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Artist or CreatorNicholas Garland
Title or Caption[no caption]
Extent1 item
Published byDaily Telegraph
Size43 x 38cm
Embedded text or transcriptAfter Gericault
Person DepictedPatten; John
Fowler; Norman
Howard; Michael (1941-)
Heseltine; Michael (1933-)
Gummer; John Selwyn
Major; John (1943-)
Hurd; Douglas
Clarke; Kenneth (1940-)
Portillo; Michael (1953-)
Bottomley; Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell (1948-)
Implied textThe Raft of the Medusa (painting, Gericault 1819)
NotesNews: John Major faced a serious backbench revolt last night over his apparent
readiness to accept the European Union compromise on voting rights. Conservative MP's are
said to be infuriated by the Prime Ministers tactics in the fight to maintain Britains
ability to block unwelcome European legislation, and to have been angered over his
inconsistent behaviour over the past week. Last Tuesday he mocked John Smith as being
prepared to accept anything that Europe put forward, but he is today expected to line up
with Douglas Hurd in saying the deal negotiatied in Northern Greece at the weekend is the
best that can be acheived. The Foreign Secretary is likely to stake his authority on
winning fellow ministers backing for the deal this morning and a trial of strength in the
cabinet seems inevitable as he and Mr Major face opposition from a group of right wingers
and other doubters. Mr Hurd is likely to have the support of Kenneth Clarke, but Peter
Lilley, Michael Portillo, and John Redwood are expected to raise the Euro-sceptic standard.
If Mr Hurd fails to get the deal through Cabinet, his future - and by implication, that of
Mr Major - will be in serious doubt. Mr Hurd is seen by many as the buffer to criticism of
the Prime Minister over the past 10 months, but last night the discontent was aimed
directly at Mr Major. The Foreign Secretary was thought to have made the best of a bad hand
but Mr Majors tactics were condemned. [Philip Webster and Nicholas Wood, The Times, 29th
March 1994]
Conservative Party
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