Person NameMandelson; Peter (Benjamin) (1953-)
ForenamesPeter (Benjamin)
65755Mandeltrix ReloadedChris Riddell25 May 200365755.jpg 
65757[no caption]David Simonds26 May 200365757.jpg 
PC1380[no caption]Chris Priestley19 Apr 1997PC1380.jpg 
65126Hartlepool Hannibal He's Back! Ready to eat even his 'friends'Gerald Scarfe11 Feb 2001 
64929A Cabinet Law and Order ProblemRichard Willson09 Jul 200064929.jpg 
65733[no caption]Paul Thomas22 May 200365733.jpg 
64744[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]05 Dec 199964744.jpg 
DB0085[no caption]Dave Brown06 Aug 1997DB0085.jpg 
65724[no caption]Peter Brookes22 May 200365724.jpg 
66709"I'm just going outside - I won't be long!"Nicholas Garland02 Sep 200366709.jpg 
61985[no caption]Gary Smith16 Jul 200261985.jpg 
PC0711[no caption]Steve Bell13 Dec 1996PC0711.jpg 
PC0016It's good to talk ... BTPeter Brookes17 May 1996PC0016.jpg 
PC3082White elephantNicholas Garland13 Jan 1998PC3082.jpg 
PC2429[no caption]Chris Riddell17 Aug 1997PC2429.jpg 
PC4846[no caption]David Simonds02 Nov 1998PC4846.jpg 
PC1760"The name's Mandelson but you can call me prime minister."Nicholas Newman11 May 1997PC1760.jpg 
PC1136[no caption]Nicola Jennings03 Apr 1997PC1136.jpg 
PC2449"I bet Laa Laa is telling 'im we're all gaa gaa."Charles Griffin28 Aug 1997PC2449.jpg 
60802[no caption]Peter Brookes21 Mar 200260802.jpg 
PC3862[no caption]Chris Riddell21 Jun 1998PC3862.jpg 
PC0078[no caption]Martin Rowson20 May 1996PC0078.jpg 
PC0114The Road to the ManifestoRichard Cole01 Jul 1996PC0114.jpg 
PC0189[no caption]Martin Rowson22 Jul 1996PC0189.jpg 
PC2904[no caption]Martin Rowson01 Dec 1997PC2904.jpg 
PC0474[no caption]Dave Brown13 Oct 1996PC0474.jpg 
PC2340[no caption]Peter Schrank11 Aug 1997PC2340.jpg 
PC1766[no caption]Peter Schrank11 May 1997PC1766.jpg 
PC1786[no caption]Peter Brookes26 Apr 1997PC1786.jpg 
PC4188[no caption]Paul Thomas28 Jul 1998PC4188.jpg 
SBD0525[no caption]Steve Bell23 Jun 1998SBD0525.jpg 
60750[no caption]Dave Gaskill26 Mar 200260750.jpg 
50546'I haven't had it long but it's coming apart at the seams!'Michael Heath22 May 199650546.jpg 
PC5257"Approaching Charlie Whelan's house ... bomb door open ... awaiting your instruction, Mr. Mandelson..."Tom Johnston29 Dec 1998PC5257.jpg 
PC5280[no caption]Richard Willson02 Jan 1999PC5280.jpg 
DB0393[no caption]Dave Brown12 Oct 1999DB0393.jpg 
PC5251[no caption]Richard Willson26 Dec 1998PC5251.jpg 
65092Passport Photos Never FlatteringGerald Scarfe28 Jan 2001 
65093"Don't drink that water! ... You might decide to bring back Mandelson!" / "I'm Knuckles, this is Razors... oh, and him over there ... that's Scissors!"Tom Johnston26 Jan 200165093.jpg 
PC5242"Anybody want a slighly use spin doctor with sound capitalist principles ? "Patrick Blower24 Dec 1998PC5242.jpg 
PC2322[no caption]Peter Brookes02 Aug 1997PC2322.jpg 
63352[no caption]John Kent06 Dec 200263352.jpg 
PC3053Millennium MickeyPeter Brookes08 Jan 1998PC3053.jpg 
PC2323[no caption]Martin Rowson04 Aug 1997PC2323.jpg 
PC3947[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Jul 1998PC3947.jpg 
PC5042[no caption]Paul Thomas27 Nov 1998PC5042.jpg 
PC4169[no caption]Peter Schrank27 Jul 1998PC4169.jpg 
WF0121The Tony Blair reshuffleTrog [Wally Fawkes]26 Jul 1998WF0121.jpg 
PC2152"Tony is angry! One of you must have spoken to the press!"Michael Heath07 Jun 1997PC2152.jpg 
65748[no caption]Peter Brookes24 May 200365748.jpg 
61148[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Apr 200261148.jpg 
61393[no caption]Dave Gaskill21 May 200261393.jpg 
60316[no caption]Nicola Jennings10 Jan 200260316.jpg 
PC0034The War of the RosesNicholas Garland20 May 1996PC0034.jpg 
64778Which wire to cut?Gerald Scarfe30 Jan 2000 
59569[no caption]Dave Gaskill23 Nov 200159569.jpg 
PC4551[no caption]Nicholas Garland07 Feb 1998PC4551.jpg 
PC2370Minding the shop and looking for a jobGerald Scarfe17 Aug 1997 
PC2674"Is this the first time you've been to a Blair party?Michael Heath19 Oct 1997PC2674.jpg 
PC4340[no caption]Paul Thomas24 Aug 1998PC4340.jpg 
59898[no caption]Dave Gaskill18 Dec 200159898.jpg 
PC4166The Tony Blair reshuffleTrog [Wally Fawkes]26 Jul 1998PC4166.jpg 
SBD0913[no caption]Steve Bell25 Jan 2001SBD0913.jpg 
PC2569No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Aug 1997PC2569.jpg 
PC3206[no caption]Peter Brookes14 Feb 1998PC3206.jpg 
PC3389"Don't look at me."Charles Griffin11 Mar 1998PC3389.jpg 
PC3998Prescott's vision of the Millennium Dome : January 1, 2000Dave Gaskill22 Jul 1998PC3998.jpg 
PC6174[no caption]Nicola Jennings28 Dec 1998PC6174.jpg 
PC4505"We should be close but not too close." P. MandelsonPeter Brookes18 Sep 1998PC4505.jpg 
PC5265[no caption]Dave Gaskill05 Jan 1999PC5265.jpg 
PC5239[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Dec 1998PC5239.jpg 
PC5243[no caption]Peter Schrank24 Dec 1998PC5243.jpg 
PC5244[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Dec 1998PC5244.jpg 
PC5246"Looks like our goose is cooked!"Peter Brookes24 Dec 1998PC5246.jpg 
56523The Indian Rope-trickTrog [Wally Fawkes]28 Jan 200156523.jpg 
64981"That's the pop-up version, Mr Mandelson!" / "It's not hell... it's Europe's tallest building!" / "Look Simpkins... I don't care that you've come back to work straigth from the Notting Hill carnival!..." / "What's your diagnosis on slurring too many pints?"Tom Johnston29 Aug 200064981.jpg 
PC1300[no caption]Peter Clarke16 Apr 1997PC1300.jpg 
PC3473[no caption]Nicholas Garland31 Mar 1998PC3473.jpg 
PC3075"This may take some time, Mr. Mandelson."Mac [Stan McMurtry]06 Jan 1998PC3075.jpg 
PC1936[no caption]Gemini [Bert Hackett]09 May 1997PC1936.jpg 
PC1837[no caption]Martin Rowson19 May 1997PC1837.jpg 
PC3934[no caption]Chris Priestley08 Jul 1998PC3934.jpg 
PC5259"Run for your life ... it's a 300 ft tall Charlie Whelan!"Tom Johnston30 Dec 1998PC5259.jpg 
PC5087[no caption]Dave Brown08 Dec 1998PC5087.jpg 
PC5247[no caption]Nicola Jennings24 Dec 1998PC5247.jpg 
PC4005[no caption]Dave Gaskill28 Jul 1998PC4005.jpg 
PC3052"Red squirrel loses more ground to grey invader"Nicholas Garland08 Jan 1998PC3052.jpg 
PC3062The Emperor's Millennium ClothesGerald Scarfe11 Jan 1998 
PC1475[no caption]Dave Brown25 Apr 1997PC1475.jpg 
PC3948[no caption]Martin Rowson13 Jul 1998PC3948.jpg 
SC0056[no caption]Peter Schrank27 Dec 1998SC0056.jpg 
PC2618[no caption]Peter Brookes11 Oct 1997PC2618.jpg 
PC3938[no caption]Nicholas Garland09 Jul 1998PC3938.jpg 
PC2867"Because it's there..."Nicholas Garland18 Nov 1997PC2867.jpg 
PC5728[no caption]Steve Bell08 Jan 1999PC5728.jpg 
PC5317[no caption]Chris Riddell01 Jan 1999PC5317.jpg 
DB0135[no caption]Dave Brown14 Jan 1999DB0135.jpg 
PC5583"- after a night on the town with Geoffrey..."Richard Willson29 Dec 1998PC5583.jpg 
62708[no caption]Paul Thomas31 Oct 200262708.jpg 
PC1627[no caption]Martin Rowson05 May 1997PC1627.jpg 
SBD0548[no caption]Steve Bell17 Sep 1998SBD0548.jpg 
PC1361[no caption]Chris Riddell13 Apr 1997PC1361.jpg 
PC4824"I'm sorry, Ron, we still didn't quite catch the last few words..."Richard Willson01 Nov 1998PC4824.jpg 
PC2718[no caption]Chris Riddell26 Oct 1997PC2718.jpg 
PC3964"Well, back to the old drawing board"Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Jul 1998PC3964.jpg 
WF0046[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]31 Dec 2000WF0046.jpg 
WF0058"Well, back to the old drawing board"Trog [Wally Fawkes]12 Jul 1998WF0058.jpg 
DB0201[no caption]Dave Brown24 Dec 1999DB0201.jpg 
65121"Oh oh! ... looks like Mandelson has heard about the plans to dump him!" / "No Liam... it doesn't mean that she's one of the 7 million who can't read or write!" / "They'll be going right to the top... their photos will be everywhere, they'll work hard doing interviews, TV appearances and recording hit records... then they'll start complaining about the intrusion into their lives by the media!"Tom Johnston12 Feb 200165121.jpg 
WF0072[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes][26 Dec 2000]WF0072.jpg 
PC4002"This way. If you don't get a seat you can't blame me!"Tom Johnston27 Jul 1998PC4002.jpg 
MRD0711Frankenstein vs. Zombie Apocalypse!Martin Rowson28 Sep 2015MRD0711.jpg 
SBD0304[no caption]Steve Bell13 Dec 1996SBD0304.jpg 
SBD0259[no caption]Steve Bell02 Jul 1996SBD0259.jpg 
WF0080[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]17 Aug 1997WF0080.jpg 
DB0221[no caption]Dave Brown07 Feb 2000DB0221.jpg 
PC2427[no caption]Dave Brown17 Aug 1997PC2427.jpg 
79987Altogether now!Martin Rowson19 Oct 2009  
67791[no caption]Dave Brown01 Oct 200367791.jpg 
ABD0007Lacking gritAndy Bunday11 Jan 2010ABD0007.jpg 
SBD0775[no caption]Steve Bell09 Mar 2000SBD0775.jpg 
SC0105[no caption]Peter Schrank13 Feb 2000SC0105.jpg 
79980Nature notesPeter Brookes17 Oct 2009  
SBD0072[no caption]Steve Bell23 Oct 1997SBD0072.jpg 
SBD0392[no caption]Steve Bell30 Sep 1997SBD0392.jpg 
SBD0058[no caption]Steve Bell29 Jul 1997SBD0058.jpg 
PC0246[no caption]Richard Willson09 Aug 1996PC0246.jpg 
60847[no caption]Peter Brookes16 Mar 200260847.jpg 
60991[no caption]NB [Neil Bennett]02 Mar 200260991.jpg 
PC6175"Is there anything else you haven't declared Mr. Mandelson?"Richard Cole29 Dec 1998PC6175.jpg 
PC3099[no caption]Peter Brookes17 Jan 1998PC3099.jpg 
99645Gackwards...grr! You're going gackwards!Dave Brown27 Sep 201399645.jpg 
65514[no caption]Peter Brookes25 Jan 200165514.jpg 
SBD1224Fool! You're going backwards!!Steve Bell27 Sep 2013SBD1224.jpg 
MRD0586Hang on! I thought they were getting rid of the tits on Page [3 crossed out] 2Martin Rowson21 Jan 2015MRD0586.jpg 
PC2022"What's going on? Last week it was "Call me Tony", now this."Charles Griffin03 Jun 1997PC2022.jpg 
PC2471[no caption]Dave Gaskill25 Aug 1997PC2471.jpg 
PC5292[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Jan 1999PC5292.jpg 
SBD0130[no caption]Steve Bell05 Nov 1998SBD0130.jpg 
SBD0390[no caption]Steve Bell24 Sep 1997SBD0390.jpg 
65095"Me? ... resign? ... I don't recall doing any such thing!... ask my secretary!" / "Sorry, Peter... if only it had been two jags!" / "Who's mandelson?" / "Arrogant, sleazy, economical with the truth... there's only one thing for him to do ... join the Tory party!"Tom Johnston25 Jan 200165095.jpg 
PC2442London congestion - is this the end of the two-car deputy premiership?Richard Willson24 Aug 1997PC2442.jpg 
PC0843"Damn. Looks like Blair has upstaged us again."Charles Griffin24 Jan 1997PC0843.jpg 
PC1731"We propose a freedom of information act..."Peter Brookes09 May 1997PC1731.jpg 
PC2237"I regret to inform the House that the Christie's auction of my formal suits raised only 4 (pounds) 73 (pence) for the Exchequer."Charles Griffin29 Jun 1997PC2237.jpg 
PC2368"Ey. Mandy. I'm supposed to be looking after 'er while Tony's away."Charles Griffin13 Aug 1997PC2368.jpg 
PC1560'Election call question: "Why do you always wear Tory-blue ties?" Blair: "Oh, come off it. I just take the first one that comes to hand ..."Peter Brookes30 Apr 1997PC1560.jpg 
PC1769"Full marks for the casual look, Gordon, but lacking in style I feel".Charles Griffin07 May 1997PC1769.jpg 
PC2377[no caption]Chris Riddell18 Aug 1997PC2377.jpg 
PC0077"Skeletons in the policy closet.Martin Rowson19 May 1996PC0077.jpg 
PC4816[no caption]Peter Brookes31 Oct 1998PC4816.jpg 
PC2327"Down to earth with a bump..."Peter Brookes05 Aug 1997PC2327.jpg 
PC4107An unexploded bomb has been found in the East End...frantic attempts are being made to defuse it.Richard Willson05 Aug 1998PC4107.jpg 
PC4172"...and I thought I had problems with mad cow disease."Richard Willson28 Jul 1998PC4172.jpg 
PC2236[no caption]Peter Schrank14 Jul 1997PC2236.jpg 
PC1727[no caption]Dave Brown09 May 1997PC1727.jpg 
PC2598"All I said was 'the crab's off.'"Charles Griffin01 Oct 1997PC2598.jpg 
SBD0410[no caption]Steve Bell25 Nov 1997SBD0410.jpg 
SBD0377[no caption]Steve Bell05 Aug 1997SBD0377.jpg 
PC5210[no caption]Dave Gaskill24 Nov 1998PC5210.jpg 
PC4509[no caption]Peter Brookes19 Sep 1998PC4509.jpg 
PC5105[no caption]Chris Riddell06 Dec 1998PC5105.jpg 
PC4410King Tony IDave Brown13 Sep 1998PC4410.jpg 
SBD0280[no caption]Steve Bell04 Oct 1996SBD0280.jpg 
PC3826[no caption]Martin Rowson15 Jun 1998PC3826.jpg 
65489[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200065489.jpg 
102942The House of Unlabour ActivitiesChristian Adams26 Aug 2015102942.jpg 
DB0126Man of the MillenniumDave Brown30 Dec 1998DB0126.jpg 
DB0125[no caption]Dave Brown23 Dec 1998DB0125.jpg 
PC2536Love hurts ...Peter Brookes24 Sep 1997PC2536.jpg 
95022Hig Moral ToneChristian Adams22 Aug 201195022.jpg 
DB0129[no caption]Dave Brown04 Jan 1999DB0129.jpg 
PC1270[no caption]Peter Brookes15 Apr 1997PC1270.jpg 
SBD0114[no caption]Steve Bell29 Jul 1998SBD0114.jpg 
WF0116[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 Dec 1998WF0116.jpg 
SBD0090[no caption]Steve Bell25 Feb 1998SBD0090.jpg 
102269"Stop f******* it up!"Morten Morland02 Feb 2015102269.jpg 
SBD0224'Lion King' to 'Bob-by' 'Lion King' to 'Bob-by'Steve Bell07 Oct 1994SBD0224.jpg 
67863Granita IIChris Riddell09 Nov 200367863.jpg 
MRD0694"Woof woof woof"Martin Rowson18 Aug 2015MRD0694.jpg 
SBD0554[no caption]Steve Bell02 Oct 1998SBD0554.jpg 
PC4164[no caption]Richard Willson25 Jul 1998PC4164.jpg 
103067The sleep of reason produces monstersMorten Morland18 Aug 2015  
PC4783Carry On Pinochet. A Whitehall farceRichard Willson25 Oct 1998PC4783.jpg 
PC1524Friend or foe: Robin Cook and John Prescott lead the sceptic charge against Tony Blair, who is shielded by Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson. In opposition, Labour has subdued its historic hostility to Europe.Richard Willson28 Apr 1997PC1524.jpg 
PC1016Comet [from Greek kometes, long haired] 1. A star-like nucleus surrounded with a misty light and consisting of gaseous matter. 2. A portentPeter Brookes12 Mar 1997PC1016.jpg 
SBD0260[no caption]Steve Bell03 Jul 1996SBD0260.jpg 
PC2746[no caption]Peter Brookes06 Sep 1997PC2746.jpg 
102180Our Page 3 Stunna Who Just Won't Go Away!Christian Adams21 Jan 2015102180.jpg 
MRD0710[Corbyn and Mandy]Martin Rowson28 Sep 2015MRD0710.jpg 
65055"Don't fret. G.W. ... that's Hillary!" / "Well, that many visitors would have looked suspicious!" / "For God's sake, Harold! ... will you stop whistling Colonel Bogey!" / "He's usually placid but can suddenly go berserk ... and now I read his dog's the same!"Tom Johnston09 Nov 200065055.jpg 
65017An overcomplicated management structure..Richard Willson22 Oct 200065017.jpg 
PC1827"Tony, I'm wondering if this isn't something of an own goal..."Peter Brookes15 May 1997PC1827.jpg 
PC4074"Henceforth known as the Department of Trickery and Intrigue."Bill McArthur28 Jul 1998PC4074.jpg 
PC5036"It's very third way - neither one thing nor the other!"Peter Brookes27 Nov 1998PC5036.jpg 
PC0395[no caption]Dave Brown22 Sep 1996PC0395.jpg 
PC1283[no caption]Gary Smith06 Apr 1997PC1283.jpg 
PC2454[no caption]Richard Cole25 Aug 1997PC2454.jpg 
PC2937[no caption]Chris Riddell07 Dec 1997PC2937.jpg 
PC3067[no caption]Chris Riddell14 Dec 1997PC3067.jpg 
PC4507"Well done, Peter. Getting them to wear 'Sun' kneepads is a nice touch."Charles Griffin19 Sep 1998PC4507.jpg 
PC5255[no caption]Dave Gaskill28 Dec 1998PC5255.jpg 
PC5260Man of the MillenniumDave Brown30 Dec 1998PC5260.jpg 
PC0773"I'm awfully sorry, but helping you is not the long-term solution."Charles Griffin08 Jan 1997PC0773.jpg 
56218[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]31 Dec 200056218.jpg 
DB0089Musical ChairsDave Brown19 Aug 1997DB0089.jpg 
64181[no caption]Dave Gaskill07 Mar 200364181.jpg 
SBD0517[no caption]Steve Bell28 May 1998SBD0517.jpg 
SBD0420[no caption]Steve Bell19 Dec 1997SBD0420.jpg 
PC0254[no caption]Richard Willson11 Aug 1996PC0254.jpg 
65152Fog!Gerald Scarfe11 Mar 2001 
56661[no caption]Peter Brookes13 Jan 200156661.jpg 
60458[no caption]Peter Brookes23 Jan 200260458.jpg 
PC1462Dozens of hostages held for months in fight-to-the-death...Peter Brookes24 Apr 1997PC1462.jpg 
MRD0469Bilderberg News (incorporating World Order Weekly, Reptile Reveille, Conspiracy Courier & Bugle, etc.)Martin Rowson02 Jun 2014MRD0469.jpg 
PC2943[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Dec 1997PC2943.jpg 
52399[no caption]Peter Brookes16 Oct 199952399.jpg 
65730Careless talk costs livesNicholas Garland22 May 200365730.jpg 
102217End Of...Peter Brookes21 Jan 2015102217.jpg 
SBD1428"Hey! You!! Get Orff my mansion!"Steve Bell21 Jan 2015SBD1428.jpg 
PC4104[no caption]Richard Willson04 Aug 1998PC4104.jpg 
PC1640"It's terminal! She's been bored to death!"Michael Cummings03 May 1997PC1640.jpg 
PC2365[no caption]Martin Rowson11 Aug 1997PC2365.jpg 
PC0408[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Sep 1996PC0408.jpg 
WF0173No captionTrog [Wally Fawkes]24 Aug 1997WF0173.jpg 
PC0089[no caption]Peter Schrank19 May 1996PC0089.jpg 
PC5237[no caption]Dave Gaskill23 Dec 1998PC5237.jpg 
65475Backbench driverRichard Willson25 May 200365475.jpg 
PC1344"Please abolish stag hunting, Mr Mandelson. It's causing me unacceptable suffering and distress."Michael Cummings19 Apr 1997PC1344.jpg 
PC1922The BlairsMichael Heath05 Apr 1997PC1922.jpg 
PC2566[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]17 Aug 1997PC2566.jpg 
SC0033[no caption]Peter Schrank12 Jan 1998SC0033.jpg 
PC0094[no caption]Richard Willson16 May 1996PC0094.jpg 
PC2548[no caption]Martin Rowson29 Sep 1997PC2548.jpg 
SC0145[no caption]Peter Schrank28 Jan 2001SC0145.jpg 
PC0486"Here they come with their holier-than-thou attitude."Charles Griffin22 Oct 1996PC0486.jpg 
WF0065The Indian Rope-trickTrog [Wally Fawkes]28 Jan 2001WF0065.jpg 
74238No captionMichael Heath04 Oct 200374238.jpg 
MRD0286Valhalla ...Martin Rowson08 Jun 2013MRD0286.jpg 
SBD0079[no caption]Steve Bell09 Dec 1997SBD0079.jpg 
PC5285[no caption]Dave Brown04 Jan 1999PC5285.jpg 
PC5238"No, Peter, you are not allowed a quick call to Geoffrey before you buy."Patrick Blower23 Dec 1998PC5238.jpg 
PC5240[no caption]Martin Rowson23 Dec 1998PC5240.jpg 
65519What's on the cards for 2001?Peter Brookes30 Dec 200065519.jpg 
PC5121Postman Pete and his not so black-and-white cat...Paul Thomas08 Dec 1998PC5121.jpg 
SBD0581[no caption]Steve Bell07 Jan 1999SBD0581.jpg 
PC6145"OK, there's Humphrey. He's alive. See ? He's waving. Take your snap and go."Charles Griffin01 Jan 1997 - 31 Dec 1997PC6145.jpg 
DB0061All in stepDave Brown07 May 1997DB0061.jpg 
PC0316"They've escaped, Mr. Mandelson! You told me that you had them all stuffed..."Michael Cummings01 Sep 1996PC0316.jpg 
NG5461[no caption]Nicholas Garland26 May 1994NG5461.jpg 
SBD0573[no caption]Steve Bell01 Dec 1998SBD0573.jpg 
PC5286"We'll soon find out who leaked the letter ... send in the first in the queue to be locked in a cupboard with Robin Cook!"Tom Johnston04 Jan 1999PC5286.jpg 
SC0118[no caption]Peter Schrank18 Jun 2000SC0118.jpg 
PC2550"For one moment, when I saw 'PM' there, I thought it was Peter Mandelson's chair."Charles Griffin29 Sep 1997PC2550.jpg 
PC5252[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 Dec 1998PC5252.jpg 
65485[no caption]Dave Brown31 Dec 199965485.jpg 
PC2004[no caption]Gary Smith20 Apr 1997PC2004.jpg 
PC2696[no caption]Martin Rowson27 Oct 1997PC2696.jpg 
PC4852"For heaven's sake, Peter. Stop Worrying. I'm not thinking of taxing that sort of thing."Mac [Stan McMurtry]03 Nov 1998PC4852.jpg 
PC4765"And the heat went on and on, and sucked up all the moisture, till at last the main channel ... was the only stream that carried a trickle of water between its dead banks..." from How fear came - The Second Jungle Book.Nicholas Garland22 Oct 1998PC4765.jpg 
65002The buck passing zoneRichard Willson10 Sep 200065002.jpg 
PC0188[no caption]Richard Willson22 Jul 1996PC0188.jpg 
PC2441[no caption]Martyn Turner24 Aug 1997PC2441.jpg 
PC4168[np caption]Martin Rowson27 Jul 1998PC4168.jpg 
PC4165[no caption]Chris Riddell26 Jul 1998PC4165.jpg 
PC5261[no caption]Dave Gaskill31 Dec 1998PC5261.jpg 
PC5245"Before you go, one last favour...will you ask Mummy if she'll pay for the Dome?"Tom Johnston24 Dec 1998PC5245.jpg 
PC5360Mr. Blair pays a secret visit to the accident wardPatrick Blower14 Jan 1999PC5360.jpg 
PC1944New Labour sketchbookMichael Heath10 May 1997PC1944.jpg 
SBD0416[no caption]Steve Bell10 Dec 1997SBD0416.jpg 
cu2123"They've escaped, Mr. Mandelson! You told me that you had them all stuffed..."Michael Cummings01 Sep 1996cu2123.jpg 
SC0040[no caption]Peter Schrank26 Apr 1998SC0040.jpg 
SBD0221[no caption]Steve Bell04 Oct 1994SBD0221.jpg 
65517[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 200165517.jpg 
PC0416[no caption]Martin Rowson30 Sep 1996PC0416.jpg 
PC5197[no caption]Peter Brookes19 Dec 1998PC5197.jpg 
PC5241[no caption]Tom Johnston23 Dec 1998PC5241.jpg 
PC1615[no caption]Peter Brookes06 May 1997PC1615.jpg 
PC5273[no caption]Dave Gaskill22 Dec 1998PC5273.jpg 
65508After The Tower of Babel by BruegelNicholas Garland01 Jan 200265508.jpg 
CLD0870Corbyn Re-ElectedScott [Clissold; Scott]25 Sep 2016CLD0870.jpg 
cu2165"Please abolish stag hunting, Mr Mandelson. It's causing me unacceptable suffering and
Michael Cummings19 Apr 1997cu2165.jpg 
65226"Let's hope that candidates are a bit more attractive than the weird baldy Yorkshireman!" / "Can somebody have a word with Mandelson!" / "I'm relegating the gnome to the back garden!" / "That's right, Ms Feltz... £100,000 if you don't!"Tom Johnston11 Jun 200165226.jpg 
105097Blue Planet IIChristian Adams21 Feb 2017105097.jpg 
105044"...and now let us turn from Africa's jackals and hyenas to Britain's"Mac [Stan McMurtry]07 Feb 2017105044.jpg 
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