Person NameBottomley; Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell (1948-)
ForenamesVirginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell
IPT0015Virginia BottomleyGlan Williams23 Nov 1984IPT0015.jpg 
PC1264[no caption]Nicola Jennings15 Apr 1997PC1264.jpg 
DB0019[no caption]Dave Brown11 Dec 1996DB0019.jpg 
PC0592"We'll show those Europrats. We're working a 168-hour week here. Right chaps?"Charles Griffin13 Nov 1996PC0592.jpg 
NG3657[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 Jun 1988NG3657.jpg 
NG5707[no caption]Nicholas GarlandFeb 1995NG5707.jpg 
PC0543[no caption]Peter Brookes31 Oct 1996PC0543.jpg 
NG5413PRINCE OF WALES DEMONSTRATES KISS OF LIFE ON A DUMMY ( News Item)Nicholas Garland1994NG5413.jpg 
NG5441[no caption]Nicholas GarlandMar 1994NG5441.jpg 
NG5632"The tables prompt us all to ask questions - how has a particular school or college performed in 1994 compared to previous years?" (Gillian Shepherd)Nicholas Garland22 Nov 1994NG5632.jpg 
PC1048[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Mar 1997PC1048.jpg 
PC0703Too much violence on television ...Peter Brookes11 Dec 1996PC0703.jpg 
PC0017The Ten Tories Expedition, Dartmoor.Peter Brookes21 May 1996PC0017.jpg 
NG5642[no caption]Nicholas GarlandDec 1994NG5642.jpg 
NG5490[no caption]Nicholas Garland1994NG5490.jpg 
NG5191AForty years onNicholas Garland17 Feb 1993NG5191A.jpg 
NG5349[no caption]Nicholas Garland1993NG5349.jpg 
NG5095[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5095.jpg 
PC1417GridlockPeter Brookes22 Apr 1997PC1417.jpg 
NG5568"Run for it!"Nicholas Garland05 Apr 1994NG5568.jpg 
NG5094[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5094.jpg 
NG5492[no caption]Nicholas Garland08 Jun 1994NG5492.jpg 
PC1268Fish stocks in Danger of being wiped outNicholas Garland15 Apr 1997PC1268.jpg 
PC2136"Education is now the top priority!"Colin Whittock03 May 1997PC2136.jpg 
NG5440[no caption]Nicholas Garland1994NG5440.jpg 
NG5721"There was things he stretched, but mainly he told the truth." (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)Nicholas Garland07 Mar 1995NG5721.jpg 
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