Person NameFawkes; Guy (1570-1606)
09957[no caption]William Papas05 Nov 196609957.jpg 
DL1384November fifth in Palestine.David Low (1891-1963)05 Nov 1938DL1384.jpg 
ILW1169[Illingworth cartoon ILW 1169]Illingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-19795 November 1946ILW1169.jpg 
09958"All clear this end, sir!"Jak [Raymond Jackson]05 Nov 196609958.jpg 
65012"Arghh! No! This can't be happening!... We've abducted Anthea Turner!" / "We were fortunate enough to get a £15,000 Arts Council grant!" / "I think the bank has made a mistake, darling!... There's a fortune missing from our savings account!"Tom Johnston27 Oct 200065012.jpg 
FO0112[no caption]Trog [Wally Fawkes]29 Aug 1949FO0112.jpg 
NG2511A[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Nov 1982NG2511A.jpg 
LSE6160The man who never blew up.David Low (1891-1963)05 Nov 1919LSE6160.jpg 
09926"I just need a small bridging loan til Saturday, not so much for essential building as essential demolition."Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]03 Nov 196609926.jpg 
CG/1/1/1/1083Published caption: "Seven, six, five, four, three, two..."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)26 Oct 1958GA1484.jpg 
MW3033"Misguided guy"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]01 Nov 1973 - 30 Nov 1973MW3033.jpg 
GAN/428Published caption: "Seven, six, five, four, three, two..."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)26 Oct 1958GAN0453.jpg 
16595'Are you sure your guy was fairly chosen?'Jon [William John Philpin Jones]04 Nov 196916595.jpg 
WH3597How to brighten the Lord Mayor's Show. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden10 Nov 1924WH3597.jpg 
14159"Gadzooks! Is someone trying to work me to death?"Stanley Franklin01 Nov 196814159.jpg 
MW0196Never mind about Guy Fawkes, you take it back where you got it from."Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]02 Nov 1957MW0196.jpg 
AH0231[No caption]Arthur Horner01 Nov 1968AH0231.jpg 
SB0002If... Guy Fawkes were a Social DemocratSteve Bell[05 Nov 1981]SB0002.jpg 
39440[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Oct 198239440.jpg 
09877"We thought it was a more up-to-date anti-government image."Norman Mansbridge27 Oct 196609877.jpg 
NM0011"We thought it was a more up-to-date anti-government image."Norman Mansbridge27 Oct 1966NM0011.jpg 
LSE2588November fifth in Palestine.David Low (1891-1963)05 Nov 1938LSE2588.jpg 
NG1700"Good heavens! Is it time for all that again already?"Nicholas Garland17 Oct 1977NG1700.jpg 
40938[no caption]Nicholas Garland05 Nov 198240938.jpg 
LSE1584A Cabinet council.David Low (1891-1963)04 Nov 1930LSE1584.jpg 
MC0144["If Guy Fawkes had lived in twentieth-centrury Britain..." crossed out]Michael Cummings17 Aug 1955MC0144.jpg 
DB0013[no caption]Dave Brown22 Nov 1996DB0013.jpg 
PC0562[no caption]Peter Brookes05 Nov 1996PC0562.jpg 
CLD0113Ban Bonfire Night!!Scott [Clissold; Scott]03 Nov 2013CLD0113.jpg 
MW3254[no caption]Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]1960MW3254.jpg 
00205"Haven't you got any more big bangers?"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]04 Nov 196100205.jpg 
LSE8960"Penny for the Nye"David Low (1891-1963)05 Nov 1948LSE8960.jpg 
WH4128What we know about Guy Fawkes. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden02 Nov 1927WH4128.jpg 
MW3233A[no caption]Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]1965 (?)MW3233A.jpg 
WH4145What the average child learns of history. [caption on reverse]W.K. Haselden16 Apr 1928WH4145.jpg 
23366"Nowhere near the Houses of Parliament - this one was outside the TUC headquarters!"Paul Rigby05 Nov 197223366.jpg 
GS0870Sam : "Very funny, boys, but ain't you sorry it isn't true."Sidney 'George' Strube05 Nov 1940GS0870.jpg 
NG5614[no caption]Nicholas Garland04 Nov 1994NG5614.jpg 
CG/1/4/1/3/13/13Published caption: "Seven, six, five, four, three, two..."Giles; Ronald Carl (1916-1995)26 Oct 1958GAA131550.jpg 
ILW0240The difference between us, Adolf, is they got me before I startedIllingworth, Leslie Gilbert, 1902-197913 May 1941ILW0240.jpg 
100157"Good heavens! Look what the Government is plotting"Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]05 Nov 2013100157.jpg 
MW1182[no caption]Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]05 Nov 1963MW1182.jpg 
01623[No caption]Michael Cummings17 Jul 196201623.jpg 
16544'Amazing what kids dream up these days!'Stanley Franklin27 Oct 196916544.jpg 
09932"Jenkins, while you're having this security check ... "William Papas03 Nov 196609932.jpg 
NG2508[no caption]Nicholas Garland27 Oct 1982NG2508.jpg 
LSE5281Low's topical budgetDavid Low (1891-1963)03 Nov 1934LSE5281.jpg 
mudyxhdGuy FawkesJohn Doyle, 1797-186816 Nov 1840mudyxhd.jpg 
DL0887Low's topical budgetDavid Low (1891-1963)03 Nov 1934DL0887.jpg 
16600"We're only making a technological breakthrough to streamline democracy."Michael Cummings05 Nov 196916600.jpg 
65020"What plot against Mandelson?" / "You thought you'd never see the bags from under your eyes again ... but no!.. because tonight, Michael Aspel...." / "Just don't go asking if it was built by Indians!" / "The Holy Grail, Lord Lucan and Shergar for Mr Paxman!"Tom Johnston18 Oct 200065020.jpg 
MW0938"Haven't you got any more big bangers?"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]04 Nov 1961MW0938.jpg 
23355[no caption]Gerald Scarfe05 Nov 1972 
DL0450A Cabinet council.David Low (1891-1963)04 Nov 1930DL0450.jpg 
MW2807"But, Wedgie - supposing it blows up the wrong party!"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]02 Nov 1971MW2807.jpg 
21351"But, Wedgie - supposing it blows up the wrong party!"Emmwood [John Musgrave-Wood]02 Nov 197121351.jpg 
MC1124[No caption]Michael Cummings17 Jul 1962MC1124.jpg 
101884This is what a gunpowder plotter looks likeMatt [Pritchett; Matthew]04 Nov 2014  
103249"We've been monitoring you on social media, Mr. Fawkes #gunpowderplot #Parliament #boom"Matt [Pritchett; Matthew]03 Nov 2015103249.jpg 
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