Person NameSarah (1959-); Duchess of York
Other forms of nameSarah Ferguson
EpithetDuchess of York
40563"Looks like they've given up!"Bernard Cookson19 Dec 198840563.jpg 
40511[no caption]George Gale12 Feb 198740511.jpg 
40572"It may be short and catchy andrew, but we're not calling her Koo!"Bernard Cookson26 Mar 199040572.jpg 
40513"Come on, Andy, you can't stay up there forever, whingeing with your father."Charles Griffin17 Feb 198740513.jpg 
36562"All the horses have bolted - they've been frightened by Fergie's dress!"Michael Cummings20 Jun 198636562.jpg 
38435[no caption]Charles Griffin15 Oct 198638435.jpg 
40575"An' remember, Sheila, don't be too nice to 'er or she'll be back every holiday."Dave Gaskill06 Nov 199040575.jpg 
40574"Hmph! It may be a dump, but it's a huge dump."Bill Caldwell30 Oct 199040574.jpg 
40552"I know you're moody, love, but couldn't you find somebody else's baby to cuddle?"Danny02 Oct 198840552.jpg 
36558[no caption]Charles Griffin21 May 198636558.jpg 
40556"Message from the bridge, sir. Can you tell her Royal Highness to Bea off."Charles Griffin18 Oct 198840556.jpg 
40549"I thought Andrew had taken the photos!"Bernard Cookson23 Aug 198840549.jpg 
NG3581[no caption]Nicholas Garland06 Mar 1988NG3581.jpg 
NG4406[no caption]Nicholas Garland1986?NG4406.jpg 
40551"You're dressing so much better since that dresser left."Charles Griffin26 Sep 198840551.jpg 
40561"Actually, Sarah, the men are a bit fed up that they can't spend shore leave with their wives."Charles Griffin05 Oct 198840561.jpg 
40509"Oh No! I'm getting heavier!"Charles Griffin25 Nov 198640509.jpg 
40547[no caption]Dave Gaskill23 Aug 198840547.jpg 
40550[no caption]Bill Caldwell09 Sep 198840550.jpg 
PC1885"Oh don't be such a stuffed shirt, Andy, I'm only teaching my girls the facts of life."Charles Griffin14 May 1997PC1885.jpg 
40567"Well, it certainly beats work!"Bill Caldwell17 Jan 198940567.jpg 
SF0117[no caption]Stanley FranklinUnknownSF0117.jpg 
PC3619[no caption]Dave Gaskill29 Apr 1998PC3619.jpg 
40554[no caption]Bill Caldwell04 Oct 198840554.jpg 
PC4615[no caption]Charles Griffin07 Oct 1998PC4615.jpg 
40535"And after this, darling, Spielberg wants you for 'Lassie meets Jaws'."Dave Gaskill29 Feb 198840535.jpg 
40545"Hello Mum, meet your new ... whoops!"Charles Griffin15 Aug 198840545.jpg 
40564"Now then, Mr.Blackwell, what was it you said about my wife?"Charles Griffin20 Dec 198840564.jpg 
40538"Hurry! You can tell us all about California on the way to Klosters."Bill Caldwell07 Mar 198840538.jpg 
40516"What lovely dresses - can my wife have one?"Bill Caldwell21 Jul 198740516.jpg 
40515"Don't glare at me ... it was Fergie who sat on it this time!"Stanley Franklin18 Jun 198740515.jpg 
40568"That Duchess of York doesn't let a little thing like polar icecaps melting spoil her skiing."Dave Gaskill02 Feb 198940568.jpg 
40540" ... And these are 'Mum' and 'Dad' dolls for the baby to talk to while you're in Australia."Bill Caldwell15 Jul 198840540.jpg 
40512"I understand you are looking for a new challenge, m'dear. How about saving the family's honour and joining the marines?"Alan de la Nougerede15 Feb 198740512.jpg 
40562[no caption]Bill Caldwell15 Dec 198840562.jpg 
40536"Why not gentlemen? She looks great, sounds great and she does all her own stunts."Bill Caldwell02 Mar 198840536.jpg 
36559"She just spends all her time practising!"Bernard Cookson29 May 198636559.jpg 
40576"It's a lovely gilded coach I'm sure, Duchess, but won't his mother miss it?"Dave Gaskill01 Jan 1987 - 31 Dec 199540576.jpg 
SF0116[no caption]Stanley FranklinUnknownSF0116.jpg 
36556"How about something like this?"Stanley Franklin01 Apr 198636556.jpg 
40570"Stop whining! It's time you pulled your weight!"Stanley Franklin17 Mar 198940570.jpg 
40537"Of course, dear, you look wonderful."Bill Caldwell03 Mar 198840537.jpg 
40510"How's life in Dorset treating you?"Bill Caldwell02 Feb 198740510.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/43/35Published caption: "Don't get caught on the baby's age again this time, dear - just say 'Under 21'."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)06 Oct 1988GAA435294.jpg 
40543"Bad news ... the Duchess is putting on weight again!"Stanley Franklin27 Jul 198840543.jpg 
40569"He said it could be just phantom holiday plans, darling."Dave Gaskill21 Feb 198940569.jpg 
PC0204"There must be someone at home you can send a postcard to!"Brook [Rick Brookes]25 Jul 1996PC0204.jpg 
40557"She said her first word ... Nanny"Bill Caldwell19 Oct 198840557.jpg 
40559"In this episode Fergie's sister sees the dashing Argentinian polo player attacked by a crazed kangaroo, which is driven off by the Queen's corgis. Meanwhile Prince Andrew has run his ship aground in Alice Springs ...!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]30 Oct 198840559.jpg 
40514"Well, it's not the royal wave the Queen gives!"Tom Johnston16 Jul 198740514.jpg 
36564[no caption]Bill Caldwell08 Jul 198636564.jpg 
SF0107"Bad news ... the Duchess is putting on weight again!"Stanley Franklin27 Jul 1988SF0107.jpg 
PC0688"I wish you'd reconsider, Michael. I really think the guests should have a chair."Charles Griffin06 Dec 1996PC0688.jpg 
PC0628"I thought you said it was ME that had 27 concubines while YOU watched the videos."Charles Griffin15 Nov 1996PC0628.jpg 
PC0458"Start, you stupid helicopter ... start!"Charles Griffin07 Oct 1996PC0458.jpg 
40553[no caption]Tom Johnston03 Oct 198840553.jpg 
PC0208"Fergie! Put that photographer back over the wall!"Tom Johnston22 Jul 1996PC0208.jpg 
36565Here comes the bride ...Stanley Franklin16 Jul 198636565.jpg 
PC0573"Super bonfire, Mother - did you remember to organise a guy?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]05 Nov 1996PC0573.jpg 
PC2692"I wonder if we can arrange something similar for the Duchess of York?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Oct 1997PC2692.jpg 
36560"We were wondering how you were enjoying your get-away-from-it-all holiday, Miss Fergie?"Bill Caldwell30 May 198636560.jpg 
PC5853"Her Majesty has been at pains to identify suitable alternative accomodation for you."Patrick Blower24 Mar 1999PC5853.jpg 
40566"Gosh, Diana - I'll be as slim as you by the time Andy gets home!"Charles Griffin01 Dec 198840566.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/3667Published caption: "Don't get caught on the baby's age again this time, dear - just say
'Under 21'."
Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)06 Oct 1988GA5229.jpg 
64798"It's lost all power and keeps pulling to the right!" / "Thank goodness no-one has ever bothered you, Fergie!" / "No... I don't think he's celebrating the 10p rise on his minimum wage!"Tom Johnston17 Feb 200064798.jpg 
64809"I wish you'd just get over your meeting the Prince of Wales!" / "But Fergie.... hasn't she said that she's just good friends with Andrew?" / "More asylum seekers!" / "Oh no! ... Ken's been eating GM food!"Tom Johnston29 Feb 200064809.jpg 
40571"All I said was "It's nice to see the snow."Charles Griffin17 Oct 198940571.jpg 
67541"Now what, for heaven's sake?"Charles Griffin22 Mar 199267541.jpg 
67554No captionWillie Rushton22 Mar 199267554.jpg 
67536"Let's say some positive steps are being taken..."Stanley Franklin20 Mar 199267536.jpg 
67555"At a stroke I've saved £500,000 a year!"Stanley Franklin21 Mar 199267555.jpg 
67521'Her Royal Highness said you can keep your 'chopper'!'Syd19 Mar 199267521.jpg 
67560"Personally, I think the Palace has gone too far."Bernard Cookson21 Mar 199267560.jpg 
40555"Fergie's got a dress for every occasion!"Tom Johnston09 Oct 198840555.jpg 
RSN0523[No Caption] Ralph Steadman18 July 1986RSN0523.jpg 
95734No captionMichael Heath15 Jan 201295734.jpg 
45765"Fergie's slimmed a lot since she galloped with me!"Stanley Franklin02 Jan 198745765.jpg 
38660"We'll soon take care of this one, Fergie!"Stanley Franklin18 Jul 198638660.jpg 
PC4709[no caption]Dave Gaskill14 Oct 1998PC4709.jpg 
PC0489"I have someone here sir, claiming to be your long-lost daughter."Charles Griffin18 Oct 1996PC0489.jpg 
65133"I'd better remove this in case we get attacked by football hooligans!" / "I thought you told me I'd get nowhere by lying!" / "Yeah... those mornings after 14 pints and a curry!" / "The road to riches... step one... get an ad agency to pay you squillions to advertise financial advice...!"Tom Johnston01 Feb 200165133.jpg 
CLD0658England Camp Read Books by Fergie for InspirationScott [Clissold; Scott]08 Jun 2016CLD0658.jpg 
PC0239[no caption]Chris Priestley05 Aug 1996PC0239.jpg 
PC6142"On balance, I think I prefer Diana's card to Fergie's."Charles GriffinDec 1996PC6142.jpg 
36557"Just remind her whose balcony this is, Andrew"Bernard Cookson23 Apr 198636557.jpg 
45694"Don't look now, but "Rear of the Year' is here."Charles Griffin26 Jun 1990 - 31 Dec 199045694.jpg 
45780"Right! You see that, you 'orrible lot? Miss Fergie's got the right idea."Charles Griffin16 Jul 198645780.jpg 
PC4940[no caption]Gary Smith25 Oct 1998PC4940.jpg 
PC2453"It's for your own good. You don't want me to be slimmer than you girls, do you?"Charles Griffin25 Aug 1997PC2453.jpg 
NG4982Endangered species?Nicholas Garland06 Jun 1992NG4982.jpg 
106481"Alright, Auntie Sarah. Granny says you can come to the wedding."Mac [Stan McMurtry]07 Feb 2018106481.jpg 
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