Person NameNixon; Pat (1912-1993)
22563'We agreed on space and missiles. Now about fashion, Mrs Brezhnev...'Jon [William John Philpin Jones]25 May 197222563.jpg 
23628'What do you mean it doesn't seem a very Christmasssy thing to do - they don't have Christmas.'Trog [Wally Fawkes]24 Dec 197223628.jpg 
24396'You don't think it could be misunderstood?'Trog [Wally Fawkes]06 May 197324396.jpg 
17146"... then I thought to myself - imagine Harold's surprise when he finds me here, too, to jolly things up a bit...."Mac [Stan McMurtry]26 Jan 197017146.jpg 
24323"Relax, Pat, I think it's one of mine!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]24 Apr 197324323.jpg 
22064"... and in honour of Mrs Nixon - real American hot dog!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]23 Feb 197222064.jpg 
16071'Neve mind Dick, if you want to defect there's always Rumania'Trog [Wally Fawkes]08 Aug 196916071.jpg 
24529[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]27 May 197324529.jpg 
AH0300Any more for the elephant ride....?Arthur Horner09 Oct 1970AH0300.jpg 
24820"A fried egg ... sorry, strike that from the official record.... TWO fried eggs." / "Blimey., tak about the case for battered WIVES ..." / "He's asking for nuclear asylum." / "What a holiday! You comparing prices with England, Dad comparing exchange rates..."David Langdon22 Jul 197324820.jpg 
24405'Honey - meet the new White House staff ...'Keith Waite07 May 197324405.jpg 
24602'Oh no! - Not old John Dean conversations again!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]07 Jun 197324602.jpg 
22048"Cm'on Pat, honey, we're doing it for America!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]21 Feb 197222048.jpg 
22083[no caption]Gerald Scarfe27 Feb 1972 
LA0243"Try to resist the temptation to keep saying "Now when we were in Peking ..."David Langdon21 May 1972LA0243.jpg 
22088"Okay, okay, tomorrow you'll be back to your self-adjusting pit-head shower ..." / "Can I scrub my request for a route to Wembley?" / "For Pete's SAKE - a jumbo hamburger with French fries smothered in ketchup, twice..." / "Fine title to go into the Common Market with, I MUST say...."David Langdon27 Feb 197222088.jpg 
15130'Now there's progress - his father used to be a butler here'Trog [Wally Fawkes]30 Apr 196915130.jpg 
21403'Dickie you doll! What a wonderful surprise - I always said the White House would be perfect with sea views...'Mac [Stan McMurtry]09 Nov 197121403.jpg 
23852'I know British politicians are a bit careful about accepting gifts right now - but honestly, bringing their own sandwiches!'Mac [Stan McMurtry]01 Feb 197323852.jpg 
24393[no caption]Gerald Scarfe06 May 197324393.jpg 
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