Person Namebin Laden; Osama
Surnamebin Laden
59791[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Nov 200159791.jpg 
64316Good Lord! I thought you were dead!Robert Thompson23 Mar 200364316.jpg 
59277[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Oct 200159277.jpg 
59092[no caption]Nicholas Garland13 Sep 200159092.jpg 
59822[no caption]Nicola Jennings27 Dec 200159822.jpg 
63736Hate is...Paul Thomas22 Jan 200363736.jpg 
59424[no caption]Nicholas Garland09 Oct 200159424.jpg 
64311'Tell me about it!'Michael Heath23 Mar 200364311.jpg 
60376[no caption]Bernard Cookson04 Jan 200260376.jpg 
65658TrumpPatrick Blower14 May 200365658.jpg 
63018[no caption]Dave Brown29 Nov 200263018.jpg 
63594[no caption]Dave Brown07 Jan 200363594.jpg 
62870[no caption]Dave Gaskill14 Oct 200262870.jpg 
63785[no caption]Dave Gaskill27 Jan 200363785.jpg 
64456Cluster bomb...Peter Brookes09 Apr 200364456.jpg 
64046[no caption]Paul Thomas21 Feb 200364046.jpg 
59927[no caption]Nicholas Garland14 Dec 200159927.jpg 
59654[no caption]Steve Bell16 Nov 200159654.jpg 
59872[no caption]Dave Brown19 Dec 200159872.jpg 
59894"Time to shoot another video, O Mighty One!"Patrick Blower18 Dec 200159894.jpg 
63994And at No. 1 in the hit parade it's mixmaster Colin Powell with "Let's Iraq 'n' Roll"David Simonds17 Feb 200363994.jpg 
59764[no caption]Dave Gaskill05 Nov 200159764.jpg 
SC0222[no caption]Peter Schrank29 Dec 2002SC0222.jpg 
59883[no caption]Paul Thomas18 Dec 200159883.jpg 
59053'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind' - GandhiDave Brown19 Sep 200159053.jpg 
59899[no caption]Paul Thomas17 Dec 200159899.jpg 
65753[no caption]Mark Reeve25 May 200365753.jpg 
59625[no caption]Paul Thomas19 Nov 200159625.jpg 
PC4420"International terror"Bill McArthur24 Aug 1998PC4420.jpg 
59873[no caption]Paul Thomas19 Dec 200159873.jpg 
62860[no caption]Nicholas Garland15 Oct 200262860.jpg 
59431[no caption]Dave Gaskill09 Oct 200159431.jpg 
59050[no caption]Paul Thomas20 Sep 200159050.jpg 
59811[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]30 Dec 200159811.jpg 
59272[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Oct 200159272.jpg 
65394"I just threatened him with Tracy Shaw!" / "Sometimes I wish you weren't so easily led, Harold!" / "2 ... 6 ... 20 ... 24! ... 29?..."Tom Johnston11 Jan 200265394.jpg 
SC0220One track mindsPeter Schrank01 Dec 2002SC0220.jpg 
63017[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Nov 200263017.jpg 
59375[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Oct 200159375.jpg 
59263[no caption]Nicholas Garland26 Oct 200159263.jpg 
59382"Osama, we'll have to stop these propaganda broadcasts"Patrick Blower15 Oct 200159382.jpg 
59619[no caption]Steve Fricker19 Nov 200159619.jpg 
58986Loss-of-nerve gas attackNicholas Garland26 Sep 200158986.jpg 
59386[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Oct 200159386.jpg 
59410[no caption]Paul Thomas11 Oct 200159410.jpg 
59100[no caption]Mac [Stan McMurtry]13 Sep 200159100.jpg 
62854[no caption]Paul Thomas15 Oct 200262854.jpg 
59059Tuesday... Wednesday ... ThursdayPaul Thomas18 Sep 200159059.jpg 
59648'I was just thinking, Osama, you love death and I would love 25 million dollars...'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]16 Nov 200159648.jpg 
65341"Aw! Don't tell me he's too frightened to fly!" / "Pop idle!" / "Quick! What's the latest news? ... is Jordan pregnant or what?"Tom Johnston12 Nov 200165341.jpg 
63160Soaps through the agesPatrick Blower14 Nov 200263160.jpg 
59941[no caption]Dave Brown13 Dec 200159941.jpg 
63301[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]01 Dec 200263301.jpg 
59638[Osama Afghanistan troops]Peter Schrank18 Nov 200159638.jpg 
63990I'm winning.Chris Riddell16 Feb 200363990.jpg 
59906Grotto....Martin Rowson17 Dec 200159906.jpg 
59895Bin Laden Gon LadenSteve Bell18 Dec 200159895.jpg 
59657[no caption]David Austin15 Nov 200159657.jpg 
59463"A book of verses underneath the bough, a jug of wine, a loaf of bread - and thou beside me singing in the wilderness..."Nicholas Garland04 Oct 200159463.jpg 
66526[no caption]Paul Thomas12 Aug 200366526.jpg 
60952Evil triplets: latest picturePaul Thomas06 Mar 200260952.jpg 
59907'I bet he's shaved off his beard and slipped into Pakistan or somewhere that's easy to get into.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Dec 200159907.jpg 
59554[no caption]Nicola Jennings26 Nov 200159554.jpg 
63731Intelligence ReportMorten Morland22 Jan 200363731.jpg 
59539[no caption]Paul Thomas27 Nov 200159539.jpg 
59437'No, no. I insist - after you!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Oct 200159437.jpg 
59403"Won't yo come into my parlour" said the spider to the fly..."Nicholas Garland11 Oct 200159403.jpg 
62679'Don't worry. By the time they've processed our asylum applications the bombing will probably be over and we can go home.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Sep 200262679.jpg 
59501"Shoulder to shoulder, but, for Allah's sake, don't rock the boat."Richard Willson01 Oct 200159501.jpg 
59892[no caption]Peter Brookes18 Dec 200159892.jpg 
62653"Someone sneaking round the corner..." (Mack the Knive)Nicholas Garland06 Sep 200262653.jpg 
59325[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Oct 200159325.jpg 
64104"Never mind that Brit, we're after bigger fish..."Patrick Blower27 Feb 200364104.jpg 
65352"Big deal!" / "Hold on! ... I'm sure I can see a zip!" / "Of course it's a fake Potter broom ... it actually flies!" / "And now I think it's only fair we all be upstanding and sing the praises of Manchester City..."Tom Johnston26 Nov 200165352.jpg 
59750[no caption]Paul Thomas06 Nov 200159750.jpg 
59028[no caption]Steve Bell21 Sep 200159028.jpg 
58999[no caption]Paul Thomas25 Sep 200158999.jpg 
66756[no caption]Paul Thomas08 Sep 200366756.jpg 
59588'And another thing, Osama - you never take us anywhere'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]22 Nov 200159588.jpg 
59702[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Nov 200159702.jpg 
63008Where next?Paul Thomas29 Nov 200263008.jpg 
60597"I've got a feeling I've seen him once before!"Patrick Blower11 Feb 200260597.jpg 
59659[no caption]Dave Gaskill15 Nov 200159659.jpg 
59738Decent values... Bin Laden values...Peter Brookes07 Nov 200159738.jpg 
59002[no caption]David Austin25 Sep 200159002.jpg 
59929[no caption]Steve Bell14 Dec 200159929.jpg 
58960Devil's Boletus (Osama binladena)Peter Brookes29 Sep 200158960.jpg 
58981[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Sep 200158981.jpg 
65365"Blimey! I'd hate to be in bin Laden's position!" / "Then I thought, what's the one thing Tony really wants for Christmas?" / "Knock once if there's any chance of an Ena Sharples comeback!"Tom Johnston10 Dec 200165365.jpg 
62853[no caption]Steve Bell15 Oct 200262853.jpg 
SC0169A[no caption]Peter Schrank14 Oct 2001SC0169A.jpg 
65348"Who goes there?" / "Were the owls supposed to eat the entire cast in the first two minutes?" / "If Mrs Bush and Cherie Blair can express an opinion, so can your wives, Osama!" / "What's the turkey doing with that big white bird?"Tom Johnston21 Nov 200165348.jpg 
67737[no caption]Bill Caldwell24 Oct 200367737.jpg 
65378"Happy new euro!"Tom Johnston31 Dec 200165378.jpg 
59274[no caption]Charles Griffin26 Oct 200159274.jpg 
67897No captionPaul Thomas20 Nov 200367897.jpg 
65377"Edward?!" / "The Taliban have arrived!"Tom Johnston24 Dec 200165377.jpg 
65386"You had to go and wish him a happy new year, didn't you!" / "And when I say here's to the next 50... I'm not joking!"Tom Johnston02 Jan 200265386.jpg 
65510[no caption]Dave Brown28 Dec 200165510.jpg 
95885The stars of 2011...Ben Jennings30 Dec 201195885.jpg 
58971[no caption]Dave Brown28 Sep 200158971.jpg 
66899Breaking News Al-Jazeera ExclusivePaul Thomas12 Sep 200366899.jpg 
PC4295[no caption]Scott [Clissold; Scott]23 Aug 1998PC4295.jpg 
67909Where to next sir?David Simonds23 Nov 200367909.jpg 
98833Hands up if you're one of the good guys!Morten Morland15 Jun 201398833.jpg 
MRD0025The Man who once briefly imagined that Democracy was more important than Market Stability ...Martin Rowson05 Nov 2011MRD0025.jpg 
95231Just what is it that makes today's world so different, so unappealing?Christian Adams15 Sep 201195231.jpg 
99495So, what's your plan?Chris Riddell08 Sep 201399495.jpg 
65344"Ah, Smedley ... you're fired for smoking at home!" / "I'm afraid you're suffering from repetitive music injury!" / "So, did we manage to get a big name to switch on the lights?" / "Now if we could only think of something that would get Robin Cook to shave off his beard!"Tom Johnston16 Nov 200165344.jpg 
95980'If only I'd fled to Britain. I'd be out soon and living on benefits'Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Feb 201295980.jpg 
SC0169[no caption]Peter Schrank14 Oct 2001SC0169.jpg 
MRD0183Neck 'n' NeckMartin Rowson05 Nov 2012MRD0183.jpg 
59241The mighty OzRichard Willson29 Oct 200159241.jpg 
61401Latest bin Laden video received by Ministry of Defence and Royal Marines...Peter Brookes21 May 200261401.jpg 
97688Superman's career rethink....Christian Adams25 Oct 201297688.jpg 
59548[no caption]Richard Willson26 Nov 200159548.jpg 
89618"Grey can be sexy, Osama. Look at George Clooney"David Haldane08 Sep 200789618.jpg 
ADD0104No captionAndy Davey18 Jan 2012ADD0104.jpg 
65361"I'm not kicking you out for eating an apple ... I'm kicking you out for being the Hamiltons!" / "Sounds like my barber!" / "Any news about cave prices?"Tom Johnston06 Dec 200165361.jpg 
65371"I can't understand why I can't get a man under the mistletoe with me!" / "You wuz robbed!" / "Just go and check there are no photographers outside!" / "They've trained some wasps to sniff out bin Laden!"Tom Johnston18 Dec 200165371.jpg 
PC4299[no caption]Nicola Jennings24 Aug 1998PC4299.jpg 
65397"Don't worry ... he's not in line to the throne!" / "Hello ... Rentakill? ..." / "Well if you didn't make loads of phone votes to Pop Idol ... who did?"Tom Johnston15 Jan 200265397.jpg 
SBD1178"We've prepared this room for you, Mr Snowden. If you should need anything, just scream."Steve Bell25 Jun 2013SBD1178.jpg 
PC4300[no caption]Richard Willson24 Aug 1998PC4300.jpg 
59106[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Sep 200159106.jpg 
59838Laden with giftsNicola Jennings24 Dec 200159838.jpg 
65393"It won't be the latest model by the time we get it home!" / "Good news! ... the Queen is really keen on a King Charles at Buckingham Palace!" / "Oh my god ... somebody's stolen my mobile!"Tom Johnston10 Jan 200265393.jpg 
59008[no caption]Steve Fricker24 Sep 200159008.jpg 
65380"Well, I'll be glad when he learns to control his miracles!" / "That's right, sir ... I'm beginning to suspect they've moved on to hats!" / "Don't be silly! ... How on earth are you going to get down the pub in this weather?"Tom Johnston27 Dec 200165380.jpg 
65368"He says if the Blair family can be photographed at the door of Downing Street..." / "That would drive me crazy... what do the rest of you think?" / "They want to Consignia us to the scrapheap!" / "Well, if you're not off to cavort with supermodels how come you're wearing your cap?"Tom Johnston13 Dec 200165368.jpg 
65381"Will you stop throwing shrimps on it!" / "the ministry have sent flowers in triplicate!" / "Bomb wquad!" / "See how you followers are completely engrossed in your latest video!"Tom Johnston28 Dec 200165381.jpg 
59348[no caption]Nicola Jennings18 Oct 200159348.jpg 
99457I have a dre ..... nightmare!Dave Brown29 Aug 201399457.jpg 
PC4297[no caption]Steve O'Brien23 Aug 1998PC4297.jpg 
65360"It's a new game show ... the patient who can survive 6 months on a hospital trolley gets to go Bupa !" / "You're not the real Santa! ... You're Hagrid from Harry Potter!"Tom Johnston05 Dec 200165360.jpg 
65337"You should get yourself a stealth Harley!" / "I tell you that I won't give permission for a movie about my life ... unless I'm played by Brad Pitt!" / "I asked you to be truthful ... I didn't ask you to be Frank!" / "Do you think Blair will be making any more changes to hereditary laws?"Tom Johnston08 Nov 200165337.jpg 
65421[no caption]Richard Willson02 Jun 200265421.jpg 
65526[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200365526.jpg 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
59918'Oh, is this the bin Laden video? I thought it was Lord of the Rings'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]15 Dec 200159918.jpg 
66807Osama Bin laden's hilarious video out takesMatt [Pritchett; Matthew]12 Sep 200366807.jpg 
95502'Osama, I have someone here you simply must meet'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]21 Oct 201195502.jpg 
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