Ref NoRS0175
Alt Ref NoRS0175
Artist or CreatorRalph Steadman
Title or CaptionPublished caption: New Private Eye Readership Survey
Extent1 item
Published byPrivate Eye
Date15 Oct 1965
Size53 x 60 cms
TechniqueBlack ink and process white on card.
Embedded text or transcriptSpectator
Private Eye
Financial Times

Printed above published cartoon:
A - Buys P.E. to get some change for a parking meter.
B - The great man of the British Public who prefers 'Weekend'.
C - This man said, "I've never heard of the scurrilous, filthy disreputable rag".
D - She buys it because it makes her feel sexy when she's carrying it.
E - She buys it for 'Mrs Wilson's Diary'.
F - 'Barry McKenzie' makes him flip
G - He buys it to be informed.
H - the man who buys P.E. for the 'Postal Things'.
I - He likes anything saucy.
J - 'Attractive male, elegant, virile, 33, Jag-owning, enjoys Small Ads.'
K - Likes the political jokes about George Brown
L - Buys P.E for the fearless, outspoken attacks, apologies, etc.
M - Buys P.E. to try and get with it.
N - His mates told him they saw **** actually in print, so he has been buying it ever since.
O - She finds it 'soft-textured, soothing .... medicated too'
P - The man who buys P.E. because of its frank medical articles.
Q - He buys it to see if they have published his letter to the Editor.
R - This man buys it to read in the lavatory.
S- Buys it in the hope of finding something to get indignant about.
T - Buys it because the price is right.
U - He buys it because 'he's always been arebel at heart'.
V - He likes to see the Pope get a mention.
W - The man who, as a homosexual, likes the strong, virile, anti-poove line.
X - Likes it because it's the sort of thing he can show his daughter.
Y - The Invisible Man.
Z - She buys it for the thrill of seeing her name in print.
Person DepictedWilson; Harold (1916-1995)
Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain,
prime ministers
Private Eye
Financial Times
public opinion polls
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Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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