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Artist or CreatorArtist unknown
Title or CaptionKing's Colledge to wit - a practical essay
Extent1 item
Published byLondon
Also published byPub. by S. W. Fores, 41 Piccadilly
Size24 x 34cm
Embedded text or transcriptSend them to Battersea to be cut for the simples. - To Battersea. - The Gauntlet. -
Falmouth petition. - Apology. - The fundamental doctrines of christianity subverted. - Anti -
Catholic petition. - The D-ke when marshalled in the tented field, to no aspiring enemy would
deign to yeild; shall he when dignified by royal favor submit to insult by each ------? - no
Person DepictedWellington; Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852); Duke of
Hardinge; Henry Hardinge, (1785-1856); Viscount
Winchilsea; Goerge William Finch-Hatton (1791-1858); 9th Earl of
Hume; Thomas; MD
Falmouth; Edward Boscawen; 1st Earl of
NotesOn 21 March 1829 the Duke of Wellington fought a duel with the Earl of Winchilsea, over the
Duke's supposed high-church leanings in supporting the King's College fund. Wellington - a
notoriously bad shot - fired and missed, at which Winchilsea fired in the air. The handkerchief
on the post was sent to Winchilsea by Lord Holland, who found it in the House of Lords and
mistakenly believed it was his. Winchilsea thought the "W" stood for Wellington, and that it had
been sent to him as an insult. See also M0027696MU. Signed [JS Fec] M.D. George No.15696
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Location of artworkDeansgate Collection, University of Manchester
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GB/BCA/696Wellington; Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852); Duke of1769-1852   
GB/BCA/4216Hardinge; Henry Hardinge, (1785-1856); Viscount1785-1856   
GB/BCA/4215Winchilsea; Goerge William Finch-Hatton (1791-1858); 9th Earl of1791-1858   
GB/BCA/4214Hume; Thomas; MD   
GB/BCA/4213Falmouth; Edward Boscawen; 1st Earl of   
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