Person NameStevenson; Adlai Ewing (1900-1965)
ForenamesAdlai Ewing
LSE5384Formosa Escalator.David Low (1891-1963)15 Apr 1955LSE5384.jpg 
AH0386[No caption]Arthur Horner01 Jan 1954 - 17 Nov 1954AH0386.jpg 
VY0747Stevenson's "Rocket"Vicky [Victor Weisz]26 Oct 1956VY0747.jpg 
LSE4450Other people's politicsDavid Low (1891-1963)09 Sep 1952LSE4450.jpg 
ILW2008[Illingworth cartoon ILW 2008]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-19793 November 1952ILW2008.jpg 
LSE8701New hand for the helmDavid Low (1891-1963)16 Nov 1960LSE8701.jpg 
AH0365Rogue ElephantArthur Horner01 Jan 1954 - 17 Nov 1954AH0365.jpg 
AH0358[No caption]Arthur Horner01 Jan 1954 - 17 Nov 1954AH0358.jpg 
GS0766"Oh, they're getting tough mighty tough in the West."Sidney 'George' Strube27 Sep 1952GS0766.jpg 
LSE8657American circusDavid Low (1891-1963)13 Jul 1960LSE8657.jpg 
LSE5551Takes your mind off Suez.David Low (1891-1963)15 Aug 1956LSE5551.jpg 
MC0557[No caption]Michael Cummings09 Nov 1958MC0557.jpg 
LSE5466"Fore!"David Low (1891-1963)15 Nov 1955LSE5466.jpg 
LSE4539"By the way, what ever became of that idea of Churchill's?David Low (1891-1963)21 Jul 1953LSE4539.jpg 
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