Person NameFrankenstein; Victor
CG/1/4/1/3/1/6"Looks like your boy friend's making his way home."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)09 Dec 1943GAA010006.jpg 
20176"This entry - 'Big Frank and his Wife, invented yesterday' - what's that supposed to mean?"Mac [Stan McMurtry]26 Apr 197120176.jpg 
32325Dept. of Non-Genetic EngineeringTrog [Wally Fawkes]30 Jul 197832325.jpg 
24973"Mind you, it's possible that some Compute-a-Partner clients haven't been as lucky as us."Paul Rigby24 Aug 197324973.jpg 
SB0009If... Frankenstein were a Social Democrat 1.Steve Bell[12 Nov 1981]SB0009.jpg 
67323"It's gone out of control again!"Tom Johnston30 Mar 199267323.jpg 
JJ0214"Aw - have a heart!"John Jensen05 Oct 1969JJ0214.jpg 
PC0969[no caption]Chris Priestley08 Nov 1996PC0969.jpg 
LSE6530The Frightened Frankensteins.David Low (1891-1963)13 Apr 1921LSE6530.jpg 
ILW0933The all-powerful stateIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197929 June 1945ILW0933.jpg 
16413"Aw - have a heart!"John Jensen05 Oct 196916413.jpg 
26460"Doctor Wilsonstein"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]08 Jul 197426460.jpg 
NG4022[no caption]Nicholas Garland29 Sep 1989NG4022.jpg 
NG4155[no caption]Nicholas Garland07 Apr 1990NG4155.jpg 
CLD0054It's alive!Scott [Clissold; Scott]29 Sep 2013CLD0054.jpg 
17941[no caption]Edward McLachlan07 Jun 197017941.jpg 
09741"I'm beginning to think it would have been a better idea if we had created his bride first."Kenneth Mahood04 Oct 196609741.jpg 
SBD0977That summit, in full:Steve Bell21 Feb 2012SBD0977.jpg 
AH0344Scenario for a horror filmArthur Horner12 Nov 1971AH0344.jpg 
MRD0461What do you mean, "Zombie Parliament"?!?Martin Rowson13 May 2014MRD0461.jpg 
SBD1218The Bride of CleggensteinSteve Bell19 Sep 2013SBD1218.jpg 
99564'Be honest with me. Did you ever have a dalliance with Boris Karloff?'Mac [Stan McMurtry]04 Oct 201399564.jpg 
PC5734[no caption]Dave Brown10 Mar 1999PC5734.jpg 
14189'We Don't Seem to Have Gotten Enough Voltage.'John Fischetti07 Nov 196814189.jpg 
MW2516"Test tube special."Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]15 Feb 1969MW2516.jpg 
41579[Gorbachev Frankenstein]Steve Bell21 Dec 199041579.jpg 
WF0013Dept. of Non-Genetic EngineeringTrog [Wally Fawkes]30 Jul 1978WF0013.jpg 
PC0254[no caption]Richard Willson11 Aug 1996PC0254.jpg 
19135Dr. Frankenstein's MonsterMichael Cummings02 Dec 197019135.jpg 
MW3074"Doctor Wilsonstein"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]08 Jul 1974MW3074.jpg 
97686Regional Growth ReportChristian Adams29 Oct 201297686.jpg 
26943"Can we come out now, Harold?"Michael Cummings14 Oct 197426943.jpg 
PC1806"That's awfully sweet of you, Derek, but I'd rather you brought me a can of worms."Charles Griffin15 May 1997PC1806.jpg 
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