Person NameArmstrong; Neil
15936[no caption]Kenneth Mahood17 Jul 196915936.jpg 
16471'... and you're quite sure there were no Catholic and Protestant missionaries on the Moon?'Jon [William John Philpin Jones]15 Oct 196916471.jpg 
15961"So much for our welcome arrangements"Bernard Cookson21 Jul 196915961.jpg 
15955"So far, nothing unusual...."Mac [Stan McMurtry]21 Jul 196915955.jpg 
16096"Look Neil, there's nothing anyone can do until the vet from the Space Centre gets here!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]12 Aug 196916096.jpg 
15958"Why bother? Sooner or later they'll build a motorway through it." / "We always go to Loch Ness, I said, let's go somewhere different this year."Keith Waite21 Jul 196915958.jpg 
15935"Before you sneaked that damned stone plaque on board for your wife, you should've thought what'd happen when it became weightless!"Mac [Stan McMurtry]17 Jul 196915935.jpg 
15979"Well done Ivanovitch. Your American accent fooled them completely."Mac [Stan McMurtry]24 Jul 196915979.jpg 
MRD0158Great World Events:Martin Rowson27 Aug 2012MRD0158.jpg 
GBD0033[Neil Armstrong]Gary Barker27 Aug 2012GBD0033.jpg 
15965"Same problem on the moon - everywhere they go they dump things."Keith Waite22 Jul 196915965.jpg 
15928'Good luck, men'Stanley Franklin16 Jul 196915928.jpg 
16470"I expect your grandchildren will never tire of asking about the day you astronauts actually dined with Harold Wilson."Mac [Stan McMurtry]15 Oct 196916470.jpg 
15925[no caption]Michael Cummings16 Jul 196915925.jpg 
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