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Artist or CreatorChris Riddell
Title or CaptionWEIMAR RUSSIA
Extent1 item
Published byThe Observer
Date30 Aug 1998
Embedded text or transcriptWe NATIONALISTS and you SOCIALISTS should get together...
Person DepictedYeltsin; Boris
Implied textNational Socialism - Political Ideology
Weimar Republic - Pre-Nazi Germany
NotesNews : All week long Western governments have been in a state of denial about Russia. Everyone can recite the political risks of hyperinflation and economic collpase, but they are characterised as Russia's problem. Moreever, there has been a refusal to believe that there are significant economic risks impacting on the West from Russian defualt on up to 194 billion dollars of foreign debt - a judgement so dangerous that it's breathtaking. The trouble is, of course, that the West cannot allow itself publicly to care overmuch because it has no idea what to do. The International Monetary Fund and the governments of the Group of Seven have simply repeated that the reform programme must continue and further financial help be conditional on Russia putting its house in order. But the crisis has happened because Russia could not continue with the reform programme. Rarely in international affairs has the West's line been so stupid. [Comment, The Observer, 30 August 1998]
Subjectspolitical problems
political doctrines
economic depression
economic crises
prime ministers
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GB/BCA/2336Yeltsin; Boris   
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