Person NameElizabeth; Queen, (1900-2002); consort of George VI, King of Great Britain,
Other forms of nameElizabeth, the Queen Mother, 1900-2002
Epithetconsort of George VI, King of Great Britain,
64940"I'd like one of those lightbulbs that last 50 years!" / "We found it slows them down a lot faster than sheep!" / "He was born with a greasy spoon in his mouth!"Tom Johnston21 Jul 200064940.jpg 
NG4490[no caption]Nicholas Garland01 Jan 1989 - 31 Dec 1989NG4490.jpg 
60705[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]31 Mar 200260705.jpg 
PC5832"I've checked with the Coastguard, Ma'am... it's not drinkable."Bill McArthur20 Mar 1999PC5832.jpg 
61226[no caption]Bernard Cookson09 Apr 200261226.jpg 
PC5780"All right. This is a raid. Everybody down on one knee!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]16 Mar 1999PC5780.jpg 
61231[no caption]Bernard Cookson08 Apr 200261231.jpg 
59116[no caption]Dave Gaskill11 Sep 200159116.jpg 
61271[no caption]Paul Thomas04 Apr 200261271.jpg 
61284[no caption]Patrick Blower02 Apr 200261284.jpg 
61297[no caption]not signed01 Apr 200261297.jpg 
59369'Don't drink that one, mother. It's our anti-anthrax vaccine.'Mac [Stan McMurtry]16 Oct 200159369.jpg 
NG3588Spot the Difference.Nicholas Garland11 Mar 1988NG3588.jpg 
60259[no caption]Dave Gaskill16 Jan 200260259.jpg 
PC3169"Dammit, nurse. You and your rules! You could have allowed her just one gin and tonic."Mac [Stan McMurtry]27 Jan 1998PC3169.jpg 
61272'Right. That's a plague of locusts, pestilence and a long famine at Peter Sisson's house. When d'you want it to start, Ma'am?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]04 Apr 200261272.jpg 
09645`That loud bang? Oh, not to worry, Ma'am, that was just another election promise'...Arthur Horner16 Sep 196609645.jpg 
PC4201[no caption]Dave Gaskill05 Aug 1998PC4201.jpg 
61215[no caption]Peter Brookes09 Apr 200261215.jpg 
64904"I'm beginning to believe William Hague!" / "... and its Private Parts on the outside followed by Little Willy, Hello Cheeky, Royal Flash... ooh! and Big Boy just lost his jockey shorts!" / "They don't want to go to Alton Towers anymore!"Tom Johnston12 Jun 200064904.jpg 
58941[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 Aug 200158941.jpg 
58935[no caption]Paul Thomas02 Aug 200158935.jpg 
WH5175Farmer Giles in London for the Royal Wedding No. 2. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden24 Apr 1923WH5175.jpg 
AH0408A cool millionArthur Horner01 Jan 1970 - 28 Apr 1972AH0408.jpg 
65386"You had to go and wish him a happy new year, didn't you!" / "And when I say here's to the next 50... I'm not joking!"Tom Johnston02 Jan 200265386.jpg 
65104"Sven Goran Eriksson?... If you're looking for an England goalie did you see the way my daughter caught me the other day?" / "Course, it also comes in handy if you have to explain to your wife why you've been having an affair with an Aussie waitress!" / "About the new caravan you bought me..." / "It used to be pop stars who threw televisions out windows ... now its 'Popstar' rejects!"Tom Johnston16 Jan 200165104.jpg 
64933"It should have been here an hour ago!" / "Now, can you do the same thing for Labour?" / "So, how are you enjoying your visit to Britain?"Tom Johnston13 Jul 200064933.jpg 
WH5174Farmer Giles comes to London for the Royal Wedding. No. 1.[caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden23 Apr 1923WH5174.jpg 
SBD0209[no caption]Steve Bell27 Jan 1994SBD0209.jpg 
SBD0001[no caption]Steve Bell20 Aug 1996SBD0001.jpg 
WDN0500The Royal Ambassador
Son of our King
Lady of the Laughing Eyes
Dyson; Will (1880-1938)21 April 1927WDN0500.jpg 
PC2347"What do you mean, you've double-booked us with a lottery syndicate from Bolton?"Charles Griffin04 Aug 1997PC2347.jpg 
65171"Mother says she has a nice surprise for us!" / "I wish we could take it back and change it for another shop!" / "Do you deliver?" / "I'm a Pearly Sheik!"Tom Johnston10 Apr 200165171.jpg 
AH0407`That loud bang? Oh, not to worry, Ma'am, that was just another election promise'...Arthur Horner16 Sep 1966AH0407.jpg 
64920"How'd you like to win the next election?" / "Ruddy Mo Mowlam!" / "No wonder we're lost... you've been using the ruddy DNA map... typical women's genes!" / "I think I've found her a date for her big birthday bash!"Tom Johnston28 Jun 200064920.jpg 
PC4131"Whatever next?"Tom Johnston10 Aug 1998PC4131.jpg 
WH5176Farmer Giles in London for the Royal Wedding No. 3. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden25 Apr 1923WH5176.jpg 
ILW1347[Illingworth cartoon ILW 1347]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197920 November 1947ILW1347.jpg 
PC4129"Hang on!....I was 50 the other day you know!"Tom Johnston04 Aug 1998PC4129.jpg 
CG0003"What are they all talking about? I've been here all the time!"Charles Griffin1988CG0003.jpg 
65268"I fear we may have given her some of the Duke of Edinburgh's blood!" / "Yes, I can prove that young doctors are overworked.... I'm only 23!" / "I tried phoning to tell them they've lost the directory enquiries monopoly ... but I couldn't get through!" / "As part of Tony Blair's new friendship policy we're handing her over to the Argentinians!"Tom Johnston03 Aug 200165268.jpg 
WH5177Farmer Giles in London for the Royal wedding No. 4. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden26 Apr 1923WH5177.jpg 
65207"Well, it must be expensive keeping all those bandwagons on the road!" / "You've really got to cut down on your ozone intake, mother!" / "And another lovely day until this shower arrives in many areas!" / "All over the country people are scurrying for an atlas to find out where the hell Estonia is!"Tom Johnston14 May 200165207.jpg 
PC6190"By any chance, have you had a visit from Camilla's son?"Tom Johnston18 May 1999PC6190.jpg 
RS0277[Up the Mall: An everyday story of royal folk]Ralph Steadman[1968]RS0277.jpg 
WF0345It does make one more hopeful about a Middle East solution.Trog [Wally Fawkes]11 Jun 1967WF0345.jpg 
45704"I'm sorry some redundancies are unavoidable - there Is a recession on. Next!"Bill Caldwell01 Jan 1979 - 31 Dec 199345704.jpg 
PC4092"It seemed the ideal birthday present. The Blairs are using the jet and we've got to get to Balmoral somehow."Mac [Stan McMurtry]04 Aug 1998PC4092.jpg 
26283My Nightmare DerbyArthur Horner30 May 197426283.jpg 
45780"Right! You see that, you 'orrible lot? Miss Fergie's got the right idea."Charles Griffin16 Jul 198645780.jpg 
64713[no caption]Dave Gaskill02 Sep 199964713.jpg 
58800[no caption]Nicola Jennings17 Aug 200158800.jpg 
64849"I'm inviting all my pals from school.... how about you, gran?" / "Yes, Lord Archer... your new suit is ready!" / "It's the village idiot!" / "You're now on the waiting list for a bed of nails!"Tom Johnston10 Apr 200064849.jpg 
11389It does make one more hopeful about a Middle East solution.Trog [Wally Fawkes]11 Jun 196711389.jpg 
64954"What do you mean you've run out of petrol due to your heroic stand against Gordon Brown?" / "Please don't let there be a Prince Philip of Sex!"Tom Johnston02 Aug 200064954.jpg 
65170"I said he's in line to the throne ... not there's a line by the phone!" / "Careful!... It could be one of those fake British royals!" / "3 ducks, a brace of pheasant and a fake Arab sheik!" / "Yes, but the damage Harry did when he put his foot in it will mend!"Tom Johnston09 Apr 200165170.jpg 
64956"Not true!... at least once it was divine!" / "There'll be no photos of Euan taken for an identity card!"Tom Johnston04 Aug 200064956.jpg 
NG4982Endangered species?Nicholas Garland06 Jun 1992NG4982.jpg 
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