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Artist or CreatorPeter Brookes
Title or CaptionCrap Wednesday, eh, Cleggers?
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Published byThe Times
Date07 Mar 2012
Embedded text or transcriptSuper Tuesday US Votes
Lib Dems: mansion tax, Cable leak
Westminster Academy
Person DepictedClegg; Nick (1967-)
Osborne; George (1971-)
Cameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-);
NotesNews: "Top earners are at risk of losing generous tax breaks on their pension contributions after David Cameron and Nick Clegg agreed a truce over the so-called mansion tax. ... The plans would form part of a tax crackdown on the wealthy that the Government is considering in return for axing the 50p top rate levied on income above 150,000 pounds. A trade-off between the coalition partners is beginning to take shape which would allow the Chancellor George Osborne to abolish the 50p rate before the 2015 election. But it would not mean adopting the Liberal Democrat policy of a mansion tax - a one per cent levy on the value of a home above 2 million pounds. ... Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, appeared yesterday to link the fate of the 50p rate directly to the willingness of the Tories to embrace a mansion tax. "There is a broad understanding that if the 50p rate were to go - and I and my colleagues are not ideologically wedded to it - it should be replaced by taxation of wealth," he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.
... " Roland Watson, The Times
News: " Pressure was mounting on Rick Santorum last night to bow out of the Republican presidential primary and allow Mitt Romney an unimpeded run at the nomination as expectations rose about the prospects of a decisive Super Tuesday victory. As voters went to the polls in ten states from Alaska to Massachusetts to choose a Republican challenger to President Obama, surveys showed momentum firmly swinging behind the on-off front-runner, Mr Romney. ... " Catherine Philp, The Times
Subjectspublic schools
upper class
prime ministers
Liberal Democratic Party
deputy prime minister
political coalitions
political leaks
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GB/BCA/8139Clegg; Nick (1967-)1967-  
GB/BCA/8134Osborne; George (1971-)1971-  
GB/BCA/8128Cameron; David (1966 Oct. 9-)1966 Oct. 9-  
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