Person NameEdward (Anthony Richard Louis) (1964-); Prince; Earl of Wessex
SurnameEdward (Anthony Richard Louis)
Other forms of nameWessex, Edward, Earl of
EpithetEarl of Wessex
59497[no caption]Dave Gaskill01 Oct 200159497.jpg 
59474[no caption]Dave Gaskill04 Oct 200159474.jpg 
61820[no caption]Dave Brown04 Jun 200261820.jpg 
58959'Could you do the angry bit again, Wills, we didn't quite get film and sound to mix.'Michael Heath30 Sep 200158959.jpg 
PC5712[no caption]Dave Gaskill08 Mar 1999PC5712.jpg 
PC5940"I'm beginning to wish she'd never got a ticket to Edward and Sophie's wedding!"Tom Johnston06 Apr 1999PC5940.jpg 
PC5271"Thank heavens! When I heard the words 'Will you marry me?' for an awful moment I thought it was Charles!"Tom Johnston07 Jan 1999PC5271.jpg 
58962'Sophie. I've told you not to ring me when I'm working!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]28 Sep 200158962.jpg 
65584"Fantastic news, darling! I've got the subject of my next documentary."Patrick Blower07 May 200365584.jpg 
58977"Just carry on William, we're doing a long shot"Charles Griffin27 Sep 200158977.jpg 
60319'You heard your father! All you have to do is tell the newspapers what wonderful parents you have an you're free.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]10 Jan 200260319.jpg 
65306"You know that's not what I mean by foreplay!" / "Oh, Edward ... that's just a trouser press!"Tom Johnston04 Oct 200165306.jpg 
58965"Edward said he was sure you wouldn't mind"Patrick Blower28 Sep 200158965.jpg 
58967[no caption]Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]28 Sep 200158967.jpg 
67117"Do you think he'd be upset if we turned it into a musical?"Tom Johnston08 Jul 199067117.jpg 
65303Eight uses for Prince EdwardTom Johnston01 Oct 200165303.jpg 
65377"Edward?!" / "The Taliban have arrived!"Tom Johnston24 Dec 200165377.jpg 
65316"Good afternoon, your Royal Highness!" / "Oops! Sorry, darlin' ... I thought you was Rodney!" / "Do you think, perhaps, I wear too much jewellery, Victoria?" / "I only want a ticket!... I don't want to buy Railtrack!"Tom Johnston16 Oct 200165316.jpg 
65165"And he never even got to have tea with Mrs Thatcher!" / "Oh, come on... who's going to say that I'm only after you for your money?" / "I've welcomed Sophie back, but on one condition!"Tom Johnston03 Apr 200165165.jpg 
65299"I'm telling you, Camilla ... I'm sure I just heard Edward's voice!" / "some rather bad news, sir...!" / "What idiot put Archer in charge of gymnastics?"Tom Johnston28 Sep 200165299.jpg 
65014"Actually, you're just supposed to shout order!" / "Are you ready for our meeting with the Sultan of Brunei, Edward?" / "I'm finished with trains!" / "It's someone called Tom Browne!"Tom Johnston25 Oct 200065014.jpg 
67525"I was only joking. I'm not really getting married."Charles Griffin20 Mar 199267525.jpg 
67537"Whatever next?"Bill Caldwell20 Mar 199267537.jpg 
58973[no caption]Peter Brookes28 Sep 200158973.jpg 
SC0148[no caption]Peter Schrank08 Apr 2001SC0148.jpg 
65168"Not very diplomatic ... using another spy plane!" / "You can ask Sophie what makes her think I'm still angry with her?" / "Let's hope they don't start a cull!"Tom Johnston06 Apr 200165168.jpg 
18872"But how can your Highness be sure the Foreign Legion doesn't feel the same way?"Paul Rigby29 Oct 197018872.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/5/3While there has been no official confirmation that Lord Beaverbrook is appointing the Duke of Windsor Editor-in-Chief of the Sunday Express, the suggestion that John Gordon should be crowned is warmly endorsed by allGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)31 Jul 1950GAM0209.jpg 
65304"... their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Wessex!..." / "I'd like to get my hands on the little cad ... he swore that I was his only true love!" / "And would sir prefer Britney's new video in a plain brown bag?" / "Don't worry, Chelsea ... if there's somebody snooping around the shrubbery ... it's probably just a a member of the royal family!"Tom Johnston02 Oct 200165304.jpg 
65169H.R.H.-P.R. - It's a Knockout MkIIRichard Willson08 Apr 200165169.jpg 
PC5307"Apparently she offered space to her PR clients."Patrick Blower07 Jan 1999PC5307.jpg 
96846No captionScott [Clissold; Scott]24 Jun 201296846.jpg 
45786"Only one to go, then we can move to a smaller house!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]19 Mar 198645786.jpg 
CG/1/4/2/3/94/47Menu for the Saints and Sinners 42nd anniversary annual dinnerGiles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)18 Apr 1989GAM0069.jpg 
45704"I'm sorry some redundancies are unavoidable - there Is a recession on. Next!"Bill Caldwell01 Jan 1979 - 31 Dec 199345704.jpg 
PC0698"No need to worry, Sophie, it's just a formality: You know what lawyers are like."Charles Griffin10 Dec 1996PC0698.jpg 
64713[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 Sep 199964713.jpg 
58800[no caption]Nicola Jennings17 Aug 200158800.jpg 
PC5268[no caption]Dave Gaskill08 Jan 1999PC5268.jpg 
11534"We could open up with you showing the viewers your polo bruises!"Bernard Cookson01 Jul 197011534.jpg 
65170"I said he's in line to the throne ... not there's a line by the phone!" / "Careful!... It could be one of those fake British royals!" / "3 ducks, a brace of pheasant and a fake Arab sheik!" / "Yes, but the damage Harry did when he put his foot in it will mend!"Tom Johnston09 Apr 200165170.jpg 
CG/1/5/32Print of Saints & Sinners Club 42nd anniversary lunch menu cover (18 April 1989)Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)18 Apr 1989  
20388"I appreciate all that, Ted, but there's a small community closer to home could do with a contribution, too!"Bernard Cookson21 May 197120388.jpg 
65173"Let's try again... S...o... double r...y!" / "Blimey what next?" / "You were right. You do make love like a super-fit sports champion!" / "What no Pride of Britain Awards!"Tom Johnston12 Apr 200165173.jpg 
NG4982Endangered species?Nicholas Garland06 Jun 1992NG4982.jpg 
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