Person NameSukarno; Ahmed
05156CompetitionBill Mauldin03 Mar 196405156.jpg 
06214"Don't clap yet - maybe the show's just started."Bill Mauldin03 Oct 1964 
06553East WestWilliam Papas27 Jan 196506553.jpg 
06614"It is good for our nation to stand on our own feet." - SoekarnoJohn Jensen10 Jan 196506614.jpg 
04918[no caption]William Papas27 Jan 196404918.jpg 
04497'Who Do You Think You Are - Indonesians?'Herblock [Herbert Block]29 Sep 1963 
00808'What kind of neutrals are you if you can't see the difference between our strontium and theirs?'Abu Abraham29 Apr 196200808.jpg 
03891[no caption]Abu Abraham21 Jul 196303891.jpg 
08607Puppet ShowBill Mauldin12 Mar 1966 
04256"Sukarno may be an imperialist, but he's our imperialist."Bill Mauldin26 Sep 1963 
LSE8826A knot in the kangaroo's tailDavid Low (1891-1963)19 Jan 1962LSE8826.jpg 
JJ0017"How can I have imperialistic designs? - I'm not white!"John Jensen07 Jan 1962JJ0017.jpg 
WP0055[no caption]William Papas27 Jan 1964WP0055.jpg 
JJ1528"It is good for our nation to stand on our own feet." - SoekarnoJohn Jensen10 Jan 1965JJ1528.jpg 
06557CompetitionBill Mauldin26 Jan 1965 
04237"What we need is a joint detergent programme!"Michael Cummings25 Sep 196304237.jpg 
06967"What possible attraction can there be for a civilisation to want to be in contact with the Human Race?"Michael Cummings14 Apr 196506967.jpg 
00144"There seems to be some reason to believe that the British government is apprehensive
that the Indian seizure of Goa and Indonesia's threatened attack against Dutch New Guinea
may encourage other nations with territorial ambitions..."
William Papas26 Dec 196100144.jpg 
07786'Cheer up Mao - imperialistic know-how isn't learnt in a day'William Papas20 Oct 196507786.jpg 
CU0970[no caption]Michael Cummings29 Apr 1964CU0970.jpg 
00458SukarnoFritz Behrendt18 Feb 196200458.jpg 
05288[no caption]Michael Cummings29 Apr 196405288.jpg 
04862[no caption]Duncan Macpherson18 Jan 196404862.jpg 
06640196-?William Papas05 Jan 196506640.jpg 
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