Ref Nomudyx82
Alt Ref Nomudyx82
Artist or CreatorJohn Doyle, 1797-1868
Title or CaptionAn Irish wake
Extent1 item
Published by[London]
Date8 Nov 1839
Also published byPublished by T. McLean, 26, Haymarket.
Size31 x 45cm
Embedded text or transcriptAnd he had such a funny malicious way with him. - He was the greatest at a faction
fight, that ever I did see, many's the broken head he gave me, but all that's forgotten now. - He
was such a merry soul, and so fond of a practical joke. - Willulough! Willulough! Oh why did you
die ? - Ah poor fellow he got a broken head himself at last. - What are they saying of the
departed ? - Hush! - Partl from a scene in Castle Rack-rent.
Person DepictedLeader; Mr.
Wellington; Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852); Duke of
Lyndhurst; John Singleton Copley (1772-1863); Baron
Orsay; Alfred Guillaume Gabriel, (1801-1852); comte d'
Normanby; Constantine Henry Phipps, (1797-1863); Marquess of,
O'Connell; Daniel (1775-1847)
Ponsonby; John William (1781-1847)
Melbourne; William Lamb, (1779-1848); Viscount
Brougham and Vaux; Henry Brougham, (1778-1868); Baron
Palmerston; Henry John Temple (1784-1865); 3rd Viscount
Sheil; Richard Lalor (1791-1851)
Monteagle of Brandon; Thomas Spring-Rice, (1790-1866); Baron
Lansdowne; Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, (1780-1863); Marquess of
Russell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,
NotesSigned HB [i.e. John Doyle] in bottom left-hand corner In bottom right hand corner: A.
Ducôte's Lithy. 70, St. Martins Lane Subscriber's copy stamp in bottom left hand corner
SeriesHB sketches
Copyright contact
Location of artworkTabley Collection at the University of Manchester
Relates to cartoonM0030214MU

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GB/BCA/5887Leader; Mr.   
GB/BCA/696Wellington; Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852); Duke of1769-1852   
GB/BCA/4220Lyndhurst; John Singleton Copley (1772-1863); Baron1772-1863   
GB/BCA/5888Orsay; Alfred Guillaume Gabriel, (1801-1852); comte d'1801-1852   
GB/BCA/5818Normanby; Constantine Henry Phipps, (1797-1863); Marquess of,1797-1863   
GB/BCA/574O'Connell; Daniel (1775-1847)1775-1847   
GB/BCA/5601Ponsonby; John William (1781-1847)1781-1847   
GB/BCA/3084Melbourne; William Lamb, (1779-1848); Viscount1779-1848   
GB/BCA/4217Brougham and Vaux; Henry Brougham, (1778-1868); Baron1778-1868   
GB/BCA/5598Palmerston; Henry John Temple (1784-1865); 3rd Viscount1784-1865   
GB/BCA/5823Sheil; Richard Lalor (1791-1851)1791-1851   
GB/BCA/5801Monteagle of Brandon; Thomas Spring-Rice, (1790-1866); Baron1790-1866   
GB/BCA/5602Lansdowne; Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, (1780-1863); Marquess of1780-1863   
GB/BCA/5597Russell; John Russell, (1792-1878); Earl,1792-1878   
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