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Artist or CreatorMichael Cummings
Title or Caption"My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking!" ... Marshal Foch
Extent1 item
Published byThe Times
Date08 Mar 1997
FormatColour Photocopy
Embedded text or transcriptEurophobes
Compliments of A. McAlpine
Person DepictedRifkind; Malcolm
Tebbit; Norman
Redwood; John
Major; John (1943-)
Prescott; John
Blair; Anthony Charles Lynton (Tony) (1953-)
Heseltine; Michael (1933-)
Hurd; Douglas
Heath; Edward (1916-2005)
Clarke; Kenneth (1940-)
Foch; Ferdinand (1851-1929); General
McAlpine of West Green; Robert Alistair (1942-); Lord
NotesNews: Lord McAlpine's memoirs, excerpts published in The Times, reveal that John Major asked Lord McAlpine to solicit funds from the Greek millionaire John Latsis, who had allegedly supported the military junta which ruled his country between 1967 and 1974.
Conservative Party
European Union
Labour Party
Historical periods and persons
Election campaigns
internal conflict
World War 1914-1918
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GB/BCA/2344Rifkind; Malcolm   
GB/BCA/693Tebbit; Norman   
GB/BCA/3037Redwood; John   
GB/BCA/2367Major; John (1943-)1943-   
GB/BCA/2337Prescott; John   
GB/BCA/2350Blair; Tony (1953-)1953-   
GB/BCA/444Heseltine; Michael (1933-)1933-   
GB/BCA/2075Hurd; Douglas   
GB/BCA/755Heath; Edward (1916-2005)1916-2005   
GB/BCA/2380Clarke; Kenneth (1940-)1940-   
GB/BCA/234Foch; Ferdinand (1851-1929); General1851-1929   
GB/BCA/3157McAlpine of West Green; Robert Alistair (1942-); Lord1942-   
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