Person NameBrandt; Willy
16820[no caption]Leslie Gibbard05 Dec 196916820.jpg 
VY3598Willy Brandt [No published caption]Vicky [Victor Weisz]08 Sep 1961VY3598.jpg 
21639[no caption]Leslie Gibbard15 Dec 197121639.jpg 
NG0408"Deutschmark, deutschmark uber alles!"Nicholas Garland20 Nov 1968NG0408.jpg 
KW0081"He'll never make a **** politician."Keith Waite08 May 1974KW0081.jpg 
LSE8675Big boots don't make a policemanDavid Low (1891-1963)14 Sep 1960LSE8675.jpg 
MC0985"You hate your problem child - I hate my problem child! Let's exchange them!"Michael Cummings23 Aug 1961MC0985.jpg 
16562[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Oct 196916562.jpg 
NG0539"It's alright, he's asleep now!"Nicholas Garland18 Mar 1970NG0539.jpg 
19123"If you come a little closer, then we could talk about Berlin."Edward McLachlan30 Nov 197019123.jpg 
KL0004[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]13 May 1978KL0004.jpg 
20053'Would you like to take delivery of a new German Ford, now you're here, Mr Heath?'Jon [William John Philpin Jones]06 Apr 197120053.jpg 
18418[no caption]Pat Oliphant24 Aug 197018418.jpg 
NG0503"Well at least no-one's got to make a coalition with him"Nicholas Garland30 Sep 1969NG0503.jpg 
11030"We would like to have given you a guard of honour but we didn't want to start bringing troops back from the Rhine."Kenneth Mahood13 Apr 196711030.jpg 
24005"... Er, is the last American still there?"Michael Cummings26 Feb 197324005.jpg 
14815"No, no, don't mention it - it demonstrates again how our two countries think alike on important issues!"Nicholas Garland13 Feb 196914815.jpg 
NG4668"Exit pursued by a bear."Nicholas Garland10 May 1974NG4668.jpg 
40441"Here comes the 'Don't Know Kid'!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]12 Feb 197040441.jpg 
23650[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]31 Dec 197223650.jpg 
KL0270[no caption]Kal [Kevin Kallaugher]13 Feb 1983KL0270.jpg 
LSE8768Berlin crisisDavid Low (1891-1963)18 Aug 1961LSE8768.jpg 
10891If we want the British Army, we must buy British goods. We Germans are used to making sacrifices.John Bernard Handelsman16 Mar 196710891.jpg 
12865"And remember, Willy, little Germans should be seen and not heard!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]07 Feb 196812865.jpg 
NG0541[No caption]Nicholas Garland20 Jan 1970NG0541.jpg 
NG1116"Oh! Its so unsporting!"Nicholas Garland28 Jan 1974NG1116.jpg 
17397'Make it quick, Wilson, I've come for the Ideal Home Exhibition.'Jon [William John Philpin Jones]03 Mar 197017397.jpg 
16378The Flying DeutschmarkLeslie Gibbard30 Sep 196916378.jpg 
20266El Shambles HotelMichael Cummings07 May 197120266.jpg 
22021[no caption]Leslie Gibbard18 Feb 197222021.jpg 
26178"He'll never make a **** politician."Keith Waite08 May 197426178.jpg 
CU1254[no caption]Michael Cummings20 Dec 1971CU1254.jpg 
16359Whose fingers on the till?Jak [Raymond Jackson]26 Sep 196916359.jpg 
18963"They don't make them like that anymore!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]11 Nov 197018963.jpg 
NG0288"Himmel, I've said I'm sorry about the misunderstanding - what more does he want?"Nicholas Garland07 Feb 1968NG0288.jpg 
18207[no caption]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197922 Feb 196718207.jpg 
20305"Willy? Oh, he's floating around here somewhere!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]11 May 197120305.jpg 
20061"He gets terribly jealous!"Edward McLachlan05 Apr 197120061.jpg 
CU1263El Shambles HotelMichael Cummings07 May 1971CU1263.jpg 
25573"Oh! Its so unsporting!"Nicholas Garland28 Jan 197425573.jpg 
20049[No caption]Nicholas Garland06 Apr 197120049.jpg 
CU1341"... Er, is the last American still there?"Michael Cummings26 Feb 1973CU1341.jpg 
20261[No caption]Nicholas Garland06 May 197120261.jpg 
32270[no caption]Nicholas Garland11 Jul 197832270.jpg 
17496"It's alright, he's asleep now!"Nicholas Garland18 Mar 197017496.jpg 
20312"The judgement of Paris"Nicholas Garland12 May 197120312.jpg 
NG0684"The judgement of Paris"Nicholas Garland12 May 1971NG0684.jpg 
24764"... little old ladies moving from shelf to shelf, pricing all the things they wanted!"Nicholas Garland09 Jul 197324764.jpg 
16677[no caption]Nicholas Garland17 Nov 196916677.jpg 
20318"Perhaps, Monsieur Pompidou, it would be prudent to put the old bone-shaker back on the road ..."Michael Cummings12 May 197120318.jpg 
23919"If only someone would invent the wheel..."Michael Cummings12 Feb 197323919.jpg 
20260Horror tale of today: Count SpeculaLeslie Gibbard06 May 197120260.jpg 
21663[no caption]Michael Cummings20 Dec 197121663.jpg 
20609"As neither of us could run the country, at least by joining Europe we've enabled the efficient Germans to have a go at running it better."Michael Cummings24 Jun 197120609.jpg 
23669"Welcome, mes amis! Your luxury quarters are not quite ready"Leslie Gibbard04 Jan 197323669.jpg 
21644[no caption]Paul Rigby16 Dec 197121644.jpg 
20992Experiments with coloured beads have proved children's ability to think logically.Nicholas Garland24 Aug 197120992.jpg 
NG0192[No caption]Nicholas Garland02 Jan 1968NG0192.jpg 
MC0983"Gee, I've got my call-up papers too!"Michael Cummings18 Aug 1961MC0983.jpg 
NG1815[no caption]Nicholas Garland11 Jul 1978NG1815.jpg 
CU1328"If only someone would invent the wheel..."Michael Cummings12 Feb 1973CU1328.jpg 
NG0525[No caption]Nicholas Garland04 Dec 1969NG0525.jpg 
23752"A touching greeting from child-like savages, brother Alec. I warrant we'll save them - just after availing ourselves of this welcome bath..."Leslie Gibbard17 Jan 197323752.jpg 
12867"Himmel, I've said I'm sorry about the misunderstanding - what more does he want?"Nicholas Garland07 Feb 196812867.jpg 
23295"Let's go! That can all wait till after our honeymoon."Paul Rigby23 Oct 197223295.jpg 
20042[no caption]Leslie Gibbard07 Apr 197120042.jpg 
AH0324The Seventh Veil - or, Salome TacticsArthur Horner16 Apr 1971AH0324.jpg 
NG0681[No caption]Nicholas Garland06 May 1971NG0681.jpg 
AH0281The Alternatives / `Bloody civilian!'Arthur Horner13 Mar 1970AH0281.jpg 
23101'Young man! I'm warning you...'Leslie Gibbard15 Sep 197223101.jpg 
NG0669[No caption]Nicholas Garland06 Apr 1971NG0669.jpg 
20491"But, monsieur, is this the model for home consumption or was it manufactured specially for export?"Paul Rigby08 Jun 197120491.jpg 
MC0990"When we've worked our way through his soft, outer layer of solid rock, then it's going to be really tough!"Michael Cummings20 Sep 1961MC0990.jpg 
NG0558[No caption]Nicholas Garland16 Mar 1970NG0558.jpg 
CU1327[no caption]Michael Cummings11 Feb 1973CU1327.jpg 
17485[No caption]Nicholas Garland16 Mar 197017485.jpg 
17101[No caption]Nicholas Garland20 Jan 197017101.jpg 
10665"George - Please!!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]14 Feb 196710665.jpg 
NG0876[No caption]Nicholas Garland13 Feb 1973NG0876.jpg 
19601'I must say, we never had this trouble with non-Europeans'Leslie Gibbard03 Feb 197119601.jpg 
21501"Er ... can't we talk this thing over?"Leslie Gibbard24 Nov 197121501.jpg 
21849[no caption]Leslie Gibbard22 Jan 197221849.jpg 
NG0925"... little old ladies moving from shelf to shelf, pricing all the things they wanted!"Nicholas Garland09 Jul 1973NG0925.jpg 
10677"Even if it is Valentine's Day, George, no kisses, cuddles, hand-holding or suggestive remarks before the sauerkraut!"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]14 Feb 196710677.jpg 
18565[no caption]Leslie Gibbard09 Sep 197018565.jpg 
21853"By jove, you're right - I think I can smell something burning!"Paul Rigby22 Jan 197221853.jpg 
CU1253"A splendid day's fishing, Prime Minister! I've managed to hook something at the end of
my line!"
Michael Cummings13 Dec 1971CU1253.jpg 
23923[No caption]Nicholas Garland13 Feb 197323923.jpg 
21622"A splendid day's fishing, Prime Minister! I've managed to hook something at the end of my line!"Michael Cummings13 Dec 197121622.jpg 
21669'Frankly, old man, I don't know why you're going to the trouble of joining - this little baby worked a treat!'Leslie Gibbard21 Dec 197121669.jpg 
20713"Take away that bauble!"Michael Cummings09 Jul 197120713.jpg 
20951"I was not being rude - I was merely making a victory sign!"Nicholas Garland18 Aug 197120951.jpg 
18459"Ach! Everybody loves Germany NOW!"Michael Cummings10 Aug 197018459.jpg 
NG0727"Well, if you knows of a better 'ole, go to it"Nicholas Garland17 Aug 1971NG0727.jpg 
20939"Well, if you knows of a better 'ole, go to it"Nicholas Garland17 Aug 197120939.jpg 
23914[no caption]Michael Cummings11 Feb 197323914.jpg 
21361"In the next Queen's speech, Her Majesty will announce that she will move from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Versailles and will revert to the name of 'House of Hanover'..."Michael Cummings03 Nov 197121361.jpg 
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