Person NameGummer; John Selwyn
ForenamesJohn Selwyn
43883[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]19 Feb 198443883.jpg 
NG4311[no caption]Nicholas GarlandNov 1991NG4311.jpg 
40687"Tell me, Gummer, why do you feel so threatened by women?"Trog [Wally Fawkes]24 Feb 198740687.jpg 
DS0055[no caption]David Smith30 Jul 1989DS0055.jpg 
36892[no caption]Richard Cole10 Oct 198336892.jpg 
55607[no caption]Paul Thomas27 Oct 200055607.jpg 
44882[Fish frog Gummer]Steve Bell31 Mar 199344882.jpg 
65011In a nasty spotGerald Scarfe29 Oct 2000 
55599[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Oct 200055599.jpg 
PC0182[no caption]Steve Bell18 Jul 1996PC0182.jpg 
PC0247[no caption]Steve Bell08 Aug 1996PC0247.jpg 
WF0939[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]19 Feb 1984WF0939.jpg 
NG4173"I am absolutely confident there is no risk."Nicholas Garland17 May 1990NG4173.jpg 
WF0197[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Oct 2000WF0197.jpg 
SBD0021[no caption]Steve Bell05 Dec 1996SBD0021.jpg 
67572No captionSteve Bell23 Mar 199267572.jpg 
67586No captionSteve Bell24 Mar 199267586.jpg 
SBD0136[no caption]Steve Bell09 Dec 1998SBD0136.jpg 
SBD0254[no caption]Steve Bell23 Apr 1996SBD0254.jpg 
67614[no caption]Steve Bell25 Mar 199267614.jpg 
42245"They want to join the party, Mr. Gummer!"Stanley Franklin04 Apr 198542245.jpg 
NG4647[no caption]Nicholas Garland10 Mar 1966 - 31 Dec 1993NG4647.jpg 
PC0543[no caption]Peter Brookes31 Oct 1996PC0543.jpg 
NG5413PRINCE OF WALES DEMONSTRATES KISS OF LIFE ON A DUMMY ( News Item)Nicholas Garland1994NG5413.jpg 
PC1283[no caption]Gary Smith06 Apr 1997PC1283.jpg 
NG4176Mum's ArmyNicholas Garland23 May 1990NG4176.jpg 
PC1523Hastings into battle led by John Redwood, with Michael Portillo following close behind, the Tory Eurosceptics deliver a mortal blow to John Major, who is flanked by Michael Heseltine and Kenneth ClarkeRichard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1523.jpg 
NG5056[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Oct 1992NG5056.jpg 
PC0017The Ten Tories Expedition, Dartmoor.Peter Brookes21 May 1996PC0017.jpg 
PC0482[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Oct 1996PC0482.jpg 
NG5642[no caption]Nicholas GarlandDec 1994NG5642.jpg 
NG5490[no caption]Nicholas Garland1994NG5490.jpg 
NG5351[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 May 1993NG5351.jpg 
18766[no caption]Gerald Scarfe11 Oct 1970 
PC0648"Thank you Andre. Do you have anything that doesn't have sardines in it?"Charles Griffin26 Nov 1996PC0648.jpg 
NG5095[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5095.jpg 
PC1417GridlockPeter Brookes22 Apr 1997PC1417.jpg 
NG5094[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5094.jpg 
NG4896[no caption]Nicholas Garland[1991]NG4896.jpg 
PC0650[no caption]Richard Willson27 Nov 1996PC0650.jpg 
NG5440[no caption]Nicholas Garland1994NG5440.jpg 
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