Person NameStraw; Jack
65842[no caption]Peter Brookes04 Jun 200365842.jpg 
65853[no caption]Dave Brown05 Jun 200365853.jpg 
65667"Gordon thinks we should join after we've found the weapons of mass destruction."Hector Breeze15 May 200365667.jpg 
59355"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..."Nicholas Garland17 Oct 200159355.jpg 
SC0236[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Jun 2003SC0236.jpg 
63899U.N. weapons inspectors visit No 10Paul Thomas07 Feb 200363899.jpg 
60987[no caption]Mark Reeve03 Mar 200260987.jpg 
65679[no caption]Dave Brown16 May 200365679.jpg 
63810[no caption]Steve Bell29 Jan 200363810.jpg 
64400"What do you think George would say to making one of our minor royals king?Hector Breeze03 Apr 200364400.jpg 
63949[no caption]Dave Brown12 Feb 200363949.jpg 
66071[no caption]Paul Thomas26 Jun 200366071.jpg 
63594[no caption]Dave Brown07 Jan 200363594.jpg 
65903"Nearly there ... wait for it ... wait for it."Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Jun 200365903.jpg 
64540[no caption]Dave Brown16 Apr 200364540.jpg 
65916[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Jun 200365916.jpg 
66118Ban this vile pursuit!Peter Brookes01 Jul 200366118.jpg 
64175[no caption]Steve Bell07 Mar 200364175.jpg 
65655[no caption]Paul Thomas14 May 200365655.jpg 
63637'May I remind you, sir, that we can't even knock out the Birmingham Burger Bar Boys'Michael Heath12 Jan 200363637.jpg 
64203[no caption]Patrick Blower10 Mar 200364203.jpg 
PC5385[no caption]Steve Fricker18 Jan 1999PC5385.jpg 
63667[no caption]Steve Bell15 Jan 200363667.jpg 
DB0363[no caption]Dave Brown01 Oct 1999DB0363.jpg 
66783Constitutional hopscotchNicholas Garland10 Sep 200366783.jpg 
61330[no caption]Steve Bell28 May 200261330.jpg 
61203[no caption]John Kent11 Apr 200261203.jpg 
60860[no caption]Steve Bell15 Mar 200260860.jpg 
DB0359[no caption]Dave Brown17 Dec 1999DB0359.jpg 
PC4800[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Oct 1998PC4800.jpg 
63614"Mush!"Nicholas Garland09 Jan 200363614.jpg 
63384[no caption]Paul Thomas10 Dec 200263384.jpg 
PC6076[no caption]Martin Rowson26 Apr 1999PC6076.jpg 
PC2595[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Sep 1997PC2595.jpg 
65866[no caption]Dave Brown06 Jun 200365866.jpg 
53893[no caption]Martin Rowson10 Apr 200053893.jpg 
59353[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Oct 200159353.jpg 
60257[no caption]Steve Bell16 Jan 200260257.jpg 
66063[no caption]Dave Brown25 Jun 200366063.jpg 
62549[no caption]Steve Bell18 Sep 200262549.jpg 
64200[no caption]Morten Morland10 Mar 200364200.jpg 
PC5601"D'you think the egg on Jack Straw's face is genetically modified?"Jonathan Pugh22 Feb 1999PC5601.jpg 
PC5653[no caption]Tom Johnston01 Mar 1999PC5653.jpg 
PC5659"He must be trying to avoid Jack Cunningham."Jonathan Pugh01 Mar 1999PC5659.jpg 
PC5663"It's amazin'. First question they asked when I dialled 999 and said my cat was stuck up a tree was,'What colour are you?'"Mac [Stan McMurtry]02 Mar 1999PC5663.jpg 
SBD0590[no caption]Steve Bell27 Jan 1999SBD0590.jpg 
PC5603"He didn't expect you all to have a go!"Tom Johnston22 Feb 1999PC5603.jpg 
PC5856Hiding behind the lawBill McArthur24 Mar 1999PC5856.jpg 
60507"Quicksand or not - I've half a mind to struggle."Nicholas Garland19 Feb 200260507.jpg 
59235[no caption]Gary Smith30 Oct 200159235.jpg 
60566[no caption]Dave Brown14 Feb 200260566.jpg 
66827[no caption]Steve Bell16 Sep 200366827.jpg 
64237Red Nose Day...Peter Brookes14 Mar 200364237.jpg 
PC0598[no caption]Steve Bell15 Nov 1996PC0598.jpg 
60247More Lost MarblesDave Brown17 Jan 200260247.jpg 
SC0101[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Jan 2000SC0101.jpg 
PC5116"It's an ideal solution - keep one and send the other home!"Peter Brookes09 Dec 1998PC5116.jpg 
PC5056[no caption]Bill McArthur30 Nov 1998PC5056.jpg 
63599[no caption]Steve Bell07 Jan 200363599.jpg 
SC0223[no caption]Peter Schrank05 Jan 2003SC0223.jpg 
60855[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Mar 200260855.jpg 
66278"The marble is said to be in poor condition due to the inferior quality of the stone and long exposure to the elements." (News Item)Nicholas Garland17 Jul 200366278.jpg 
60856[no caption]John Kent15 Mar 200260856.jpg 
62488[no caption]Paul Thomas24 Sep 200262488.jpg 
62485" ... Upon this charge cry 'God for Tony! England and Saint George W."Nicholas Garland24 Sep 200262485.jpg 
60450[no caption]Chris Riddell24 Jan 200260450.jpg 
62605Blair recalls Parliament...Paul Thomas12 Sep 200262605.jpg 
66257Massive increasein wind power unveiled....Peter Brookes15 Jul 200366257.jpg 
64095All behind you, TonyMartin Rowson26 Feb 200364095.jpg 
64628[no caption]Chris Riddell27 Apr 200364628.jpg 
62567[no caption]Dave Brown16 Sep 200262567.jpg 
61022[no caption]Paul Thomas29 Apr 200261022.jpg 
ADD0004[Mosul celebration]Andy Davey24 Jul 2003ADD0004.jpg 
62170[no caption]Dave Brown28 Aug 200262170.jpg 
58993[no caption]Dave Brown26 Sep 200158993.jpg 
53930Remember us?Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Apr 199953930.jpg 
61518[no caption]John Kent08 May 200261518.jpg 
66069[no caption]Steve Bell25 Jun 200366069.jpg 
PC1696[no caption]Nicola Jennings26 Apr 1997PC1696.jpg 
59003[no caption]Steve Bell25 Sep 200159003.jpg 
60682[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]03 Feb 200260682.jpg 
DB0365[no caption]Dave Brown25 May 1999DB0365.jpg 
PC4912"Hot property."Bill McArthur11 Nov 1998PC4912.jpg 
66804ResurrechoonSteve Bell12 Sep 200366804.jpg 
59851[no caption]Charles Griffin21 Dec 200159851.jpg 
66780[no caption]Charles Griffin10 Sep 200366780.jpg 
59146[no caption]Peter Schrank07 Sep 200159146.jpg 
PC5142[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Dec 1998PC5142.jpg 
PC5473[no caption]Ken Cox29 Jan 1999PC5473.jpg 
PC2684"The enforcer."Bill McArthur22 Sep 1997PC2684.jpg 
59598[no caption]Paul Thomas21 Nov 200159598.jpg 
59898[no caption]Dave Gaskill18 Dec 200159898.jpg 
PC1229[no caption]Ron McTrusty11 Apr 1997PC1229.jpg 
PC3058[no caption]Peter Brookes10 Jan 1998PC3058.jpg 
PC2557"Thank you Mr. Straw for banging up me mum and dad for six months."Charles Griffin22 Sep 1997PC2557.jpg 
PC5276[no caption]Richard Willson01 Jan 1999PC5276.jpg 
PC5598[no caption]David Austin22 Feb 1999PC5598.jpg 
PC5057Outlook, ChilePeter Brookes01 Dec 1998PC5057.jpg 
PC5606[no caption]Dave Gaskill23 Feb 1999PC5606.jpg 
PC5055[no caption]Paul Thomas30 Nov 1998PC5055.jpg 
PC5660"Oh no! Some thoughtless ignoramus must have released our address!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]01 Mar 1999PC5660.jpg 
PC5662"The Home Secretary wants some peace and quiet."Patrick Blower02 Mar 1999PC5662.jpg 
PC5605"Come on, folks. He doesn't want us to be a 'walk on by' society."Mac [Stan McMurtry]22 Feb 1999PC5605.jpg 
PC5671"I know it got Scary Spice good publicity! ... But there are other ways for a Home Secretary!"Tom Johnston02 Mar 1999PC5671.jpg 
PC5579"'Course, I was quite prepared to get them out myself..."Peter Brookes19 Feb 1999PC5579.jpg 
PC5597[no caption]Dave Brown22 Feb 1999PC5597.jpg 
60821[no caption]Dave Brown19 Mar 200260821.jpg 
63610"What are the odds on me remaining Foreign Secretary after the next reshuffle?"Hector Breeze09 Jan 200363610.jpg 
60179"Do you think we ought to stop it?"Nicholas Garland24 Jan 200260179.jpg 
61339[no caption]Peter Brookes28 May 200261339.jpg 
61998[no caption]Chris Riddell15 Jul 200261998.jpg 
61327[no caption]Dave Brown29 May 200261327.jpg 
64097The eyes to the right, the nose to the left....Peter Brookes27 Feb 200364097.jpg 
PC5032[no caption]Nicholas Garland26 Nov 1998PC5032.jpg 
62566The last [crossed out] latest Straw?Bill McArthur16 Sep 200262566.jpg 
PC5046[no caption]Peter Schrank29 Nov 1998PC5046.jpg 
PC5562[no caption]Dave Brown16 Feb 1999PC5562.jpg 
65981"For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings: how some have been depos'd, some slain in war, some haunted by the ghosts they have depos'd..." (richard II)Nicholas Garland17 Jun 200365981.jpg 
62211[no caption]Dave Brown23 Aug 200262211.jpg 
59570[no caption]Steve Bell23 Nov 200159570.jpg 
63707Not quite behind you, TonyDavid Simonds20 Jan 200363707.jpg 
62160[no caption]Gary Smith29 Aug 200262160.jpg 
61321[no caption]Paul Thomas29 May 200261321.jpg 
PC5358[no caption]Patrick Blower13 Jan 1999PC5358.jpg 
PC3052"Red squirrel loses more ground to grey invader"Nicholas Garland08 Jan 1998PC3052.jpg 
DB0073Tossing the DewarDave Brown09 Jul 1997DB0073.jpg 
62816'Didn't they hear the warning?'Trog [Wally Fawkes]20 Oct 200262816.jpg 
61400[no caption]Dave Brown21 May 200261400.jpg 
PC3531[no caption]Chris Priestley15 Apr 1998PC3531.jpg 
PC3428[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Mar 1998PC3428.jpg 
PC5054[no caption]Dave Brown30 Nov 1998PC5054.jpg 
63320[no caption]Dave Brown03 Dec 200263320.jpg 
SBD0067[no caption]Steve Bell26 Sep 1997SBD0067.jpg 
PC2414"Tag 'em all!"Bill McArthur31 Jul 1997PC2414.jpg 
DB0210[no caption]Dave Brown14 Jan 2000DB0210.jpg 
WF0078[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Jan 2000WF0078.jpg 
PC5637"Many countries already envy our race relations. But it has plainly not been enough."Nicholas Garland26 Feb 1999PC5637.jpg 
PC2867"Because it's there..."Nicholas Garland18 Nov 1997PC2867.jpg 
54878[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]23 Jul 200054878.jpg 
DB0153[no caption]Dave Brown16 Feb 1999DB0153.jpg 
PC6080[no caption]Steve O'Brien26 Apr 1999PC6080.jpg 
DB0156[no caption]Dave Brown22 Feb 1999DB0156.jpg 
74239[no caption]David Simonds29 Sep 200374239.jpg 
PC0506[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Oct 1996PC0506.jpg 
59719[no caption]Charles Griffin09 Nov 200159719.jpg 
PC5665"It's not the time off that matters ... ...It's spending it in Europe!"Peter Brookes02 Mar 1999PC5665.jpg 
WF0198Remember us?Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Apr 1999WF0198.jpg 
PC5583"- after a night on the town with Geoffrey..."Richard Willson29 Dec 1998PC5583.jpg 
59150[no caption]Charles Griffin07 Sep 200159150.jpg 
PC5130[no caption]Peter Brookes10 Dec 1998PC5130.jpg 
PC1627[no caption]Martin Rowson05 May 1997PC1627.jpg 
DB0042Adults cannot tell right from leftDave Brown05 Mar 1997DB0042.jpg 
PC5347"...Though the sky be dark and the voyage be long, Yet we never can think we were rash
or wrong, Wile round in our sieve we spin..." (The Jumblies)
Nicholas Garland13 Jan 1999PC5347.jpg 
PC4155"A long shot, Watson; a very long shot!" (Sherlock Holmes - 'Silver Blaze')Nicholas Garland22 Jul 1998PC4155.jpg 
PC4002"This way. If you don't get a seat you can't blame me!"Tom Johnston27 Jul 1998PC4002.jpg 
62657[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Sep 200262657.jpg 
66993Making monkeys of them ... A collective failure of intelligencePeter Brookes04 Oct 200366993.jpg 
PC1911New Labour - same old posturingBill McArthur22 May 1997PC1911.jpg 
DB0209[no caption]Dave Brown12 Jan 2000DB0209.jpg 
79984'Man at the back, with the brown shirt and black moustache... giving a Nazi salute'Michael Heath18 Oct 200979984.jpg 
WF0122[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]23 Jul 2000WF0122.jpg 
63754[no caption]Dave Brown24 Jan 200363754.jpg 
66997[no caption]Steve Bell02 Oct 200366997.jpg 
DB0112[no caption]Dave Brown19 Nov 1998DB0112.jpg 
WF0147[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]28 Feb 1999WF0147.jpg 
SBD0078[no caption]Steve Bell03 Dec 1997SBD0078.jpg 
83481"Personally, I wouldn't recommend France"AT12 Jan 200483481.jpg 
74257[no caption]David Simonds07 Jul 200374257.jpg 
83482No captionKnife [Duncan McCoshan]12 Jan 200483482.jpg 
SBD0294[no caption]Steve Bell15 Nov 1996SBD0294.jpg 
63546Seven Swans a' SwimmingCD [Chris Duggan]01 Jan 200363546.jpg 
SC0126Clueless FourPeter Schrank24 Sep 2000SC0126.jpg 
60685[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Feb 200260685.jpg 
SC0076[no caption]Peter Schrank16 Aug 1999SC0076.jpg 
60432[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Feb 200260432.jpg 
61938Going ape in GibRichard Willson22 Jul 200261938.jpg 
53355Training your AfghanPeter Brookes12 Feb 200053355.jpg 
102233On the RadarChristian Adams24 Feb 2015102233.jpg 
61794[no caption]Richard Willson07 Jun 200261794.jpg 
PC5564[no caption]Richard Willson16 Feb 1999PC5564.jpg 
96641Mr. Magoo's VacationDave Brown19 Apr 201296641.jpg 
102141"Oy! Get off our patch"Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Feb 2015102141.jpg 
66996No captionCharles Griffin02 October 200366996.jpg 
61328[no caption]Peter Brookes29 May 200261328.jpg 
ADD0004A[Mosul celebration]Andy Davey24 Jul 2003ADD0004A.jpg 
103914KnighthoodsDave Brown10 Feb 2016103914.jpg 
53143[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Jan 200053143.jpg 
SBD0334[no caption]Steve Bell19 Mar 1997SBD0334.jpg 
102266[Straw and Rifkind]Dave Brown24 Feb 2015102266.jpg 
74513Thinly veiled campaign...Dave Brown09 Oct 200674513.jpg 
100221Extraordinary Rendition...Dave Brown20 Dec 2013100221.jpg 
MRD0640Jack's Imaginary FriendsMartin Rowson24 Feb 2015MRD0640.jpg 
ADD0435[Blair Home Guard]Andy Davey29 Apr 2003ADD0435.jpg 
64767"He can stay in Britain as long as he remains sealed in those special trousers!" / "Bet it hasn't" / "For goodness sake, come out from behind Kate Moss and have something to eat, Vanessa!" / "We're on the waiting list to see Tony Blair!"Tom Johnston18 Jan 200064767.jpg 
PC2022"What's going on? Last week it was "Call me Tony", now this."Charles Griffin03 Jun 1997PC2022.jpg 
PC5120"It's OK. leave it for a bit. Let's see what happens."Nicholas Garland10 Dec 1998PC5120.jpg 
SBD0130[no caption]Steve Bell05 Nov 1998SBD0130.jpg 
PC5339[no caption]Dave Brown12 Jan 1999PC5339.jpg 
64763[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]16 Jan 200064763.jpg 
65229"Drink up, you lot!... Have you no stately homes to go to?" / "Gee! I wish my daughters were here they just love boos!" / "Yes, well, with everyone being so furious about the ministers' pay rises they're trying to make sure we can't afford petrol bombs!"Tom Johnston14 Jun 200165229.jpg 
PC1260"I don't mind doing live interviews but why do I have to be Blabbermouth Spice?"Charles Griffin15 Apr 1997PC1260.jpg 
PC0782[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Jan 1997PC0782.jpg 
64529The coalition has no plans to target Syria!Peter Brookes15 Apr 200364529.jpg 
PC1289"It looks like privatisation ridden by Tony Blair has left the rest of the field way behind."Charles Griffin09 Apr 1997PC1289.jpg 
PC3015SurpriseGerald Scarfe04 Jan 1998 
SBD0035[no caption]Steve Bell05 Mar 1997SBD0035.jpg 
PC5337[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Jan 1999PC5337.jpg 
PC5599[no caption]Nicola Jennings22 Feb 1999PC5599.jpg 
PC6173[no caption]Dave Brown07 May 1999PC6173.jpg 
64162Jack Straw and his Amazing Dancing BareDave Brown05 Mar 200364162.jpg 
PC2816"The fair cop"Bill McArthur03 Oct 1997PC2816.jpg 
SBD0583[no caption]Steve Bell13 Jan 1999SBD0583.jpg 
PC5053[no caption]Martin Rowson30 Nov 1998PC5053.jpg 
65489[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200065489.jpg 
63344Meanwhile, in the Former N.U.S. Presidents' Club...Martin Rowson05 Dec 200263344.jpg 
PC2888[no caption]Chris Priestley25 Nov 1997PC2888.jpg 
PC5338"With a hey-nonny-nonny and a nuts to you!"Nicholas Garland12 Jan 1999PC5338.jpg 
WF0214[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]09 Jan 2000WF0214.jpg 
PC5428[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 1999PC5428.jpg 
WF0157[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Mar 1999WF0157.jpg 
SBD0252British politics explained: the unwritten constitutionSteve Bell03 Apr 1994SBD0252.jpg 
MRD0694"Woof woof woof"Martin Rowson18 Aug 2015MRD0694.jpg 
SC0048[no caption]Peter Schrank02 Aug 1998SC0048.jpg 
SBD0447[no caption]Steve Bell25 Mar 1998SBD0447.jpg 
SBD0554[no caption]Steve Bell02 Oct 1998SBD0554.jpg 
PC1524Friend or foe: Robin Cook and John Prescott lead the sceptic charge against Tony Blair, who is shielded by Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson. In opposition, Labour has subdued its historic hostility to Europe.Richard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1524.jpg 
PC1016Comet [from Greek kometes, long haired] 1. A star-like nucleus surrounded with a misty light and consisting of gaseous matter. 2. A portentPeter Brookes12 Mar 1997PC1016.jpg 
65857[no caption]Steve Bell05 Jun 200365857.jpg 
64577[no caption]David Simonds21 Apr 200364577.jpg 
64224[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Mar 200364224.jpg 
PC3089Two porkers escape the chop...Peter Brookes15 Jan 1998PC3089.jpg 
65230"You've done it now, Portillo... she's changing back into her true alien form!" / "At least some folk can still afford to eat here!" / "We're really worried that he might say 'I am a donut' in English!" / "Mars is close tonight!"Tom Johnston15 Jun 200165230.jpg 
64188Dogs of WarPeter Brookes08 Mar 200364188.jpg 
63983IraqnophobiaPeter Brookes15 Feb 200363983.jpg 
66176[no caption]David Austin07 Jul 200366176.jpg 
PC3043[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Jan 1998PC3043.jpg 
PC5604[no caption]Dave Gaskill22 Feb 1999PC5604.jpg 
58991[no caption]David Austin26 Sep 200158991.jpg 
59599[no caption]Dave Brown21 Nov 200159599.jpg 
60664[no caption]Dave Brown05 Feb 200260664.jpg 
DB0113[no caption]Dave Brown20 Nov 1998DB0113.jpg 
PC5049[no caption]Gerald Scarfe29 Nov 1998 
PC0830"Very impressive, Mrs. Horlick, when can you start work?"Charles Griffin20 Jan 1997PC0830.jpg 
PC3568[no caption]Chris Priestley28 Apr 1998PC3568.jpg 
PC4359The Terror's BillNicola Jennings03 Sep 1998PC4359.jpg 
56661[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Jan 200156661.jpg 
PC0101[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Jul 1996PC0101.jpg 
60458[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 200260458.jpg 
PC0959AA miracle of science: a perfect copiesPeter Brookes25 Feb 1997PC0959A.jpg 
PC1462Dozens of hostages held for months in fight-to-the-death...Peter Brookes24 Apr 1997PC1462.jpg 
62646[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Sep 200262646.jpg 
65503Hurrah for the Berkeley Hunts! How to ingratiate yourself with the Countryside Lobby.Peter Brookes23 Dec 200065503.jpg 
PC4982[no caption]Dave Brown19 Nov 1998PC4982.jpg 
60709[no caption]Peter Brookes30 Mar 200260709.jpg 
62675[no caption]Dave Brown04 Sep 200262675.jpg 
64925"Yesterday I was a chief constable!" / "Of course, your majesty... I'm sure we can find something for Prince Philip!" / "Are you sure this is the quickest way?" / "Poor old Harry Chicken never quite hit the big time!"Tom Johnston05 Jul 200064925.jpg 
PC1599[no caption]Charles Griffin01 May 1997PC1599.jpg 
PC5611[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 Feb 1999PC5611.jpg 
PC5143[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Dec 1998PC5143.jpg 
PC4892[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Nov 1998PC4892.jpg 
63589[no caption]Richard Willson07 Jan 200363589.jpg 
64280[no caption]Patrick Blower19 Mar 200364280.jpg 
PC0825[no caption]Chris Riddell19 Jan 1997PC0825.jpg 
PC5024[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Nov 1998PC5024.jpg 
SC0061[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Feb 1999SC0061.jpg 
PC5652[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]28 Feb 1999PC5652.jpg 
PC4990[no caption]Dave Brown20 Nov 1998PC4990.jpg 
PC5357"Frank. Try not to keep using the term 'bed service' - Robin has to keep nipping out for a cold shower."Mac [Stan McMurtry]12 Jan 1999PC5357.jpg 
63664Palestinian Big BrotherDave Brown15 Jan 200363664.jpg 
DB0117[no caption]Dave Brown30 Nov 1998DB0117.jpg 
PC0486"Here they come with their holier-than-thou attitude."Charles Griffin22 Oct 1996PC0486.jpg 
64774"Let's do it to the music from the Archers!" / "If that guy doesn't stop staring at me...!" / "Thank you! ... Now on to General Pinochet...!"Tom Johnston25 Jan 200064774.jpg 
63582Twelve Drummers DrummingRichard Willson06 Jan 200363582.jpg 
64624The benefits of Sars ...Peter Brookes26 Apr 200364624.jpg 
PC2550"For one moment, when I saw 'PM' there, I thought it was Peter Mandelson's chair."Charles Griffin29 Sep 1997PC2550.jpg 
64207[no caption]Paul Thomas11 Mar 200364207.jpg 
62971[no caption]Nicholas Garland03 Oct 200262971.jpg 
66113The New Labour Art of Seduction...Martin Rowson30 Jun 200366113.jpg 
PC1073"Right, lads, this is how we get out of it ..."Peter Brookes25 Mar 1997PC1073.jpg 
SBD0394[no caption]Steve Bell03 Oct 1997SBD0394.jpg 
PC4887[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Nov 1998PC4887.jpg 
PC5763[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Mar 1999PC5763.jpg 
PC5587[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Feb 1999PC5587.jpg 
PC5773[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Mar 1999PC5773.jpg 
PC5492Party thrown off plane...Peter Brookes03 Feb 1999PC5492.jpg 
PC5812JellyblairiesNicholas Garland19 Mar 1999PC5812.jpg 
DB0134[no caption]Dave Brown13 Jan 1999DB0134.jpg 
65517[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200165517.jpg 
PC3574[no caption]Peter Brookes01 May 1998PC3574.jpg 
PC0416[no caption]Martin Rowson30 Sep 1996PC0416.jpg 
62951[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Oct 200262951.jpg 
65421[no caption]Richard Willson02 Jun 200265421.jpg 
65526[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200365526.jpg 
PC1615[no caption]Peter Brookes06 May 1997PC1615.jpg 
PC5273[no caption]Dave Gaskill22 Dec 1998PC5273.jpg 
64759[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]09 Jan 200064759.jpg 
64765Woolly New LabourChris Riddell16 Jan 200064765.jpg 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
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