Person NameHewitt; James
66274"I say George, why don't you nip down the pub while I look after your wife"Charles Griffin16 Jul 200366274.jpg 
66285'Mind how yu go, Mr Hewitt, sir. There's been a sharp increase in violent crime.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Jul 200366285.jpg 
PC5161"I'll be the only one to make huge profits out of letters!"Tom Johnston10 Dec 1998PC5161.jpg 
PC0464"Look, darling, act up a bit or nobody will believe you're a princess."Charles Griffin09 Oct 1996PC0464.jpg 
PC5789"Oh, No ... I've stepped in some Hewitt!"Tom Johnston17 Mar 1999PC5789.jpg 
PC0448Exclusive! That secret video romp in full ...Peter Brookes09 Oct 1996PC0448.jpg 
PC3220"It's Tuesday! Your nights are Monday, Wednesday and Friday."Charles Griffin04 Oct 1994PC3220.jpg 
PC3495HewrattTom Johnston02 Apr 1998PC3495.jpg 
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