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Artist or CreatorSteve Bell
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Published byThe Guardian
Date14 Oct 1998
Embedded text or transcriptFAGS
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Person DepictedBlair; Anthony Charles Lynton (Tony) (1953-)
Hague; William
Neill; Lord of Bladen
Alice in Wonderland
Implied textBlair's psychotic glint recalling Bell's caricatures of Thatcher
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
NotesNews : A ban on foreign funding, a twenty million pound cap on elkection spending and an end to blind trusts were among the radical proposals unveiled yesterday in the biggest shake up in the funding of political parties in contemporary times. In an attempt to restore public confidence, Lord Neill of Bladen, the public standards watchdog, set out 100 recommendations to end the "arms race" among political parties to raise cash. His main recommendations call for; - full public disclosure of donations to political parties of five thousand pounds or more nationally or one thousand pounds more locally - A twenty million pound cap on each party's general election campaign spending - An end to blind trusts - A ban on foreign donations by non-citizens - A ban on anonymous donations to political parties of fifty pounds or more - A new "sleazebuster" to oversee the reforms through an electoral commission [Nicholas Watt, The Guardian, 14th October 1998]
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