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Artist or CreatorDave Brown
Title or CaptionCRUNCH TIME
Extent1 item
Published byThe Independent
Date15 Dec 1998
FormatColour Photocopy
Embedded text or transcriptRepublicans never forget
Person DepictedNixon; Richard M. (Richard Milhous), (1913-1994)
Clinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)
Arafat; Yasser
Netanyahu; Binyamin
NotesNews : President Bill Clinton yesterday gave the Palestinian people the gift they had been waiting for, when he effectively recognised their claim to independence by addressing thier parliament in Gaza. In a day filled with a sense of historical change, the Palestinians in return voted to revoke the controversial clauses in the Palestinian charter calling for the destruction of Israel. Yassar Afafat, the Palestinian leader and head of state designate, called on the meeting of Palestinian officials and members of the Palestinian parliament to nullify the clauses. Israel has demanded they be revoked before proceeding with its limited withdrawal from the West Bank. That should open the way for a meeting between President Clinton, Mr Arafat and Mr Netanyahu to disuss differences over the implementation of the Wye agreement, which has been frozen by Israel. [Patrick Cockburn, The Independent, 15th December 1998]
News : The White House appealed for a compromise yesterday as the House of Representatives prepared for its historic debate on Thursday on whether to impeach President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinskly affair. The switch of tack came amid growing fears that the Democrats would be unable to muster the simple majority needed to defeat impeachment in the House and fend off a trial in the Senate. [Mary Dejevsky, The Independent, 15th December 1998]
SubjectsArab-Israeli war 1973-1993
House of Representatives USA
Presidents USA
sexual relationships
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GB/BCA/1149Nixon; Richard M. (Richard Milhous), (1913-1994)1913-1994    
GB/BCA/2342Clinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)1946-   
GB/BCA/495Arafat; Yasser (1929-2004)1929-2004   
GB/BCA/2433Netanyahu; Binyamin   
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