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Artist or CreatorChris Priestley
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Extent1 item
Published byThe Independent
Date09 Jun 1998
Embedded text or transcriptA genetically engineered tomato
A selectively bred Charlie
Person DepictedCharles (Philip Arthur George) (1948-); Prince of Wales
NotesNews : The Prince of Wales came under attack yeaterday for "over-reacting" to the dangers of genetically modified food. Monsanto, the mulit-national company at the forefront of agricultural biological engineering, accused him of pandering to the green lobby and refusing to acknowlege advances in the field. But the Prince received the full support of consumer and environmental groups, who believe his views reflect widespread public consenus. Warning that genetic engineering was taking mankind "into realms that belong to God and God alone", the Prince wrote, "if sonething does go badly wrong we will be faced with the problem of clearing up a kind of pollution that is self-perpetuating. I am not convinced that anyone has the first idea of how this could be done, or indeed who would pay." [Nick Hopkins, The Guardian, June 9th 1998]
biological sciences
royal family
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GB/BCA/1035Charles (Philip Arthur George) (1948-); Prince of Wales1948-   
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