Person NameClinton; Hillary (1947-)
NG5177[no caption]Nicholas Garland20 Jan 1993NG5177.jpg 
PC5694Profile Hillary ClintonJohn Springs21 Feb 1999PC5694.jpg 
PC3138The State of the UnionCharles Griffin26 Jan 1998PC3138.jpg 
PC5751[no caption]Dave Gaskill12 Mar 1999PC5751.jpg 
36364Bush's LegacyPeter Brookes20 Jan 199336364.jpg 
36367[no caption]Nicholas Garland20 Jan 199336367.jpg 
SC0014[no caption]Peter Schrank19 Jan 1997SC0014.jpg 
PC4336"Psst ... where's Martha?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]20 Aug 1998PC4336.jpg 
PC3144In the line of fireNicholas Garland28 Jan 1998PC3144.jpg 
PC4865"I'll just ask my husband how he wants to celebrate the good news."Tom Johnston05 Nov 1998PC4865.jpg 
PC3168"Okay Hillary, honey. You take charge. But what can you do that I couldn't?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]26 Jan 1998PC3168.jpg 
PC4197[no caption]Dave Gaskill30 Jul 1998PC4197.jpg 
PC4526"So, shall we go out tonight or stay in and watch a videa?"Tom Johnston22 Sep 1998PC4526.jpg 
PC4480MEANWHILE...Nicholas Garland16 Sep 1998PC4480.jpg 
BAD0242Trump Prepares for Crucial TV Debate.....Brian Adcock26 Sep 2016BAD0242.jpg 
PC5748"We mustn't forget to buy a 'News' and a 'Mirror' in the morning."Nicholas Garland12 Mar 1999PC5748.jpg 
PC0571[no caption]Steve Bell07 Nov 1996PC0571.jpg 
SBD0086[no caption]Steve Bell28 Jan 1998SBD0086.jpg 
PC5581[no caption]Nicholas Garland19 Feb 1999PC5581.jpg 
BAD0212"My turn"Brian Adcock25 Apr 2016BAD0212.jpg 
BAD0172"Hello foreign oiks, let's do business!"Brian Adcock15 Jul 2016BAD0172.jpg 
PC4132"By the way, how's Hillary taking this?"Tom Johnston19 Aug 1998PC4132.jpg 
PC5263Happy New Year, everyoneTom Johnston01 Jan 1999PC5263.jpg 
SBD0546[no caption]Steve Bell12 Sep 1998SBD0546.jpg 
SBD0027[no caption]Steve Bell21 Jan 1997SBD0027.jpg 
SBD0292[no caption]Steve Bell07 Nov 1996SBD0292.jpg 
103901Super-TuesdayDave Brown02 Mar 2016103901.jpg 
103900[Trump's Hair and Clinton]Dave Brown03 Mar 2016103900.jpg 
PC4984"He said something about an important phone-call to the Mirror in Britain!"Tom Johnston19 Nov 1998PC4984.jpg 
PC4270[no caption]Peter Schrank31 Aug 1998PC4270.jpg 
PC3148"Don't do it, Bill. You hear me? I said, DON'T DO IT!"Charles Griffin29 Jan 1998PC3148.jpg 
PC4283"..And make him wear this, too!"Tom Johnston20 Aug 1998PC4283.jpg 
PC4110[no caption]Richard Willson06 Aug 1998PC4110.jpg 
103070Unimpeachable...Morten Morland13 Aug 2015  
SCD0257Throwing him off is gonna be a mammoth taskPeter Schrank06 Mar 2016  
PC5750[no caption]Patrick Blower12 Mar 1999PC5750.jpg 
SBD0542[no caption]Steve Bell20 Aug 1998SBD0542.jpg 
PC1965Photo-opportunismRichard Willson01 Jun 1997PC1965.jpg 
PC4366[no caption]Paul Thomas04 Sep 1998PC4366.jpg 
PC4411[no caption]John Minnion13 Sep 1998PC4411.jpg 
BAD0180A Basket of Deplorable...Brian Adcock12 Sep 2016BAD0180.jpg 
SBD0266[no caption]Steve Bell28 Aug 1996SBD0266.jpg 
PC4361....Now a thing of the past, over, done with & gone. - Gerry AdamsPeter Brookes03 Sep 1998PC4361.jpg 
PC4207[no caption]Dave Gaskill19 Aug 1998PC4207.jpg 
PC3481"Still, it's nice to find the old place much as we left it."Richard Willson03 Apr 1998PC3481.jpg 
101925[Snakes and Ladders]Christian Adams01 Jan 2014101925.jpg 
PC5273[no caption]Dave Gaskill22 Dec 1998PC5273.jpg 
104258[US Alphabet]Bob Moran04 Sep 2016104258.jpg 
104311And the winner is...Peter Brookes08 Jun 2016104311.jpg 
104377"Bang goes the glass ceiling!"Peter Brookes28 Jul 2016104377.jpg 
104379Vlad the ImaplerPeter Brookes29 Jul 2016104379.jpg 
104397"I know I'm unpopular but just take a look at the alternative..."Chris Riddell31 Jul 2016104397.jpg 
104357"Trump's caricatures are you nominated the real Hillary!"Christian Adams28 Jul 2016104357.jpg 
104419[Presidential Election Freefall]Christian Adams01 Aug 2016104419.jpg 
104306[Presidential Election]Gerald ScarfeAug 2016 
CLD0834Presidential Election 2016Scott [Clissold; Scott]06 Nov 2016CLD0834.jpg 
CLD0840"Is it all over?!"Scott [Clissold; Scott]09 Nov 2016CLD0840.jpg 
104755'I'm sorry to take so long. I can't make up my mind which one I loathe the least.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Nov 2016104755.jpg 
104542Who's the really sick one?Gerald Scarfe18 Sep 2016.jpg 
104606PollsChristian Adams13 Sep 2016104606.jpg 
104611Wonder Woman Versus the Mad Elephant - Round TwoGerald Scarfe09 Oct 2016 
BAD0261Decisions, Decisions...Brian Adcock06 Nov 2016BAD0261.jpg 
BAD0272"Trick or treat?"Brian Adcock30 Oct 2016BAD0272.jpg 
BAD0279"Thees ees my favoureet sport to interfere weeth..."Brian Adcock11 Dec 2016BAD0279.jpg 
BAD0297"There have been times when I just wanted to curl up with a book....."Brian Adcock18 Nov 2016BAD0297.jpg 
104676You ain't seen nothing yet...Christian Adams11 Oct 2016104676.jpg 
104707Somebody's out of their mind!!Christian Adams17 Oct 2016104707.jpg 
104706Department of JusticeChristian Adams31 Oct 2016104706.jpg 
104696AwkwardBob Moran30 Oct 2016104696.jpg 
104710Nature NotesPeter Brookes15 Oct 2016 
104817Miss AmericaGerald Scarfe06 Nov 2016 
104769Sentence deleted!Peter Brookes08 Nov 2016104769.jpg 
SBD1729"Nasty pussy!!"Steve Bell21 Oct 2016SBD1729.jpg 
SBD1741[Rendezvous]Steve Bell11 Nov 2016SBD1741.jpg 
MRD1118Trick or TreatMartin Rowson31 Oct 2017MRD1118.jpg 
105760"I sooooo can't believe the FBI are doing this"Patrick Blower09 Jun 2017105760.jpg 
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