Ref NoSC0314
Alt Ref NoSC0314
Artist or CreatorPeter Schrank
Title or CaptionNo caption
Extent1 item
Published byThe Independent on Sunday
Date30 Oct 2005
Embedded text or transcript2000th death
Person DepictedCheney; Richard B. (1941-)
Bush; George Walker (1946-)
NotesNews: "The indictment of Lewis Libby, chief of staff to America's Vice- President, Dick Cheney, is a parable of sin catching up with sinners. So arrogant was the Bush administration in making and defending the case for a war on which it had already fixed that facts were stretched and risks taken. Now, as the disastrous consequences of the policy have driven the US death toll in Iraq above 2,000, those risks have returned to haunt the President. This part of the story began in 2002, when Joe Wilson, a former US ambassador, was sent to Africa to investigate a spies' fairytale about Saddam Hussein seeking uranium from Niger. Despite his conclusion that the story was baseless, George Bush used it in a speech setting out the case for war two months before the invasion. ... " Independent on Sunday
Iraq War 2003
Wild West
Presidents USA
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Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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GB/BCA/4921Cheney; Richard B. (1941-)1941-   
GB/BCA/4715Bush; George Walker (1946-)1946-   
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