Person NameThieu; Nguyen van (1923-); President
ForenamesNguyen van
11621'Is It True About Your Keeping Political Prisoners Caged Up?'Herblock [Herbert Block]11 Jul 1970 
23550'Whenever Peace Is at Hand, So Is He'Herblock [Herbert Block]09 Dec 1972 
13197'I Hope Nobody Pulls the Rug Out From Under Us.'Bill Mauldin05 Apr 1968 
12558"Tsk! another dissenter"Bill Mauldin28 Dec 1967 
23305Thieuing gumLeslie Gibbard25 Oct 197223305.jpg 
21894A Tale of Two CitiesJohn Fischetti27 Jan 1972 
23265'We've Agreed to Operate... Now We're Discussing the Method!'Pat Oliphant16 Oct 197223265.jpg 
23576Opening the Bridge over River ThieuLeslie Gibbard13 Dec 197223576.jpg 
AH0343Democracy, South Vietnam Style : President Thieu claims that during his four years in office `democracy and freedom has come to 97 percent of the villages, and 98 percent of the hamlets in South Vietnam'.Arthur Horner08 Oct 1971AH0343.jpg 
23831"All right, forget the honour - what about the peace?"Nicholas Garland30 Jan 197323831.jpg 
AH0321On the skidsArthur Horner26 Mar 1971AH0321.jpg 
23304"What do you want first, the bad news or the bad news."Jak [Raymond Jackson]24 Oct 197223304.jpg 
16054[no caption]Pat Oliphant05 Aug 196916054.jpg 
NG0871"All right, forget the honour - what about the peace?"Nicholas Garland30 Jan 1973NG0871.jpg 
21891What these orientals don't seem to realise is how important not losing face is to us in the westLeslie Gibbard27 Jan 197221891.jpg 
16022[No caption]Nicholas Garland31 Jul 196916022.jpg 
15410The guest who got sick of the partyLeslie Gibbard16 May 196915410.jpg 
NG0491[No caption]Nicholas Garland31 Jul 1969NG0491.jpg 
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