Kent27 May 200261346.jpg 
57156BannedChristian Adams23 Mar 200157156.jpg 
PC2662Secret handshakeNicholas Garland15 Oct 1997PC2662.jpg 
PC1091"The fox actually likes it!"Michael Cummings29 Mar 1997PC1091.jpg 
61412[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]19 May 200261412.jpg 
PC2283Hunt that will never be banned!Michael Cummings19 Jul 1997PC2283.jpg 
PC4572"Can you spare a few policies Guv'nor?"Charles Griffin29 Sep 1998PC4572.jpg 
PC4972"Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one the stars." (Frederick Langbridge)Nicholas Garland18 Nov 1998PC4972.jpg 
PC2392"The burden of public expectation."Bill McArthur02 Jul 1997PC2392.jpg 
60772"You both look a little 'vulnerable'. Could I interst you in some private health insurance?"Richard Willson25 Mar 200260772.jpg 
61924"Soon we'll be able to cull every dissident Tory vote in the countryside."Richard Willson23 Jul 200261924.jpg 
PC2699[no caption]Chris Priestley28 Oct 1997PC2699.jpg 
PC2242Brown serves up hope on jobs.Charles Griffin03 Jul 1997PC2242.jpg 
DB0388[no caption]Dave Brown10 Nov 1999DB0388.jpg 
64471[no caption]Patrick Blower10 Apr 200364471.jpg 
PC2125[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 Jun 1997PC2125.jpg 
58964"David, I'm not so sure the public want more sex films and live coverage of Chelsea's games"Charles Griffin28 Sep 200158964.jpg 
59560[no caption]Peter Schrank25 Nov 200159560.jpg 
06585"Well, wild indiscretion or not, we will get the cost of mortgages down." - Mr. George Brown, September 19, 1964Vicky [Victor Weisz]18 Jan 196506585.jpg 
PC0178[no caption]Richard Willson18 Jul 1996PC0178.jpg 
60407[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Feb 200260407.jpg 
65493[no caption]Mac [Stan McMurtry]22 Mar 200065493.jpg 
PC4859[no caption]Nicola Jennings04 Nov 1998PC4859.jpg 
PC1809[no caption]Dave Brown16 May 1997PC1809.jpg 
65896[no caption]Paul Thomas09 Jun 200365896.jpg 
61119"Mirror, mirror on the wall..."Nicholas Garland19 Apr 200261119.jpg 
PC1396[no caption]David Simonds21 Apr 1997PC1396.jpg 
PC2274Brownie PointsColin Wheeler22 Jul 1997PC2274.jpg 
PC5632[no caption]Dave Gaskill25 Feb 1999PC5632.jpg 
61983[no caption]Patrick Blower16 Jul 200261983.jpg 
PC1681[no caption]Dave Gaskill07 May 1997PC1681.jpg 
DB0362[no caption]Dave Brown01 Jan 1999 - 31 Dec 1999DB0362.jpg 
PC2695[no caption]Peter Schrank27 Oct 1997PC2695.jpg 
PC2205[no caption]Chris Riddell06 Jul 1997PC2205.jpg 
63275"That's not all Chancellor - Tony wants the top-up fees paid in euros"Hector Breeze03 Nov 200263275.jpg 
PC2576"You won't forget to mention that Seve and the team had something to do with it, will you, Tony?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]29 Sep 1997PC2576.jpg 
SC0038[no caption]Peter Schrank22 Mar 1998SC0038.jpg 
PC5808[no caption]Dave Gaskill19 Mar 1999PC5808.jpg 
PC5731[no caption]Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Mar 1999PC5731.jpg 
55327Poll YmpicsTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Sep 200055327.jpg 
PC3991The horn of plentyGerald Scarfe19 Jul 1998 
PC3977"It's ideal for the NHS..cost effective & saves lives"Peter Brookes15 Jul 1998PC3977.jpg 
PC3976The Order of Release (after Millais)Nicholas Garland15 Jul 1998PC3976.jpg 
PC4116"Dear Gordon...wish you were here."Richard Willson07 Aug 1998PC4116.jpg 
DB0105[no caption]Dave Brown04 Nov 1998DB0105.jpg 
PC4854[no caption]Paul Thomas03 Nov 1998PC4854.jpg 
PC5062Sitting on the fence!Nicholas Garland01 Dec 1998PC5062.jpg 
64997"Fill her up!" / "Er, hello.... Mo?" / "I suppose we'd better do some panic shoplifting!" / "Faster!"Tom Johnston14 Sep 200064997.jpg 
PC5265[no caption]Dave Gaskill05 Jan 1999PC5265.jpg 
PC5764Budget responseChris Riddell14 Mar 1999PC5764.jpg 
PC5297"Where's the spin doctor when you need one?"Peter Brookes05 Jan 1999PC5297.jpg 
PC5324[no caption]Chris Riddell10 Jan 1999PC5324.jpg 
59580[no caption]Dave Brown23 Nov 200159580.jpg 
59531[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Nov 200159531.jpg 
63006Horny (or Brown) Owl (Prudenceis dumpeda)Peter Brookes30 Nov 200263006.jpg 
65513[no caption]Charles Griffin08 Mar 200165513.jpg 
64469[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Apr 200364469.jpg 
61105[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Apr 200261105.jpg 
PC3658[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 Jan 1998PC3658.jpg 
63377"Just a little new age hocus pocus to induce them to swallow the entire Brussels makeover"Richard Willson09 Dec 200263377.jpg 
63042[no caption]Dave Gaskill26 Nov 200263042.jpg 
59549[no caption]David Simonds26 Nov 200159549.jpg 
54848[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Jul 200254848.jpg 
53695[no caption]Bill McArthur200253695.jpg 
59145Interest rates remain unchanged...Martin Rowson07 Sep 200159145.jpg 
65908[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Jun 200365908.jpg 
58834[no caption]Peter Schrank13 Aug 200158834.jpg 
SC0231Back in the saddle?Peter Schrank20 Apr 2003SC0231.jpg 
64928"Sirred not shaken!" / "We're cloning Gordon Brown!" / "Pity about Henman!"Tom Johnston06 Jul 200064928.jpg 
59529[no caption]Dave Brown28 Nov 200159529.jpg 
66779[no caption]Peter Brookes10 Sep 200366779.jpg 
60808[no caption]John Kent20 Mar 200260808.jpg 
61767[no caption]Steve Fricker11 Jun 200261767.jpg 
61130[no caption]Dave Gaskill18 Apr 200261130.jpg 
60096[no caption]David Simonds03 Dec 200160096.jpg 
61982[no caption]Steve Bell16 Jul 200261982.jpg 
59574[no caption]Dave Gaskill23 Nov 200159574.jpg 
65909[no caption]David Austin10 Jun 200365909.jpg 
61992[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 Jul 200261992.jpg 
60352[no caption]David Simonds07 Jan 200260352.jpg 
61128[no caption]Nicholas Garland18 Apr 200261128.jpg 
61116[no caption]Dave Gaskill19 Apr 200261116.jpg 
63964Eighteen robust tests! (...for not joing [sic] the euro)John Kent13 Feb 200363964.jpg 
64166Huge price paid for 'unique' poster (news item)Nicholas Garland06 Mar 200364166.jpg 
60100"Another thing, Gordon - health spending will sound better in euros"Hector Breeze03 Dec 200160100.jpg 
PC1900[no caption]Graham High07 May 1997PC1900.jpg 
PC1078Cry God for Johnny, South East England and St. GeorgeRichard Willson21 Feb 1997PC1078.jpg 
PC0033[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 May 1996PC0033.jpg 
61404[no caption]John Kent20 May 200261404.jpg 
65683Left .... left .... left,left,left. Left ... left .... left, left, left.Peter Brookes17 May 200365683.jpg 
PC2187"Brown's Windfall Service."Peter Brookes03 Jul 1997PC2187.jpg 
PC2182[no caption]Peter Schrank03 Jul 1997PC2182.jpg 
PC2181[no caption]Peter Schrank02 Jul 1997PC2181.jpg 
98053We'd just like to say sor .... sor ... sort of that we made mistakes over immigration, and apol ... apol... a Polly put the kettle on ... babble! ... Gibber! ... Burble! ....Brighty [Steve Bright]17 Dec 201298053.jpg 
PC2724[no caption]Dave Brown28 Oct 1997PC2724.jpg 
PC1992[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Jun 1997PC1992.jpg 
PC2694"The House will be glad to hear that after much deliberation and discussion this government has made a firm decision - heads we go, tails we don't ..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]27 Oct 1997PC2694.jpg 
PC3404[no caption]Mac [Stan McMurtry]18 Mar 1998PC3404.jpg 
PC3418[no caption]Gerald Scarfe15 Mar 1998 
PC4067"The prudent cornucopia."Bill McArthur16 Jul 1998PC4067.jpg 
PC5082"Did I win?"Richard Willson06 Dec 1998PC5082.jpg 
SBD0531[no caption]Steve Bell15 Jul 1998SBD0531.jpg 
PC4862[no caption]Peter Brookes04 Nov 1998PC4862.jpg 
PC5067[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Dec 1998PC5067.jpg 
PC3840[no caption]Chris Priestley17 Jun 1998PC3840.jpg 
65981"For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings: how some have been depos'd, some slain in war, some haunted by the ghosts they have depos'd..." (richard II)Nicholas Garland17 Jun 200365981.jpg 
63027[no caption]Dave Brown28 Nov 200263027.jpg 
WF0130Seconds out!Trog [Wally Fawkes][23 March 1997]WF0130.jpg 
59630"That's the problem with British politics - there are too many factions"Jonathan Pugh19 Nov 200159630.jpg 
59587"There's no rift between us over the pathetic amount he'll let me spend on the NHS"Hector Breeze22 Nov 200159587.jpg 
59578"And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid, like I love you." (From 'Swing when you're winning' by Robbie Williams)Nicholas Garland23 Nov 200159578.jpg 
PC3426[no caption]Nicholas Garland20 Mar 1998PC3426.jpg 
60105[no caption]Mark Reeve02 Dec 200160105.jpg 
61946[no caption]Chris Riddell21 Jul 200261946.jpg 
PC0413"It's all right, he stole my clothes but he left me his!"Nicholas Garland01 Oct 1996PC0413.jpg 
PC2944Good cop, bad cop.Nicholas Garland09 Dec 1997PC2944.jpg 
59310Prudence ... Decline and fallRichard Willson22 Oct 200159310.jpg 
63739[no caption]Steve Bell23 Jan 200363739.jpg 
PC5068The Third Way!Nicholas Garland02 Dec 1998PC5068.jpg 
PC1836"Teletubbies row: new style programme "Slow, banal, ill-conceived..."Peter Brookes22 May 1997PC1836.jpg 
PC4005[no caption]Dave Gaskill28 Jul 1998PC4005.jpg 
PC1803Hitting the ground running ...Nicholas Garland15 May 1997PC1803.jpg 
PC2730The biggest fish of its kind ever landed.Nicholas Garland30 Oct 1997PC2730.jpg 
PC3052"Red squirrel loses more ground to grey invader"Nicholas Garland08 Jan 1998PC3052.jpg 
PC3452[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]22 Mar 1998PC3452.jpg 
52654[no caption]Peter Brookes10 Nov 199952654.jpg 
64946"Now, sir, you know very well that you're too late for the Plymouth Unveiled exhibition!" / "Did you learn anything interesting from President Putin besided the judo moves?" / "... and if the operation is not re-scheduled within 28 days you get a free pizza!" / "Luckily, I don't have a driving licence!"Tom Johnston25 Jul 200064946.jpg 
65347"Your henchmen have flushed Gordon Brown from his lair!" / "Another ruddy queue jumber!" / "Yes, yes! It feels wonderful! .. I wonder what Sam Mendes is doing now?"Tom Johnston20 Nov 200165347.jpg 
PC3824[no caption]Chris Riddell14 Jun 1998PC3824.jpg 
PC2894Finance chief very sorry, but for now there's not much more he can do...Peter Brookes26 Nov 1997PC2894.jpg 
PC2706"I never know what he's going to do next!"Charles Griffin21 Oct 1997PC2706.jpg 
PC3814Rolling Stones cancel tour over 12m. [pounds] tax bill (News item)Nicholas Garland09 Jun 1998PC3814.jpg 
53195[no caption]Peter Brookes22 Jan 200053195.jpg 
63303The end of the affairMichael Heath01 Dec 200263303.jpg 
58382[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Jul 200158382.jpg 
PC2770"And finally, ladies and gentlemen, we intend to adopt a flag ... ...Which is impossible to fly upside down ..." CBIPeter Brookes11 Nov 1997PC2770.jpg 
PC0875Old Master RacketPeter Brookes07 Feb 1997PC0875.jpg 
PC3428[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Mar 1998PC3428.jpg 
PC3982[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 Jul 1998PC3982.jpg 
PC4173"He loves me not!"Nicholas Garland28 Jul 1998PC4173.jpg 
63857[no caption]Dave Brown03 Feb 200363857.jpg 
63854[no caption]David Simonds03 Feb 200263854.jpg 
DB0104Chancellor announces practical steps towards EuroDave Brown03 Nov 1998DB0104.jpg 
PC3417Asteroid threatens life as we know itTrog [Wally Fawkes]15 Mar 1998PC3417.jpg 
61313[no caption]Steve Bell30 May 200261313.jpg 
PC0995"First we extract a cell from this ..."Nicholas Garland06 Mar 1997PC0995.jpg 
NG4172"You're right - and it's aimed directly at the centre ground!"Nicholas Garland16 May 1990NG4172.jpg 
PC4616[no caption]Nicholas Garland07 Oct 1998PC4616.jpg 
66978On the WaterfrontDave Brown30 Sep 200366978.jpg 
SC0190[no caption]Peter Schrank27 Mar 2002SC0190.jpg 
65665The British Character. Tendency to be embarrassed by foreign currencyNicholas Garland15 May 200365665.jpg 
62780Another winter of discontentCD [Chris Duggan]23 Oct 200262780.jpg 
PC3208[no caption]Dave Brown15 Feb 1998PC3208.jpg 
PC5713[no caption]Patrick Blower08 Mar 1999PC5713.jpg 
PC5725Walking on waterPatrick Blower10 Mar 1999PC5725.jpg 
PC1720"We are not here to enjoy the trappings of power..."Nicholas Garland08 May 1997PC1720.jpg 
PC3308[no caption]Nicholas Garland03 Dec 1997PC3308.jpg 
PC2867"Because it's there..."Nicholas Garland18 Nov 1997PC2867.jpg 
DB0396[no caption]Dave Brown27 Sep 1999DB0396.jpg 
SC0219[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Nov 2002SC0219.jpg 
WF0069[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Jul 2001WF0069.jpg 
ADD0160No captionAndy Davey26 Apr 2012ADD0160.jpg 
62993Backpool is so bracingDave Brown01 Oct 200262993.jpg 
DB0376[no caption]Dave Brown30 Jul 1999DB0376.jpg 
SC0248[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Sep 2003SC0248.jpg 
PC5317[no caption]Chris Riddell01 Jan 1999PC5317.jpg 
63152[no caption]Nicholas Garland15 Nov 200263152.jpg 
DB0118[no caption]Dave Brown02 Dec 1998DB0118.jpg 
65378"Happy new euro!"Tom Johnston31 Dec 200165378.jpg 
66983"Best when we are boldest ... Best when we are New Labour!"Nicholas Garland30 Sep 200366983.jpg 
SBD0395[no caption]Steve Bell07 Oct 1997SBD0395.jpg 
64826"Haven't you practiced that enough, Gordon?" / "... and now I've bleached my hair I look just like Posh!" / "Robbery at the bank?... Isn't there always?"Tom Johnston21 Mar 200064826.jpg 
DB0116[no caption]Dave Brown27 Nov 1998DB0116.jpg 
53725[no caption]Peter Brookes25 Mar 200053725.jpg 
DB0135[no caption]Dave Brown14 Jan 1999DB0135.jpg 
PC5311[no caption]Nicholas Garland08 Jan 1999PC5311.jpg 
PC1880New Labour ReformsNicholas Garland22 May 1997PC1880.jpg 
PC5583"- after a night on the town with Geoffrey..."Richard Willson29 Dec 1998PC5583.jpg 
59150[no caption]Charles Griffin07 Sep 200159150.jpg 
PC6042[no caption]Richard Willson06 Dec 1998PC6042.jpg 
WF0105[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]22 Mar 1998WF0105.jpg 
PC5726[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Mar 1999PC5726.jpg 
64987"It's all Tony Blair's fault, darling!" / "did somebody mention a six-pack?" / "Your dad was just demonstrating how we won the triple jump gold!"Tom Johnston26 Sep 200064987.jpg 
SC0125[no caption]Peter Schrank17 Sep 2000SC0125.jpg 
PC1627[no caption]Martin Rowson05 May 1997PC1627.jpg 
59797[no caption]Chris Riddell17 Dec 200159797.jpg 
PC2718[no caption]Chris Riddell26 Oct 1997PC2718.jpg 
NG5288"We will prove that life is possible in this completely sealed off world."Nicholas Garland28 Sep 1993NG5288.jpg 
WF0108[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]26 Oct 1997WF0108.jpg 
PC3768[no caption]Martin Rowson03 Jun 1998PC3768.jpg 
PC5347"...Though the sky be dark and the voyage be long, Yet we never can think we were rash
or wrong, Wile round in our sieve we spin..." (The Jumblies)
Nicholas Garland13 Jan 1999PC5347.jpg 
PC2781"The ghost of Norman Lamont."Bill McArthur21 Oct 1997PC2781.jpg 
NG4060[no caption]Nicholas Garland24 Nov 1989NG4060.jpg 
65159"Victoria ... are you sure it's okay for us to go on a holiday while your sister's boyfriend stands in for me as England captain?" / "Not yet, Robin!" / "Someone should have warned Mr Jackson about hanging around with Uri Geller!"Tom Johnston08 Mar 200165159.jpg 
SC0290'We are one moral universe' Gordon Brown 6/1/2005Peter Schrank09 Jan 2005SC0290.jpg 
PC5730[no caption]Bill McArthur10 Mar 1999PC5730.jpg 
66985New DealMac [Stan McMurtry]01 October 200366985.jpg 
PC2818"Opportunity Brown."Bill McArthur30 Sep 1997PC2818.jpg 
99595[Ed Miliband and Tony Blair fighting Gordon Brown and Ed Balls]Christian Adams23 Sep 201399595.jpg 
PC4002"This way. If you don't get a seat you can't blame me!"Tom Johnston27 Jul 1998PC4002.jpg 
PC0414[no caption]Richard Willson01 Oct 1996PC0414.jpg 
62573[no caption]Richard Willson16 Sep 200262573.jpg 
PC2001"...And you SHALL work!"Bill McArthur10 Jun 1997PC2001.jpg 
ADD0433Blair's Miracle BombsAndy Davey23 Apr 2003ADD0433.jpg 
74243[no caption]Unknown06 Sep 200374243.jpg 
99641The Borgias after John CollierDave Brown21 Sep 201399641.jpg 
62657[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Sep 200262657.jpg 
66918Frankly the quicker you hand over power the better TonyRobert Thompson21 September 200366918.jpg 
WF0140No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes][1996]WF0140.jpg 
PC5263Happy New Year, everyoneTom Johnston01 Jan 1999PC5263.jpg 
SBD0539[no caption]Steve Bell12 Aug 1998SBD0539.jpg 
66973'The PM was right - his weapon of mass destruction has turned up!'Kenneth Mahood30 Sep 200366973.jpg 
74277[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Jun 200374277.jpg 
67823[no caption]Dave Brown21 Oct 200367823.jpg 
59545[no caption]Chris Riddell26 Nov 200159545.jpg 
59629[no caption]Dave Brown19 Nov 200159629.jpg 
MRD0528A nation ... um ... reborn?Martin Rowson20 Sep 2014MRD0528.jpg 
61996[no caption]John Kent16 Jul 200261996.jpg 
60384Launch...Martin Rowson03 Jan 200260384.jpg 
CLD0054It's alive!Scott [Clissold; Scott]29 Sep 2013CLD0054.jpg 
WF0110The Avengers / Coming Soon !Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Aug 1998WF0110.jpg 
WF0169No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes][11 May 1997]WF0169.jpg 
74280[no caption]David Simonds07 Jul 200374280.jpg 
74303Stirring the puddingGerald Scarfe07 Dec 2003 
42029"You're right - and it's aimed directly at the centre ground!"Nicholas Garland16 May 199042029.jpg 
SBD0374[no caption]Steve Bell25 Jul 1997SBD0374.jpg 
SBD0365[no caption]Steve Bell03 Jul 1997SBD0365.jpg 
66974[no caption]Gary Smith30 Sep 200366974.jpg 
66977[no caption]Steve Bell30 Sep 200366977.jpg 
69668Group think...Martin Rowson12 July 200469668.jpg 
SBD0421[no caption]Steve Bell06 Jan 1998SBD0421.jpg 
74249Hunched in their bunker, Blair and his henchmen listen to the BBC...Michael Heath02 Aug 200374249.jpg 
DB0127[no caption]Dave Brown31 Dec 1998DB0127.jpg 
WF0190Another Oscar robberyTrog [Wally Fawkes]26 Mar 2000WF0190.jpg 
PC2717[no caption]Peter Brookes25 Oct 1997PC2717.jpg 
66982No captionMorten Morland30 Sep 200366982.jpg 
DB0164[no caption]Dave Brown09 Mar 1999DB0164.jpg 
SC0304No captionPeter Schrank15 May 2005SC0304.jpg 
66981It wasn't David Morrisey, it was only Gordon Brown.David Austin30 Sep 200366981.jpg 
SBD0108[no caption]Steve Bell12 Jun 1998SBD0108.jpg 
67888[no caption]David Simonds17 Nov 200367888.jpg 
SBD0077[no caption]Steve Bell27 Nov 1997SBD0077.jpg 
74298Rift? What rift?Gerald Scarfe09 Nov 2003 
79981Rogue's Gallery: Duck-billed PlatitudeDave Brown17 Oct 200979981.jpg 
SBD0379[no caption]Steve Bell08 Aug 1997SBD0379.jpg 
ABD0007Lacking gritAndy Bunday11 Jan 2010ABD0007.jpg 
ABD0014[no caption]Andy Bunday15 Nov 2009ABD0014.jpg 
67719Brown looks at 40% tax on house salesPaul Thomas20 Oct 200367719.jpg 
74304No captionGerald Scarfe14 Dec 2003  
79982[no caption]Christian Adams18 Oct 200979982.jpg 
ABD0011Washed up ...Andy Bunday07 May 2010ABD0011.jpg 
ABD0013The long ascent to victory.... The long descent to defeat....Andy Bunday07 Nov 2009ABD0013.jpg 
SBD0411[no caption]Steve Bell26 Nov 1997SBD0411.jpg 
SBD0278[no caption]Steve Bell01 Oct 1996SBD0278.jpg 
67859Know your enemySteve Bell07 Nov 200367859.jpg 
72598On and on and on and on...Martin Rowson14 Nov 200572598.jpg 
ABD0017Going with dignityAndy Bunday24 Sep 2009ABD0017.jpg 
SC0187[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Mar 2002SC0187.jpg 
95874No captionPaul Thomas02 Feb 201295874.jpg 
95538Rogue's Gallery: Three Studies for a PMDave Brown17 Apr 201095538.jpg 
67860[no caption]Satoshi Kambayashi08 Nov 200367860.jpg 
67868A"Sorry Gordon - I can't let you in without an ID card"Hector Breeze12 Nov 200367868A.jpg 
SC0195[no caption]Peter Schrank21 Apr 2002SC0195.jpg 
67822[no caption]David Simonds20 Oct 200367822.jpg 
98703Four P.M.s and a funeralGerald Scarfe14 Apr 2013 
MMD0003No captionMorten Morland27 Sep 2011MMD0003.jpg 
98681No captionPeter Brookes20 Apr 201398681.jpg 
ABD0009[no caption]Andy Bunday05 June 2009ABD0009.jpg 
MRD0020Wake...Martin Rowson22 Oct 2011MRD0020.jpg 
ABD0015Afghanistan statement ...Andy Bunday17 Nov 2009ABD0015.jpg 
SC0319No captionPeter Schrank12 Feb 2006SC0319.jpg 
SC0126Clueless FourPeter Schrank24 Sep 2000SC0126.jpg 
95245[no caption]Nicholas Newman25 Sep 201195245.jpg 
61135New video ... still alive?Peter Brookes17 Apr 200261135.jpg 
60432[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Feb 200260432.jpg 
101151No-Mark of the GlenDave Brown07 Jun 2014101151.jpg 
95413Clocks go backChristian Adams30 Oct 201195413.jpg 
76418Snap ...Christian Adams30 Sep 200776418.jpg 
74262The BlairsMichael Heath14 Jun 200374262.jpg 
SC0269[no caption]Peter Schrank03 Jun 2004SC0269.jpg 
SC0124[no caption]Peter Schrank10 Sep 2000SC0124.jpg 
SC0117[no caption]Peter Schrank28 May 2000SC0117.jpg 
PC1832[no caption]Richard Willson21 May 1997PC1832.jpg 
SC0147Global EconomyPeter Schrank25 Mar 2001SC0147.jpg 
SC0152[no caption]Peter Schrank13 May 2001SC0152.jpg 
96417No captionBob Moran23 Mar 201296417.jpg 
99646House Building Plan...Dave Brown25 Sep 201399646.jpg 
MRD0336Prehistoric MonstersMartin Rowson23 Sep 2013MRD0336.jpg 
86403Why can't he just wear a wrist band like everyone else!Tim Sanders12 Jun 200586403.jpg 
SC0322No captionPeter Schrank07 Mar 2006SC0322.jpg 
SC0296No captionPeter Schrank17 Apr 2005SC0296.jpg 
SC0323No captionPeter Schrank03 Apr 2006SC0323.jpg 
SC0303No captionPeter Schrank08 May 2005SC0303.jpg 
SBD0607[no caption]Steve Bell10 Mar 1999SBD0607.jpg 
96840No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]25 Jun 201296840.jpg 
SBD0392[no caption]Steve Bell30 Sep 1997SBD0392.jpg 
61990[no caption]Richard Willson16 Jul 200261990.jpg 
MRD0530Fantasy IslandMartin Rowson22 Sep 2014MRD0530.jpg 
PC0108[no caption]Richard Willson01 Jul 1996PC0108.jpg 
66418[no caption]Morten Morland29 Jul 200366418.jpg 
51601No captionDave Brown21 Jul 199951601.jpg 
66996No captionCharles Griffin02 October 200366996.jpg 
62070The cartoonist's dilemmaRichard Willson08 Jul 200262070.jpg 
61097[no caption]Richard Willson22 Apr 200261097.jpg 
61328[no caption]Peter Brookes29 May 200261328.jpg 
60398[no caption]Peter Brookes01 Jan 200260398.jpg 
61989[no caption]Peter Brookes16 Jul 200261989.jpg 
59582[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Nov 200159582.jpg 
PC2697[no caption]Peter Brookes25 Oct 1997PC2697.jpg 
PC3460"O oysters." said the carpenter. "You've had a pleasant run! Shall we be trotting home
again?" But answer came there none - And this was scarcely odd, because They'd eaten every
Nicholas Garland27 Mar 1998PC3460.jpg 
PC1672"We offer a complete break with the past ..."Peter Brookes07 May 1997PC1672.jpg 
59562[no caption]Peter Brookes24 Nov 200159562.jpg 
PC0833Fashion note: Supermodel GordonPeter Brookes21 Jan 1997PC0833.jpg 
100307[Deflating Salmond]Dave Brown30 Jan 2014100307.jpg 
PC3820[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Jun 1998PC3820.jpg 
100587Resurfacing...Dave Brown11 Mar 2014100587.jpg 
100247EdjucationChristian Adams04 Dec 2013100247.jpg 
101321Labour Party Conference 2014Bob Moran21 Sep 2014101321.jpg 
99569I'll be with you shortly ...Chris Riddell22 Sep 201399569.jpg 
SBD1299[Salmond Brown]Steve Bell11 Mar 2014SBD1299.jpg 
101604Raising the Saltire...A Flagging CampaignDave Brown10 Sep 2014101604.jpg 
SBD1291The McKraken WakesSteve Bell19 Feb 2014SBD1291.jpg 
101608The Great North Run...Morten Morland08 Sep 2014101608.jpg 
MRD0529[Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband]Martin Rowson22 Sep 2014MRD0529.jpg 
101880"Having been a catastrophically ruinous Labour leader, damaging the party beyond repair..."Christian Adams24 Nov 2014101880.jpg 
77315George Clooney at No10Paul Thomas10 Apr 200877315.jpg 
SBD1354[Gordon Brown Volcano]Steve Bell19 Sep 2014SBD1354.jpg 
102069Psycho's GreetingsDave Brown03 Dec 2014102069.jpg 
BJD0195Indy RefBen Jennings13 Sep 2014BJD0195.jpg 
102386Moral CompassBrighty [Steve Bright]23 Sep 2013102386.jpg 
DB0067[no caption]Dave Brown10 Jun 1997DB0067.jpg 
ADD0435[Blair Home Guard]Andy Davey29 Apr 2003ADD0435.jpg 
PC2022"What's going on? Last week it was "Call me Tony", now this."Charles Griffin03 Jun 1997PC2022.jpg 
NG5476"Killer cat at No. 10?" (News item)Nicholas Garland09 Jun 1994NG5476.jpg 
PC4056[no caption]Bill McArthur08 Jul 1998PC4056.jpg 
PC3997'Thank heavens so far the Press have only found out about Cherie's magic pendant.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Jul 1998PC3997.jpg 
PC4145[no caption]Martin Rowson20 Jul 1998PC4145.jpg 
SBD0130[no caption]Steve Bell05 Nov 1998SBD0130.jpg 
PC5339[no caption]Dave Brown12 Jan 1999PC5339.jpg 
SBD0552[no caption]Steve Bell29 Sep 1998SBD0552.jpg 
PC5262[no caption]Dave Brown31 Dec 1998PC5262.jpg 
PC1260"I don't mind doing live interviews but why do I have to be Blabbermouth Spice?"Charles Griffin15 Apr 1997PC1260.jpg 
PC4567Armed police join junt for 'puma' (News item)Nicholas Garland29 Sep 1998PC4567.jpg 
PC0890"I've got such a wonderful feel good factor, I decided to dress for dinner."Michael Cummings08 Feb 1997PC0890.jpg 
SBD0356[no caption]Steve Bell22 May 1997SBD0356.jpg 
PC1731"We propose a freedom of information act..."Peter Brookes09 May 1997PC1731.jpg 
SC0043[no caption]Peter Schrank14 Jun 1998SC0043.jpg 
DB0017'Conjurer Ken's Gravity Defying Budget'Dave Brown28 Nov 1996DB0017.jpg 
PC2882[no caption]Peter Brookes22 Nov 1997PC2882.jpg 
PC2237"I regret to inform the House that the Christie's auction of my formal suits raised only 4 (pounds) 73 (pence) for the Exchequer."Charles Griffin29 Jun 1997PC2237.jpg 
BRD0068The Descent of LabourBrighty [Steve Bright]17 Mar 2014BRD0068.jpg 
PC4142[no caption]Peter Brookes18 Jul 1998PC4142.jpg 
CLD0602The World According to Jeremy CorbynScott [Clissold; Scott]23 Aug 2015CLD0602.jpg 
PC1769"Full marks for the casual look, Gordon, but lacking in style I feel".Charles Griffin07 May 1997PC1769.jpg 
PC0077"Skeletons in the policy closet.Martin Rowson19 May 1996PC0077.jpg 
67857[no caption]Dave Brown06 Nov 200367857.jpg 
PC4816[no caption]Peter Brookes31 Oct 1998PC4816.jpg 
PC3103"Look Gordon, you'll just have to accept the fact that the glass slipper fitted my foot and not yours."Charles Griffin19 Jan 1998PC3103.jpg 
SBD0524[no caption]Steve Bell19 Jun 1998SBD0524.jpg 
PC3314"Ask not what you can do to the country, ask what the country can do to you!"Nicholas Garland03 Mar 1998PC3314.jpg 
PC4065"The Ratings Game."Bill McArthur15 Jul 1998PC4065.jpg 
PC5337[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Jan 1999PC5337.jpg 
PC5760[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Mar 1999PC5760.jpg 
63310Mr and Mrs Micawber living daily in the expectation that something will turn upRichard Willson02 Dec 200263310.jpg 
CLD0190Scottish Independence-Vote Going to the WireScott [Clissold; Scott]14 Sep 2014CLD0190.jpg 
PC4172"...and I thought I had problems with mad cow disease."Richard Willson28 Jul 1998PC4172.jpg 
64637[no caption]David Simonds28 Apr 200364637.jpg 
PC2236[no caption]Peter Schrank14 Jul 1997PC2236.jpg 
PC3989[no caption]Chris Riddell19 Jul 1998PC3989.jpg 
PC3003[no caption]Martin Rowson22 Dec 1997PC3003.jpg 
PC3016[no caption]Martin Rowson01 Jan 1998PC3016.jpg 
SBD0574[no caption]Steve Bell02 Dec 1998SBD0574.jpg 
62782[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 Oct 200262782.jpg 
PC3826[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Jun 1998PC3826.jpg 
65489[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200065489.jpg 
PC2957[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Dec 1997PC2957.jpg 
CLD0576Labour's New Leadership TeamScott [Clissold; Scott]13 Sep 2015CLD0576.jpg 
BAD0110Poisoned....Brian Adcock15 Jun 2015BAD0110.jpg 
WF0103Asteroid threatens life as we know itTrog [Wally Fawkes]15 Mar 1998WF0103.jpg 
DB0146[no caption]Dave Brown02 Feb 1999DB0146.jpg 
CLD0104"Costumes? What costumes?"Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Nov 2014CLD0104.jpg 
PC4851"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six... result
happiness.... ...annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and
six, result borrowing!"
Nicholas Garland03 Nov 1998PC4851.jpg 
PC5338"With a hey-nonny-nonny and a nuts to you!"Nicholas Garland12 Jan 1999PC5338.jpg 
64828"Isn't he taking the 'who dares' motto a bit too far?" / "Wow! Look, lads! Look!... Here comes Madonna!" / "At first it was just pies in the face or they'd pull away the chair as I sat down... but then the buckets of cold water started..." / "... Of course, none of my budget give-aways applies to anyone who votes Ken Livingstone or buys a BMW!"Tom Johnston22 Mar 200064828.jpg 
PC5428[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 1999PC5428.jpg 
SC0137[no caption]Peter Schrank05 Nov 2000SC0137.jpg 
PC3106"Makes you feel quite at home, doesn't it?"Peter Brookes20 Jan 1998PC3106.jpg 
PC1270[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Apr 1997PC1270.jpg 
SBD0139The Re-LaunchSteve Bell12 Jan 1999SBD0139.jpg 
102253'Historic Mistake'Bob Moran04 Feb 2015102253.jpg 
103366Tax Credit CutsDave Brown12 Nov 2015103366.jpg 
ADD0430[Brown statue]Andy Davey2003ADD0430.jpg 
SBD1535[Labour trains]Steve Bell26 Aug 2015SBD1535.jpg 
SC0109[no caption]Peter Schrank26 Mar 2000SC0109.jpg 
MRD0694"Woof woof woof"Martin Rowson18 Aug 2015MRD0694.jpg 
SC0048[no caption]Peter Schrank02 Aug 1998SC0048.jpg 
PC4164[no caption]Richard Willson25 Jul 1998PC4164.jpg 
103067The sleep of reason produces monstersMorten Morland18 Aug 2015  
PC1524Friend or foe: Robin Cook and John Prescott lead the sceptic charge against Tony Blair, who is shielded by Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson. In opposition, Labour has subdued its historic hostility to Europe.Richard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1524.jpg 
99058Safe in our hands ...Christian Adams23 Jun 201399058.jpg 
103013[Queen Elizabeth II and 12 Prime Ministers]Bob Moran06 Sep 2015103013.jpg 
PC1016Comet [from Greek kometes, long haired] 1. A star-like nucleus surrounded with a misty light and consisting of gaseous matter. 2. A portentPeter Brookes12 Mar 1997PC1016.jpg 
95387Some growth!!!Phil Disley 27 Feb 201095387.jpg 
MRD0695The unelected in pursuit of the "unelectable"Martin Rowson17 Aug 2015MRD0695.jpg 
BAD0124The Big Hitters....Brian Adcock19 Aug 2015BAD0124.jpg 
102937Irony AlertChristian Adams17 Aug 2015102937.jpg 
MMD0001Revenge is best served.... over many coursesMorten Morland05 Sep 2011MMD0001.jpg 
65017An overcomplicated management structure..Richard Willson22 Oct 200065017.jpg 
64642Looks like we'll have to pull it out ... but don't worry .. I'll be gentle ... oh so gentleMorten Morland28 Apr 200364642.jpg 
65857[no caption]Steve Bell05 Jun 200365857.jpg 
SC0238[no caption]Peter Schrank13 Jun 2003SC0238.jpg 
PC4185.. Gordzilla!Scott [Clissold; Scott]19 Jul 1998PC4185.jpg 
NG5580"It was horrible - I knew exactly what was happening - but I couldn't cry out."Nicholas GarlandAug 1994NG5580.jpg 
NG5473Piggies in the middleNicholas Garland03 Jun 1994NG5473.jpg 
PC4864AWhistling in the darkNicholas Garland04 Nov 1998PC4864A.jpg 
PC3776[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Jun 1998PC3776.jpg 
61098[no caption]Chris Riddell22 Apr 200261098.jpg 
60852[no caption]David Austin15 Mar 200260852.jpg 
61132[no caption]Nicholas Garland18 Apr 200261132.jpg 
61793[no caption]Peter Schrank07 Jun 200261793.jpg 
PC0639[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Nov 1996PC0639.jpg 
PC1070[no caption]Dave Brown25 Mar 1997PC1070.jpg 
PC2702[no caption]Richard Willson27 Oct 1997PC2702.jpg 
PC2893"We must all be long-termists now..." (The Chancellor yesterday)Nicholas Garland26 Nov 1997PC2893.jpg 
PC3104[no caption]Martin Rowson19 Jan 1998PC3104.jpg 
PC5701La BimbaJohn Kent06 Mar 1999PC5701.jpg 
PC4568[no caption]Chris Priestley29 Sep 1998PC4568.jpg 
PC3971[no caption]Chris Priestley15 Jul 1998PC3971.jpg 
SBD0565[no caption]Steve Bell04 Nov 1998SBD0565.jpg 
PC5604[no caption]Dave Gaskill22 Feb 1999PC5604.jpg 
58925[no caption]John Kent03 Aug 200158925.jpg 
60102One-club GordonTrog [Wally Fawkes]02 Dec 200160102.jpg 
62066[no caption]Nicola Jennings08 Jul 200262066.jpg 
61091[no caption]Chris Riddell22 Apr 200261091.jpg 
62114[no caption]Nicholas Garland03 Jul 200262114.jpg 
65383"No, Tony!" / "And I'm telling you that this alpine weather has nothing to do with the euro!" / "What next... knight fever?"Tom Johnston01 Jan 200265383.jpg 
65632[no caption]Chris Riddell11 May 200365632.jpg 
SBD0350[no caption]Steve Bell07 May 1997SBD0350.jpg 
PC0580[no caption]David Simonds09 Nov 1996PC0580.jpg 
PC2295"... But you'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle made for one!"Nicholas Garland24 Jul 1997PC2295.jpg 
PC2910[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Nov 1997PC2910.jpg 
PC3959'Anyone know where we can get some Viagra?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Jul 1998PC3959.jpg 
PC5301"The wrath of Peleus' son, the direful spring of all the Grecian woes, O Goddess sing!"Nicholas Garland06 Jan 1999PC5301.jpg 
52215[no caption]Martin Rowson28 Sep 199952215.jpg 
PC0830"Very impressive, Mrs. Horlick, when can you start work?"Charles Griffin20 Jan 1997PC0830.jpg 
PC3431[no caption]Chris Riddell22 Mar 1998PC3431.jpg 
SC0046[no caption]Peter Schrank19 Jul 1998SC0046.jpg 
96815No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]17 Jun 201296815.jpg 
SBD0115[no caption]Steve Bell04 Aug 1998SBD0115.jpg 
74263Brown and Blair What a Pair!Michael Heath14 Jun 200374263.jpg 
63552Eight Maids a MilkingRichard Willson02 Jan 200363552.jpg 
101166The Good, the Bad and the UglyChristian Adams26 Jun 2014101166.jpg 
61279You can't see their lips move - it's almost as if they psoke with one voice.Richard Willson03 Apr 200261279.jpg 
98352History will come to know that he was not as bad as he was paintedSteve Bell05 Feb 201398352.jpg 
SCD0136Ghosts of government pastPeter Schrank22 Sep 2013SCD0136.jpg 
SC0136[no caption]Peter Schrank03 Nov 2000SC0136.jpg 
CLD0041Downturn AbbeyScott [Clissold; Scott]22 Sep 2013CLD0041.jpg 
PC2739"I didn't want to be a member anyway."Richard Willson02 Nov 1997PC2739.jpg 
SBD0940No captionSteve Bell04 Oct 2011SBD0940.jpg 
101572NOChristian Adams10 Sep 2014101572.jpg 
56661[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Jan 200156661.jpg 
ADD0198No captionAndy Davey05 Jun 2012ADD0198.jpg 
59848[no caption]Peter Brookes22 Dec 200159848.jpg 
97319No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]30 Sep 201297319.jpg 
SBD1029No captionSteve Bell05 Jul 2012SBD1029.jpg 
PC0101[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Jul 1996PC0101.jpg 
60458[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 200260458.jpg 
61947[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Jul 200261947.jpg 
98362Exciting! I should say so ... Can't wait.Gerald Scarfe17 Feb 2013 
DB0108introducing ... MIke Port & Sterling!Dave Brown11 Nov 1998DB0108.jpg 
PC0959AA miracle of science: a perfect copiesPeter Brookes25 Feb 1997PC0959A.jpg 
SBD1263[Mandela selfie]Steve Bell11 Dec 2013SBD1263.jpg 
PC2679[no caption]Chris Priestley21 Oct 1997PC2679.jpg 
PC2751[no caption]Nicholas Garland04 Nov 1997PC2751.jpg 
PC4104[no caption]Richard Willson04 Aug 1998PC4104.jpg 
PC1640"It's terminal! She's been bored to death!"Michael Cummings03 May 1997PC1640.jpg 
103161Mount Losemore...Peter Brookes14 Sep 2015103161.jpg 
SBD0270[no caption]Steve Bell06 Sep 1996SBD0270.jpg 
PC4007"Brtisih non-entry into Eurovision Contest"Bill McArthur05 May 1998PC4007.jpg 
SBD0109[no caption]Steve Bell18 Jun 1998SBD0109.jpg 
GBD0114Ideology Versus PragmatismGary Barker17 Aug 2015GBD0114.jpg 
59337[no caption]Charles Griffin19 Oct 200159337.jpg 
WF0182Two NationsTrog [Wally Fawkes][19 September 1999]WF0182.jpg 
PC3451[no caption]Martyn Turner22 Mar 1998PC3451.jpg 
PC0089[no caption]Peter Schrank19 May 1996PC0089.jpg 
PC1599[no caption]Charles Griffin01 May 1997PC1599.jpg 
PC4271The Avengers / Coming Soon !Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Aug 1998PC4271.jpg 
PC2698"It's a tasy prospect, but right now I wouldn't advise touching it ..."Peter Brookes28 Oct 1997PC2698.jpg 
PC5742[no caption]Dave Gaskill11 Mar 1999PC5742.jpg 
PC4871"Gordon's new revised Big Idea."Bill McArthur04 Nov 1998PC4871.jpg 
PC5332[no caption]Martin Rowson11 Jan 1999PC5332.jpg 
65475Backbench driverRichard Willson25 May 200365475.jpg 
PC1304"I can't wait to see what gimmick Major's going to come up with."Charles Griffin16 Apr 1997PC1304.jpg 
64280[no caption]Patrick Blower19 Mar 200364280.jpg 
PC1843[no caption]Peter Schrank18 May 1995PC1843.jpg 
PC2755Passive smokingNicholas Garland06 Nov 1997PC2755.jpg 
PC3877"Your tiny handout is frozen..."Peter Brookes01 Jul 1998PC3877.jpg 
PC0094[no caption]Richard Willson16 May 1996PC0094.jpg 
63075Walking out with DinosaursPeter Brookes23 Nov 200263075.jpg 
PC5209[no caption]Dave Gaskill20 Nov 1998PC5209.jpg 
PC5357"Frank. Try not to keep using the term 'bed service' - Robin has to keep nipping out for a cold shower."Mac [Stan McMurtry]12 Jan 1999PC5357.jpg 
PC0834"He rose from the table, and advancing to the master, basin and spoon in hand, said:
somewhat alarmed at his own temerity: 'Please, sir, I DON'T want any more' The master was a
fat healthy man; but he turned very pale. He gazed in stupefied astonishment on the small
rebel for some seconds, and then clung for support to the copper, the assistants were
paralysed with wonder..." (with apologies to Dickens)
Nicholas Garland21 Jan 1997PC0834.jpg 
103933[Special Souvenir Supplement]Dave Brown26 Mar 2016103933.jpg 
SBD0079[no caption]Steve Bell09 Dec 1997SBD0079.jpg 
65519What's on the cards for 2001?Peter Brookes30 Dec 200065519.jpg 
SBD0592[no caption]Steve Bell29 Jan 1999SBD0592.jpg 
SBD0581[no caption]Steve Bell07 Jan 1999SBD0581.jpg 
65353"Oh my God! ... I must rush and apologise to Her Majesty for this Full Monty spectacle!... / "I see you now want to be the nation's best friend!" /"Trouble is, nobody has been brave enough to come in and ask for them!"Tom Johnston28 Nov 200165353.jpg 
65358"That's the first time I've seen you smile for days!" / "It's a ruddy pegasus spotter!" / "It wasn't as horrible as Robin Cook!"Tom Johnston03 Dec 200165358.jpg 
PC2940[no caption]Martin Rowson08 Dec 1997PC2940.jpg 
PC3200[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Feb 1998PC3200.jpg 
PC4607[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Oct 1998PC4607.jpg 
63052[no caption]Steve Bell26 Nov 200263052.jpg 
65462[no caption]David Simonds24 Feb 200365462.jpg 
63871"Ken, it's all yours...!!"Patrick Blower05 Feb 200363871.jpg 
PC4534Classic film posters fetch record prices (news item)Nicholas Garland24 Sep 1998PC4534.jpg 
NG5461[no caption]Nicholas Garland26 May 1994NG5461.jpg 
PC4134[no caption]Dave Brown05 Jul 1998PC4134.jpg 
PC4178[no caption]Richard Willson30 Jul 1998PC4178.jpg 
PC4999Playing not so hard to getRichard Willson22 Nov 1998PC4999.jpg 
SC0118[no caption]Peter Schrank18 Jun 2000SC0118.jpg 
PC2550"For one moment, when I saw 'PM' there, I thought it was Peter Mandelson's chair."Charles Griffin29 Sep 1997PC2550.jpg 
64207[no caption]Paul Thomas11 Mar 200364207.jpg 
DB0012[no caption]Dave Brown21 Nov 1996DB0012.jpg 
PC0622"They get some sort of sick pleasure from it - it should be banned."Nicholas Garland22 Nov 1996PC0622.jpg 
PC1073"Right, lads, this is how we get out of it ..."Peter Brookes25 Mar 1997PC1073.jpg 
PC1884[no caption]Steven Camley11 May 1997PC1884.jpg 
SBD0400[no caption]Steve Bell21 Oct 1997SBD0400.jpg 
PC2696[no caption]Martin Rowson27 Oct 1997PC2696.jpg 
PC3007[no caption]Martin Rowson24 Dec 1997PC3007.jpg 
PC3401[no caption]Nicholas Garland18 Mar 1998PC3401.jpg 
PC4852"For heaven's sake, Peter. Stop Worrying. I'm not thinking of taxing that sort of thing."Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Nov 1998PC4852.jpg 
PC4765"And the heat went on and on, and sucked up all the moisture, till at last the main channel ... was the only stream that carried a trickle of water between its dead banks..." from How fear came - The Second Jungle Book.Nicholas Garland22 Oct 1998PC4765.jpg 
PC5288[no caption]Martin Rowson04 Jan 1999PC5288.jpg 
PC5587[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Feb 1999PC5587.jpg 
64956"Not true!... at least once it was divine!" / "There'll be no photos of Euan taken for an identity card!"Tom Johnston04 Aug 200064956.jpg 
PC0188[no caption]Richard Willson22 Jul 1996PC0188.jpg 
NG5595Rise in violent crimeNicholas Garland28 Sep 1994NG5595.jpg 
PC1790Labour is relaxing its dress code.Peter Brookes13 May 1997PC1790.jpg 
PC3006[no caption]Martin Rowson23 Dec 1997PC3006.jpg 
PC3858[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Jun 1998PC3858.jpg 
PC4168[np caption]Martin Rowson27 Jul 1998PC4168.jpg 
PC4165[no caption]Chris Riddell26 Jul 1998PC4165.jpg 
PC5773[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Mar 1999PC5773.jpg 
PC5766[no caption]Peter Schrank14 Mar 1999PC5766.jpg 
PC4821[no caption]Chris Riddell01 Nov 1998PC4821.jpg 
PC5492Party thrown off plane...Peter Brookes03 Feb 1999PC5492.jpg 
PC1944New Labour sketchbookMichael Heath10 May 1997PC1944.jpg 
SBD0416[no caption]Steve Bell10 Dec 1997SBD0416.jpg 
PC5309[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Jan 1999PC5309.jpg 
PC5812JellyblairiesNicholas Garland19 Mar 1999PC5812.jpg 
WF0145[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]03 Jan 1999WF0145.jpg 
PC0831[no caption]Dave Brown21 Jan 1997PC0831.jpg 
DB0134[no caption]Dave Brown13 Jan 1999DB0134.jpg 
NG5678Astronomers produce evidence of the biggest black hole ever found. (News Item)Nicholas Garland13 Jan 1995NG5678.jpg 
65360"It's a new game show ... the patient who can survive 6 months on a hospital trolley gets to go Bupa !" / "You're not the real Santa! ... You're Hagrid from Harry Potter!"Tom Johnston05 Dec 200165360.jpg 
SC0040[no caption]Peter Schrank26 Apr 1998SC0040.jpg 
65517[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200165517.jpg 
66306[no caption]Martin Rowson19 Jul 200366306.jpg 
NG5094[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5094.jpg 
PC0416[no caption]Martin Rowson30 Sep 1996PC0416.jpg 
65259"Forget about Jeffrey and his fantasy world ... let's concentrate on privatising the tube trains to make them safer!" / "Hard luck, mate... it's a different Big G!" / "Take me to Ken Clarke!"Tom Johnston24 Jul 200165259.jpg 
62951[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Oct 200262951.jpg 
65388"Funny thing is, I only need new heart valves because of my diet of pork scratchings!" / "And if Tony fails we'll send in the scousers!" / "There'll be a slight delay in the cutting of the ribbon!" / "I too thought the euro would be here to catch me!"Tom Johnston04 Jan 200265388.jpg 
NG4896[no caption]Nicholas Garland[1991]NG4896.jpg 
65526[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200365526.jpg 
PC1615[no caption]Peter Brookes06 May 1997PC1615.jpg 
PC2677[no caption]Martin Rowson20 Oct 1997PC2677.jpg 
SBD0448[no caption]Steve Bell27 Mar 1998SBD0448.jpg 
66234No 78: Eager, m'darlings, to eavesdrop on the unfolding history of Tony's Last Days (watch this space),Martin Rowson12 Jul 200366234.jpg 
104327[In Europe Tug of War]Morten Morland15 Jun 2016104327.jpg 
CLD0870Corbyn Re-ElectedScott [Clissold; Scott]25 Sep 2016CLD0870.jpg 
10544"But, Harold, the Paris fashions aren't a bit revealing-they give nothing away."Michael Cummings25 Jan 196710544.jpg 
NG5718Hamlet opens to mixed reviewsNicholas Garland02 Mar 1995NG5718.jpg 
CLD0981"EEEK!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]18 Jun 2017CLD0981.jpg 
BAD0310Gordon's Alive...!Brian Adcock19 Mar 2017BAD0310jpg 
105198[Rugby tackling Theresa May]Bob Moran19 Mar 2017105198.jpg 
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