Ref NoNG5450
Alt Ref NoNG5450
Artist or CreatorNicholas Garland
Title or CaptionPeace pipe
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Telegraph
Date10 May 1994
Size51 x 38cm
Techniqueblack ink
Embedded text or transcriptOld Referendum Shag
Person DepictedPortillo; Michael (1953-)
Howard; Michael (1941-)
Major; John (1943-)
Hurd; Douglas
Clarke; Kenneth (1940-)
NotesDissident Tories from the left and the right of the party are planning a joint campaign aimed at unseating John Major if the Government suffers another catstrophe in the June Euro-elections...David Mellor also attacked Michael Portillo for the "mess" he had created over the single currency and other Cabinet ministers for allowing the impression that they are interested in the leadership to gain ground...Mr Clarke [Chancellor] again strongly protested his innocence as he rallied to the Prime Minister's side. (Nicholas Wood, The Times) The Government will this week...sign a Council of Europe proposal giving British citizens the automatic right to take grievances to the European Court of Human Rights. The move is a defeat for Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, after a hard-fought Cabinet battle in which he was strongly opposed by Douglas Hurd, the Foreign Secretary. (Frances Gibb, The Times) John Major last night [9/5/94] left open the door to a referendum on the introduction of a single currency as he strove to head off outright rebellion on an issue that divides his party from top to bottom. (Philip Webster, The Times)
Conservative Party
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Chancellor of the Exchequer
American Indians
Secretary of State for the Home Department
prime ministers
Chief Secretary to the Treasury
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Location of artworkBritish Cartoon Archive
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GB/BCA/2380Clarke; Kenneth (1940-)1940-   
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