Person NameCamilla (1947-); Duchess of Cornwall
Other forms of nameParker Bowles, Camilla
TitleDuchess of Cornwall
58709[no caption]Charles Griffin27 Aug 200158709.jpg 
PC2924"Good idea, Charles. No one's going to protest about this ... except Spencer."Charles Griffin01 Dec 1997PC2924.jpg 
63574[no caption]Mark Reeve05 Jan 200363574.jpg 
41318"You're a bit late but there's a space over there."Charles Griffin14 Jan 199341318.jpg 
58860"About our marriage, Camilla.."Patrick Blower10 Jul 200158860.jpg 
65834[no caption]Paul Thomas03 Jun 200365834.jpg 
60927'Personally I think eet has lost something since his girlfriend rang through with her suggestions.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Mar 200260927.jpg 
61138[no caption]Dave Gaskill17 Apr 200261138.jpg 
41319"Dear Camilla, I was going to ring you, but you can't trust the phones any more these days!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]18 Jan 199341319.jpg 
PC0320[no caption]Gary Smith02 Sep 1996PC0320.jpg 
PC2690"I hope you don't mind, but his father wanted to pick the right moment to introduce me to him."Charles Griffin17 Oct 1997PC2690.jpg 
PC0468Michael Heath's Britain:- Christie's Auction House - the site of the Camilla Parker-Bowles saleMichael Heath17 Oct 1996PC0468.jpg 
PC4787[no caption]Dave Gaskill26 Oct 1998PC4787.jpg 
PC5465[no caption]Dave Gaskill29 Jan 1999PC5465.jpg 
PC4785"A real man would swim over and get a paper for me, but oh no, not you. You're not interested in poor Camilla and those death threats. It's self, self, self. Typical!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]26 Oct 1998PC4785.jpg 
62176[no caption]Paul Thomas28 Aug 200262176.jpg 
PC2279Can he have his cake and eat it?Gerald Scarfe20 Jul 1997 
61472[no caption]Paul Thomas13 May 200261472.jpg 
58797[no caption]Paul Thomas17 Aug 200158797.jpg 
NG5128[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5128.jpg 
60803[Camilla}Christian Adams21 Mar 200260803.jpg 
PC0879"Three or four days in this tunnel and they'll be saying, who's Swampy - we want Chas and Camilla."Charles Griffin03 Feb 1997PC0879.jpg 
58798'Hoslins. Retrieve one's hat from Mrs. Parker Bowels and escort her from the premises, will you?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Aug 200158798.jpg 
65539[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 May 200365539.jpg 
64899"Expensive? ... They have to pay through the nose!" / "Run! Unless you want to meet Camilla officially!" / "What did you bring back from Dunkirk this time, love?" / "Not that casual, John!"Tom Johnston06 Jun 200064899.jpg 
PC2142"Never mind about them, Charles - run for it!"Charles Griffin17 Jun 1997PC2142.jpg 
PTD0206"I'm Sing-ing in the reign..."Paul Thomas25 Sep 2013PTD0206.jpg 
PC3220"It's Tuesday! Your nights are Monday, Wednesday and Friday."Charles Griffin04 Oct 1994PC3220.jpg 
PC1904"Is there anything you would like to say, Your Royal Highness, to reassure our readers that you would in fact be fit to be head of the Church of England?"Charles Griffin16 May 1997PC1904.jpg 
ADD0115No captionAndy Davey08 Feb 2012ADD0115.jpg 
64841"Yes! She is in great shape for her age... now, run!" / "It's crashing!" / "Nonsense! ... he hasn't been elected to the Austrian parliament!"Tom Johnston06 Apr 200064841.jpg 
94754[no caption]Paul Thomas29 Jul 201194754.jpg 
65299"I'm telling you, Camilla ... I'm sure I just heard Edward's voice!" / "some rather bad news, sir...!" / "What idiot put Archer in charge of gymnastics?"Tom Johnston28 Sep 200165299.jpg 
SBD1620"Life chances? One's arse!! For you lot - more with less! For one's friends and femleh..."Steve Bell19 May 2016SBD1620.jpg 
PC4815"I know we're avoiding the press Camilla, but now I'm worried about bumping into Ron Davies!"Tom Johnston30 Oct 1998PC4815.jpg 
PC4786"Camilla! You're not the most loathed woman in Britain ... it's now Penny Junor!"Tom Johnston26 Oct 1998PC4786.jpg 
CLD0740"Alright, you lot - party's over!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]24 Apr 2016CLD0740.jpg 
PTD0160"You've got two balloons so we aren't accused of bias..."Paul Thomas15 Sep 2014PTD0160.jpg 
WF0141No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes][20 Jul 1997]WF0141.jpg 
67727'Honestly, dear. I have no idea where your father is.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]22 Oct 200367727.jpg 
MRD0118No captionMartin Rowson09 Jun 2012MRD0118.jpg 
98124Charles + Camilla take the TubePaul Thomas31 Jan 201398124.jpg 
ADD0395Abdicate! Abdicate! Abdicate!Andy Davey04 Jul 2013ADD0395.jpg 
96560Cornish pasty tax climbdownPaul Thomas30 May 201296560.jpg 
97501Don't get your hopes up - I doubt Bond fancies another royal parachute jump ..Paul Thomas24 Oct 201297501.jpg 
MRD0119No captionMartin Rowson09 Jun 2012MRD0119.jpg 
96851No captionPaul Thomas28 Jun 201296851.jpg 
SBD0058[no caption]Steve Bell29 Jul 1997SBD0058.jpg 
ADD0357Farewell Queen BeatrixAndy Davey01 May 2013ADD0357.jpg 
98570"I'm not sure buying everyone a Cornish pasty is what they mean Charles!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]07 Apr 201398570.jpg 
PTD0006Any news on the baby and we'll all be in here, Garwood ...Paul Thomas16 Jul 2013PTD0006.jpg 
ADD0373Royal Tour of France, Ma'am - not Tour de FranceAndy Davey29 May 2013ADD0373.jpg 
99044Charles and Camilla visit Dr. Who set ...Paul Thomas04 Jul 201399044.jpg 
99231'It's so exciting. There's going to be photographic sessions, foreign dignitaries for the baby to meet, concerts, Morris dancers ...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]23 Jul 201399231.jpg 
PTD0032"We couldn't afford to heat the water in the font..."Paul Thomas24 Oct 2013PTD0032.jpg 
PTD0048"I give up - what was your birthday present to yourself?"Paul Thomas15 Nov 2013PTD0048.jpg 
64700[no caption]Dave Brown08 Aug 199964700.jpg 
64900"No, sorry lad.... we don't want to meet Camilla" / "What is it this time, Carla?" / "Hello! Greek Ambassador? You can't have the Elgin Marbles back, but your're welcome to another ancient Greek relic!" / "No!... you tell her they're just as good as Calvin Kleins!"Tom Johnston07 Jun 200064900.jpg 
PTD0201"The parachute? I'm hoping I might be jumping out of a plane again..."Paul Thomas24 Jul 2014PTD0201.jpg 
PC3965' I didn't tell Camilla you were coming, Wills, I wanted it to be a suprise'Michael Heath12 Jul 1998PC3965.jpg 
CLD0234"Say cheese, everyone!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]21 Dec 2014CLD0234.jpg 
65374"What do you mean Joan Collins has already got one?!" / "Sorry! .. we couldn't get the Harry Potter castle!" / "Get back! ... Get back!"Tom Johnston21 Dec 200165374.jpg 
99017'I can't watch - I find them too scary'Jonathan Pugh04 Jul 201399017.jpg 
97102'Oi! I hope you royals aren't going to make a habit of this. I've just washed that bit!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]04 Sep 201297102.jpg 
63449[no caption]Paul Thomas16 Dec 200263449.jpg 
66473"I must say, I worry for Camilla - it's a lot of dusting."Marf [Martha Richler]06 Aug 200366473.jpg 
PC5466"It's just that I thought perhaps a simple party dress for this first occasion!"Tom Johnston29 Jan 1999PC5466.jpg 
SBD0378[no caption]Steve Bell06 Aug 1997SBD0378.jpg 
MRD0485Ye ConstitutionMartin Rowson30 Jun 2014MRD0485.jpg 
PTD0214"Think how popular you would be if you said you'd lead us out of the EU..."Paul Thomas28 Jan 2014PTD0214.jpg 
PC4663"I always thought that Charles visited Mrs Parker-Bowles at night to avoid reporters."Charles Griffin09 Oct 1998PC4663.jpg 
65016"He loves me not... he loves me not... he loves me not...!" / "Their mission is to get past Camilla!" / "Please!... No!... I don't think I could take the pain and anguish a second time!"Tom Johnston23 Oct 200065016.jpg 
PC3541"You're a sport, Camilla. After yesterday's tea with the Spice Girls, I didn't want things to go flat."Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Apr 1998PC3541.jpg 
PC4845[no caption]Paul Thomas02 Nov 1998PC4845.jpg 
PC5519"For the last time, Camilla....Mummy's not going to take away your royal appointment with me!"Tom Johnston08 Feb 1999PC5519.jpg 
65504From Becks to Blair ... Michael Heath's view of Christmas 2000Michael Heath24 Dec 200065504.jpg 
SBD1055[Naked royalty]Steve Bell19 Sep 2012SBD1055.jpg 
64713[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 Sep 199964713.jpg 
58800[no caption]Nicola Jennings17 Aug 200158800.jpg 
PC5478[no caption]Peter Brookes30 Jan 1999PC5478.jpg 
65018"What was it like to have had an ugly scan on your back for 13 years?" / "The new face of anti-wrinkle cream?" / "We're here on an inquiry into the death of Basil Brush!"Tom Johnston20 Oct 200065018.jpg 
PC5457[no caption]Dave Gaskill28 Jan 1999PC5457.jpg 
64898"We've issued everyone with a "stealth" laptop!" / "It's saved Jack Straw embarrassment.... it's hardly worth us thugs going now" / "I expect the corgis will come around eventually!"Tom Johnston05 Jun 200064898.jpg 
CLD0861"Come on! Put one's back into it!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 Nov 2016CLD0861.jpg 
104527"I must get you some more of that new perfume, Camilla. Those aggresive Asian hornets haven't touched my bees"Mac [Stan McMurtry]22 Sep 2016104527.jpg 
105728"Ah, Hodgetts. Call the TV people. All of a sudden at the weekend we lost reception."Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Aug 2017105728.jpg 
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