Person NamePrescott; John
61877"John, dear. When does this Davis bloke start his new job?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]29 Jul 200361877.jpg 
61603[no caption]Steve Bell28 Jun 200261603.jpg 
63814[no caption]Dave Brown30 Jan 200363814.jpg 
65545Bagdad BounceNicholas Garland02 May 200365545.jpg 
DB0382Prole Spice weight loss shock!Dave Brown03 Dec 1999DB0382.jpg 
64807Underground MovementGerald Scarfe27 Feb 2000 
59355"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..."Nicholas Garland17 Oct 200159355.jpg 
60987[no caption]Mark Reeve03 Mar 200260987.jpg 
65679[no caption]Dave Brown16 May 200365679.jpg 
38267Crime CrusadeSteve Bell23 Feb 199338267.jpg 
61853[no caption]Dave Gaskill31 Jul 200361853.jpg 
66420[no caption]Morten Morland31 Jul 200366420.jpg 
61799[no caption]Dave Gaskill07 Jun 200261799.jpg 
65903"Nearly there ... wait for it ... wait for it."Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Jun 200365903.jpg 
64690[no caption]Chris Riddell11 Jul 199964690.jpg 
65060Prescott's bonfire night celebrationsGerald Scarfe05 Nov 2000 
65978Mangle of the NorthDave Brown17 Jun 200365978.jpg 
NG3915[no caption]Nicholas Garland20 Mar 1989NG3915.jpg 
63414'This one's for you, Cherie. The new ten lane M25 slip road goes right through the Daily Mail building.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]12 Dec 200263414.jpg 
64203[no caption]Patrick Blower10 Mar 200364203.jpg 
62778[no caption]Steve Bell24 Oct 200262778.jpg 
60729[no caption]Steve Bell28 Mar 200260729.jpg 
59908[no caption]Dave Gaskill17 Dec 200159908.jpg 
PC1504[no caption]Richard Willson27 Apr 1997PC1504.jpg 
PC0016It's good to talk ... BTPeter Brookes17 May 1996PC0016.jpg 
61303[no caption]Dave Gaskill31 May 200261303.jpg 
NG3527[no caption]Nicholas Garland11 Jan 1988NG3527.jpg 
61582[no caption]Steve Bell01 May 200261582.jpg 
DB0390[no caption]Dave Brown09 Jul 1999DB0390.jpg 
PC5375Official new portrait of John PrescottGerald Scarfe17 Jan 1999 
PC0029"You should be smacked, Tony, because you've been really naughty!"Michael Cummings15 Jun 1996PC0029.jpg 
NG5664A"The Swing" by FragonardNicholas Garland10 Dec 1994NG5664A.jpg 
PC1299[no caption]Nicola Jennings16 Apr 1997PC1299.jpg 
SBD0273[no caption]Steve Bell17 Sep 1996SBD0273.jpg 
PC1551"No safety net."Bill McArthur29 Apr 1997PC1551.jpg 
PC2449"I bet Laa Laa is telling 'im we're all gaa gaa."Charles Griffin28 Aug 1997PC2449.jpg 
PC1945Probationary DriverBill McArthur02 Jun 1997PC1945.jpg 
PC0121New Labour ... / ... New DangerNicholas Garland03 Jul 1996PC0121.jpg 
PC0904[no caption]Martin Rowson10 Feb 1997PC0904.jpg 
64961"Oh look honey... a traditional British lynch-mob!" / "One gets a better class of yob around here!" / "Here he comes.... '14 pints!"Tom Johnston10 Aug 200064961.jpg 
65866[no caption]Dave Brown06 Jun 200365866.jpg 
PC0114The Road to the ManifestoRichard Cole01 Jul 1996PC0114.jpg 
PC0258[no caption]Richard Cole12 Aug 1996PC0258.jpg 
DB0370[no caption]Dave Brown01 Jan 1999 - 31 Dec 1999DB0370.jpg 
PC0577"Before anyone asks, yes, I'm wearing my wife's wig.'Charles Griffin08 Nov 1996PC0577.jpg 
PC5322[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Jan 1999PC5322.jpg 
PC1525[no caption]Richard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1525.jpg 
PC0915"You're dead meat, Hogg."Peter Brookes14 Feb 1997PC0915.jpg 
PC5045[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Nov 1998PC5045.jpg 
PC2340[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Aug 1997PC2340.jpg 
PC5639"Don't you just love to be in control...."Richard Willson26 Feb 1999PC5639.jpg 
61343[no caption]Dave Brown27 May 200261343.jpg 
PC3996[no caption]Dave Gaskill21 Jul 1998PC3996.jpg 
60414[no caption]Steve Bell27 Feb 200260414.jpg 
64862"Yeah, now we're doing all the door numbers!" / "Mind you, its faster than public transport!" / "That's nothing... look what I can do!" / "I say, can we have our bomb back?"Tom Johnston26 Apr 200064862.jpg 
SBD0520[no caption]Steve Bell10 Jun 1998SBD0520.jpg 
PC3835[no caption]John Minnion13 Jun 1998PC3835.jpg 
PC5432Leaving the partyTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Jan 1999PC5432.jpg 
PC4255[no caption]Steve O'Brien16 Aug 1998PC4255.jpg 
PC5284[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]03 Jan 1999PC5284.jpg 
DB0393[no caption]Dave Brown12 Oct 1999DB0393.jpg 
66430[no caption]Dave Brown01 Aug 200366430.jpg 
62133[no caption]John Kent01 Jul 200262133.jpg 
60693[no caption]Dave Gaskill01 Feb 200260693.jpg 
60369[no caption]Dave Brown04 Jan 200260369.jpg 
64978Prescott attempts to keep Labour's rural seatGerald Scarfe27 Aug 2000 
64908"Here he comes... two clarifications!" / "Is this the end of the day?" / "Man at Jobcentre!"Tom Johnston16 Jun 200064908.jpg 
63054Pouring Oil on Trouble Waters ...Martin Rowson25 Nov 200263054.jpg 
64691Transport ProblemsGerald Scarfe11 Jul 1999 
64884"Don't even think about having twins!" / "Ahhh, look.... Alastair Campbell is writing the baby's first words!" / "The crying, screaming and temper tantrums can be very exhausting ... so I've told Mandelson and Gordon Brown to stop it!" / "Let's call him Tony!"Tom Johnston22 May 200064884.jpg 
65281"Betty!... where do you think you're going, Betty?... the kids haven't dug me out yet!... Betty!..." / "Hold up! ... doesn't the ref normally just have a whistle?" / "Gee whizz, honey... the guy just can't make his mind up!"Tom Johnston31 Aug 200165281.jpg 
64005[no caption]Steve Bell18 Feb 200364005.jpg 
PC2322[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Aug 1997PC2322.jpg 
PC2991[no caption]Steve Bell19 Dec 1997PC2991.jpg 
SBD0442[no caption]Steve Bell11 Mar 1998SBD0442.jpg 
60175[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Jan 200260175.jpg 
PC4666[no caption]Charles Griffin02 Oct 1998PC4666.jpg 
63100navigating in troubled watersCD [Chris Duggan]21 Nov 200263100.jpg 
62496[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Sep 200262496.jpg 
59971[no caption]Dave Gaskill10 Dec 200159971.jpg 
62485" ... Upon this charge cry 'God for Tony! England and Saint George W."Nicholas Garland24 Sep 200262485.jpg 
ADD0009John the BuilderAndy Davey31 Jul 2003ADD0009.jpg 
SC0089[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Sep 1999SC0089.jpg 
64095All behind you, TonyMartin Rowson26 Feb 200364095.jpg 
60040Happy families...Peter Brookes28 Dec 199960040.jpg 
62787[no caption]Steve Bell23 Oct 200262787.jpg 
64924"... and stop calling me two Kens!" / "Ruddy Harry Potter tout!" / "Where exactly did you steal this chicken?" / It's Tony Blair offering you both jobs as spin doctors!"Tom Johnston04 Jul 200064924.jpg 
64985"Oh no... a ruddy blockade!" / "Brown is wonderful... a real asset to the party... it's her grumpy husband I can't stand!" / Which way did the prime minister go?" / "Must be the Romanian flag!"Tom Johnston28 Sep 200064985.jpg 
60735[no caption]John Kent28 Mar 200260735.jpg 
57844[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]20 May 200157844.jpg 
61528[no caption]Dave Gaskill07 May 200261528.jpg 
66464[no caption]Paul Thomas05 Aug 200366464.jpg 
63034[no caption]Steve Bell27 Nov 200263034.jpg 
63047Hoax callers cause chaosTim Sanders26 Nov 200263047.jpg 
64389'All together now, when he comes round - April Fool!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]01 Apr 200364389.jpg 
64702Total EclipseGerald Scarfe08 Aug 1999 
PC0034The War of the RosesNicholas Garland20 May 1996PC0034.jpg 
PC0311[no caption]Nicholas Garland30 Aug 1996PC0311.jpg 
65429Affordable housing and rising damp -Gerald Scarfe21 Jul 2002 
59914[no caption]Mark Reeve16 Dec 200159914.jpg 
36935His master's VoiceGeorge Gale19 Jan 198836935.jpg 
PC1903[no caption]Graham High16 Apr 1997PC1903.jpg 
62792[no caption]Nicholas Garland22 Oct 200262792.jpg 
PC2149"How come everyone recognises me even when I'm wearing this mask?"Charles Griffin25 Jun 1997PC2149.jpg 
PC3350"The Great Train Robbery."Bill McArthur30 Jan 1998PC3350.jpg 
59851[no caption]Charles Griffin21 Dec 200159851.jpg 
62025Rubbish to be charges per sackDave Brown12 Jul 200262025.jpg 
PC1305[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Apr 1997PC1305.jpg 
PC1091"The fox actually likes it!"Michael Cummings29 Mar 1997PC1091.jpg 
PC1028[no caption]Michael Cummings15 Mar 1997PC1028.jpg 
NG4968Flower ShowNicholas Garland19 May 1992NG4968.jpg 
61405[no caption]Dave Gaskill20 May 200261405.jpg 
PC0113[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Jun 1996PC0113.jpg 
60407[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Feb 200260407.jpg 
SC0176[no caption]Peter Schrank17 Apr 2001SC0176.jpg 
59898[no caption]Dave Gaskill18 Dec 200159898.jpg 
PC0607[no caption]Martin Rowson18 Nov 1996PC0607.jpg 
PC1507"We can keep them down for another five days, Tony. I've just put ten tons of cement on a few of the Brothers!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]27 Apr 1997PC1507.jpg 
PC1324"Look men, Major's having trouble with his crew."Charles Griffin18 Apr 1997PC1324.jpg 
PC2576"You won't forget to mention that Seve and the team had something to do with it, will you, Tony?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]29 Sep 1997PC2576.jpg 
PC2569No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Aug 1997PC2569.jpg 
PC2909[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Nov 1997PC2909.jpg 
PC3206[no caption]Peter Brookes14 Feb 1998PC3206.jpg 
PC3389"Don't look at me."Charles Griffin11 Mar 1998PC3389.jpg 
PC4320[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Aug 1998PC4320.jpg 
PC3540[no caption]Peter Brookes18 Apr 1998PC3540.jpg 
PC3772[no caption]Chris Priestley04 Jun 1998PC3772.jpg 
PC5679Native species 'Poundus Britannicus' under threatBill McArthur03 Mar 1999PC5679.jpg 
PC0933"An own goal! Do you think Hogg knows what he's doing, or what?"Charles Griffin18 Feb 1997PC0933.jpg 
PC3998Prescott's vision of the Millennium Dome : January 1, 2000Dave Gaskill22 Jul 1998PC3998.jpg 
PC4444"New Labour - Old Problem"Bill McArthur15 Sep 1998PC4444.jpg 
PC5276[no caption]Richard Willson01 Jan 1999PC5276.jpg 
PC4184[no caption]Paul Thomas20 Jul 1998PC4184.jpg 
PC4778[no caption]Peter Brookes24 Oct 1998PC4778.jpg 
PC5584"...And you can take back yer - mistletoe an' all ..."Richard Willson30 Dec 1998PC5584.jpg 
64997"Fill her up!" / "Er, hello.... Mo?" / "I suppose we'd better do some panic shoplifting!" / "Faster!"Tom Johnston14 Sep 200064997.jpg 
SC0141[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Dec 2000SC0141.jpg 
PC5641[no caption]Paul Thomas26 Feb 1999PC5641.jpg 
PC6017[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 Apr 1999PC6017.jpg 
PC4151PRESCOTTZILLAPeter Brookes21 Jul 1998PC4151.jpg 
64701The Phantom ReshuffleChris Riddell01 Aug 199964701.jpg 
52196[no caption]Peter Brookes25 Sep 199952196.jpg 
63042[no caption]Dave Gaskill26 Nov 200263042.jpg 
64988"You're going round in circles, Henry!" / "Last year you could walk on it!" / "... with love?" / "Just my luck to get the most ridiculous hat in the show!"Tom Johnston25 Sep 200064988.jpg 
59646[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Nov 200159646.jpg 
61309[no caption]John Kent31 May 200261309.jpg 
63036[no caption]Dave Brown27 Nov 200263036.jpg 
64995[no caption]Gerald Scarfe17 Sep 2000 
64707[no caption]Peter Schrank22 Aug 199964707.jpg 
63802[no caption]Tim Sanders29 Jan 200363802.jpg 
64899"Expensive? ... They have to pay through the nose!" / "Run! Unless you want to meet Camilla officially!" / "What did you bring back from Dunkirk this time, love?" / "Not that casual, John!"Tom Johnston06 Jun 200064899.jpg 
64820"She only cares about departing generals!" / "Perhaps it's just as well... if the beard had stood as an independent candidate it would bave beaten Frank too!" / "Here's the plan... we commit the crime, lie to the police, go to prison... then, after a few months, we sell our story to the Sunday Times!"Tom Johnston13 Mar 200064820.jpg 
62141[no caption]Peter Brookes31 Aug 200262141.jpg 
PC2859"Yoohoo John, I think I've spent your pay rise already."Charles Griffin18 Sep 1997PC2859.jpg 
65879"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I haven't finished yet! This is a church and this is a steeple ... !Michael Heath08 Jun 200365879.jpg 
PC2068[no caption]David Austin16 Jun 1997PC2068.jpg 
PC0033[no caption]Nicholas Garland16 May 1996PC0033.jpg 
63127[no caption]Dave Brown18 Nov 200263127.jpg 
PC0517VespersPeter Brookes22 Oct 1996PC0517.jpg 
PC1768"If you ask me, he's taking this 'servants of the people' bit too far"Charles Griffin09 May 1997PC1768.jpg 
PC2574[no caption]Peter Brookes27 Sep 1997PC2574.jpg 
PC2694"The House will be glad to hear that after much deliberation and discussion this government has made a firm decision - heads we go, tails we don't ..."Mac [Stan McMurtry]27 Oct 1997PC2694.jpg 
65981"For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings: how some have been depos'd, some slain in war, some haunted by the ghosts they have depos'd..." (richard II)Nicholas Garland17 Jun 200365981.jpg 
61932[no caption]Dave Brown22 Jul 200261932.jpg 
61842[no caption]Peter Brookes01 Jun 200361842.jpg 
PC1836"Teletubbies row: new style programme "Slow, banal, ill-conceived..."Peter Brookes22 May 1997PC1836.jpg 
PC4324[no caption]Dave Gaskill01 Sep 1998PC4324.jpg 
PC2042[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Jun 1997PC2042.jpg 
PC1803Hitting the ground running ...Nicholas Garland15 May 1997PC1803.jpg 
PC3052"Red squirrel loses more ground to grey invader"Nicholas Garland08 Jan 1998PC3052.jpg 
PC4635"The good shepherd."Bill McArthur30 Sep 1998PC4635.jpg 
65211"Hi! ... Mr Prescott?..." / "Right! ... Come at me with the egg!"Tom Johnston18 May 200165211.jpg 
61963[no caption]Steve Bell18 Jul 200261963.jpg 
64946"Now, sir, you know very well that you're too late for the Plymouth Unveiled exhibition!" / "Did you learn anything interesting from President Putin besided the judo moves?" / "... and if the operation is not re-scheduled within 28 days you get a free pizza!" / "Luckily, I don't have a driving licence!"Tom Johnston25 Jul 200064946.jpg 
65347"Your henchmen have flushed Gordon Brown from his lair!" / "Another ruddy queue jumber!" / "Yes, yes! It feels wonderful! .. I wonder what Sam Mendes is doing now?"Tom Johnston20 Nov 200165347.jpg 
62317saving the environmentRon McTrusty12 Aug 200262317.jpg 
64803"I think we could reduce the queues of kids, boss... if you moved your head away from the letter 'D'!" / "We're willing to hand over all our John Lennon records!" / "He wants compensation for the stress of chasing postmen!" / "Here he comes... two faces!"Tom Johnston23 Feb 200064803.jpg 
PC4160[no caption]Martin Rowson24 Jul 1998PC4160.jpg 
PC3059[no caption]Peter Brookes10 Jan 1998PC3059.jpg 
65391"Now Blunkett has introduced the community spin doctor!" / "It came complete with fat cats, pickets and bungling politicians!" / "Isn't it lovely that your teachers are so keen on making sure you come to school!" / "Well, it's one way of stopping thugs running off with your mobile!"Tom Johnston08 Jan 200265391.jpg 
PC3149Leaves on the lineNicholas Garland30 Jan 1998PC3149.jpg 
NG5523"He flies through the air with the greatest of ease..."Nicholas Garland05 Jul 1994NG5523.jpg 
PC3428[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Mar 1998PC3428.jpg 
61313[no caption]Steve Bell30 May 200261313.jpg 
SBD0376[no caption]Steve Bell31 Jul 1997SBD0376.jpg 
WF0179Blair HuntingTrog [Wally Fawkes]11 Jul 1999WF0179.jpg 
PC4150Godzilla (now showing)Nicholas Garland21 Jul 1998PC4150.jpg 
PC0792"Spare a policy, Guv?"Nicholas Garland08 Jan 1997PC0792.jpg 
SC0073[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Jul 1999SC0073.jpg 
SBD0220[no caption]Steve Bell27 Sep 1994SBD0220.jpg 
64513Prescott's ProgressPatrick Blower16 Mar 199964513.jpg 
PC1720"We are not here to enjoy the trappings of power..."Nicholas Garland08 May 1997PC1720.jpg 
PC2867"Because it's there..."Nicholas Garland18 Nov 1997PC2867.jpg 
NG3649"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall ..."Nicholas Garland09 Jun 1988NG3649.jpg 
CU1619"You should be smacked, Tony, because you've been really naughty!"Michael Cummings15 Jun 1996CU1619.jpg 
DB0376[no caption]Dave Brown30 Jul 1999DB0376.jpg 
63152[no caption]Nicholas Garland15 Nov 200263152.jpg 
SC0018[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Feb 1997SC0018.jpg 
SBD0066[no caption]Steve Bell23 Sep 1997SBD0066.jpg 
PC2578[no caption]Dave Brown01 Oct 1997PC2578.jpg 
74239[no caption]David Simonds29 Sep 200374239.jpg 
41554"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall ..."Nicholas Garland09 Jun 198841554.jpg 
DB0135[no caption]Dave Brown14 Jan 1999DB0135.jpg 
PC3154[no caption]Gerald Scarfe01 Feb 1998PC3154.jpg 
64812"And I'm not sure about our new nanny... Mrs Doubstone!" / "And every one of them with a double garage!" / "I'm still trying to persuade Howard to get us a telephone!" / "The old patches didn't work then!"Tom Johnston09 Mar 200064812.jpg 
PC3396"Do you ever get the feeling something's out to get you?"Peter Brookes13 Mar 1998PC3396.jpg 
SC0125[no caption]Peter Schrank17 Sep 2000SC0125.jpg 
PC1627[no caption]Martin Rowson05 May 1997PC1627.jpg 
DB0332[no caption]Dave Brown29 Dec 2000DB0332.jpg 
64969"Is this your A level results or just one of the easy exam questions?" / "I too blame Neil Morrissey for everything!" / "Of course, these days everyone who is anyone has one!"Tom Johnston18 Aug 200064969.jpg 
PC5347"...Though the sky be dark and the voyage be long, Yet we never can think we were rash
or wrong, Wile round in our sieve we spin..." (The Jumblies)
Nicholas Garland13 Jan 1999PC5347.jpg 
65039"... and, of course, at £18 million one has to protect our investment... are you all right in there, Rio?" / "there'll be heavy rain from the north, gales from the Atlantic and John Prescott storming from the UN climate conference!" / "They've gone all lah-di-dah since their mum had her neck wrung by the Queen!"Tom Johnston27 Nov 200065039.jpg 
65119"Son of a Bush!" / "That's right, Mary... now I'm lying on the beach!" / "What makes you think our school is bog standard?"Tom Johnston19 Feb 200165119.jpg 
64817"Wake me up when new Labour has destroyed itself!" / "Sorry, Ken... there's a block of flats going up over your newt pond!" / "Now get me Frank Dobson and Ken Livingstone!"Tom Johnston08 Mar 200064817.jpg 
PC6144"In answer to the honourable member's question, no, Hindu's do not eat beef. But I fail to see what business it is of his."Charles Griffin1996PC6144.jpg 
65125"And your pilots today are Myrtel and Harvey Goldstein, a very nice couple on a weekend visit from New Jersey!" / "Have you met my good friend, Barrington Fitzroy de Vere-Featherington?" / "How wonderfully romantic of you, darling to buy me the James Bond car... oooo, what's this button do?"Tom Johnston16 Feb 200165125.jpg 
PC6143"Well, if you didn't put it up, who did ?"Charles Griffin01 Mar 1996 - 31 Mar 1996PC6143.jpg 
67644[no caption]Steve Bell03 Oct 200367644.jpg 
PC4002"This way. If you don't get a seat you can't blame me!"Tom Johnston27 Jul 1998PC4002.jpg 
ADD0016Ah yes, valley of the shadow of death ... let's see - fear no evil ... right - er.... got my rod - yup .... my staff? Hmmm, bit crooked but still hanging in there - now, where's that flock?Andy Davey29 Aug 2003ADD0016.jpg 
DB0219[no caption]Dave Brown02 Feb 2000DB0219.jpg 
62657[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Sep 200262657.jpg 
65322"Aw, no!... we've just photographed each other speeding!"
"What idiot told him he looked great in Chinese gear?"
"By the way, have you got rid of Jo Moore yet?"
"I'm afraid we've completely sold out of bin Laden costumes!"
Tom Johnston23 Oct 200165322.jpg 
66993Making monkeys of them ... A collective failure of intelligencePeter Brookes04 Oct 200366993.jpg 
SBD0068[no caption]Steve Bell02 Oct 1997SBD0068.jpg 
SBD0023[no caption]Steve Bell17 Dec 1996SBD0023.jpg 
PC2817[no caption]Bill McArthur02 Oct 1997PC2817.jpg 
SBD0140[no caption]Steve Bell15 Jan 1999SBD0140.jpg 
SBD0229The Triumph of John Bullsh...Steve Bell02 Mar 1995SBD0229.jpg 
PC2427[no caption]Dave Brown17 Aug 1997PC2427.jpg 
SBD0553[no caption]Steve Bell30 Sep 1998SBD0553.jpg 
SBD0183[no caption]Steve Bell16 Apr 1992SBD0183.jpg 
SBD0073Giving up tobacco advertising can seriously damage your nation's economy Chief Medical Officers' Warning: 120mg Bullshit 199.9mg liesSteve Bell06 Nov 1997SBD0073.jpg 
SBD0772[no caption]Steve Bell25 Feb 2000SBD0772.jpg 
SBD0535[no caption]Steve Bell31 Jul 1998SBD0535.jpg 
SBD0044[no caption]Steve Bell30 Apr 1997SBD0044.jpg 
102968"We'll keep the red flag flying here..."Peter Brookes24 Jul 2015102968.jpg 
60432[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Feb 200260432.jpg 
74258The Dodgy Dossier A New Labour Spin ProductionMichael Heath05 Jul 200374258.jpg 
66445[no caption]Martin Rowson03 Aug 200366445.jpg 
65344"Ah, Smedley ... you're fired for smoking at home!" / "I'm afraid you're suffering from repetitive music injury!" / "So, did we manage to get a big name to switch on the lights?" / "Now if we could only think of something that would get Robin Cook to shave off his beard!"Tom Johnston16 Nov 200165344.jpg 
PC1832[no caption]Richard Willson21 May 1997PC1832.jpg 
MRD0336Prehistoric MonstersMartin Rowson23 Sep 2013MRD0336.jpg 
SBD0058[no caption]Steve Bell29 Jul 1997SBD0058.jpg 
PC0175" - He's gotta ticket to ri-i-ide."Richard Willson19 Jul 1996PC0175.jpg 
PC0108[no caption]Richard Willson01 Jul 1996PC0108.jpg 
51601No captionDave Brown21 Jul 199951601.jpg 
97661No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]18 Nov 201297661.jpg 
61328[no caption]Peter Brookes29 May 200261328.jpg 
66864[no caption]Morten Morland19 Sep 200366864.jpg 
PC3337"Hull is other people..."Peter Brookes11 Mar 1998PC3337.jpg 
ADD0009AJohn the BuilderAndy Davey31 Jul 2003ADD0009A.jpg 
SBD0334[no caption]Steve Bell19 Mar 1997SBD0334.jpg 
74513Thinly veiled campaign...Dave Brown09 Oct 200674513.jpg 
PC4148[no caption]Chris Priestley21 Jul 1998PC4148.jpg 
102396"Ey-oop Northern Power 'ouse!!"Steve Bell24 Jun 2014102396.jpg 
PC2998[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Dec 1997PC2998.jpg 
PC0686Rebel Labour M.P.'s face 'red card' disrepute charge. News itemNicholas Garland05 Dec 1996PC0686.jpg 
PC2022"What's going on? Last week it was "Call me Tony", now this."Charles Griffin03 Jun 1997PC2022.jpg 
PC4923"Turn again Livingstone!"Nicholas Garland12 Nov 1998PC4923.jpg 
PC3256[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Feb 1998PC3256.jpg 
PC2471[no caption]Dave Gaskill25 Aug 1997PC2471.jpg 
NG5476"Killer cat at No. 10?" (News item)Nicholas Garland09 Jun 1994NG5476.jpg 
PC3330[no caption]Peter Brookes07 Mar 1998PC3330.jpg 
PC3997'Thank heavens so far the Press have only found out about Cherie's magic pendant.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Jul 1998PC3997.jpg 
SBD0130[no caption]Steve Bell05 Nov 1998SBD0130.jpg 
PC6177[no caption]Martin Rowson31 Dec 1998PC6177.jpg 
SBD0552[no caption]Steve Bell29 Sep 1998SBD0552.jpg 
65005"England won the cricket!" / "Er, Tony... they're not chanting more, more, more!" / "So, how did the Pope find out about our leaking roof?" / "and to give my outfit an authentic Scottish influence I'm not wearing any underpants!"Tom Johnston05 Sep 200065005.jpg 
65229"Drink up, you lot!... Have you no stately homes to go to?" / "Gee! I wish my daughters were here they just love boos!" / "Yes, well, with everyone being so furious about the ministers' pay rises they're trying to make sure we can't afford petrol bombs!"Tom Johnston14 Jun 200165229.jpg 
PC1260"I don't mind doing live interviews but why do I have to be Blabbermouth Spice?"Charles Griffin15 Apr 1997PC1260.jpg 
PC4567Armed police join junt for 'puma' (News item)Nicholas Garland29 Sep 1998PC4567.jpg 
SBD0425[no caption]Steve Bell15 Jan 1998SBD0425.jpg 
65103"Fined £1 17s 6d!" / "Oh, darling?..." / "No more drugs for me! ... The hallucinations are becoming too weird!" / "I'm on the waiting list for a French kiss!"Tom Johnston17 Jan 200165103.jpg 
PC0890"I've got such a wonderful feel good factor, I decided to dress for dinner."Michael Cummings08 Feb 1997PC0890.jpg 
65305"Have you noticed that I've tightened conference security?" / "Don't you think you look much better with your ears pinned back?" / "He wanted something special for the Tory conference!" / "That's all that's left of Swissair!"Tom Johnston03 Oct 200165305.jpg 
PC2442London congestion - is this the end of the two-car deputy premiership?Richard Willson24 Aug 1997PC2442.jpg 
PC0843"Damn. Looks like Blair has upstaged us again."Charles Griffin24 Jan 1997PC0843.jpg 
PC0874"I'm sorry, Your Majesty, you can't name your new yacht Britannia - but Euromania, instead!"Michael Cummings01 Feb 1997PC0874.jpg 
65083"Well caught, Cowdrey!" / "Ah! Here's Prescott!"Tom Johnston07 Dec 200065083.jpg 
PC1731"We propose a freedom of information act..."Peter Brookes09 May 1997PC1731.jpg 
PC2237"I regret to inform the House that the Christie's auction of my formal suits raised only 4 (pounds) 73 (pence) for the Exchequer."Charles Griffin29 Jun 1997PC2237.jpg 
PC2368"Ey. Mandy. I'm supposed to be looking after 'er while Tony's away."Charles Griffin13 Aug 1997PC2368.jpg 
PC1289"It looks like privatisation ridden by Tony Blair has left the rest of the field way behind."Charles Griffin09 Apr 1997PC1289.jpg 
NG4954"Go! Get set! On your marks!"Nicholas Garland29 Apr 1992NG4954.jpg 
PC2331[no caption]Richard Willson08 Aug 1997PC2331.jpg 
PC1769"Full marks for the casual look, Gordon, but lacking in style I feel".Charles Griffin07 May 1997PC1769.jpg 
PC2377[no caption]Chris Riddell18 Aug 1997PC2377.jpg 
PC0077"Skeletons in the policy closet.Martin Rowson19 May 1996PC0077.jpg 
PC3324"Baby Hercules, one year old and still growing." (News item)Nicholas Garland06 Mar 1998PC3324.jpg 
PC4816[no caption]Peter Brookes31 Oct 1998PC4816.jpg 
PC2327"Down to earth with a bump..."Peter Brookes05 Aug 1997PC2327.jpg 
SBD0524[no caption]Steve Bell19 Jun 1998SBD0524.jpg 
PC1382"Yes, but is the pound in my piggy bank safe?"Colin Whittock19 Apr 1997PC1382.jpg 
PC4107An unexploded bomb has been found in the East End...frantic attempts are being made to defuse it.Richard Willson05 Aug 1998PC4107.jpg 
SBD0340[no caption]Steve Bell11 Apr 1997SBD0340.jpg 
PC4069"In defence of the indefensible."Bill McArthur23 Jul 1998PC4069.jpg 
PC4372[no caption]Peter Brookes05 Sep 1998PC4372.jpg 
PC5337[no caption]Peter Brookes12 Jan 1999PC5337.jpg 
PC2598"All I said was 'the crab's off.'"Charles Griffin01 Oct 1997PC2598.jpg 
SBD0410[no caption]Steve Bell25 Nov 1997SBD0410.jpg 
PC4158Sellafield is SO bracingPeter Brookes23 Jul 1998PC4158.jpg 
PC2468Sleeping politicianPaul Thomas24 Aug 1997PC2468.jpg 
63130Classical Industrial RelationsMartin Rowson18 Nov 200263130.jpg 
62782[no caption]Nicholas Garland23 Oct 200262782.jpg 
SBD0511[no caption]Steve Bell13 May 1998SBD0511.jpg 
PC3826[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Jun 1998PC3826.jpg 
65489[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200065489.jpg 
PC4563[no caption]Martin Rowson28 Sep 1998PC4563.jpg 
DB0055[no caption]Dave Brown18 Apr 1997DB0055.jpg 
BAD0075Labour Leadership Latest.....Brian Adcock19 Aug 2013BAD0075.jpg 
SCD0230Tour de FarcePeter Schrank26 Jul 2015SCD0230.jpg 
PC5338"With a hey-nonny-nonny and a nuts to you!"Nicholas Garland12 Jan 1999PC5338.jpg 
SBD0124[no caption]Steve Bell01 Oct 1998SBD0124.jpg 
PC5428[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 1999PC5428.jpg 
PC1270[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Apr 1997PC1270.jpg 
SBD0230[no caption]Steve Bell14 Mar 1995SBD0230.jpg 
67853[no caption]Dave Brown04 Nov 200367853.jpg 
SBD0224'Lion King' to 'Bob-by' 'Lion King' to 'Bob-by'Steve Bell07 Oct 1994SBD0224.jpg 
SC0048[no caption]Peter Schrank02 Aug 1998SC0048.jpg 
PC1524Friend or foe: Robin Cook and John Prescott lead the sceptic charge against Tony Blair, who is shielded by Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson. In opposition, Labour has subdued its historic hostility to Europe.Richard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1524.jpg 
PC1016Comet [from Greek kometes, long haired] 1. A star-like nucleus surrounded with a misty light and consisting of gaseous matter. 2. A portentPeter Brookes12 Mar 1997PC1016.jpg 
PC2746[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Sep 1997PC2746.jpg 
MRD0682The Indignity of LabourMartin Rowson25 Jul 2015MRD0682.jpg 
PC0236A"We will fight them on the beaches," W. Churchill.Richard Cole05 Aug 1996PC0236A.jpg 
103005Blair Tries to Create Labour in his Own ImageGerald Scarfe26 Jul 2015 
65447Hot stuffGerald Scarfe24 Nov 2002 
65857[no caption]Steve Bell05 Jun 200365857.jpg 
65501The man behind the smileGerald Scarfe07 Nov 1999 
64948"Funny!... it seems like only yesterday we started watching!" / "The cameras, the arguments the voting... it's just like Big Brother but with a lot more sex!"Tom Johnston26 Jul 200064948.jpg 
PC0505They're off!Peter Brookes24 Oct 1996PC0505.jpg 
NG5473Piggies in the middleNicholas Garland03 Jun 1994NG5473.jpg 
PC4149[no caption]Martin Rowson21 Jul 1998PC4149.jpg 
65230"You've done it now, Portillo... she's changing back into her true alien form!" / "At least some folk can still afford to eat here!" / "We're really worried that he might say 'I am a donut' in English!" / "Mars is close tonight!"Tom Johnston15 Jun 200165230.jpg 
65036"I'm still on the train!" / "Hold on!... What if a ruddy woman buys it?" / "But I can say mad cows in three different languages!" / "don't worry, love, it's Hannibal Lecter ... not Anthea Turner!"Tom Johnston30 Nov 200065036.jpg 
PC3427[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Mar 1998PC3427.jpg 
PC4579"All change! You'll have to move into the next carriage. This one's being uncoupled."Charles Griffin01 Oct 1998PC4579.jpg 
PC3779[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Jun 1998PC3779.jpg 
PC4946[no caption]Peter Brookes14 Nov 1998PC4946.jpg 
61807[no caption]John Kent06 Jun 200261807.jpg 
63290[no caption]Dave Gaskill01 Nov 200263290.jpg 
PC0845"People have got a nerve to accuse little ME of deception ..."Michael Cummings25 Jan 1997PC0845.jpg 
PC1739[no caption]Martin Rowson12 May 1997PC1739.jpg 
PC2295"... But you'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle made for one!"Nicholas Garland24 Jul 1997PC2295.jpg 
PC2910[no caption]Peter Brookes29 Nov 1997PC2910.jpg 
PC3959'Anyone know where we can get some Viagra?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Jul 1998PC3959.jpg 
PC5301"The wrath of Peleus' son, the direful spring of all the Grecian woes, O Goddess sing!"Nicholas Garland06 Jan 1999PC5301.jpg 
PC4182[no caption]Richard Willson31 Jul 1998PC4182.jpg 
PC0830"Very impressive, Mrs. Horlick, when can you start work?"Charles Griffin20 Jan 1997PC0830.jpg 
NG5654"Hey, Tory! How about a game of football?"Nicholas Garland02 Dec 1994NG5654.jpg 
SBD0360[no caption]Steve Bell17 Jun 1997SBD0360.jpg 
SBD0431[no caption]Steve Bell30 Jan 1998SBD0431.jpg 
67645[no caption]Dave Brown03 Oct 200367645.jpg 
64839"I'll have two pints!" / "Sorry! I've given your job to one of my cronies!" /"Don't be such a worrier... it's likely that Liam Gallagher can't write!" / "It may well have worked for you, Prime Minister Blair.... but it wouldn't be a good idea for me to appoint a czar!"Tom Johnston03 Apr 200064839.jpg 
SBD0341[no caption]Steve Bell16 Apr 1997SBD0341.jpg 
SBD0338[no caption]Steve Bell08 Apr 1997SBD0338.jpg 
PC0101[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Jul 1996PC0101.jpg 
PC1462Dozens of hostages held for months in fight-to-the-death...Peter Brookes24 Apr 1997PC1462.jpg 
SBD1533His Master's Voice - part 2Steve Bell24 Jul 2015SBD1533.jpg 
PC4157[no caption]Chris Priestley23 Jul 1998PC4157.jpg 
BAD0093And the Oscar Goes to Ed Miliband For......Brian Adcock23 Feb 2015BAD0093.jpg 
PC4329[no caption]Nicola Jennings01 Sep 1998PC4329.jpg 
NG5684[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Jan 1995NG5684.jpg 
PC1640"It's terminal! She's been bored to death!"Michael Cummings03 May 1997PC1640.jpg 
60709[no caption]Peter Brookes30 Mar 200260709.jpg 
SBD0375[no caption]Steve Bell30 Jul 1997SBD0375.jpg 
67648[no caption]Martin Rowson04 Oct 200367648.jpg 
PC0408[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Sep 1996PC0408.jpg 
WF0173No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Aug 1997WF0173.jpg 
WF0182Two NationsTrog [Wally Fawkes][19 September 1999]WF0182.jpg 
64925"Yesterday I was a chief constable!" / "Of course, your majesty... I'm sure we can find something for Prince Philip!" / "Are you sure this is the quickest way?" / "Poor old Harry Chicken never quite hit the big time!"Tom Johnston05 Jul 200064925.jpg 
PC0089[no caption]Peter Schrank19 May 1996PC0089.jpg 
PC0424[no caption]Peter Brookes04 Oct 1996PC0424.jpg 
PC4083Getting lost in space.......Scott [Clissold; Scott]02 Aug 1998PC4083.jpg 
NG5681The land that time forgotNicholas Garland24 Jan 1995NG5681.jpg 
PC1599[no caption]Charles Griffin01 May 1997PC1599.jpg 
PC2747[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Sep 1997PC2747.jpg 
64280[no caption]Patrick Blower19 Mar 200364280.jpg 
PC0323[no caption]Richard Willson02 Sep 1996PC0323.jpg 
PC3822[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Jun 1998PC3822.jpg 
PC3008[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Dec 1997PC3008.jpg 
PC1997"It's some joker pretending to be Jacques Santer!"Bert Hackett21 Apr 1997PC1997.jpg 
PC2755Passive smokingNicholas Garland06 Nov 1997PC2755.jpg 
PC5024[no caption]Nicholas Garland25 Nov 1998PC5024.jpg 
63075Walking out with DinosaursPeter Brookes23 Nov 200263075.jpg 
CU1852"I'm sorry, Your Majesty, you can't name your new yacht Britannia - but Euromania,
Michael Cummings01 Feb 1997CU1852.jpg 
PC2548[no caption]Martin Rowson29 Sep 1997PC2548.jpg 
PC2586[no caption]Peter Brookes03 Oct 1997PC2586.jpg 
SBD0507[Blair babywalker]Steve Bell01 May 1998SBD0507.jpg 
PC5209[no caption]Dave Gaskill20 Nov 1998PC5209.jpg 
PC5357"Frank. Try not to keep using the term 'bed service' - Robin has to keep nipping out for a cold shower."Mac [Stan McMurtry]12 Jan 1999PC5357.jpg 
PC0486"Here they come with their holier-than-thou attitude."Charles Griffin22 Oct 1996PC0486.jpg 
PC0889[no caption]Peter Brookes08 Feb 1997PC0889.jpg 
PC2007[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Jun 1997PC2007.jpg 
PC0834"He rose from the table, and advancing to the master, basin and spoon in hand, said:
somewhat alarmed at his own temerity: 'Please, sir, I DON'T want any more' The master was a
fat healthy man; but he turned very pale. He gazed in stupefied astonishment on the small
rebel for some seconds, and then clung for support to the copper, the assistants were
paralysed with wonder..." (with apologies to Dickens)
Nicholas Garland21 Jan 1997PC0834.jpg 
74238No captionMichael Heath04 Oct 200374238.jpg 
SBD0079[no caption]Steve Bell09 Dec 1997SBD0079.jpg 
65519What's on the cards for 2001?Peter Brookes30 Dec 200065519.jpg 
PC5122[no caption]Paul Thomas09 Dec 1998PC5122.jpg 
63052[no caption]Steve Bell26 Nov 200263052.jpg 
DB0061All in stepDave Brown07 May 1997DB0061.jpg 
PC0316"They've escaped, Mr. Mandelson! You told me that you had them all stuffed..."Michael Cummings01 Sep 1996PC0316.jpg 
PC4534Classic film posters fetch record prices (news item)Nicholas Garland24 Sep 1998PC4534.jpg 
NG5461[no caption]Nicholas Garland26 May 1994NG5461.jpg 
PC0740Nature NotesPeter Brookes14 Dec 1996PC0740.jpg 
PC2550"For one moment, when I saw 'PM' there, I thought it was Peter Mandelson's chair."Charles Griffin29 Sep 1997PC2550.jpg 
65521[no caption]Dave Brown29 Dec 200065521.jpg 
PC0622"They get some sort of sick pleasure from it - it should be banned."Nicholas Garland22 Nov 1996PC0622.jpg 
NG5716[no caption]Nicholas Garland28 Feb 1995NG5716.jpg 
PC1073"Right, lads, this is how we get out of it ..."Peter Brookes25 Mar 1997PC1073.jpg 
PC1884[no caption]Steven Camley11 May 1997PC1884.jpg 
PC3242[no caption]Bill McArthur16 Jan 1998PC3242.jpg 
PC3393[no caption]Nicholas Garland12 Mar 1998PC3393.jpg 
PC4765"And the heat went on and on, and sucked up all the moisture, till at last the main channel ... was the only stream that carried a trickle of water between its dead banks..." from How fear came - The Second Jungle Book.Nicholas Garland22 Oct 1998PC4765.jpg 
PC5288[no caption]Martin Rowson04 Jan 1999PC5288.jpg 
PC5587[no caption]Peter Brookes20 Feb 1999PC5587.jpg 
PC0188[no caption]Richard Willson22 Jul 1996PC0188.jpg 
SBD0279[no caption]Steve Bell03 Oct 1996SBD0279.jpg 
PC0648"Thank you Andre. Do you have anything that doesn't have sardines in it?"Charles Griffin26 Nov 1996PC0648.jpg 
NG5663"The Swing" after FragonardNicholas Garland10 Dec 1994NG5663.jpg 
PC2441[no caption]Martyn Turner24 Aug 1997PC2441.jpg 
PC3152"Give it a rest, Dennis, we've sung 'The Red Flag' 53 times."Charles Griffin30 Jan 1998PC3152.jpg 
PC3213[no caption]Martin Rowson16 Feb 1998PC3213.jpg 
SBD0624[no caption]Steve Bell21 Apr 1999SBD0624.jpg 
63717[no caption]Dave Gaskill21 Jan 200363717.jpg 
PC5492Party thrown off plane...Peter Brookes03 Feb 1999PC5492.jpg 
PC1003"My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking!" ... Marshal FochMichael Cummings08 Mar 1997PC1003.jpg 
SBD0416[no caption]Steve Bell10 Dec 1997SBD0416.jpg 
PC5812JellyblairiesNicholas Garland19 Mar 1999PC5812.jpg 
WF0145[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]03 Jan 1999WF0145.jpg 
cu2123"They've escaped, Mr. Mandelson! You told me that you had them all stuffed..."Michael Cummings01 Sep 1996cu2123.jpg 
65517[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200165517.jpg 
99473Labour leadership latest ...Brian Adcock19 Aug 201399473.jpg 
66306[no caption]Martin Rowson19 Jul 200366306.jpg 
NG5094[no caption]Nicholas Garland1992NG5094.jpg 
PC0416[no caption]Martin Rowson30 Sep 1996PC0416.jpg 
PC5197[no caption]Peter Brookes19 Dec 1998PC5197.jpg 
62951[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Oct 200262951.jpg 
65388"Funny thing is, I only need new heart valves because of my diet of pork scratchings!" / "And if Tony fails we'll send in the scousers!" / "There'll be a slight delay in the cutting of the ribbon!" / "I too thought the euro would be here to catch me!"Tom Johnston04 Jan 200265388.jpg 
65526[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200365526.jpg 
NG5728"You mark my words - they'll just drop off the edge of the world."Nicholas Garland14 Mar 1995NG5728.jpg 
PC1615[no caption]Peter Brookes06 May 1997PC1615.jpg 
PC3457"Crackin' speech, Antoine. Wez me World Cup ticket?"Charles Griffin26 Mar 1998PC3457.jpg 
PC5273[no caption]Dave Gaskill22 Dec 1998PC5273.jpg 
62661[no caption]Martin Rowson05 Sep 200262661.jpg 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
PC0255"I'll never vote Labour! At least the Tories don't ruin my package tour!"Michael Cummings10 Aug 1996PC0255.jpg 
PC2672[no caption]Peter Brookes18 Oct 1997PC2672.jpg 
NG5718Hamlet opens to mixed reviewsNicholas Garland02 Mar 1995NG5718.jpg 
61409'Every day an area the size of John Prescott disappears for ever'Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]19 May 200261409.jpg 
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