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Artist or CreatorJohn Doyle, 1797-1868
Title or Caption"Soirées mysterieuses." wonderful performance at St. Stephen's theatre
Extent1 item
Published byLondon
Date12 Jun 1845
Also published byPublished ... by Thos. McLean, 26, Haymarket. Printed at 70, St. Martin's Lane
Size45 x 31cm
Embedded text or transcriptThat man is not to be trusted. - It's a "Godless" Exhibition. - Now I wonder does
this thing pay?. - Oh it's mere hocus pocus I could juggle better myself. - It's a true nosegay.
- Yes, I can't smell any brimstone on it. - Academic Education. - Maynooth Grant. - Factory Bill.
- Let us try & catch the next Oh he beats the former man hollow!. - It's a very clever
trick. - Aye, but it is taking the bread out of our mouths. - I have more in the hat!. - Majority
Person DepictedWyse; Thomas, (1791-1862); Sir
Hume; Joseph (1777-1855)
Sibthorp; Charles de Laet Waldo (1783-1855)
Sheil; Richard Lalor (1791-1851)
O'Connell; Daniel (1775-1847)
Russell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,
Palmerston; Henry John Temple (1784-1865); 3rd Viscount
Inglis; Robert Harry (1786-1855); Sir
Duncombe; Thomas Slingsby (1796-1861)
Disraeli; Benjamin (1804-1881); Earl of Beaconsfield
Peel; Robert (1788-1850); Sir
Graham; James, (1792-1861); Sir
NotesSigned HB [i.e. John Doyle] in bottom left hand corner Subscribers copy stamp in bottom
left hand corner
SeriesHB sketches
Copyright contact
Location of artworkTabley Collection at the University of Manchester
Relates to cartoonM0029157MU

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GB/BCA/5807Hume; Joseph (1777-1855)1777-1855   
GB/BCA/5734Sibthorp; Charles de Laet Waldo (1783-1855)1783-1855   
GB/BCA/5823Sheil; Richard Lalor (1791-1851)1791-1851   
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GB/BCA/5597Russell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,1792-1878   
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GB/BCA/5793Inglis; Robert Harry (1786-1855); Sir1786-1855   
GB/BCA/5885Duncombe; Thomas Slingsby (1796-1861)1796-1861   
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GB/BCA/589Peel; Robert (1788-1850); Sir1788-1850   
GB/BCA/5740Graham; James, (1792-1861); Sir1792-1861   
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