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Alt Ref Nomudyx8h
Artist or CreatorJohn Doyle, 1797-1868
Title or CaptionNew exhibition of dissolving views.
Extent1 item
Published by[London]
Date1 Jun 1841
Also published byPublished.. by T. McLean, 26, Haymarket. Printed at the General Lith Establishment,
70, St. Martins Lane
Size31 x 44cm
Embedded text or transcriptThe next dissolving view ladies & gentlemen is the House of Commons: after
which will follow a variety of provincial & rural scenes, some of which will probably
strike you as curious. - Oh charming! I shall be quite sorry when its all over. - What an
agreeable exhibition! I hope it will last a long time. - Dont you admire the manner in which the
old views melt away, & the novel effect with which the new are introduced. - Oh
delightful! - What do you think of this John? Isn't it capital ? - Did you ever see anything so
extraordinary ? as the way in which Downing St. & the public offices vanished from out
Person DepictedMelbourne; William Lamb, (1779-1848); Viscount
Russell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,
Victoria (1819-1901); Queen of Great Britain
Albert; Prince Consort of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain (1819-1861)
Normanby; Constantine Henry Phipps, (1797-1863); Marquess of,
John Bull; (Symbol for England)
O'Connell; Daniel (1775-1847)
Derby; Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley (1799-1869); Earl
Graham; James, (1792-1861); Sir
Goulburn; Edward (1787-1868)
Peel; Robert (1788-1850); Sir
Tennent; James Emerson, (1804-1869); Sir
Twiss; Horace (1787-1849)
NotesSigned HB [i.e. John Doyle] in bottom left hand corner Subscribers copy stamp in bottom
left hand corner
SeriesHB sketches
Copyright contact
Location of artworkTabley Collection at the University of Manchester
Relates to cartoonM0030310MU

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GB/BCA/3084Melbourne; William Lamb, (1779-1848); Viscount1779-1848   
GB/BCA/5597Russell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,1792-1878   
GB/BCA/616Victoria (1819-1901); Queen of Great Britain1819-1901   
GB/BCA/2596Albert; Prince Consort of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain (1819-1861)1819-1861   
GB/BCA/5818Normanby; Constantine Henry Phipps, (1797-1863); Marquess of,1797-1863   
GB/BCA/40John Bull; (Symbol for England)   
GB/BCA/574O'Connell; Daniel (1775-1847)1775-1847   
GB/BCA/5738Derby; Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley (1799-1869); Earl1799-1869   
GB/BCA/5740Graham; James, (1792-1861); Sir1792-1861   
GB/BCA/5825Goulburn; Edward (1787-1868)1787-1868   
GB/BCA/589Peel; Robert (1788-1850); Sir1788-1850   
GB/BCA/5741Tennent; James Emerson, (1804-1869); Sir1804-1869   
GB/BCA/5826Twiss; Horace (1787-1849)1787-1849   
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