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Alt Ref Nomudyxf7
Artist or CreatorJohn Doyle, 1797-1868
Title or CaptionGoing to the fair with it! A cant phrase for doing any thing in an extravagant way - known
it is presumed to most persons
Extent1 item
Published by[London]
Date30 Mar 1837
Also published byPublished by T. McLean, 26 Haymarket
Size30 x 44cm
Embedded text or transcriptWonderful! astonishing performance! more surprising than even the stilts. - They
deserve encouragement but they don't go half as far as they might. - Very clever! - It is very
well as far as it goes. - What do you think if we were to set up a little concern of our own, you
would make a very nice little tumbler & and I you know am an old hand that way. - Don't
go yet, the best of the sport is to come. - I can't stand it any longer. - Well done little 'un -
you've got up a surprising height- take care how you let yourself down. - These tricks are
decidely dangerous & should not be encouraged. - This is the great trick now, the stilts
are quite discarded. - That man ballances very inequitably. - Repeal. - Irish Corporation Bill -
majority 80. - Irish tithes appropriation clause
Person DepictedRussell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,
Monteagle of Brandon; Thomas Spring-Rice, (1790-1866); Baron
O'Connell; Daniel (1775-1847)
Fortescue; Hugh Fortescue, (1783-1861); Earl,
Molesworth; William, (1810-1855); Sir
Buller; Charles (1806-1848)
Hume; Joseph (1777-1855)
Brougham and Vaux; Henry Brougham, (1778-1868); Baron
Roebuck; John Arthur (1801-1879)
Broughton; John Cam Hobhouse, (1786-1869); Baron
Burdett; Francis, (1770-1844); Sir
John Bull; (Symbol for England)
Wellington; Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852); Duke of
Peel; Robert (1788-1850); Sir
Derby; Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley (1799-1869); Earl
Lyndhurst; John Singleton Copley (1772-1863); Baron
Inglis; Robert Harry (1786-1855); Sir
NotesIn bottom right hand corner: A. Ducôtés Lithogy 70 St. Martins Lane Signed HB [i.e. John
Doyle] in bottom left-hand corner Subscriber's copy stamp in bottom right hand corner
sword swallowing
up the pole
SeriesHB sketches
Copyright contact
Location of artworkTabley Collection at the University of Manchester
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GB/BCA/5597Russell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,1792-1878   
GB/BCA/5801Monteagle of Brandon; Thomas Spring-Rice, (1790-1866); Baron1790-1866   
GB/BCA/574O'Connell; Daniel (1775-1847)1775-1847   
GB/BCA/5824Fortescue; Hugh Fortescue, (1783-1861); Earl,1783-1861   
GB/BCA/5733Molesworth; William, (1810-1855); Sir1810-1855   
GB/BCA/5876Buller; Charles (1806-1848)1806-1848   
GB/BCA/5807Hume; Joseph (1777-1855)1777-1855   
GB/BCA/4217Brougham and Vaux; Henry Brougham, (1778-1868); Baron1778-1868   
GB/BCA/5804Roebuck; John Arthur (1801-1879)1801-1879   
GB/BCA/5815Broughton; John Cam Hobhouse, (1786-1869); Baron1786-1869   
GB/BCA/5757Burdett; Francis, (1770-1844); Sir1770-1844   
GB/BCA/40John Bull; (Symbol for England)   
GB/BCA/696Wellington; Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852); Duke of1769-1852   
GB/BCA/589Peel; Robert (1788-1850); Sir1788-1850   
GB/BCA/5738Derby; Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley (1799-1869); Earl1799-1869   
GB/BCA/4220Lyndhurst; John Singleton Copley (1772-1863); Baron1772-1863   
GB/BCA/5793Inglis; Robert Harry (1786-1855); Sir1786-1855   
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