Ref NoVY0395
Alt Ref NoVY0395
Artist or CreatorVicky [Victor Weisz]
Title or CaptionAnything can happen next ... (continued)
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Mirror
Date17 Aug 1955
Size54 x 80cm
Techniqueink/blue crayon
Embedded text or transcriptMore forecasts by Vicky of coming international events.
Peace Pax
At a fashion show in Moscow attended by the Big Four, Soviet dress designer Diorsky will scoop the world with his new P-line
Dr. Schacht. Please knock
Dr. Schacht, Hitler's financial wizard, will become adviser to the treasury on "how to close the dollar gap..."
Syngman Rhee will become the American satellite to be susp [ended] in space 200,000 miles from th [e earth] without visible support ... "
Person DepictedDior; Christian (1905-1957)
Bulganin; Nikolai Alexandrovich (1895-1975)
Khrushchev; Nikita Sergeyevich (1894-1971)
Eden; Anthony, (1897-1977); Earl of Avon,
Faure; Edgar (1908-1988)
Eisenhower; Dwight D. (Dwight David) (1890-1969)
Schacht; Hjalmar (1877-1970)
Hitler; Adolf (1889-1945)
Butler; Richard Austen (Rab) (1902-1982); Baron Butler of Saffron Walden
Rhee; Syngman
Design and invention
government departments
balance of payments
Clothing and dress
HM Treasury
Copyright contact details22nd Floor One Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5AP 020 7293 3700
Location of artworkReturned to Beaverbrook Foundation, 1998
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