Person NameArcher; Jeffrey
66121'Now they've both done a stretch'David Haldane01 Jul 200366121.jpg 
66328[no caption]Tim Sanders22 Jul 200366328.jpg 
62825[no caption]Paul Thomas18 Oct 200262825.jpg 
66332'Jeffrey. You're home now! There's no bucket.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]22 Jul 200366332.jpg 
58862"Sorry to disappoint you, Archer, but it's not me that does the flogging around here"Charles Griffin10 Aug 200158862.jpg 
WF0079[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]28 Nov 1999WF0079.jpg 
62944Road to PerditionTrog [Wally Fawkes]06 Oct 200262944.jpg 
58737"Deer Guvner - has my GCSE Inglish rezult come yett?"Ron McTrusty23 Aug 200158737.jpg 
62451[no caption]Dave Gaskill27 Sep 200262451.jpg 
62933'Wednesday: disgusting stew again for lunch, surrounded as usual by fat moronic thugs with halitosis and not a brain between them...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]07 Oct 200262933.jpg 
64737False startGerald Scarfe21 Nov 1999 
64742Brave new Tory Party....Richard Willson28 Nov 199964742.jpg 
SC0096[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Nov 1999SC0096.jpg 
62939"Remember, when we thought the bad old days were the good old days?"Hector Breeze07 Oct 200262939.jpg 
58795[no caption]Dave Brown17 Aug 200158795.jpg 
NG3268The Little Bang!Nicholas Garland28 Oct 1986NG3268.jpg 
62452" ... anyway, I slipped out to tell you Jeffrey can't make it to your party and sends his apologies."Mac [Stan McMurtry]27 Sep 200262452.jpg 
52822[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]28 Nov 199952822.jpg 
62274[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Aug 200262274.jpg 
PC3845[No caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Jun 1998PC3845.jpg 
PC3660"Please folks. I'm relying on your votes - after all, most of you were Tory MPs only a year ago.Mac [Stan McMurtry]07 May 1998PC3660.jpg 
60018[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Dec 199960018.jpg 
62243[no caption]David Haldane20 Aug 200262243.jpg 
62921'Serving time as leader has plunged me into a world of depression and humiliation - every hour on the hour the door opens and two eyes peer in. I'm on suicide watch...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]08 Oct 200262921.jpg 
62240[no caption]Dave Gaskill20 Aug 200262240.jpg 
62239[no caption]Patrick Blower20 Aug 200262239.jpg 
65260"Yeah, the signs you asked for are ready, Mayor Livingstone.... now do you want me to go ahead with no drinking, no talking, no smiling, no breathing, no...." / "I was thinking of an Italian holiday... but then I discovered that I could just as easily get beaten up by a policeman here at home!" / "Mind you, I don't half fancy that Helena Bonham Carter!" / "This is the list of all the top people in nick!"Tom Johnston25 Jul 200165260.jpg 
WF0068[No caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]14 Jun 1998WF0068.jpg 
65273"Yeah, well the wife would have been here except now Eastenders is on five nights a week!" / "Wasn't it the broads that got him into trouble in the first place?" / "How appropriate!" / "He doesn't go out now without his minder!"Tom Johnston10 Aug 200165273.jpg 
65066"Maybe we should have avoided Royal Sandringham!" / "Let him tell that to Jeffrey Archer!" / "No weather map? ... That is the weather map!" / Christmas American styleTom Johnston28 Dec 200065066.jpg 
65241"No cobber.... this ain't Austria!" / "Shot himself in the foot!" / "That's right, President Bush!... I think it's time we had another conference about global warming!"Tom Johnston27 Jun 200165241.jpg 
DB0201[no caption]Dave Brown24 Dec 1999DB0201.jpg 
65119"Son of a Bush!" / "That's right, Mary... now I'm lying on the beach!" / "What makes you think our school is bog standard?"Tom Johnston19 Feb 200165119.jpg 
65299"I'm telling you, Camilla ... I'm sure I just heard Edward's voice!" / "some rather bad news, sir...!" / "What idiot put Archer in charge of gymnastics?"Tom Johnston28 Sep 200165299.jpg 
62245[no caption]Paul Thomas20 Aug 200262245.jpg 
PC3463[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Mar 1998PC3463.jpg 
PC3812[no caption]Martin Rowson08 Jun 1998PC3812.jpg 
65261"Sorry.... prison rules... every Jeffrey Archer leaving the library must be stamped!" / "We've just spent another million on coming to the conclusion that we're a complete waste of money!" / "Look on the bright side... at least we missed the whole series of Survivor!"Tom Johnston26 Jul 200165261.jpg 
PC3819"Look, I can explain everything."Nicholas Garland11 Jun 1998PC3819.jpg 
65489[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200065489.jpg 
35938The Little Bang!Nicholas Garland28 Oct 198635938.jpg 
65318"Don't fret, Mr Archer ... you are still the biggest liar in the land!" / "Jo Moore? ... Don't worry, love ... you can come and work for me anytime!" / "I think we've found a cameraman!"Tom Johnston18 Oct 200165318.jpg 
62872[no caption]Steve Fricker14 Oct 200262872.jpg 
52266[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Oct 199952266.jpg 
PC3817Exciting new proposals for rubbish disposal (News item)Peter Brookes10 Jun 1998PC3817.jpg 
64868"Any spare chains?" / "Now Ken Livingstone's big head is ruining my view?" / "I knew I shouldn't have voted for Livingstone!" / "A year exploring the jungle but now we must return home to vote for Jeffrey Archer!"Tom Johnston04 May 200064868.jpg 
65264"I didn't even know that Big G was in jail!" / "The vultures are back!"Tom Johnston30 Aug 200165264.jpg 
PC4940[no caption]Gary Smith25 Oct 1998PC4940.jpg 
65321"The post will never get through .. so at least we can stop worrying about anthrax!" / "He's working out how to dump Jo Moore!" / "Always the thorough perfectionist!" / "In that case, we must inform you that anyone harbouring him will automatically become our enemy too!"Tom Johnston22 Oct 200165321.jpg 
65453... and with apologies to all those juggling baubles, Michael Heath wishes you a Merry ChristmasMichael Heath29 Dec 200265453.jpg 
65259"Forget about Jeffrey and his fantasy world ... let's concentrate on privatising the tube trains to make them safer!" / "Hard luck, mate... it's a different Big G!" / "Take me to Ken Clarke!"Tom Johnston24 Jul 200165259.jpg 
SBD0203[no caption]Steve Bell12 Oct 1993SBD0203.jpg 
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