Person NameHumphrey; Hubert
15229'Don't Worry - Later On We'll Recall It to Put In the Brakes.'Herblock [Herbert Block]29 Mar 1969 
14181Battle of the WindmillsBill Mauldin05 Nov 1968 
13835The Overflowing CupHerblock [Herbert Block]04 Sep 1968 
13624Sewing CircleBill Mauldin24 Jun 1968 
14160"Sock it to him, LBJ."Kenneth Mahood01 Nov 196814160.jpg 
14170"Don't say we've got to start bombing THEM to the conference table!"Nicholas Garland04 Nov 196814170.jpg 
14157"At least they've stopped worrying about low production." / "I said 'We get no privacy anywhere these days.'" / "Had this wondeful dream - Idreamed the war finished in Vietnam before war strated in the Middle East."Keith Waite01 Nov 196814157.jpg 
14155"I think his second-hand car is running out of gas!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]01 Nov 196814155.jpg 
22506'When Y'all Are Through Scrappin', I'll Tell Y'all Who Wins!'Pat Oliphant15 May 197222506.jpg 
NG0403"Who are you not going to vote for?"Nicholas Garland31 Oct 1968NG0403.jpg 
VY3673Hubert HumphreyVicky [Victor Weisz]28 Aug 1964VY3673.jpg 
14171[no caption]William Papas04 Nov 196814171.jpg 
13643'Personally, I find the Game of Old Politics Rather Appealing.'Sanders21 Jun 1968 
13371Have faith in the new Nixon / The old Humphrey has risen againBill Mauldin07 May 1968 
06268"Well, Hubert, I guess we better get moving..."Bill Mauldin23 Nov 1964 
22516[no caption]Leslie Gibbard17 May 197222516.jpg 
14149"Well, there goes the old booster."Nicholas Garland30 Oct 196814149.jpg 
14198[no caption]Michael Cummings08 Nov 196814198.jpg 
15278Egg RollHerblock [Herbert Block]04 Apr 1969 
14076'It's All Right to Puff, Hubert, But Don't Inhale.'Bill Mauldin18 Oct 1968 
22814'Unmatched Luggage'John Fischetti08 Jul 1972 
14426The victims were often "persons who had broken no law, disobeyed no order, made no threat ..."Herblock [Herbert Block]10 Dec 1968 
AH0222The Party Machine - the current exhibition of 'Cybernetic Serendipity' demonstrates how images can be deformed by computer technique.Arthur Horner09 Aug 1968AH0222.jpg 
AH0224Candidate, get your gun!Arthur Horner06 Sep 1968AH0224.jpg 
11021"Gee, Hubert, I guess they were throwing that stuff at me - in a way"Nicholas Garland11 Apr 196711021.jpg 
14156'Now try it'Trog [Wally Fawkes]01 Nov 196814156.jpg 
13343[no caption]Kenneth Mahood01 May 196813343.jpg 
NG0406[No caption]Nicholas Garland07 Nov 1968NG0406.jpg 
NG0061"Heavier Vietnam raids" (Headline)Nicholas Garland13 Jul 1966NG0061.jpg 
13841"Well there's the choice - which one would you prefer to have hitting you over the head, Alvin?"Kenneth Mahood11 Sep 196813841.jpg 
11016"Hubert I hope you got it across to them that we will defend to the death their right to call me a murderer."Kenneth Mahood11 Apr 196711016.jpg 
13878"'If any anarchists or demonstrators lie down in front of my car, that'll be the last car
they lie down in front of!' (Gov. Wallace)
Nicholas Garland16 Sep 196813878.jpg 
VY2596"Plonk"Vicky [Victor Weisz]04 Nov 1964VY2596.jpg 
22825[No caption]Nicholas Garland10 Jul 197222825.jpg 
NG0392"'If any anarchists or demonstrators lie down in front of my car, that'll be the last car they lie down in front of!' (Gov. Wallace)Nicholas Garland16 Sep 1968NG0392.jpg 
07832"I feel great again! What's the first thing to sort out?"Stanley Franklin12 Oct 196507832.jpg 
14158[No caption]Nicholas Garland01 Nov 196814158.jpg 
11419[no caption]Nicholas Garland15 Jun 196711419.jpg 
09329"Heavier Vietnam raids" (Headline)Nicholas Garland13 Jul 196609329.jpg 
06375"Plonk"Vicky [Victor Weisz]04 Nov 196406375.jpg 
14197[No caption]Nicholas Garland07 Nov 196814197.jpg 
09309"What hurts me is, we get nothing but abuse for fighting for peace while they get nothing but praise for talking about it."Kenneth Mahood08 Jul 196609309.jpg 
14135[no caption]Kenneth Mahood29 Oct 196814135.jpg 
NG0310"Gee, Hubert, I guess they were throwing that stuff at me - in a way"Nicholas Garland11 Apr 1967NG0310.jpg 
14193'I know just how you feel, Humph'Stanley Franklin08 Nov 196814193.jpg 
14175"All urgent requests - 'bring back the Black and White minstrel show.'" / "Which guy do you fancy - Mr. Nixon or Mr. Humphrey?" / "Somebody has been leaking top secrets - the Russians know all about me."Keith Waite05 Nov 196814175.jpg 
14394"Noticed how nobody ever hijacks an aircraft to fly to America?" / "But tis said there's a shortage of smokeless winter fuel, you Majesty."Keith Waite06 Dec 196814394.jpg 
NG0364"Never mind Nixon - will you buy a second-hand car from me"Nicholas Garland29 Apr 1968NG0364.jpg 
JJ0163[No caption]John Jensen04 Feb 1968JJ0163.jpg 
13415An artist's conception of the three-cornered race for ther Democratic presidential nominationJohn Huernergarth13 May 1968 
AH0163Two Cartoon CarolsArthur Horner23 Dec 1966AH0163.jpg 
13306"Never mind Nixon - will you buy a second-hand car from me"Nicholas Garland29 Apr 196813306.jpg 
14146Running MatesBill Mauldin30 Oct 1968 
14130[no caption]William Papas29 Oct 196814130.jpg 
14196[no caption]William Papas07 Nov 196814196.jpg 
21818'Zeb, We Don't Have Enough Voters To Go Around.'Tom Engelhardt17 Jan 1972 
MW2488"Waiting for the Fireworks."Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]05 Nov 1968MW2488.jpg 
14174"Waiting for the Fireworks."Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]05 Nov 196814174.jpg 
MW2489"The Winner?"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]07 Nov 1968MW2489.jpg 
NG0831[No caption]Nicholas Garland10 Jul 1972NG0831.jpg 
11196[no caption]William Papas12 May 196711196.jpg 
14138Turning the scale?Norman Mansbridge30 Oct 196814138.jpg 
14166"And they've got the nerve to call ME Tricky Dicky!"Sidney William Martin03 Nov 196814166.jpg 
NG0404[No caption]Nicholas Garland01 Nov 1968NG0404.jpg 
12840[No caption]John Jensen04 Feb 196812840.jpg 
24393[no caption]Gerald Scarfe06 May 197324393.jpg 
MC0801"Gee, wouldn't it be great if Kruschev gave us a kick in the backside, too!"Michael Cummings23 May 1960MC0801.jpg 
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