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Artist or CreatorChris Priestley
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Published byThe Independent
Date24 Sep 1998
Embedded text or transcriptSalman Rushdie dreams of an end to the fatwa
Mister President, using this inflatable dummy, sir, could you re-enact the following scenes for the benefit of the American people?..
Mr. President, is it true that you had sexual relations with Socks, the White House cat?
Mr. President, about your genitals, Sir...
Soon I'll be able ro shed this preposterous disguise and live a normal life
Mister President, if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me, Sir?
Person DepictedClinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)
Implied textFatwa
Books - 'The Satanic Verses'
Song - "If I said you had a beautiful body [would you hold it against me]"
NotesNews - Senior Republicans rejected an early deal with President Clinton to pre-empt impeachment hearings in the Monica Lewinsky affair yesterday, but allowed that he should have a chance to put his case before a final decision was taken. The rebuff came amid pledges from both sides to use the Watergate impeachment hearings as a model for further action and strong words from a succession of elder statesmen blaming Mr. Clinton for diminishing the office of president. [Mary Dejevsky, The Independent, 24 September 1998] Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa against Rushdie will stay. Khomeini has acheived saintly status in Shia eyes - his shrine south of Tehran will be a place of pilgrimage for centuries - and, though such parallels are inherently flawed, the fatwa can no more be struck from the record than Christians can delete the less attractive epistles of Saint Paul. [Robert Fisk, The Independent, 24 September 1998]
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sexual relationships
press conferences
Presidents USA
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GB/BCA/2342Clinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)1946-   
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