Ref NoPC0039
Alt Ref NoPC0039
Artist or CreatorNicholas Garland
Title or Caption"From The World Turned Upside Down or No News and Strange News."
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Telegraph
Date13 Jun 1996
Embedded text or transcriptTo see a man get a boat, is no news: But to see a man jump down his throat is strange indeed.
Policy of non-cooperation
If once I get my legs in as far as my knees, The rest will slip down with a great deal of ease.
To see a lady drinking tea, is no news. But to see a bird shoot a man in a tree is strange indeed.
Tory backbenchers
First of all I'll shoot this clown And then I'll bring his bow wow down.
To see a boy swim in a brook, is no news. But to see a fish catch a man with a hook is strange indeed.
Euro fishing quotas
'Spare me good Mr. Fish, I didn't molest you' 'I'll spare you no longer than till I dress you."
To see a cat steal milk from a pan is no news. But to see a buck hunting a man, is strange indeed.
Hark forward, Huzza, he can't get away: And he's not buck enough to stand at bay.
Person DepictedMajor; John (1943-)
Clarke; Kenneth (1940-)
Implied textPoetry.
SubjectsConservative Party
European Union
fishing policy
Chancellor of the Exchequer
internal conflict
prime ministers
blood sports
Copyright contact
GenreMetaphor. Parody.
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GB/BCA/2367Major; John (1943-)1943-   
GB/BCA/2380Clarke; Kenneth (1940-)1940-   
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