Ref NoRS0073
Alt Ref NoRS0073
Artist or CreatorRalph Steadman
Title or Caption[No Caption]
Extent1 item
Published byAbout Town
Size75 x 55 cms
TechniqueBlack ink, spray paint and process white on card.
Embedded text or transcriptSvetlana who?
It will cost you one weeks wages - so go and meditate on that!
Have you heard the one about the englishman, the irishman, and the Vietcong?
Boom boom boom boom boom
Over my dead body - in French
- And on the 7th day I rested.
I'll have you behind bars quicker than it takes to say "Long live Papandreou!"
You can call me 'thir'
****'s the word!
Hi! Radio I fans - hi! Radio I fans? Hello! Are you there?
Is it any wonder I go beserk?
I can't stop talking about this breathalyser of mine
I spy with my little eye something beginning with S.T.C.S.R*
Love me - love me - love me - love me
*Sunday Times colour supplement reporters.
Person DepictedCallaghan; James (1912-2005)
Wilson; Harold (1916-1995)
Brown; George (1914-1985); Baron George-Brown
Castle; Barbara (1910-2002); Baroness Castle of Blackburn
Lenin; Vladimir Ilyich (1870-1924)
Dayan; Moshe (1915-1981)
Maharishi Maresh Yogi (1917-2008)
Mao; Zedong (1893-1976)
Thorpe; Jeremy (1929-)
Papadopoulos; Georgios Christou (1888-1968)
Subjectsheads of state
religious personnel
Radio One
Sunday Times
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Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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