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Artist or CreatorChris Priestley
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Published byThe Independent
Date01 Sep 1998
Embedded text or transcriptClinton pays his respects...
But I'm not dead yet!
Neither am I !
Person DepictedClinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)
Yeltsin; Boris
Lenin; Vladimir Ilyich (1870-1924)
NotesNews : Shaken by the global tremors and crippled by accusations of sexual misconduct, mendacity and incompetence, the leaders of the United States and Russia went through the rituals of a superpower summit yesterday. For the first time in their relationship there was no hiding the immense personal gulf between Mr Clinton and Mr Yeltsin, and no hiding the alienation between Russia and a United States suddenly conscious of how weak and decayed its old Soviet sparring partner had become. [ James Meek, The Guardian, 2nd September 1998] News : The battle for Wester [financial] support is critical [in Russia]. Strikes are bound to increase as winter begins unless Mr Yeltsin can secure American support for a huge financial bail out to help pay workers' backwages. By holding out the prospect of a reversion to Soviet isolationism, Mr Yeltsin and Mr Chernomyrdin are trying to scare the west into handing over the cash. [Tom Whitehouse, The Guardian, September 2nd, 1998]
Subjectscurrency restrictions
Official visits
Presidents USA
economic crises
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GB/BCA/2342Clinton; Bill (William Jefferson) (1946-)1946-   
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GB/BCA/469Lenin; Vladimir Ilyich (1870-1924)1870-1924   
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