Person NameHague; William (1961-)
65180Race issueGerald Scarfe22 Apr 2001 
64731[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]07 Nov 199964731.jpg 
DB0395[no caption]Dave Brown06 Oct 1999DB0395.jpg 
64915William attempts to walk on waterGerald Scarfe25 Jun 2000 
64706Hague's Proposed New ImageGerald Scarfe15 Aug 1999 
65140Taking the bull by the hornsRichard Willson25 Mar 200165140.jpg 
64696[no caption]Gerald Scarfe25 Jul 1999 
64837Fine traditions of BritainGerald Scarfe02 Apr 2000 
65218Next week's cartoonGerald Scarfe03 Jun 2001 
65511The suitorsGerald Scarfe13 May 2001 
64903HooliganGerald Scarfe11 Jun 2000 
65528[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]10 Jun 200165528.jpg 
64666[no caption]Gerald Scarfe09 May 1999 
65200The ramblers are back littering up the countrysideGerald Scarfe06 May 2001 
65206The VoterGerald Scarfe13 May 2001 
DB0389[no caption]Dave Brown15 Jun 1999DB0389.jpg 
64770A"It won't happen to me... my popularity rating can't go down any further!"Tom Johnston19 Jan 200064770A.jpg 
65069[no caption]Gerald Scarfe24 Dec 2000 
PC2657[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Oct 1997PC2657.jpg 
65192Mr. William Hague presents his entertaining melodrama 'Save The Pound' while Mr Anthony Blair will frighten the ladies and horses with his wicked euro.Gerald Scarfe27 May 2001 
65185Alone in a 'foreign land'Gerald Scarfe29 Apr 2001 
SC0075[no caption]Peter Schrank25 Jul 1999SC0075.jpg 
65106PardnersGerald Scarfe14 Jan 2001 
65212Leading with the rightGerald Scarfe20 May 2001 
59421[no caption]Steve Bell10 Oct 200159421.jpg 
PC2593[no caption]Chris Priestley07 Oct 1997PC2593.jpg 
65035Pot calls kettle blackGerald Scarfe01 Oct 2000 
64870"Maybe it was full of asylum seekers!" / "Tell me again why we dashed from our lovely home, sat fuming in a traffic jam for hours then rushed around hotels to pay over the top for the last grubby room in town?"Tom Johnston01 May 200064870.jpg 
65075Stirring the puddingGerald Scarfe17 Dec 2000 
65073"Then there was his 'rivers of beer' speech!" / "I've no idea, Joseph... he just jumped on our bandwagon!" / "First their trains can't stay on the tracks then the employees go off the rails!"Tom Johnston19 Dec 200065073.jpg 
PC1126[no caption]Nicola Jennings04 Apr 1997PC1126.jpg 
PC1726"But I didn't think an ex-home secretary had the powers to do this!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]08 May 1997PC1726.jpg 
SBD0743[no caption]Steve Bell24 Dec 1999SBD0743.jpg 
54618[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]25 Jun 200054618.jpg 
59084[no caption]Steve Bell14 Sep 200159084.jpg 
WF0023Poll YmpicsTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Sep 2000WF0023.jpg 
PC2036[no caption]Peter Schrank15 Jun 1997PC2036.jpg 
PC2341[no caption]Dave Brown12 Aug 1997PC2341.jpg 
SC0028[no caption]Peter Schrank06 Oct 1997SC0028.jpg 
PC3268Tory face-liftNicholas Garland18 Feb 1998PC3268.jpg 
DB0403Watch with AuntieDave Brown03 Jun 1999DB0403.jpg 
SC0068[no caption]Peter Schrank02 May 1999SC0068.jpg 
PC5152"Irrelevsnt v IntransigentBill McArthur15 Dec 1998PC5152.jpg 
PC4518Fan clubGerald Scarfe20 Sep 1998 
PC5221[no caption]John Minnion06 Dec 1998PC5221.jpg 
PC3791[no caption]Paul Thomas21 May 1998PC3791.jpg 
WF0082[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]10 Jun 2001WF0082.jpg 
PC3305[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]23 Nov 1997PC3305.jpg 
PC6095[no caption]Dave Gaskill28 Apr 1999PC6095.jpg 
WF0075[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]07 Nov 1999WF0075.jpg 
PC2994"Relax, Ffion. Those strippagram girls won't get in here..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]19 Dec 1997PC2994.jpg 
PC4667[no caption]Charles Griffin06 Oct 1998PC4667.jpg 
WF0081[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]10 Jun 2001WF0081.jpg 
PC1851[no caption]Chris Riddell18 May 1997PC1851.jpg 
60055[no caption]Nicola Jennings30 Dec 199960055.jpg 
PC5480[no caption]Chris Riddell31 Jan 1999PC5480.jpg 
PC1861[no caption]Nicholas Newman25 May 1997PC1861.jpg 
PC4729[no caption]Chit11 Oct 1998PC4729.jpg 
PC1799[no caption]Bill Caldwell14 May 1997PC1799.jpg 
54041[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]30 Apr 200054041.jpg 
PC6019[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Apr 1999PC6019.jpg 
SC0023[no caption]Peter Schrank03 Aug 1997SC0023.jpg 
58334[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]03 Jun 200158334.jpg 
PC2784"A mountain to climb."Bill McArthur16 Oct 1997PC2784.jpg 
PC2517[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 Sep 1997PC2517.jpg 
WF0079[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]28 Nov 1999WF0079.jpg 
PC1943[no caption]Peter Brookes10 May 1997PC1943.jpg 
64961"Oh look honey... a traditional British lynch-mob!" / "One gets a better class of yob around here!" / "Here he comes.... '14 pints!"Tom Johnston10 Aug 200064961.jpg 
PC2565[no caption]Martin Rowson27 Jun 1997PC2565.jpg 
PC2344"I think you would have had a better response if you had sent the invitations in brown envelopes."Bernard Cookson28 Jul 1997PC2344.jpg 
PC2505Brave HeartGerald Scarfe14 Sep 1997 
PC2553The boy stood on the burning deck...Charles Griffin16 Sep 1997PC2553.jpg 
PC2683"The pip squeeks." [sic]Bill McArthur18 Sep 1997PC2683.jpg 
PC2813"One terribly small step for the Conservative party."Bill McArthur07 Oct 1997PC2813.jpg 
56248Gathering Winter FuelTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Dec 200056248.jpg 
PC1688Cannon fodderBill McArthur08 May 1997PC1688.jpg 
PC2685"Back me or the kid gets it."Bill McArthur22 Sep 1997PC2685.jpg 
PC2049[no caption]Nicholas Garland18 Jun 1997PC2049.jpg 
PC5595[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]21 Feb 1999PC5595.jpg 
PC6158Frozen out man discovered 2,000ft below summit of Everest.Paul Thomas04 May 1999PC6158.jpg 
PC5081[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]05 Dec 1998PC5081.jpg 
PC2614[no caption]Chris Priestley10 Oct 1997PC2614.jpg 
PC3757[no caption]Peter Brookes30 May 1998PC3757.jpg 
PC2378"C'mon, baby light my fire."Bill McArthur20 Jun 1997PC2378.jpg 
PC615520 Glorious Years !Martin Rowson03 May 1999PC6155.jpg 
PC2305[no caption]David Simonds27 Jul 1997PC2305.jpg 
PC2936[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Dec 1997PC2936.jpg 
WF0137The New Tory Euro-TieTrog [Wally Fawkes]11 Jan 1998WF0137.jpg 
PC4914"Spanish ships of war at sea, we have counted fifty three..." (The REvenge by Tennyson)Nicholas Garland11 Nov 1998PC4914.jpg 
SBD0544[no caption]Steve Bell09 Sep 1998SBD0544.jpg 
PC2336[no caption]David Simonds03 Aug 1997PC2336.jpg 
PC2141"I found these leaflets under your bed, William. I hope you're not still mixing with those Conservatives."Charles Griffin16 Jun 1997PC2141.jpg 
PC3237"The Inexperienced worker."Bill McArthur31 Oct 1997PC3237.jpg 
PC2560[no caption]Bill McArthur20 Aug 1997PC2560.jpg 
PC3004'Oh no. Here he comes again! Yesterday I got one whole rupee and an hour's lecture on how the Labour leader would have cut that in half..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]22 Dec 1997PC3004.jpg 
PC2649"Minority sect hold bizarre eve of poll ceremony."Bill McArthur10 Sep 1997PC2649.jpg 
PC4886[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Nov 1998PC4886.jpg 
PC4644" A hall ? How many were you expecting then ?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]05 Oct 1998PC4644.jpg 
PC5722[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Mar 1999PC5722.jpg 
PC4615[no caption]Charles Griffin07 Oct 1998PC4615.jpg 
PC2811The white Anglo-Saxon protestantBill McArthur09 Oct 1997PC2811.jpg 
52088Fruit Conserve (Conservatus preservatus)Peter Brookes11 Sep 199952088.jpg 
PC4772[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 Oct 1998PC4772.jpg 
PC6125"What can I do, Miss Peabody? My personal ratings have plummeted, I feel isolated and humiliated, nobody pays attention to what I say anymore... are you listening Miss Peabody?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]30 Apr 1999PC6125.jpg 
PC5397Fixing the kitchen table.Gerald Scarfe25 Apr 1999 
60022"... ex-lords a-weeping, 5 Norris women, fourth kid... for Blairrr! ... 3 sleazy liars, 2 Fs in my wife's name and my party is up a gum tree!"Tom Johnston24 Dec 199960022.jpg 
51641[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]25 Jul 199951641.jpg 
60054"A wasteland... too far from the centre ... who wants it?"Peter Brookes30 Dec 199960054.jpg 
65007[no caption]Richard Willson03 Sep 200065007.jpg 
PC2335The fight backGerald Scarfe03 Aug 1997 
64979Tory boy wizardChris Riddell27 Aug 200064979.jpg 
PC2588[no caption]Chris Riddell05 Oct 1997PC2588.jpg 
64866B"I hope we don't bump into any right-wing, racist skinheads!"Tom Johnston02 May 200064866B.jpg 
DB0391[no caption]Dave Brown02 Sep 1999DB0391.jpg 
DB0192[no caption]Dave Brown27 Apr 1999DB0192.jpg 
64907"Now we can be morons in another language!" / "I'm on the gravy train!" / "For the last ruddy time, William... you're not a boring, insubstantial, weak personality who greatly irritates people!"Tom Johnston15 Jun 200064907.jpg 
65191"I'm afraid you can't afford to phone a friend!" / "We have reason to believe that you support the Labour Party!" / "... then William Hague won the election..." / "Take her away!"Tom Johnston28 May 200165191.jpg 
PC2166[no caption]Michael Cummings28 Jun 1997PC2166.jpg 
PC2323[no caption]Martin Rowson04 Aug 1997PC2323.jpg 
PC3050[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Jan 1998PC3050.jpg 
SC0026[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Sep 1997SC0026.jpg 
PC3766Reshuffle...Peter Brookes02 Jun 1998PC3766.jpg 
PC6127"By George! ... I've suddenly realised what our biggest problem is!"Tom Johnston30 Apr 1999PC6127.jpg 
PC4994[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Nov 1998PC4994.jpg 
DB0200The Ghost of Sleazemas PastDave Brown23 Dec 1999DB0200.jpg 
PC2709[no caption]Chris Priestley22 Oct 1997PC2709.jpg 
WF0089[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]15 Jul 2001WF0089.jpg 
64682[no caption]John Minnion20 Jun 199964682.jpg 
64709A-Level StandardsChris Riddell22 Aug 199964709.jpg 
64794A"Anything from Portillo?"Tom Johnston14 Feb 200064794A.jpg 
PC2610[no caption]Chris Priestley08 Oct 1997PC2610.jpg 
PC2999"The Taj Mahal is so much more romantic than Mandelson's Dome isn't it darling?"Michael Heath21 Dec 1997PC2999.jpg 
65153"Footie and mouth, doctor!" / "PC Bobbins to control... all units be on the lookeout for a 50ft high FreddieTom Johnston01 Mar 200165153.jpg 
64859St. Georges DayGerald Scarfe23 Apr 2000 
PC4668[no caption]Graham Allen07 Oct 1998PC4668.jpg 
DB0199[no caption]Dave Brown20 Dec 1999DB0199.jpg 
PC2970"Will the real William Hague please stand up?"Nicholas Garland17 Dec 1997PC2970.jpg 
64742Brave new Tory Party....Richard Willson28 Nov 199964742.jpg 
DB0367[no caption]Dave Brown25 Jun 1999DB0367.jpg 
SC0096[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Nov 1999SC0096.jpg 
64665We're on our way....Trog [Wally Fawkes]09 May 199964665.jpg 
59893[no caption]John Kent18 Dec 200159893.jpg 
57307[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]11 Mar 200157307.jpg 
WF0217Shadow boxingTrog [Wally Fawkes]06 Feb 2000WF0217.jpg 
58794[no caption]John Kent17 Aug 200158794.jpg 
57512[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]22 Apr 200157512.jpg 
64793Dodgy pair caught selling goods off back of lorryGerald Scarfe13 Feb 2000 
64783[no caption]Dave Brown03 Feb 200064783.jpg 
64757The unwanted presentsGerald Scarfe26 Dec 1999 
53304Shadow boxingTrog [Wally Fawkes]06 Feb 200053304.jpg 
64775"Complete chaos, hardly any trains, passengers packed like sardines... then they go on strike!" / "I'm doing my bit... I no longer shoplift at Marks and Spencers!" / "It's time somebody told you, William ... no-one's interested in your stupid judo classes!" / "I hope this isn't going to be one of those racist quizzes!"Tom Johnston26 Jan 200064775.jpg 
65032Six uses for William Hague / Casserole dish / A pod / Reading lamp / Lollipop / Spare wheel for any bandwagon / Petrol pumpTom Johnston04 Oct 200065032.jpg 
58874Horrid experiment planned at Conservative Central Office...Nicola Jennings09 Aug 200158874.jpg 
58787Berk and hairlessDave Brown19 Aug 200158787.jpg 
PC3703[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 May 1998PC3703.jpg 
PC2083Ladies DayPeter Brookes20 Jun 1997PC2083.jpg 
SBD0569[no caption]Steve Bell18 Nov 1998SBD0569.jpg 
60009Sleeze's ghostPeter Brookes23 Dec 199960009.jpg 
52822[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]28 Nov 199952822.jpg 
PC2573Third time lucky?Trog [Wally Fawkes]21 Sep 1997PC2573.jpg 
PC2589[no caption]Gerald Scarfe05 Oct 1997 
PC4572"Can you spare a few policies Guv'nor?"Charles Griffin29 Sep 1998PC4572.jpg 
PC2008William Hague: The early yearsPeter Brookes12 Jun 1997PC2008.jpg 
PC2653[no caption]Chris Riddell03 Oct 1997PC2653.jpg 
WF0029Third time lucky?Trog [Wally Fawkes]21 Sep 1997WF0029.jpg 
53244[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Jan 200053244.jpg 
PC3686Party boysTrog [Wally Fawkes]03 May 1998PC3686.jpg 
PC2076".. the hand that rocks the cradle.."Nicholas Garland20 Jun 1997PC2076.jpg 
59140[no caption]Peter Brookes08 Sep 200159140.jpg 
PC2067[no caption]Colin Wheeler19 Jun 1997PC2067.jpg 
PC5582[no caption]Richard Willson28 Dec 1998PC5582.jpg 
PC2116"Emerging from the shadows."Bill McArthur18 Jun 1997PC2116.jpg 
PC2140[no caption]Martyn Turner15 Jun 1997PC2140.jpg 
PC2075Painful birthGerald Scarfe22 Jun 1997 
65205"Why didn't I think of this before?" / "Watson the other channel?" / "Hasn't everyone always wondered if it was their dad's shoe?"Tom Johnston11 May 200165205.jpg 
65087- he who hesitates.....Richard Willson03 Dec 200065087.jpg 
PC1758[no caption]Nicholas Newman11 May 1997PC1758.jpg 
WF0030[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]05 Oct 1997WF0030.jpg 
PC2084[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Jun 1997PC2084.jpg 
WF0028Party boysTrog [Wally Fawkes]03 May 1998WF0028.jpg 
SC0153[no caption]Peter Schrank20 May 2001SC0153.jpg 
PC4898[no caption]Richard Willson09 Nov 1998PC4898.jpg 
PC3861[no caption]Gerald Scarfe21 Jun 1998 
PC6092[no caption]Dave Brown27 Apr 1999PC6092.jpg 
PC2720I'd just like to sort out the confusion over this word bonding."Charles Griffin23 Oct 1997PC2720.jpg 
58340[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Jun 200158340.jpg 
PC2043"Mine!"Nicholas Garland10 Jun 1997PC2043.jpg 
PC3235"Blind man's buff."Bill McArthur03 Nov 1997PC3235.jpg 
PC2814"Off our knees and on our way."Bill McArthur07 Oct 1997PC2814.jpg 
PC2146[no caption]Chris Riddell22 Jun 1997PC2146.jpg 
PC1770[no caption]Charles Griffin08 May 1997PC1770.jpg 
PC2015[no caption]Peter Brookes14 Jun 1997PC2015.jpg 
PC2205[no caption]Chris Riddell06 Jul 1997PC2205.jpg 
SBD0396[no caption]Steve Bell09 Oct 1997SBD0396.jpg 
PC3855[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 Jun 1998PC3855.jpg 
PC4517[no caption]John Minnion20 Sep 1998PC4517.jpg 
PC3511[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Apr 1998PC3511.jpg 
PC3306[no caption]Chris Riddell23 Nov 1997PC3306.jpg 
PC4655Shadow PM overshadowedBill McArthur07 Oct 1998PC4655.jpg 
55327Poll YmpicsTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Sep 200055327.jpg 
PC3215[no caption]Chris Priestley17 Feb 1998PC3215.jpg 
PC4682[no caption]Chris Riddell11 Oct 1998PC4682.jpg 
PC3577[no caption]Chris Riddell03 May 1998PC3577.jpg 
PC4335[no caption]Peter Brookes18 Jul 1998PC4335.jpg 
PC5477[no caption]Peter Brookes30 Jan 1999PC5477.jpg 
PC3881"I'm feeling better already!"Peter Brookes02 Jul 1998PC3881.jpg 
PC4580Triumph at BournemouthGerald Scarfe04 Oct 1998 
PC5083[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]06 Dec 1998PC5083.jpg 
SBD0575[no caption]Steve Bell04 Dec 1998SBD0575.jpg 
57586[no caption]Peter Brookes14 Apr 200157586.jpg 
PC4697[no caption]Nicholas Garland13 Oct 1998PC4697.jpg 
PC6129La BimbaJohn Kent01 May 1999PC6129.jpg 
PC5510[no caption]Michael Heath06 Feb 1999PC5510.jpg 
PC5764Budget responseChris Riddell14 Mar 1999PC5764.jpg 
65513[no caption]Charles Griffin08 Mar 200165513.jpg 
58521[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]15 Jul 200158521.jpg 
64685[no caption]Chris Riddell27 Jun 199964685.jpg 
PC2592"We're off our knees and back in business..." William HaguePeter Brookes07 Oct 1997PC2592.jpg 
52328[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Oct 199952328.jpg 
64701The Phantom ReshuffleChris Riddell01 Aug 199964701.jpg 
52196[no caption]Peter Brookes25 Sep 199952196.jpg 
60018[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Dec 199960018.jpg 
53027[no caption]Dave Brown20 Dec 199953027.jpg 
58776[no caption]Dave Brown20 Aug 200158776.jpg 
64851C"Cor blimey! Luv a duck! Is that bloomin' Tony Blair useless or what?"Tom Johnston14 Apr 200064851C.jpg 
65031"It's just Ann Widdecombe!... for an awful moment I thought that I was on drugs!" / "Aw!... Not more telly has-beens who support the Tories!" / "Maybe if we changed our name to Ffox" / "And as a grand finale please welcome Mike Yarwood doing an impersonation of Nelson Mandela!"Tom Johnston05 Oct 200065031.jpg 
65175"Where exactly did you get that laptop you gave him for Easter?" / "Just keep her away from the President!" / "I've found one!"Tom Johnston16 Apr 200165175.jpg 
65024"And the forecast doesn't look too good, either!" / "Well, I had to do something about my bald head so I can become prime minister!"Tom Johnston13 Oct 200065024.jpg 
65080"I can't believe it! ... an invite to Madonna's wedding!" / "Besides being able to build Tracey island out of sticky-back plastic what other qualifications do you have for bringing up a child?" / "He was all for it... until he discovered it wasn't a hangover cure!"Tom Johnston11 Dec 200065080.jpg 
65157"Anything with hooves and horns... that's what our orders say!" / "What do you think?... Perhaps a tad too right wing?" / "Ah!... this must be John Diamond!" / "I have suspicions about that geezer doing the knowledge!"Tom Johnston06 Mar 200165157.jpg 
WF0164[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]13 Aug 2000WF0164.jpg 
MRD0423The Charge of the Shite BrigadeMartin Rowson05 Mar 2014MRD0423.jpg 
PC3572[no caption]Peter Brookes30 Apr 1998PC3572.jpg 
PC3667Little Porpoise (Inanything itdoesus) Will perform meaningless tricks for the crowds*. Its intelligence is probably exaggerated, so we are unlikely ever to witness a Greater Porpoise. *Every Wednesday at 3pm.Peter Brookes09 May 1998PC3667.jpg 
55881The Bournemouth InvadersTrog [Wally Fawkes]01 Oct 200055881.jpg 
55941[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]26 Nov 200055941.jpg 
PC2884Tory revivalGerald Scarfe23 Nov 1997 
PC2235"As you can't walk on the water, you'd better listen to my advice on navigation."Michael Cummings12 Jul 1997PC2235.jpg 
PC2736[no caption]Martin Rowson31 Oct 1997PC2736.jpg 
PC2968[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Dec 1997PC2968.jpg 
WF0117The Bournemouth InvadersTrog [Wally Fawkes]01 Oct 2000WF0117.jpg 
PC2671After the earthquake restoration begins ...Nicholas Garland17 Oct 1997PC2671.jpg 
PC4764[no caption]Bill McArthur22 Oct 1998PC4764.jpg 
PC2135"Take me for your leader..."Peter Brookes26 Jun 1997PC2135.jpg 
PC2826[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]02 Nov 1997PC2826.jpg 
PC4656"Biding his time".Bill McArthur08 Oct 1998PC4656.jpg 
PC5082"Did I win?"Richard Willson06 Dec 1998PC5082.jpg 
PC4621"If you're going to leader be of the Tories in 1998, you'd better stay here and learn a few things for the next 20 years."Charles Griffin08 Oct 1998PC4621.jpg 
WF0040.... from Major to Minor .....Trog [Wally Fawkes][15 Jun 1997]WF0040.jpg 
PC4998Closed ListsPeter Schrank22 Nov 1998PC4998.jpg 
PC5095[no caption]Dave Gaskill04 Dec 1998PC5095.jpg 
54174[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 May 200054174.jpg 
WF0033[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes][undated]WF0033.jpg 
WF0047Gathering Winter FuelTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Dec 2000WF0047.jpg 
PC3911[no caption]Paul Thomas25 Jun 1998PC3911.jpg 
57585[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]15 Apr 200157585.jpg 
PC2042[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Jun 1997PC2042.jpg 
64697[no caption]Chris Riddell25 Jul 199964697.jpg 
65105"No, we don't know what you mean, Frank!" / "Yes, but how do we get them to destroy thousands of Labour votes?" / "I'm talking to the monkey clone not the organ donor!"Tom Johnston15 Jan 200165105.jpg 
65167"I can't find a man to take me to see it!" / "In the words of the great Geri Halliwell... it's raining men!" / "I demand to be sent to the Hague!"Tom Johnston05 Apr 200165167.jpg 
65033"I was just saying, wasn't I, Ronnie? What a beautiful set of gates you have here and wouldn't it be terrible is some sort of nasty accident happened to these gates..." / "Are you sure they give medals to those who watched the most Olympic television, Harold?" / "And they haven't even won anything yet!"Tom Johnston03 Oct 200065033.jpg 
65211"Hi! ... Mr Prescott?..." / "Right! ... Come at me with the egg!"Tom Johnston18 May 200165211.jpg 
PC5732[no caption]Martin Rowson10 Mar 1999PC5732.jpg 
PC6103Liz Hurley upstages Julia Roberts at film premiere.Paul Thomas29 Apr 1999PC6103.jpg 
65124"Unfortunately the Christians can't be with us to collect their award tonight... so please put you hands together for..." / "The Prime Minister doesn't want to be photographed in front of the Willy!" / "Ruddy women drivers!" / "Jonathan Ross can now show his kids what happens when you drink 14 pints of beer!"Tom Johnston15 Feb 200165124.jpg 
PC5804[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]30 Aug 1998PC5804.jpg 
PC2618[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Oct 1997PC2618.jpg 
PC2745"Just get me out of here."Peter Brookes04 Nov 1997PC2745.jpg 
PC2308[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Jul 1997PC2308.jpg 
PC4318"Well, he's your baby, isn't he?"Richard Willson29 Aug 1998PC4318.jpg 
PC4558[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 Sep 1998PC4558.jpg 
65131"What did you expect would happen when you cut off their food supply, Mayor Livingstone?" / "He says the law should be changed and will be handing in a petition to the prime minister, Mr Heath!"Tom Johnston09 Feb 200165131.jpg 
PC1979[no caption]Peter Schrank09 Jun 1997PC1979.jpg 
PC4402[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Sep 1998PC4402.jpg 
SC0060[no caption]Peter Schrank21 Feb 1999SC0060.jpg 
65097"Hello ... animal liberation? ... yeah, he's trying to make me fetch the stick again!" / "They're demanding we install a creche!" / "Oh come on ... it's five million quid we are talking about!"Tom Johnston23 Jan 200165097.jpg 
SBD0376[no caption]Steve Bell31 Jul 1997SBD0376.jpg 
DB0212[no caption]Dave Brown18 Jan 2000DB0212.jpg 
WF0031[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Oct 1997WF0031.jpg 
SC0080[no caption]Peter Schrank09 Sep 1999SC0080.jpg 
PC5455"My centre is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I shall attack!"Nicholas Garland27 Jan 1999PC5455.jpg 
64715Another RevelationGerald Scarfe12 Sep 1999 
BJD0166The Unemployment Drop...Ben Jennings29 Jul 2010BJD0166.jpg 
65188"You lost us a lot of money, kid!" / "No Ffion!... I don't care that it looks surprisingly good on me!" / "Today, Miss is going to teach you all about the birds and the bees!" / "Is there a D.C., M.A., B.Sc., LL.B., B.A. (Psy.), B.A. (Phil). Dip.H.S.W., Adv. Dip. Crim., in the house"Tom Johnston31 May 200165188.jpg 
PC5542[no caption]Chris Riddell12 Feb 1999PC5542.jpg 
65054"Aw, no! ... it's Rolf Harris!" / "And it's his fault I went bald and drank 14 pints a night!"Tom Johnston10 Nov 200065054.jpg 
WF0064[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]21 Jun 1998WF0064.jpg 
DB0160[no caption]Dave Brown01 Mar 1999DB0160.jpg 
PC5657[no caption]Dave Brown01 Mar 1999PC5657.jpg 
65111"I'm over here, Portillo!" / "Aw do I have to visit your Dome, dad?" / "And we're sending them in disguised as boy bands, sir!" / "Well, I think we can rule out Richard Branson!"Tom Johnston01 Jan 200165111.jpg 
65139"What'll it be, Mr Best?" / "No! I don't think that will make you any more popular either!" / "You'll notice that there's never any mention of which year!"Tom Johnston26 Mar 200165139.jpg 
BAD0011Iran Nuclear DealBrian Adcock11 Nov 2013BAD0011.jpg 
100762"Ok...You asked for it"Bob Moran27 Apr 2014100762.jpg 
PC4728[no caption]Richard Cole11 Oct 1998PC4728.jpg 
WF0222[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]26 Nov 2000WF0222.jpg 
WF0175We're on our way....Trog [Wally Fawkes]09 May 1999WF0175.jpg 
DB0139[no caption]Dave Brown20 Jan 1999DB0139.jpg 
53725[no caption]Peter Brookes25 Mar 200053725.jpg 
PC3943"Touche!"Nicholas Garland10 Jul 1998PC3943.jpg 
PC2105[no caption]Bill McArthur12 Jun 1997PC2105.jpg 
WF0044[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]30 Aug 1998WF0044.jpg 
DB0094[no caption]Dave Brown27 Aug 1998DB0094.jpg 
DB0158[no caption]Dave Brown24 Feb 1999DB0158.jpg 
PC2602[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]05 Oct 1997PC2602.jpg 
WF0146Temporary Management?Trog [Wally Fawkes]21 Feb 1999WF0146.jpg 
PC4687[no caption]Graham Allen12 Oct 1998PC4687.jpg 
57919Moulin BleuTrog [Wally Fawkes]13 May 200157919.jpg 
PC2045"Millennium dome fiasco - will it still go ahead?"Peter Brookes18 Jun 1997PC2045.jpg 
PC2609[no caption]Peter Brookes08 Oct 1997PC2609.jpg 
PC5665"It's not the time off that matters ... ...It's spending it in Europe!"Peter Brookes02 Mar 1999PC5665.jpg 
65076"You are the weakest link..., hello!" / "You see, William ... there is hope!" / "And this poor lamb has suffered terrible low morale ever since he was exposed as a racist!" / "The gold!.... Let go of the gold!"Tom Johnston15 Dec 200065076.jpg 
63286[no caption]Steve Bell01 Nov 200263286.jpg 
65134"We're boycotting the Corus!" / "Today they're testing how we'll react when we eventually end up at the Priory Clinic!" / "And I'm telling you that my pulpit doesn't need a rub down!" / "Aw! What's tiddles got now?"Tom Johnston02 Feb 200165134.jpg 
PC1788Night of the Barely Living DeadDave Brown13 May 1997PC1788.jpg 
65066"Maybe we should have avoided Royal Sandringham!" / "Let him tell that to Jeffrey Archer!" / "No weather map? ... That is the weather map!" / Christmas American styleTom Johnston28 Dec 200065066.jpg 
PC3930"Knives to grind?" (Old London street cries)Nicholas Garland07 Jul 1998PC3930.jpg 
65255"Gee whizz, Tony... why didn't you tell me that your British women are so smart?" / "And if Duncan Smith fails we've plenty more in stock!"Tom Johnston19 Jul 200165255.jpg 
SC0142[no caption]Peter Schrank31 Dec 2000SC0142.jpg 
PC4654"Wish you were here"Bill McArthur07 Oct 1998PC4654.jpg 
65025"Which one's Richard?" / "I say... is this the marijuana bandwagon?" / "And another thing, Harold... how come you've never had a kinky blakmailer?" / "Blimey! I can't think why I never noticed that Damien Hurst before!"Tom Johnston12 Oct 200065025.jpg 
65208"It's you!" / "I think I've finally found a couple of stars who'll fit in perfectly with the Tory party!" / "They gave it to me for surviving a whole season of endurance shows!" / "It's time I told you the facts of life, William, son.... you're never going to be prime minister!"Tom Johnston15 May 200165208.jpg 
65222"I really don't think that faking your diary is going to help!" / "My Harold is too easily influenced by television!" / "I told you she'd ruin his game!" / "Sorry about this, old chap!"Tom Johnston06 Jun 200165222.jpg 
51927Tory DreamNicola Jennings25 Aug 199951927.jpg 
102079Bravearse...Dave Brown17 Dec 2014102079.jpg 
65144"Cheer up!" ... It could have been worse!" / "Where did we go wrong? She didn't rush out and buy the Hear'say single!" / "As if we didn't have enough problems with the Middle East!"Tom Johnston20 Mar 200165144.jpg 
DB0207[no caption]Dave Brown07 Jan 2000DB0207.jpg 
65189"I like it so much.... name your price!" / "Oh no!... I thought we'd heard the last of him!" / "I don't know who he is but he just put £10,000 on Labour winning the election!"Tom Johnston30 May 200165189.jpg 
SBD0509[no caption]Steve Bell07 May 1998SBD0509.jpg 
PC5682[no caption]Nicholas Garland03 Mar 1999PC5682.jpg 
64888"I really don't think this is going to work, William!" / "No, love, it's not a timeshare salesman .... it's another kind if conman."Tom Johnston26 May 200064888.jpg 
PC4614That exciting new conference set design...Peter Brookes06 Oct 1998PC4614.jpg 
DB0332[no caption]Dave Brown29 Dec 2000DB0332.jpg 
65116"I'm not sure but I think it's that ruddy Don Mackay from the Mirror!" / "But I'm telling you that it's nothing to do with me!" / "FBI, Mr President!" / "Hold on! ... the Blairs are a family!"Tom Johnston22 Feb 200165116.jpg 
65071"We're going nowhere near Britain until they ban hunting with dogs!" / "I'm hoping for a superjumbo airfix kit!" / "What's Hague said now!"Tom Johnston21 Dec 200065071.jpg 
PC6060"I met a traveller from a distant land Who said: two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert, near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies whose
frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those
passions read..."
Nicholas Garland22 Apr 1999PC6060.jpg 
DB0201[no caption]Dave Brown24 Dec 1999DB0201.jpg 
67865Shadow cabinetDave Brown10 Nov 200367865.jpg 
65112"By now there's probably foot and mouth on Mars!" / "Cor blimey!... it's a hungry life of Brian!" / "Who needs to enter a popstars competition to get on the telly?!" / "Were we expecting a visit from any Tories today?"Tom Johnston28 Feb 200165112.jpg 
64932"Are they taking into account all the Ministry of Defence people who've had their laptops stolen?" / "I guarantee it.. I guarantee it not... I guarantee it... I guarantee it not... / "I'm beginning to wish I'd never mentioned my Viking blood!" / "Suddenly I feel sick!"Tom Johnston12 Jul 200064932.jpg 
65203"Oh William is soooo right.... I'm going to use my common sense and vote Labour!" / "That's not what I meant by dissolving parliament!" / "Forget roulette and blackjack ... all the money's on how long you two will last!" / "Better book tickets on the first flight to Rio!"Tom Johnston09 May 200165203.jpg 
65220"I'm sorry, Mr. Hague, but pleading and whimpering isn't working either!" / "Have you seen the new gun Camilla gave me?" / "Jenna? I hope you're not drinking beer in there!" / "And on top of everything else, I'm sick to death of being mistaken for Chris Evans and Billie Piper!"Tom Johnston04 Jun 200165220.jpg 
64798"It's lost all power and keeps pulling to the right!" / "Thank goodness no-one has ever bothered you, Fergie!" / "No... I don't think he's celebrating the 10p rise on his minimum wage!"Tom Johnston17 Feb 200064798.jpg 
64817"Wake me up when new Labour has destroyed itself!" / "Sorry, Ken... there's a block of flats going up over your newt pond!" / "Now get me Frank Dobson and Ken Livingstone!"Tom Johnston08 Mar 200064817.jpg 
65003"Another useless Dome in the middle of nowhere!" / "Yeah, man.... I only joined a band so I could split from the wife!" / "Careful, lad... they may be some of those Greenham Common women!" / "I'll tell you how I know you've been drinking... if you unlock the door and come out of my cell!"Tom Johnston07 Sep 200065003.jpg 
65159"Victoria ... are you sure it's okay for us to go on a holiday while your sister's boyfriend stands in for me as England captain?" / "Not yet, Robin!" / "Someone should have warned Mr Jackson about hanging around with Uri Geller!"Tom Johnston08 Mar 200165159.jpg 
64966"I agree with you mum... there's nothing more boring, stupid and annoying than Big Brother!" / "At least he finally stopped something1" / "I can eat 14 cakes a night!" / "I lost weight the Robbie way!"Tom Johnston16 Aug 200064966.jpg 
65210"I'm on the waiting list to harangue the prime minister!" / "I warned you about overdoing the vitamin injections, Miss Halliwell!" / "Darling, you remind me of Cahterine Zeta-Jones... your plastic surgery didn't work either!"Tom Johnston17 May 200165210.jpg 
64993"Mind you, I can't half belt along now!" / "Just re-liable would be nice!" / "We're not the only ones to run aground!" / "Who needs petrol when you can just jump on the next bandwagon that comes along!"Tom Johnston19 Sep 200064993.jpg 
PC2299Leader's Official Portrait (Exclusive)Peter Brookes24 Jul 1997PC2299.jpg 
94877StalemateChristian Adams28 Jul 201194877.jpg 
65014"Actually, you're just supposed to shout order!" / "Are you ready for our meeting with the Sultan of Brunei, Edward?" / "I'm finished with trains!" / "It's someone called Tom Browne!"Tom Johnston25 Oct 200065014.jpg 
65491[no caption]Dave Brown19 Mar 200065491.jpg 
65146"No, Peter ... I don't think it's the perfect opportunity to bring you back!" / "Harold! Are you trying to escape again?" / "I'm afraid I can do nothing to help you!"Tom Johnston13 Mar 200165146.jpg 
65135"Well, if I didn't get his blood why do I have this terrible urge to leave you for a wrinkly old bat?" / "I wonder what's going to happen now everyone's abandoned our global warming treaty?" / "I still can't get rid of that strange whining noise!" / "Remember our glorious history... Bugs Bunny's Elmer Fudd, The Addams family's Uncle Fester and what would Benny Hill have been without little Jacky the slaphead...?Tom Johnston29 Mar 200165135.jpg 
PC2397[no caption]Bill McArthur15 Aug 1997PC2397.jpg 
PC5983"Who am I?"Tom Johnston13 Apr 1999PC5983.jpg 
SC0128[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Oct 2000SC0128.jpg 
SBD0398[no caption]Steve Bell15 Oct 1997SBD0398.jpg 
WF0060[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]07 Jan 2001WF0060.jpg 
MRD0419Cough!Martin Rowson01 Mar 2014MRD0419.jpg 
MRD0334StalemateMartin Rowson21 Sep 2013MRD0334.jpg 
SC0093[no caption]Peter Schrank03 Oct 1999SC0093.jpg 
SBD0550[no caption]Steve Bell23 Sep 1998SBD0550.jpg 
SBD0627[no caption]Steve Bell27 Apr 1999SBD0627.jpg 
PC1684By the time you swear you're his, shivering and sighing, And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying ... Lady, make a note of this: One of you is lying. (Unfortuneate
Coincidence by Dorothy Parker)
Nicholas Garland07 May 1997PC1684.jpg 
65510[no caption]Dave Brown28 Dec 200165510.jpg 
WF0115[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]06 Dec 1998WF0115.jpg 
DB0203[no caption]Dave Brown30 Dec 1999DB0203.jpg 
WF0143[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]15 Apr 2001WF0143.jpg 
MRD0422Gamesmanship ... Martin Rowson05 Mar 2014MRD0422.jpg 
WF0185[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]25 Jul 1999WF0185.jpg 
51779Still in the shadeTrog [Wally Fawkes]08 Aug 199951779.jpg 
WF0183Welcome to BlackpoolTrog [Wally Fawkes]undatedWF0183.jpg 
WF0071[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]11 Mar 2001WF0071.jpg 
PC2681"...but he did for them all with his plan of attack."Bill McArthur17 Sep 1997PC2681.jpg 
DB0168[no caption]Dave Brown16 Mar 1999DB0168.jpg 
SBD0972No captionSteve Bell23 Dec 2011SBD0972.jpg 
BAD0017Iran Nuclear Deal...Brian Adcock25 Nov 2013BAD0017.jpg 
DB0377[no caption]Dave Brown28 Jun 1999DB0377.jpg 
DB0380[no caption]Dave Brown15 Dec 1999DB0380.jpg 
DB0375Milking the BullDave Brown12 Nov 1999DB0375.jpg 
97290Boris plan to oust PM?Paul Thomas11 Sep 201297290.jpg 
WF0127[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]02 Nov 1997WF0127.jpg 
SBD0361[no caption]Steve Bell19 Jun 1997SBD0361.jpg 
67766[no caption]Bill Caldwell30 Oct 200367766.jpg 
MRD0094Those Precious Thatcher Moments ...Martin Rowson02 Apr 2012MRD0094.jpg 
PC5094"You're fired!"Tom Johnston04 Dec 1998PC5094.jpg 
74296Vote of ConfidenceGerald Scarfe26 Oct 2003 
95599"A 60 per cent haircut doesn't worry me at all"David Haldane25 Oct 201195599.jpg 
SBD0059[no caption]Steve Bell01 Aug 1997SBD0059.jpg 
SBD0070[no caption]Steve Bell11 Oct 1997SBD0070.jpg 
PC2870[no caption]Chris Priestley18 Nov 1997PC2870.jpg 
95727No captionPaul Thomas11 Jan 201295727.jpg 
96233No captionPaul Thomas30 Mar 201296233.jpg 
95714No captionPaul Thomas23 Dec 201195714.jpg 
97895Osborne steps up war on benefits free-for-allPaul Thomas07 Dec 201297895.jpg 
95691No captionPaul Thomas08 Dec 201195691.jpg 
95518No captionChristian Adams13 Nov 201195518.jpg 
94902[no caption]Steve Bell28 July 201194902.jpg 
97038French snipe at British Olympic successPaul Thomas10 Aug 201297038.jpg 
96860Cameron poll slumpPaul Thomas10 Jul 201296860.jpg 
94840[no caption]Dave Brown28 July 201194840.jpg 
96145'New Earth' found ....Christian Adams07 Dec 201196145.jpg 
96265No captionPaul Thomas18 Apr 201296265.jpg 
95123[no caption]Paul Thomas14 Sep 201195123.jpg 
95106No captionChristian Adams11 Sep 201195106.jpg 
95505No captionChristian Adams25 Oct 201195505.jpg 
SC0076[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Aug 1999SC0076.jpg 
95923"The Iranians are calling you slaphead, sir"David Haldane03 Dec 201195923.jpg 
94815[no caption]Paul Thomas11 Aug 201194815.jpg 
98712Liam Fox: Tories must harness Thatcher's legacy ...Paul Thomas22 Apr 201398712.jpg 
101140Totally Mullahed...Dave Brown18 Jun 2014101140.jpg 
98805Nigel Lawson: It's time to quit E.U.Paul Thomas08 May 201398805.jpg 
101876Westminster BreweryChristian Adams12 Nov 2014101876.jpg 
98087No, I don't want help from Nigel Farage with my EU speech...Paul Thomas17 Jan 201398087.jpg 
96803Clegg and Cameron at warPaul Thomas14 Jun 201296803.jpg 
95888No captionSteve Bell23 Dec 201195888.jpg 
SC0113[no caption]Peter Schrank30 Apr 2000SC0113.jpg 
94907Moral high ground...Martin Rowson02 Aug 201194907.jpg 
64065modernisationMorten Morland24 Feb 200364065.jpg 
100643Bear BaitingChristian Adams18 Mar 2014100643.jpg 
SC0152[no caption]Peter Schrank13 May 2001SC0152.jpg 
98679No captionPeter Brookes18 Apr 201398679.jpg 
98980AidChristian Adams28 May 201398980.jpg 
MRD0327Bank Holiday Beach Fun ...Martin Rowson26 Aug 2013MRD0327.jpg 
PC2883[no caption]Peter Brookes22 Nov 1997PC2883.jpg 
SC0140[no caption]Peter Schrank10 Dec 2000SC0140.jpg 
MRD0329Illustration to Tony Parsons last article for the Mirror newspaperMartin Rowson31 Aug 2013MRD0329.jpg 
98802Tory E.U. rebels are only revolting - not mutinying [sic] .... YetPaul Thomas15 May 201398802.jpg 
101128"Actually, Ange calls me Bill"David Haldane14 Jun 2014101128.jpg 
SBD1077My precondition is that the Palestinians must not ask for preconditionsSteve Bell29 Nov 2012SBD1077.jpg 
101080"Juncker, Juncker, Juncker-er-er"Dave Brown01 Jul 2014101080.jpg 
98813Migrants change Britain foreverPaul Thomas03 May 201398813.jpg 
97824EU constrictorDave Brown03 Nov 201297824.jpg 
SBD0055[no caption]Steve Bell11 Jul 1997SBD0055.jpg 
98832The Blind Leading the Blind in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria .... Peter Brookes after BruegelPeter Brookes08 Jun 201398832.jpg 
97030No captionPaul Thomas24 Jul 201297030.jpg 
97088No captionBrighty [Steve Bright]20 Aug 201297088.jpg 
PC5503Sisyphus: ... whose punishment was to roll a heavy stone up a hill to the top. As it constantly rolled down again this task was everlasting; hence 'a labour of Sisyphus' is an endless heartbreaking toil..."Nicholas Garland05 Feb 1999PC5503.jpg 
58706[Thatcher puppet master]Chris Riddell27 Aug 200158706.jpg 
97454Just keep digging .... this IS the exit strategy!Dave Brown20 Sep 201297454.jpg 
PC5483[no caption]Richard Willson01 Feb 1999PC5483.jpg 
9765456% of Britons would leave the EU!Paul Thomas19 Nov 201297654.jpg 
97893Tory electoral pact with UKIP?Paul Thomas27 Nov 201297893.jpg 
62070The cartoonist's dilemmaRichard Willson08 Jul 200262070.jpg 
SBD1307You shall not go to the G8 in Sochi!Steve Bell25 Mar 2014SBD1307.jpg 
SBD1046No captionSteve Bell17 Aug 2012SBD1046.jpg 
PC2124"Don't worry, son, I'll get you in."Peter Brookes24 Jun 1997PC2124.jpg 
98103At last! We've found somebody who's actually looking forward to your EU speech ...Paul Thomas22 Jan 201398103.jpg 
98814It's my party and I'll cry if I want to ...Paul Thomas20 May 201398814.jpg 
99119The hand shakeGerald Scarfe02 Jun 2013 
SBD1106One names this Antartic wilderness ....Steve Bell19 Dec 2012SBD1106.jpg 
98096"Just pretend you can't see him!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]20 Jan 201398096.jpg 
MRD0243Hey everyone! So who else wants to visit thar really cool medieval plague pit?Martin Rowson16 Mar 2013MRD0243.jpg 
98058Queen attends Cabinet meeting ... Paul Thomas18 Dec 201298058.jpg 
98923Promise not to point it at anyone ...Peter Brookes29 May 201398923.jpg 
ADD0319He's not been the same since he got backAndy Davey21 Feb 2013ADD0319.jpg 
BJD0071Open casket ... Ben Jennings13 Apr 2013BJD0071.jpg 
SBD1134This is a necessary, proportionate and lawful response...Steve Bell07 Mar 2013SBD1134.jpg 
99442Gib ...Peter Brookes06 Aug 201399442.jpg 
PC4916"It's not a question of 'if', but 'when' ..."Peter Brookes11 Nov 1998PC4916.jpg 
101071Westminster KnackersDave Brown16 Jul 2014101071.jpg 
SBD1149Britain can afford it!Steve Bell11 Apr 2013SBD1149.jpg 
PC6146"And how does Avocado beige grab you as our new party colour, Sir Randolph?"Charles GriffinSep 1997PC6146.jpg 
101692UKIPBob Moran28 Sep 2014101692.jpg 
MRD0617Oops!Martin Rowson25 Apr 2015MRD0617.jpg 
PC3463[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Mar 1998PC3463.jpg 
99468National Archives 1983Dave Brown02 Aug 201399468.jpg 
98936Highest office ...Morten Morland20 May 201398936.jpg 
51362Hague is advised to ave a babyPaul Thomas28 Jun 199951362.jpg 
MRD0402Common GroundMartin Rowson23 Jan 2014MRD0402.jpg 
99149Conversion on the Road to DamascusDave Brown01 Jun 201399149.jpg 
98941Syria .... more toxic gasDave Brown28 May 201398941.jpg 
PTD0007Heatwave to last all summerPaul Thomas17 Jul 2013PTD0007.jpg 
99109Shadowy Theatre ....Morten Morland10 Jun 201399109.jpg 
100625Sanctions...Peter Brookes18 Mar 2014100625.jpg 
51778BBC TV presents: The Major YearsPeter Schrank15 Aug 199951778.jpg 
PTD0023What about a referendum on having an early referendum?Paul Thomas07 Oct 2013PTD0023.jpg 
99458Sounding the RetreatDave Brown31 Aug 201399458.jpg 
100500Another 1000 matches..?Christian Adams23 Mar 2014100500.jpg 
99066You have nothing to fear from me .....Christian Adams10 Jun 201399066.jpg 
99142Little Bugger ...Dave Brown11 Jun 201399142.jpg 
MRD0421CirclesMartin Rowson03 Mar 2014MRD0421.jpg 
SBD1175[Hague Putin]Steve Bell29 May 2013SBD1175.jpg 
PTD0237Autumn Statement...Paul Thomas04 Dec 2014PTD0237.jpg 
WF0168No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes][25 Jan 1998]WF0168.jpg 
100583"I have in my hand a piece of paper!"Dave Brown05 Mar 2014100583.jpg 
65168"Not very diplomatic ... using another spy plane!" / "You can ask Sophie what makes her think I'm still angry with her?" / "Let's hope they don't start a cull!"Tom Johnston06 Apr 200165168.jpg 
101240UnshufflableChristian Adams17 Jul 2014101240.jpg 
100582Little Willy and His Amazing Dancing Bare...Dave Brown04 Mar 2014100582.jpg 
PTD0171"I told you Philip Hammond was a eurosceptic!"Paul Thomas17 Jul 2014PTD0171.jpg 
102393"I'm not a shallow opportunist! I have a riddle - he's called William!!"Steve Bell18 Jun 2014102393.jpg 
PTD0164William Hague Quits CabinetPaul Thomas16 Jul 2014PTD0164.jpg 
PTD0225Battling Cameron Sees Poll Joy for Tories!Paul Thomas02 Jul 2014PTD0225.jpg 
PC2963[no caption]Chris Priestley18 Dec 1997PC2963.jpg 
PC2038How many Tories does it take to change a lightweight?Dave Brown12 Jun 1997PC2038.jpg 
PC2603"Game Blair. Hague to serve."Charles Griffin06 Oct 1997PC2603.jpg 
31331"Pow! By jove! She must have cooked this one herself!"Stanley Franklin14 Oct 197731331.jpg 
PC3485[no caption]Peter Brookes04 Apr 1998PC3485.jpg 
DB0070[no caption]Dave Brown18 Jun 1997DB0070.jpg 
65190"Course, things would change if Hague won... instead, we'd be stopping lorryloads of British people trying to leave the country!" / "Harold?... where have you put today's newspaper?" / "You still haven't quite grasped the concept of this programme, have you?" / "Actually, no, Mr Hague ... I don't think the ethnic population would appreciate a visit from you at the moment!"Tom Johnston29 May 200165190.jpg 
65186"Get a move on, Ffion, or we'll miss the sympathy bandwagon!" / "I got the idea from those bibles George Bush sent us!"Tom Johnston27 Apr 200165186.jpg 
65195"Careful!... we don't want to be accused of inciting the crowd to turn on Labour!" / "It doens't look like things are going too well on the survivor island!"Tom Johnston23 May 200165195.jpg 
65022"Aye, but besided that what was the Chairman of Dundee Utd like?" / "Take me to Baghdad!" / "If I've no supporters let, then why did someone just give me this?" / "Yes, dear ... I am watching Ground Force but no I'm not staring at Charlie's t-shirt!"Tom Johnston16 Oct 200065022.jpg 
PC1686"You're too late, gentlemen... we've already found a new leader."Tom Johnston08 May 1997PC1686.jpg 
65183"That's not what I meant when I told you to get ready for May Day!" / "Ah, bless him ... his first dawn raid!" / "It's a van load of bogus Michael Howards!" / "At least I've still got you, Ffion!"Tom Johnston25 Apr 200165183.jpg 
PC5153[no caption]Bill McArthur15 Dec 1998PC5153.jpg 
PC2743[no caption]Peter Schrank03 Nov 1997PC2743.jpg 
PC6162[no caption]Dave Brown04 May 1999PC6162.jpg 
PC3997'Thank heavens so far the Press have only found out about Cherie's magic pendant.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Jul 1998PC3997.jpg 
PC4689[no caption]Dave Gaskill12 Oct 1998PC4689.jpg 
PC1808British astronauts on rescue mission deep in outer space.Nicholas Garland16 May 1997PC1808.jpg 
PC6131[no caption]Chris Riddell02 May 1999PC6131.jpg 
PC3046Violent storms lash HagueNicholas Garland06 Jan 1998PC3046.jpg 
PC5768Kirchen table policiesGerald Scarfe14 Mar 1999 
PC5463[no caption]Dave Brown28 Jan 1999PC5463.jpg 
PC2748[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Sep 1997PC2748.jpg 
65214"We're detaining you for making bogus claims about asylum seekers!" / "Oh no!... It's given Portillo ideas!"Tom Johnston22 May 200165214.jpg 
PC5093"The rather short circuit."Bill McArthur04 Dec 1998PC5093.jpg 
PC5734[no caption]Dave Brown10 Mar 1999PC5734.jpg 
PC6008[no caption]Dave Brown15 Apr 1999PC6008.jpg 
65095"Me? ... resign? ... I don't recall doing any such thing!... ask my secretary!" / "Sorry, Peter... if only it had been two jags!" / "Who's mandelson?" / "Arrogant, sleazy, economical with the truth... there's only one thing for him to do ... join the Tory party!"Tom Johnston25 Jan 200165095.jpg 
64893"Oops, sorry lads... I thought we were just having our photo taken for an advert!" / "Hello! Jack Straw? ... haven't you made your ruddy mind up yet?" / "This is what comes of him meeting the director of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels!"Tom Johnston31 May 200064893.jpg 
64864"When I met you speed-dating you didn't mention that you do everything fast!" / "Now they've taken over the bus shelter we use for truanting!" / "Replace all the newsreaders with Ken Livingstone!" / "Guaranteed to scare off crows, burglars and every voter in the country!"Tom Johnston27 Apr 200064864.jpg 
64732Big BeastChris Riddell07 Nov 199964732.jpg 
PC3812[no caption]Martin Rowson08 Jun 1998PC3812.jpg 
65160"Drowning your sorrows or celebrating no tax rise on beer?" / "Fancy investing in some children, darling?" / "They whittled it down to one year and he whittled it down to one ear!"Tom Johnston09 Mar 200165160.jpg 
PC2831"Why dow WE have to be the Roundheads?"Charles Griffin04 Nov 1997PC2831.jpg 
PC1718[no caption]Peter Brookes08 May 1997PC1718.jpg 
65202"He's escaped!" / "You had to go and ask for your bank statement!" / "What an insult!.... he thinks we won't have the common sense to notice he's that pathetic little Tory!"Tom Johnston08 May 200165202.jpg 
PC2081[no caption]Dave Brown20 Jun 1997PC2081.jpg 
65204"You don't seem very keen on kissing my baby!" / "Whoo has a pancreas like this?" / "They're showing a hotel room after Man Utd trashed it!"Tom Johnston10 May 200165204.jpg 
64952"I'm a chocaholic!" / "Brad Pitt!... Jennifer Aniston!"Tom Johnston31 Jul 200064952.jpg 
PC1942[no caption]Nicholas Garland17 May 1997PC1942.jpg 
64920"How'd you like to win the next election?" / "Ruddy Mo Mowlam!" / "No wonder we're lost... you've been using the ruddy DNA map... typical women's genes!" / "I think I've found her a date for her big birthday bash!"Tom Johnston28 Jun 200064920.jpg 
PC3033"Look at her, the brazen hussy! She's wearing white."Charles Griffin19 Dec 1997PC3033.jpg 
PC5408[no caption]Nicholas Garland20 Jan 1999PC5408.jpg 
PC2138As the smoke cleared, three men were left standing - Ken 'Fats' Clarke, 'Red' Wood and Billy the Kid.Charles Griffin12 Jun 1997PC2138.jpg 
PC2823The night of the living deadCharles Griffin31 Oct 1997PC2823.jpg 
PC3763"Right! Right! Right! Right! Right!"Nicholas Garland02 Jun 1998PC3763.jpg 
PC2290[no caption]Martin Rowson10 Jun 1997PC2290.jpg 
PC2740[no caption]Chris Riddell02 Nov 1997PC2740.jpg 
PC2145"Let's see who's with whom today."Charles Griffin20 Jun 1997PC2145.jpg 
PC1689[no caption]Dave Brown08 May 1997PC1689.jpg 
PC3819"Look, I can explain everything."Nicholas Garland11 Jun 1998PC3819.jpg 
PC2493[no caption]Peter Brookes16 Sep 1997PC2493.jpg 
PC2533[no caption]Peter Schrank22 Sep 1997PC2533.jpg 
PC4065"The Ratings Game."Bill McArthur15 Jul 1998PC4065.jpg 
PC5213"I am determined to assert my authority over the Conservative Party."Patrick Blower03 Dec 1998PC5213.jpg 
SBD0128[no caption]Steve Bell23 Oct 1998SBD0128.jpg 
PC4596[no caption]Dave Brown05 Oct 1998PC4596.jpg 
PC5779[no caption]Dave Brown16 Mar 1999PC5779.jpg 
MRD0772Wogan's spirit marches on...Martin Rowson01 Feb 2016  
56825[no caption]John Jensen25 Feb 200156825.jpg 
PTD0238"Right - let's prove everybody wrong and stick out coalition for a final year..."Paul Thomas05 Jun 2014PTD0238.jpg 
SBD1382"Remember - this is not a demotion"Steve Bell16 Jul 2014SBD1382.jpg 
PC2229Blooding, or his first outing.Peter Brookes11 Jul 1997PC2229.jpg 
64717[no caption]Gerald Scarfe03 Oct 1999 
65201"Bandits... coming out of the sun!" / "I don't think he'll be able to unite Yugoslavia, this time!" / "I'm afraid it's worse than just the lads not talking to you... we're sending you to Coventry City!" / "I think I'll just wait for a bandwagon!"Tom Johnston07 May 200165201.jpg 
64704[no caption]Chris Riddell15 Aug 199964704.jpg 
65034"It's a documentary about William Hague's home life!" / "It's lovely of you to offer us more money, but first we have two questions... who are you and where's Mrs Thatcher, the Tory leader?" / "Oo wants him?" / "This is your captain welcoming you to this return flight from Sydney to Britain and requesting that all the athletes with gold medals move to the back of the plane!"Tom Johnston02 Oct 200065034.jpg 
PC2863[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Nov 1997PC2863.jpg 
SBD0419[no caption]Steve Bell17 Dec 1997SBD0419.jpg 
PC2866[no caption]Chris Riddell16 Nov 1997PC2866.jpg 
PC2601[no caption]Martyn Turner05 Oct 1997PC2601.jpg 
PC5180[no caption]Martin Rowson14 Dec 1998PC5180.jpg 
PC4661"Just watch your back, that's all. I'm sure Portillo's after your job."Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Oct 1998PC4661.jpg 
PC3117The leaning tower of WestminsterNicholas Garland21 Jan 1998PC3117.jpg 
SBD0126[no caption]Steve Bell14 Oct 1998SBD0126.jpg 
PC5105[no caption]Chris Riddell06 Dec 1998PC5105.jpg 
PC6100[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Apr 1999PC6100.jpg 
65489[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200065489.jpg 
PC2616New logoGerald Scarfe12 Oct 1997 
PC5090"LOAD...TAKE AIM..AGHHH."Nicholas Garland04 Dec 1998PC5090.jpg 
SBD0096[no caption]Steve Bell01 Apr 1998SBD0096.jpg 
SBD0397[no caption]Steve Bell10 Oct 1997SBD0397.jpg 
PC6136'Looks like the Tory Party may have to call in the United Nations'Michael Heath02 May 1999PC6136.jpg 
WF0024[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 May 2000WF0024.jpg 
102568Fallon on the Moral Highground...Peter Brookes10 Apr 2015102568.jpg 
DB0144[no caption]Dave Brown28 Jan 1999DB0144.jpg 
PC2619[no caption]Peter Schrank12 Oct 1997PC2619.jpg 
PC5430[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 1999PC5430.jpg 
64902"You never play that Bob Marley song Jammin' any more!" / "Yeah, quick! ... I want to register the name of "softdotcom!" / "We've done it now... here comes her hubby!" / "What were you doing at the Women's Institute conference anyway, William?"Tom Johnston09 Jun 200064902.jpg 
PC2198"Mayday... Mayday... we've lost power, are cracking up, no longer aligned with The Sun, and the stench in here is quite awful..."Peter Brookes04 Jul 1997PC2198.jpg 
SBD0050[no caption]Steve Bell12 Jun 1997SBD0050.jpg 
SBD0125[no caption]Steve Bell08 Oct 1998SBD0125.jpg 
SBD0081[no caption]Steve Bell18 Dec 1997SBD0081.jpg 
DB0149Meat & Two VegDave Brown05 Feb 1999DB0149.jpg 
DB0098[no caption]Dave Brown05 Oct 1998DB0098.jpg 
SBD1174Moderately mad mullahs - we're on your side!!Steve Bell28 May 2013SBD1174.jpg 
SC0110[no caption]Peter Schrank02 Apr 2000SC0110.jpg 
102882Preserve Us O LordsDavid Simonds30 Aug 2015102882.jpg 
BAD0065[Ukraine Chess]Brian Adcock03 Mar 2014BAD0065.jpg 
PC2196[no caption]Peter Brookes14 Jun 1997PC2196.jpg 
103954Group PortraitChristian Adams22 Apr 2016103954.jpg 
MRD0018Tale of Two Cities ...Martin Rowson17 Oct 2011MRD0018.jpg 
94849Tail Gunner ...Dave Brown03 Aug 201194849.jpg 
PC4662NEW CRAZE - WILL IT LAST ?Peter Brookes09 Oct 1998PC4662.jpg 
PC2612[no caption]Chris Priestley09 Oct 1997PC2612.jpg 
PC4608"...This parrot is no more, it's ceased to be. It's expired. It's gone to meet it's maker. This is a late parrot. It's... / AGHHHH!Nicholas Garland06 Oct 1998PC4608.jpg 
PC2731The Government offers winter shelter for the homeless...Peter Brookes30 Oct 1997PC2731.jpg 
WF0112[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 Sep 1998WF0112.jpg 
PC2746[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Sep 1997PC2746.jpg 
PC2847[no caption]Chris Priestley14 Nov 1997PC2847.jpg 
PC4659[no caption]Chris Priestley08 Oct 1998PC4659.jpg 
SBD1415English Bums for English TrousersSteve Bell17 Dec 2014SBD1415.jpg 
SBD1197... And to the Egyptian people I say this: If you've done nothing wrong you've nothing to worry aboutSteve Bell05 Jul 2013SBD1197.jpg 
65148"Don't believe them ... they're trying to make me jobless!" / "Oh oh! ... It's Princess Anne trying to overtake Geri Halliwell!"Tom Johnston15 Mar 200165148.jpg 
64722The Britain in Europe CampaignRichard Willson17 Oct 199964722.jpg 
64723Charge of the Light Weight Brigade.Chris Riddell17 Oct 199964723.jpg 
DB0357[no caption]Dave Brown25 Nov 1999DB0357.jpg 
PC3854[no caption]Peter Brookes19 Jun 1998PC3854.jpg 
PC2587[no caption]Peter Brookes04 Oct 1997PC2587.jpg 
PC2839[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Nov 1997PC2839.jpg 
PC4606"Are you sure this is the Tory conference?"Tom Johnston05 Oct 1998PC4606.jpg 
PC5089"But I always said I was a peerless leader ..."Peter Brookes04 Dec 1998PC5089.jpg 
57775[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 May 200157775.jpg 
PC2733Into touch ...Nicholas Garland31 Oct 1997PC2733.jpg 
64983"Now we'd need to win the lottery just to be average!" / "Been sleeping it off?" / "It wasnae me!"Tom Johnston31 Aug 200064983.jpg 
65154"Sacre bleu! ... asylum seekers from Britain!" / "Don't worry ... there's only one job that will be lost for sure after the election!" / "One giant leap for mankind... one small step for foot and mouth!" / "But darling... surely you can wait to find out who shot Phil..!"Tom Johnston02 Mar 200165154.jpg 
PC4617"Ann Widdecombe is turning ugly!"Tom Johnston07 Oct 1998PC4617.jpg 
PC2147[no caption]Peter Schrank22 Jun 1997PC2147.jpg 
PC2591[no caption]Martin Rowson06 Oct 1997PC2591.jpg 
PC3666[no caption]Peter Brookes09 May 1998PC3666.jpg 
PC3779[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Jun 1998PC3779.jpg 
PC6111Political correctness and the lady with the lampNicholas Garland29 Apr 1999PC6111.jpg 
52266[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Oct 199952266.jpg 
64743Lost on Mars off course Hague veers to right in wrong directionGerald Scarfe05 Dec 1999 
65209"Wake up, William... you're having your Portillo nightmare again!" / "We've replaced you with a mascot that can handle the crowd better!" / "At least nothing could happen to make William's popularity sink any lower!" / "No change there, then!"Tom Johnston16 May 200165209.jpg 
65182"There he goes... visiting the scene of another disaster!" / "Dubya dubya dubya dot com!" / "I think everyone's now fed up hearing about your heroic marathon, Henry!"Tom Johnston24 Apr 200165182.jpg 
PC2009"It'll be a disaster ... total waste of money ..."Peter Brookes11 Jun 1997PC2009.jpg 
SBD0069[no caption]Steve Bell08 Oct 1997SBD0069.jpg 
PC4618[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Oct 1998PC4618.jpg 
PC3984Mysterious listening figure found in English countryside. A spokesman said "Someone has put a lot of effort into plotting it out."Nicholas Garland17 Jul 1998PC3984.jpg 
PC2708Another minority group arrives on South coast in search of a better life...Peter Brookes22 Oct 1997PC2708.jpg 
PC1846[no caption]Chris Riddell18 May 1997PC1846.jpg 
SC0416[no caption]Peter Schrank10 Sep 2001SC0416.jpg 
SBD0744The world wakes up .... to the Millennium Parrot's Cage Mouth ExperienceSteve Bell01 Jan 2000SBD0744.jpg 
SBD0756[no caption]Steve Bell28 Jan 2000SBD0756.jpg 
65207"Well, it must be expensive keeping all those bandwagons on the road!" / "You've really got to cut down on your ozone intake, mother!" / "And another lovely day until this shower arrives in many areas!" / "All over the country people are scurrying for an atlas to find out where the hell Estonia is!"Tom Johnston14 May 200165207.jpg 
PTD0075Cabinet meets in AberdeenPaul Thomas25 Feb 2014PTD0075.jpg 
95951No captionDave Brown02 Dec 201195951.jpg 
95404New term...Peter Brookes10 Sep 201195404.jpg 
95601No captionPaul Thomas16 Nov 201195601.jpg 
SC0313[no caption]Peter Schrank14 Nov 2005SC0313.jpg 
SBD0363His first day out in long trousersSteve Bell25 Jun 1997SBD0363.jpg 
PC2739"I didn't want to be a member anyway."Richard Willson02 Nov 1997PC2739.jpg 
SC0139[no caption]Peter Schrank03 Dec 2000SC0139.jpg 
56661[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Jan 200156661.jpg 
97513Rebel Tories humiliate CameronPaul Thomas02 Nov 201297513.jpg 
PC2965[no caption]David Banks18 Dec 1997PC2965.jpg 
MRD0193Fostering ....Martin Rowson26 Nov 2012MRD0193.jpg 
SBD0555[no caption]Steve Bell07 Oct 1998SBD0555.jpg 
PC6128[no caption]Peter Brookes01 May 1999PC6128.jpg 
PC1981[no caption]Dave Brown06 Jun 1997PC1981.jpg 
PC1523Hastings into battle led by John Redwood, with Michael Portillo following close behind, the Tory Eurosceptics deliver a mortal blow to John Major, who is flanked by Michael Heseltine and Kenneth ClarkeRichard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1523.jpg 
98339Westminster Village PeoplePeter Brookes06 Feb 201398339.jpg 
DB0108introducing ... MIke Port & Sterling!Dave Brown11 Nov 1998DB0108.jpg 
SBD1132Rolling back the frontiers of the State:Steve Bell05 Mar 2013SBD1132.jpg 
60069[no caption]Peter Brookes01 Jan 200060069.jpg 
99101[Tightrope]Morten Morland25 Jun 201399101.jpg 
BJD0111Weighing up military action ....Ben Jennings27 Aug 2013BJD0111.jpg 
SBD1169It's time to arm up the good guys in SyriaSteve Bell17 May 2013SBD1169.jpg 
MRD0287Prisms .....Martin Rowson10 Jun 2013MRD0287.jpg 
SBD1297"Oh, it's you! For a moment you gave me quite a start." after Chas AddamsSteve Bell04 Mar 2014SBD1297.jpg 
99144Little Brother is Watching You TooDave Brown10 Jun 201399144.jpg 
SBD1189If you've fone nothing wrong...Steve Bell11 Jun 2013SBD1189.jpg 
SBD1303DeescalateSteve Bell18 Mar 2014SBD1303.jpg 
SBD1214Don't be fooled - it's clearly some kind of delaying tactic!Steve Bell11 Sep 2013SBD1214.jpg 
MRD0472Slapped downMartin Rowson09 Jun 2014MRD0472.jpg 
MRD0507BackboneMartin Rowson06 Aug 2014MRD0507.jpg 
PTD0185"Brilliant idea! Ed Balls makes us all look good..."Paul Thomas21 Jan 2014PTD0185.jpg 
100572Mrs Merkel was only recently on crutches...Peter Brookes28 Feb 2014100572.jpg 
PC2744[no caption]Chris Priestley04 Nov 1997PC2744.jpg 
PC3864[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]21 Jun 1998PC3864.jpg 
PC4643"Follow the Leader"Bill McArthur05 Oct 1998PC4643.jpg 
SC0055[no caption]Peter Schrank06 Dec 1998SC0055.jpg 
PC2751[no caption]Nicholas Garland04 Nov 1997PC2751.jpg 
PC4612[no caption]Charles Griffin06 Oct 1998PC4612.jpg 
65164"April fool! ... May fool! ... June fool!..." / "Slob out!" / "And he'll probably try to charge us £17,000 to be at the dinner" / "Actually, I'm beginning to warm to Sophie!"Tom Johnston02 Apr 200165164.jpg 
65027"The Olympic committee have sent you a gold for back-peddling!" / "See son? ... That's what happens when you dabble with drugs!" / "Will you stop going on about Terry Venables!"Tom Johnston10 Oct 200065027.jpg 
PC2365[no caption]Martin Rowson11 Aug 1997PC2365.jpg 
PC6130[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]02 May 1999PC6130.jpg 
WF0174[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]02 May 1999WF0174.jpg 
DB0379[no caption]Dave Brown13 Aug 1999DB0379.jpg 
PC2118[no caption]Bill McArthur19 Jun 1997PC2118.jpg 
SBD0135[no caption]Steve Bell03 Dec 1998SBD0135.jpg 
SBD1117Dave's big speech bestriding Europe like a colossal twat in a onesieSteve Bell11 Jan 2013SBD1117.jpg 
98386Buenos Dias Johnny GauchoDave Brown02 Feb 201398386.jpg 
65101"I rue the day you joined the Animal Liberation Front!" / "Oh, oh!... Here comes the House of Lords!" / "What do you mean he's won it all back?" / "You're not trying to sell our Kevin, again!"Tom Johnston19 Jan 200165101.jpg 
PC4828"Back in the ring"Bill McArthur22 Oct 1998PC4828.jpg 
PC2735Halloween IV The Nightmare Re-visited. 18. Now showing nationally...Peter Brookes31 Oct 1997PC2735.jpg 
PC4688[no caption]Richard Willson12 Oct 1998PC4688.jpg 
PC5621[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Feb 1999PC5621.jpg 
PC5550[no caption]Chris Riddell14 Feb 1999PC5550.jpg 
63259[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Nov 200263259.jpg 
64280[no caption]Patrick Blower19 Mar 200364280.jpg 
PC4673[no caption]Peter Brookes10 Oct 1998PC4673.jpg 
PC2901[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Nov 1997PC2901.jpg 
PC2972The Full ToryNicholas Garland23 Oct 1997PC2972.jpg 
PC5091[no caption]Paul Thomas04 Dec 1998PC5091.jpg 
PC5984[no caption]Dave Gaskill14 Apr 1999PC5984.jpg 
65162"Make Millbank laugh at that..."Richard Willson01 Apr 200165162.jpg 
PC4660[no caption]Nicholas Garland08 Oct 1998PC4660.jpg 
SBD0570[no caption]Steve Bell20 Nov 1998SBD0570.jpg 
PC4611[no caption]Martin Rowson06 Oct 1998PC4611.jpg 
65233"I can't wait for tomorrow's big story where she shockingly reveals to the world that she's not good-looking!" / "Wheeee! .... fancy a round of golf?" / "Idiot! That's not Iain Duncan Smith!" / "Get down! It's the ruddy landlady!"Tom Johnston19 Jun 200165233.jpg 
65223Nine reasons to vote ToryTom Johnston07 Jun 200165223.jpg 
PC2007[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Jun 1997PC2007.jpg 
64784"Now the fool has promoted me to Shadow Chancellor... closer, ever closer... but I must be patient.... bide my time... waiting ... watching...!" / "Say 99 years!" / "I don't think that's going to frighten off Tony Blair!"Tom Johnston02 Feb 200064784.jpg 
97422No captionDave Brown17 Aug 201297422.jpg 
97491Confusion over PM's energy tariff schemePaul Thomas19 Oct 201297491.jpg 
SBD1090Daily EnormitySteve Bell31 Oct 2012SBD1090.jpg 
MRD0440BanquetMartin Rowson09 Apr 2014MRD0440.jpg 
SBD1210Blair studies must be made compulsory ....Steve Bell03 Sep 2013SBD1210.jpg 
PC4950[no caption]Chris Riddell15 Nov 1998PC4950.jpg 
65519What's on the cards for 2001?Peter Brookes30 Dec 200065519.jpg 
PC5098[no caption]Peter Brookes05 Dec 1998PC5098.jpg 
SBD0065[no caption]Steve Bell17 Sep 1997SBD0065.jpg 
PC3200[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Feb 1998PC3200.jpg 
WF0059Listening to BritainTrog [Wally Fawkes]19 Jul 1998WF0059.jpg 
PC5159Mr. Puff - "My bird, I think." Mr. Muff - "Belongs to me, I fancy."Nicholas Garland09 Dec 1998PC5159.jpg 
SBD0573[no caption]Steve Bell01 Dec 1998SBD0573.jpg 
PC5207[no caption]Nicholas Garland18 Sep 1998PC5207.jpg 
64850"I can feel it trying to kick Ken Livingstone!" / "I've thought of a way out... you poison your wife, your alsatian and then shoot yourself in a bunker!"Tom Johnston13 Apr 200064850.jpg 
64854"Of course they're expensive.... they're free range!" / "No! I'm not here because of the stock market!" / "Well, that's cleared that up ... old folk are not racist!" / "I've locked all our czars away until Putin leaves!"Tom Johnston18 Apr 200064854.jpg 
65485[no caption]Dave Brown31 Dec 199965485.jpg 
65521[no caption]Dave Brown29 Dec 200065521.jpg 
65082"Mind you ... she's already made the kerb-crawling problem disappear!" / "I'm trying to find a restaurant where you also can't hear James Whitaker!"Tom Johnston08 Dec 200065082.jpg 
PC2545[no caption]Peter Brookes27 Sep 1997PC2545.jpg 
PC2620[no caption]Chris Riddell12 Oct 1997PC2620.jpg 
PC2696[no caption]Martin Rowson27 Oct 1997PC2696.jpg 
PC2713"They've done their bonding. Now they're back for a three-day gloating weekend."Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Oct 1997PC2713.jpg 
PC4613[no caption]Paul Thomas06 Oct 1998PC4613.jpg 
PC4852"For heaven's sake, Peter. Stop Worrying. I'm not thinking of taxing that sort of thing."Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Nov 1998PC4852.jpg 
PC5136[no caption]Dave Brown11 Dec 1998PC5136.jpg 
PC1732[no caption]Peter Brookes10 May 1997PC1732.jpg 
64937"I can't find my ruddy memo that admits I'm a dodgy, pathetic creep!" / "... and if I were you, I wouldn't go anywhere near the Diana fountain!" / "It refers to how I like my eggs and tea of a morning!" / "Sorry but I can't serve you , Mr Best!"Tom Johnston18 Jul 200064937.jpg 
64964"Now we don't care one Toyota!" / "I think sir has the wrong Madonna and child!" / "Robbie and Geri... are they asking us to believe that?"Tom Johnston14 Aug 200064964.jpg 
65002The buck passing zoneRichard Willson10 Sep 200065002.jpg 
PC5773[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Mar 1999PC5773.jpg 
PC4508[No caption]Peter Brookes19 Sep 1998PC4508.jpg 
PC5099[no caption]Martin Rowson07 Dec 1998PC5099.jpg 
SBD0586[no caption]Steve Bell20 Jan 1999SBD0586.jpg 
PC4143Listening to BritainTrog [Wally Fawkes]19 Jul 1998PC4143.jpg 
DB0119No captionDave Brown04 Dec 1998DB0119.jpg 
PC3110The new Tory Euro-tieTrog [Wally Fawkes]11 Jan 1998PC3110.jpg 
DB0194[no caption]Dave Brown29 Apr 1999DB0194.jpg 
PC6109[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Apr 1999PC6109.jpg 
SBD0967No captionSteve Bell14 Dec 2011SBD0967.jpg 
SBD1085Vote LikudSteve Bell16 Nov 2012SBD1085.jpg 
97812No captionDave Brown19 Nov 201297812.jpg 
MRD0368The Plum Pudding Saved - or - Some Cocks & some Bull ...Martin Rowson25 Nov 2013MRD0368.jpg 
65517[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200165517.jpg 
MRD0417Pick yer Cabinet Meeting!Martin Rowson24 Feb 2014MRD0417.jpg 
SBD1200Cut out the middle men with policies directSteve Bell11 Jul 2013SBD1200.jpg 
65498Tory Seal ColonyPeter Brookes09 Dec 200065498.jpg 
63804"If at first you don't succeed..."Nicholas Garland29 Jan 200363804.jpg 
65128"I've had more pints than he's had hot dinners!" / "That should make them think twice about getting on the ferry!" / "Oh, oh! ... Two Jags is heading straight for us!" / "William Hague is appalled, Jeffrey Archer is appalled, Neil Hamilton is appalled, Jonathan Aitken is..."Tom Johnston06 Feb 200165128.jpg 
PC5744Dream TeamNicholas Garland11 Mar 1999PC5744.jpg 
PC5177The Writing on the WallDave Brown13 Dec 1998PC5177.jpg 
65090"Two elephants, two giraffes, two Hinduja brothers?" / "That's right, Mr Mandelson... I'm offering you £5 million to write your memoirs before the next election!" / "I wondered where I lost that!" / "I wish Zara and her boyfriend would shut up out there!... I can't hear the swearing and violence on the telly!"Tom Johnston30 Jan 200165090.jpg 
PC5248[no caption]Dave Brown26 Dec 1998PC5248.jpg 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
DB0258[no caption]Dave Brown04 May 2000DB0258.jpg 
MRD0458Just think! Under a year to go .....Martin Rowson10 May 2014MRD0458.jpg 
PC4602[no caption]Richard Willson05 Oct 1998PC4602.jpg 
SBD0556[no caption]Steve Bell09 Oct 1998SBD0556.jpg 
PC4681[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Oct 1998PC4681.jpg 
PC2672[no caption]Peter Brookes18 Oct 1997PC2672.jpg 
PC3317"Once again, luv, but with a bit of feeling, O.K.?Nicholas Garland04 Mar 1998PC3317.jpg 
65194"Your garden based on an Islamic carpet... it's flying away!" / "No, Dwight ... you ask her if she fancies a threesome!" / "... and if I catch anyone humming the music from 'Jaws' or 'Who let the dogs out?'...Tom Johnston24 May 200165194.jpg 
SBD0849"There's something fishy about these girlies' 'A' levels!" said Foetus of the Remove, incensed.Steve Bell18 Aug 2000SBD0849.jpg 
PC2136"Education is now the top priority!"Colin Whittock03 May 1997PC2136.jpg 
SBD0518[no caption]Steve Bell02 Jun 1998SBD0518.jpg 
106932"It's not just me, Prime Minister. All my friends here agree, cannabis should be legalised"Mac [Stan McMurtry]20 Jun 2018106932.jpg 
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